Video: Lay It On The Line – 120 Days

Lay it On The LineHardcore act Lay It On The Line has premiered a new music video from their album, The Back Museum, which dropped on June 30, 2017 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Watch the video below.

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Maypine Release ‘In The Back Of My Mind’ EP

maypine ITBOMMBinging together hugely infectious refrains and buoyant punk-rock rhythms, rising UK pop-punkers Maypine have today set loose their eagerly awaited new EP, In The Back Of My Mind, through Disconnect Disconnect Records. The lively quintet have also dropped a spanking new video for the track North / South Divide that is taken from the EP.
You can stream and purchase In The Back Of My Mind here
You can view the video for North / South Divide below

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maypine ITBOMM


In The Back Of My Mind

Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Brighton based pop punkers Maypine have announced their arrival with the release of their debut EP, In The Back Of My Mind, that is due out on Friday 4th August through Disconnect Disconnect Records. The band pull influences from the likes of State Champs, Neck Deep and Blink-182, as a result of this Maypine have all the infectious refrains and upbeat punk rock rhythms you’d expect from any self respecting pop punk band, but crucially they have formed their own sound out of the influences to create an accessible and energetic EP.
A Little Sooner kicks things off with an upbeat pop punk blast that sets Maypine‘s stall out nicely, the slightly more hard edged North South Divide ups the ante and keeps the bouncy flow of the In The Back Of My Mind EP moving along as does the midway track, Inside Out. In amongst the sunny pop punk gems is the seemingly obligatory slow burning sentimental number, Never Far Apart, that builds to an intense finale, until finally Day After Day brings us full circle in what has been a quintet of tracks that is the essence of pop punk.
Aside from the obvious pop punk influences you can pick up there is a distinctly British influence from the likes of Mega City Four and The Senseless Things in the delivery, and it’s this transatlantic approach to pop punk that for me makes them stand out from the crowd. Maypine have released as finer slice of sunny pop punk as you’ll find this side of California, and for me the In The Back Of My Mind EP will make a fine addition to any self respecting pop punkers playlist.
You can pre-order the In The Back Of My Mind EP here

Lay It On The Line Stream New Album

Lay it On The LineHardcore act Lay It On The Line has premiered a new single from their upcoming album, The Back Museum, which is set to drop on June 30, 2017 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Listen to the full disc here courtesy the good folks at Dying Scene.

Lay It On The Line – Aim It High

Lay it On The LineHardcore act Lay It On The Line has premiered a new single from their upcoming album, The Back Museum, which is set to drop on June 30, 2017 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Listen to the first track, “Aim it High,” below.

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Maypine Release Video For ‘A Little Sooner’ From Forthcoming EP

maypine ITBOMMMerging highly infectious refrains and upbeat punk rock rhythms, ascending UK pop punkers Maypine will set loose their eagerly awaited new EP, In The Back Of My Mind, on Friday 4th August through Disconnect Disconnect Records. In the run up to the EP’s release the lively quintet have now released a video for the track A Little Sooner.

Maypine‘s Facebook page is here and their Twitter account is here

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Tours: For I Am

For I AmBelgian pop punks For I Am will be heading on tour supporting their new album.  The full length is titled All About Perspectives and dropped earlier this week via Bearded Punk Records in their home country of Belgium, Trilob Records in the Netherlands, Infected Records (Portugal) and Disconnect Disconnect (UK).

Tour dates are below.

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For I Am

For I Am

All About Perspectives

Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Belgian pop-punkers For I Am are a refreshingly simple take on a familiar mid-90’s sound.  Their quick landing, light-hearted chords feel reminiscent of early career Blink 812, and their enthusiastic spirit makes melodies both easy to digest and catchy enough to keep playing in your head well after the music stops.  Frontwoman Hanne further amplifies the band’s early success with her combination of clean, forceful vocals.  Female fronted punk bands are far and few between, and they always seem to be reported by media outlets as “female-fronted pop-punk,” as if “typical” pop-punk is a “man’s job.”  Without any gender-demarcated addendums, For I Am are excellent at what they do.

Relatively new to the scene, the band follows their initial EP with their debut full length, All About Perspectives.  A powerful statement in many regards, For I Am first addresses the political elephant in the room with an open letter to president Trump in, “Simpleton For President,” which Opens with a hauntingly prophetic passage from South Park which aired a year prior to the election (it’s well worth googling).  “I’d like to congratulate you sir, on winning bonehead of the century, go ahead and have your fun, denying everything the world has ever meant to me,” shouts Hanne, as she grapples with understanding the politics underlying a protectionist, racist worldview.  The chorus-verse transition between speedy technical guitar and simple riff-laced melody echo the band’s passion as they fiercely voice their frustrations.  

All About Perspectives is a wild ride, with each track giving listeners another reason to hop on board.  For instance, take how album highlight “Or It Was Steve” celebrates the “secret language” of best friends, including a well-placed reference to internet memes (the most suitably integrated sound clip being lifted from a video of a gopher calling, “Alan Alan Alan, Steve Steve Steve”).  On a musical side, “Nightburn” breaks into strong bass grooves, while solid “woah-oah” heavy mid-tempo offerings like “An Unusual Kind Of Magic” and “Sticky Sweet” feature choruses that bring to mind cross-generational spanning punk-rock staples like Neck Deep, MxPx, and Antillectual.  The organically executed female-male duet defining album closer “(Make it Out) Alive” is a real treat, and the breakneck drumming and unhinged vocals of “Laundry Man” is a welcome battering akin to Guttermouth or Ashtray.  On the surface, For I Am keep things simple, but piecing their inspiration together draws from a wealth of punk rock icons.

For newcomers, For I Am have crafted one heck of a full-length.  All About Perspectives stands poised to catch the ear of punk fans everywhere, and brand For I Am as a band worth keeping an eye on.  Melodic 90’s pop-punk as a genre typically lives in the past, but For I Am feels contemporarily relevant and wholly appreciable for what they are in the present.

For I Am Post Lyric Video: ‘Simpleton for President’

For I AmBelgian pop punks For I Am have posted a lyric video for their very topical new track Simpleton for President. The song features on their upcoming full length All About Perspectives on March 17 via Bearded Punk Records in their home country of Belgium, Trilob Records in the Netherlands, Infected Records (Portugal) and Disconnect Disconnect (UK).

Check out the lyric video for Simpleton for President below.

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Theses Minds Stream ‘Pour Our’ EP In Full

already-heardLeeds pop-punk outfit These Minds is streaming their second EP in full.  The album is titled Pour Our and drops today via Disconnect Disconnect Records and Common Ground Records.

Give the full five track disc a spin here.

sketchy burnt tapes split

Sketchy / Burnt Tapes

Sketchy / Burnt Tapes Split

7-10 Split Records / Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The split single has become a staple of the punk scene, whilst their very nature can mean you get mixed results, I think there is no finer way to introduce yourself to a few new bands. This release is a truly international affair, it features New York quintet Sketchy and The Burnt Tapes, a quartet of Greek punks based in London, England.

Sketchy produce a noisy and chaotic blast of punk rock on opening track Normal, this is a fun amalgamation of all things punk and they start proceedings on this EP in fine style. Second track Coffee And Cigarettes is a more focused and driven number, but it is no less joyous. Sketchy manage to be gruff, discordant and melodic all at the same time and I’m keen to hear what the future will bring us from this impressive New York outfit.

The Burnt Tapes bring their gruff punky charms to the party, they open their half of this split with South To Motherboy, this is a fine ferocious piece of punk rock with a killer guitar hook. They follow this with wonderfully titled Go Drunk You’re Home, which is less frantic, but a no less intense, number that features a great anthemic chorus. For me this edges it as the best song on this EP, but it’s a close rung thing as all four songs, and both bands, are equally matched

This is a split that in no way has a split personality, it is coherent and consistent, and for me this is an example of how split singles should be. This is a raw and frenetic collection of DIY punk rock where all four tracks compliment each other perfectly 

You can order the Sketchy / The Burnt Tapes split as download, or as a limited edition felxi disc , here (USA) and here (UK)

Sketchy, Burnt Tapes Stream Split

Sketchy/Burnt TapesU.K. label Disconnect Disconnect Records and U.S.-based 7-10 Split Records teamed up to stream a Sketchy/Burnt Tapes split EP. Listen to the new music here.

Brooklyn, N.Y., punks Sketchy debuted their first full-length album titled I Wanted This To Go Different in 2015. The band is looking forward to a string of festival shows this summer. London punk rockers The Burnt Tapes released Wasted History, the band’s first EP, in 2014 and have since toured through the U.K. and Europe.

Larrakia Join Disconnect Disconnect Records; Premiere Music Video

LarrikaUK punk rock band Larrakia has signed on with Disconnect Disconnect Records.  They plan to release their debut self titled EP on October 30, 2015 through the label. 

Coinciding with the news the band has premiered their new video for “For What It’s Worth” which can be viewed below. Read More…

Rebuke / Money Left To Burn

Rebuke / Money Left To Burn


Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Rebuke and Money Left To Burn – not exactly household names in the punk rock community, but solid modern interpretations of melodic 90’s skate punk nevertheless. Both minor players in a much bigger scene, you’d be unlikely to run across them during the same trip through town. So leave that job to the talent scouts at Disconnect Disconnect Records who had the insight to offer up a crash course on both bands via a sick new split. Clocking in at ten songs in just over twenty minutes, Rebuke and Money Left To Burn make for a natural and fiery pairing. Like jalapenos doused in hot sauce, each flame feeds the fire.

Sweden’s Rebuke kicks things off with their big and brash brand of rapidfire melody. Landing somewhere between the jagged vocals meet rattle-bang drumbeat of Burning Fiction and Part Time Killer, “Hunter Street” opens on a deceptively perky note before jarring forward with rambunctious riffs that spit out the message “we won’t miss you while you’re gone.” Compared with their peers, Rebuke is considerably more abrupt in their vocals and guitar work, but justifies the rough edges with some razor sharp guitar solos that reel in the tension to tighten their form. Notably, “That’s A Sick Park” finds the guitar lead taking aim with familiar guitar work that sounds like a metal cover of the iconic Jurassic Park theme song. Not exactly something you’d seek out – but the novelty of the riffs boast some seriously epic staying power. Rebuke’s contributions are consistent with their past, and their five tracks race by with confidence and attitude.

Flip over to the second side though and the disc really blasts off. German quintet Money Left To Burn boasts a technical edge in the vein on MUTE, Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out and Darko – and they know how to use it. Propelled by searing lead vocals that pace the ensuing buzz of high flying riffs, Money Left To Burn barrel headlong into bouts of highly entertaining audio demolition. “Finish Line” lathers on the intensity in a pseudo-hardcore approach drawing plenty of parallels to Darko’s rabid enthusiasm. Other tracks like “Ladders” feed into vocal harmonies and layers of sizzling chords traded between the band’s two guitarists. The rest of the batch race onwards like Full Circle-era Pennywise in “Dreaming ‘Bout Utopia” and “Common Shame.” As the disc rolls to a close, Money Left to Burn leaves an impressionable mark.

The combination of Rebuke’s rapidfire melodic skate-punk and Money Left To Burn’s technical edge make for a dynamic and sonically “spicy” split that entertains from start to finish. Rebuke’s playful side balances out Money left To Burn’s more instrumentally ambitious attitude without outshining one another. Disconnect Disconnect Records has a done a fine job in pairing two lesser known and complimentary European punk acts together. If any of the various influences caught your eye, then Rebuke and Money Left To Burn’s first split is worth your time.

First Wave Of ‘Might As Well Fest’ Bands Announced

posterDisconnect Disconnect RecordsSpeaking Tongues and What Ever Happened to P-Rock have collectively announced the inaugural  Might As Well Fest.  The festival will take place in London on September 23, 2015 at The Macbeth.  The first bands announced for the festival are: Astpai (Austria), Break-UpsGoing Away PartyHarkerHogwash (France) and Six Time Champion.
More bands are expected to be announced, so stay connected via Facebook at  and Twitter at @MightAsWellFest.

Tours: Going Away Party / The Caulfield Cult (UK)

Going Away PartyBritish emo act Going Away Party has announced that they will be heading on a UK tour with The Caulfield Cult.  The band continus to support their self titled Disconnect Disconnect Records debut. 

Listen to and/or order the full album on Bandcamp.  Tour dates are below.

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Rebuke / Money Left To Burn Release Split

Rebuke / Money Left To BurnUK-based Disconnect Disconnect Records recently released a split album with European skate punk bands Rebuke and Money Left To Burn. The split debuted on June 1, 2015 and consists of 10 tracks. The record is available for purchase here.

Sweden’s Rebuke got their start together in 2003 and were previously spotted on Disconnect Disconnect’s rooster for their 2010 full-length titled Wouldworks.

Germany’s Money Left To Burn kicked off in 2010 and lately premiered a video for Finish Line, one of the tracks off the split. Watch the video here.

Track listing for the Rebuke and Money Left To Burn split album may be found below.

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Going Away Party Streams New Full Length

Going Away PartyBritish emo act Going Away Party has is streaming their Disconnect Disconnect Records debut.  The band’s self titled album dropped earlier this week.

Listen to and/or order the full album on Bandcamp.

Going Away Party Performs Acoustic Session

Going Away PartyGoing Away Party recently performed the song “Pining” for Disconnect Disconnect Sessions.  The band is set to release their self-titled full length on June 8, 2015 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.

The band will be playing their record release show on June 5th at The Stillery in London.  Watch the session below.

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Video: Money Left To Burn – Finish Line

RebukeGermany’s Money Left To Burn has released a new music video for a track from their upcoming split with Sweden’s Rebuke.   The song is titled “Money Left To Burn”  The shared effort is set to drop on June 1, 2015 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.  

Watch the video below.

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Rebuke And Money Left To Burn Announce Split

RebukeSweden’s Rebuke, and Germany’s Money Left To Burn have announced that they will be releasing a new 10 track split.  The shared effort is set to drop on June 1, 2015 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.  

Track listing is below.

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Going Away Party Joins Disconnect Disconnect Records

Going Away PartyBritish emo act Going Away Party has joined up with the good folks in Disconnect Disconnect Records.  The label has announced plans to release the band’s self-titled debut album, which is set to drop on June 8, 2015.

Listen to the new song, “Stay,” here courtesy DeadPress.

Video: 7 Years Back Luck – I’m Not Gonna Sleep Tonight

7YEARSBADLUCKAustria’s 7 Years Bad Luck has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song” I’m Not Gonna Sleep Tonight” from last year’s full-length, Bridges, available now on Monster Zero Records and Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Check out the video below.

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Local Resident Failure

Local Resident Failure

This Here's The Hard Part

Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK) / Pee Records (Australia)

Rating: 3.5/5




Australian melodic skate-punk act Local Resident Failure returns with their latest full length, This Here’s The Hard Part.  Having already proven themselves as frontrunners in the contemporary skatepunk scene thanks to their sharp sense of sarcasm and heightened social conscious, a follow up need only sustain the momentum first put forth by A Breath Of Stale Air.  For the most part, the Newcastle quartet does just that.  This Here’s The Hard Part makes for a natural, albeit slightly less hard hitting, next step.

From a punk-rock standpoint, Local Resident Failure sounds tighter than ever.  Tempos range from fast to faster punctuated by a few pace-conscious breathers; the rumble of drums make for a breakneck battering a la No Use For A Name (see “Failing Health” and “Time Machine”) with the occasional technical expose hinting at flashes of Strung Out (as hidden in the relationship-manipulation piece “Brainwashed”).  Tuneful old school melodies and steadfast vocal harmonies bring This Here’s The Hard Part to life in much the same vein as countrymen Frenzal Rhomb.  

Lyrically, This Here’s The Hard Part marks a somewhat less confrontational or politically charged side of Local Resident Failure, largely opting for a more personal direction.  Opener “Around The World” rattles off the protagonist’s willing destinations of travel to maintain affection.  “I’d pack my bags tomorrow if you wanted to run away…” calls Dal, rambling off an expansive list of global venues: “let’s cross the river nile, slide down Everest… naked jelly wrestling in Times Square… I’d go anywhere just to be with you.”  It’s cute, inconsequential and smirk inducing. Other songs like “Rockstar” poke fun at pop culture images like dime-a-dozen “tight black pants and a leather jacket” sporting auditioner typical of global phenomenon “The Voice.”

“Re-Opener” revisits some of these more domestic themes through a more afflicted lens.  The heavy hand of consequence lands for one of the most dire relationship-based skatepunk songs since No Use For A Name’s “Justified Black Eye.”  Imagery of complete emotional disarray and drowning one’s pain in alcohol and drugs mirrors the scattered, suicidal thoughts of failing mental health.  “Only one more thing to ask, pull the trigger or live a lonely life,” states the band, leaving this grief struck scenario on an inconclusive cliffhanger.

Curiously, only “Long Night” and “Roll On 2” explicitly dip into the waters of social justice.  The former paints a picture of orphans of war locked in persistent cycles of mistrust, and the latter a reflection as told from sitting on death row.  “Into The Unknown” loosely explores what it would take to unite humanity and forget our petty differences through a scene of alien invasion, but its a stretch at best.  Considering A Breath Of Stale Air’s targeted denunciation of racism, This Here’s The Hard Part’s political topics lack the same dynamism.

All in all though, This Here’s The Hard Part finds Local Resident Failure carrying on confidently with fourteen songs of the melodic skate-punk they know and love.  If that’s your thing, then Local Resident Failure is still one of your best bets down under.

Disconnect Disconnect Release New UK Compilation

disconnect disconnect FINALDisconnect Disconnect has released a brand new compilation for name-your-price download.  The compilation features UK bands and is titled United.  The disc includes twenty-seven songs from from acoustic based stuff, through to pop punk, punk rock and into hardcore. 

Check out the full disc here.


7 Years Bad Luck – I’m Not Gonna Sleep Tonight

7 Years Bad LuckAustrian punk act 7 Years Bad Luck has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “I’m Not Gonna Sleep Tonight” from their upcoming new album, Bridges, due on November 1, 2014 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Listen to the track below.

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7 Years Bad Luck – Beggars And Kings

7YEARSBADLUCKAustrian punk act 7 Years Bad Luck has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Beggars And Kings” from their upcoming new album, Bridges, due on November 1, 2014 via Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Check out the video below.

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7 Years Bad Luck Announce New Album

7 Years Bad LuckAustria’s pop-punk band 7 Years Bad Luck has announced details for their new full length.  The full length is titled Bridges and is due out on November 1, 2014 through Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK) and Monster Zero Records (NL).

The album follows on from where 2012’s Sleep Now, Pay Later which remains available for free download.

Bottler – Smithereens

In our review for Smithereens, Nancy said Bottler‘s debut EP reminded her of early Alkaline Trio with a severe Fat Wreck Chords influence. A rough pop-punk album centered around re-invention and while there may not have been tons on innovation with the album,  why screw with a good thing?

Disconnect Disconnect Records‘ have now put the album up for free download.

Bottler – Smithereens


Download from Bandcamp





Disconnect Disconnect Records

Rating: 3.5 /5




Disconnect Disconnect Records‘ newest signee, London’s Bottler, are set to put out their first 5 song EP, Smithereens, mid-march.

Reminiscent of Alkaline Trio, listeners can expect witty lyrics sung to catchy melodies that will stick in your head and keep you awake all night— exactly what a pop punk band’s mission should be. Smithereens feels a bit rough around the edges—especially the overly distorted guitar which sounds like it’s been turned up to 11;  regardless, the lack of polish does not get in the way of fun.

The central theme is about re-invention, struggling to rise from the ashes of bands who have been long forgotten and start over with a new band. The first song in Smithereens, Ex-members,” begins this journey. It is here that Bottler claims that this isn’t their first time on the merry-go-round, and they make that clear with the lyric “we are the ex-members of the bands you never knew and we will never give it up.” A song about yearning and fighting for stage life and the limelight, Ex-Members starts the album of strongly before seguing into “Ready, Willing, Able,” a song about the hardships of life and all its demands. The highlight of this EP is the title track “Smithereens;” bursting in with fast-paced guitars and sorrowful lyrics about the passage of time, exclaiming that they are “drifting by living somebody else’s life.”

Bottler states on their Facebook page: “If you ever wore a Fat Wreck Chords shirt… then you know where we are coming from.” Indeed. If there is one critique, it’s that there’s not much in the way of innovation here. Then again, why screw with a good thing?


Rust Belt Lights

Religion & My Ex

Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK) Adeline Records (US)

Rating: 3/5




Sometimes all it takes is a poppy melody and a few good hooks to get listeners nodding in approval.  That’s what the energetic folks in pop-punk upstarts Rust Belt Lights are banking on with their sophomore full length, Religion & My Ex.  Twelve tracks of harmless fun rooted in the pop-punk styling of mid-career New Found Glory meets modern revivalists The Wonder Years.  As you can imagine, the Buffalo, New York quintet aren’t here to push the envelope, but to appeal pleasantly to the status quo.

To this end, Religion & My Ex comes out on top.  Opener “Wasted Wishing” combines the now classic combination of quick drumming and loosely melodic vocals that remain synonymous with pop-punk tailored to the mid-2000’s generation now in their early twenties.  Even with all the overlaying vocal gloss that comes with the territory, front man Zach Dietsch never hesitates to rough things up by belting beyond his clean range.  An energizing combination of gang vocals and musical ups and downs keeps tunes like “Dead Letters” or “There is An Ocean” from flat lining.  Even the methodically moving “Stolen Lines” sits well amongst its fist pumping brethren without becoming buried by the swiftness of follow-up “Parkside.”

As the tracks pass in sequence, Rust Belt Lights gloss over a variety of day-to-day topics and realizations.  From seizing the moment, to lamenting missed opportunities, pressing past self-doubt and letting go, the subject matter is relatable without being overbearing or becoming a centerpiece.  Religion & My Ex is a pop-punk album, and the topics match accordingly.  The themes aren’t overly ambitious, nor are they as personable as say, The Wonder Years, but they get the job done in typical pop-punk fashion. 

Much like Rust Belt Lights’ previous efforts, Religion & My Ex generates ample enjoyment.  Listeners won’t be hit by anything they haven’t heard before, but pop-punk fans should enjoy the simple back to basics approach.  Like putting on a well-worn jacket or your favourite pair of slippers, Religion & My Ex is familiar and comfortable – and sometimes that’s all you need.