Dave Hause – The Flinch

dave-hauseDave Hause has premiered a new music video.  The vieo features the song “The Flinch,” which comes from his latest solo effort, Burry Me in Philly, which was released back in February via Rise Records.

Watch the video below.

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Dvae Hause

Dave Hause

Bury Me In Philly

Rise Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Philadelphia soloist Dave Hause has made quite a name for himself since the release of his sophomore LP, Devour.  While his prior work in The Loved Ones exuded youthful energy reflective of a younger state, the sensitive punk-rocker’s solo personae communicates a far more complex state.  Spoken from the vantagepoint of a musician making sense of life in his mid-thirties identity, Devour marked a melancholy introspection.  

Over three years have passed, and Dave’s chronology now positions him closer to forty.  While approaching such a milestone may have caused some musicians may have plunged further into a dark place (such as the gloomy lyrical content of the late Tony Sly), Hause’s latest effort, Bury Me In Philly, seemingly resolves many of those past hesitancies.  Just the musical atmosphere alone frames the eleven song disc with far more optimism.  When considering the lyrics, the album points to a place of personal embrace and acceptance.

Opener “With You” sets a tone of living in the moment and embracing one’s present circumstance.  While somewhat of a traditional tale of affections from afar, the piano-laced tune seeks strength in companionship when readying for the road ahead.  While Devour constantly glanced back to an increasingly fading past, Bury Me In Philly never looks in the rearview.  “I don’t wanna look back now, regret is like living 3 feet down, it keeps you on your knees,” sings Hause a song later on “The Flinch,” boldly confirming his liberation in a stress-free, sing-along chorus unlike anything in Hause’s prior repertoire.  Such an open disposition finds Hause tilling fertile ground in strong, southern guitar-heavy rock flavoured efforts like “The Mermaid.”  But perhaps more surprising, is how much catchier Hause sounds from his Loved Ones days.  He’s never hesitates to breakout into pure singable melody, backed by buoyant piano keys and lively riffs.  Whether embracing country twang circa “Divine Lorraine,” or pushing out alt-rock chorus highlights in “Shaky Jesus,” Hause gets it right time and time again.

As outlined by “Helluva Home’s” wholehearted embrace, Bury Me In Philly is a celebration of self and community.  With what could only be a healthy smirk shining through his heartfelt lyrics, Hause rhetorically questions, “where else would I go, it’s all I know,” to which he simply answers, “it’s a helluva home.”  Dave Hause is every bit as unique and full of character as his home city; he’s a one of a kind singer-songwriter with a deep passion for his craft.  Once again, Hause proves a champion of a poetic, blue-collar, working class charm that’s so simple, yet so full of heart.

Dave Hause Streams New LP In Full

dave-hauseDave Hause is streaming his upcoming new album in full.  His latest solo effort is entitled Burry Me in Philly and is set to drop on February 3, 2017 via Rise Records.

Stream the full disc below.

And be sure to check back for our full review of the album before the week’s end.

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Tours: Dave Hause

dave-hauseDave Hause will be heading on tour this February.  Hause will be supporting his latest solo effort, Burry Me in Philly, which is set to drop on February 3, 2017 via Rise Records.

Tour dates are below.

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Dave Hause – With You

dave-hauseDave Hause has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “With You,” and was released alongside the announcement that Hause will be releasing his latest solo effort, Burry Me in Philly, on February 3, 2017 via Rise Records.

listen to the new song below.

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Against Me!

Against Me! / Dave Hause / Little Destroyer

Live In Vancouver, BC (10/25/16)

The Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC




When Against Me! came out with Transgender Dysphoria Blues in 2014, it was all anyone could talk about. The album pushed boundaries and shot Against Me! into the limelight again. The follow-up, Shape Shift With Me, has not had that impact. It was mentioned just enough so people were aware of it, but it hasn’t made a splash. In fact, I always thought it was still scheduled to come out in a month or two – it wasn’t until Against Me! were set to play The Commodore Ballroom on Tuesday night in support of the album that I realized it was already out in the world.

So, for the first time ever – I went into an Against Me! show unsure of the songs I was about to hear and unsure of what to expect.

The evening kicked off with Little Destroyer, a Vancouver based trio merging synth and dance oriented beats with blasting drums and spastic singing. Reminded me at times of a more dance oriented Street Sweeper Social Club and was an odd choice to lead the bill. Allie Sheldan’s vocals were strong although sometimes muffled but she definitely had a distinct persona to her stage presence, channeling the energy of Yolandi Visser with each movement. It wasn’t until the closing song that they picked up the pace though, with a more thunderous, chaotic tune – the rest seemed almost too dancy for my tastes.

Dave Hause, with help from his brother Tim, were much more up the Against Me! alley. The former Loved Ones frontman is no stranger to Vancouver, having played all over the city but this was the first time with his brother backing him up. Northcote‘s Matt Goud also made his regular guest appearance at the show helping Hause to work the audience in an impressive manor for an opening act. Starting his set with Autism Vaccine Blues, he also played through C’Mon Kid, Resolutions before ending with We Could Be Kings. Throughout the set he got the crowd clapping, laughing, and even singing along to Time Will Tell when most in attendance wouldn’t have known it. He took his knowledge as a regular headlining act and truly warmed up the crowd for the main attraction: Against Me!

While their last set at the Commodore Ballroom saw them start fast, slow it down in the middle and end it fast again – this evening’s set seemed split down the middle of new and old cuts while maintaining the speed and intensity throughout.

They started focusing heavily on the new, switching between Shape Shift With Me and Transgender Dysphoria Blues songs  – True Trans Soul Rebel into 333, Haunting Haunted Haunts into Unconditional Love.  Grace introduced Delicate, Petite & Other Things I’ll Never Be with a deeply personal message of acceptance and the set was solid, yet missing a certain punch.

Around the midway point they threw on Bamboo Bones and the deeper cuts started rolling out.  White Crosses opened up the pit and they continued to dive deeper: Tonight We’re Going to Give It 35, This Shit Rules, New Wave, Cliche Guevara and the Against Me! staples, Walking is Still Honest and Pints of Guiness Makes You Strong. These are the songs that came packed with a punch.

Dead Friends and Crash were nice selections, but it will be bopping around to Dont’ Lose Touch  that were the memorable moment of the night.

They ended both the main set and encore beautifully, with Black Me Out and Thrash Unreal respectively. Haven thrown in I Was A Teenage Anarchist in betwee,  the ending soared about the start of the show.

But the one consistent was that throughout it all, the band was in top form. Laura Jane Grace is happier than ever, leaving everything she has on the stage. Atom Willard is wild and enthusiastic as he pummels the drum skin with flare while bassist Inge Johansson always seems to have the biggest grin on his face as he pounces around the stage. Even guitarist James Bowman, the longest running bandmate of Grace, seems to be more relaxed than he was in earlier years

Against Me! are a band nearing their twenty year mark and they still show no signs of slowing down

The Falcon - Gather Up The Chaps

The Falcon

Gather Up The Chaps

Red Scare Industries

Rating: 4/5




A man of many musical pursuits, The Lawrence Arms co-vocalist Brendan Kelly showcases his ragged punk rock style across a range of similar endeavors.  His solo work, and latest work with The Wandering Birds definitely stood out as some of his most distinct, but rewinding the clock another ten years harkens back to the punk rock side project perhaps most coveted by fans: The Falcon.  Long since dormant shortly after releasing the celebrated debut full length, Unicornography, the band took an unofficial hiatus – and the wait began.

Initially consisting of two thirds of The Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano, the band’s resurrection a decade later now marks the addition of Dave Hause, further defining the project as a veritable punk rock supergroup consisting of three of the genre’s most recognizable frontmen.  For their long awaited sophomore follow up, Gather Up The Chaps, The Falcon further fleshes out their identity as Kelly’s rawest project, while integrating the varied instrumental and vocal talents of their all-star cast.  Kelly remains the central driving force, with Hause and Andriano trading off as swaggering vocal accompaniment, and occasionally picking up the mic as lead vocals.

Time has done little to dull The Falcon’s sharp tongue and dirty mind, making Gather Up The Chaps a playful batch of rough-cut tunes that deliver on their sonic and lyrical rag-tag promise.  Opening with the stylistic throwback of “The Trash,” Kelly briskly belts his unmistakable raspy call of “woah-oah” heavy choruses.  The party kicks off harty as riffs crunch to an upbeat tempo in a way that unabashedly announces The Falcon as taking flight once more.  Songs like “Sergio’s Here,” “Hasseloff Cheeseburger,” and “Glue Factory” continue the legacy of toe-tapping, feel-good tunes about just about everything dirty, degrading and taboo that you probably shouldn’t write about (especially the latter).  On the other front, Kelly seems to have migrated some of the low-tone, moody vocals used in The Wandering Birds to tracks like “War Of Colossus” and “Dead Rose.”  The effect rounds out Kelly’s contributions admirably.

Unique to Gather Up The Chaps, Andriano and Hause each take the lead on select tracks.  While a fan’s gut reaction might be to cry foul on Kelly taking a back seat, both vocalists manage to hold their own under The Falcon moniker with pretty near all the attitude and snark as Kelly.  Hause’s contribution, the aptly titled “If Dave Did It,” aims for a sort of “over the top” anger, key to the creepy, obsessive stalker vibe the track aims for.  Hause’s somewhat pseudo-spoken word style fits the context and content, and with Andriano and Kelly giving an intermittent play-by-play commentary, listeners stand to enjoy the marked change of pace.  When Andriano takes the stage on “You Dumb Dildos,” he opens with the self-destructive and suitably The Falcon-esque line, “are you ever going to let me die.”  Dan’s relatively clean vocal style makes for a well-suited momentary divergence.  Andriano and Hause may never be the definitive voice of The Falcon, but they are certainly welcome contributors deserving to take the mic from time to time.  

If you held out hope for a second LP, then Gather Up The Chaps is the perfect homecoming for those waiting patiently for The Falcon’s return.  Otherwise, the album is a welcome surprise to those of us who long since gave up on the band’s return to activity.  Not only does Gather Up The Chaps encapsulate everything we love about Kelly, Hennessy, Andriano and now Hause, but The Falcon takes to the skies with a renewed vigor ready for a new decade and fresh chapter.  Let’s just hope that we won’t have to wait until 2026 for the next installment.  

Tour: Rocky Votolato & Dave Hause (North America)

Rocky VotolatoSeattle based singer songwriter Rocky Votolato has announced a summer co-headlining tour with former Loved One’s frontman Dave Hause. He is out in support of his latest full length, Hospital Handshakes, released earlier this month via No Sleep Records. Additional support will come from Chris Farren of Florida punks Fake Problems.

Check out the full list of dates below.

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Dave Hause – Seasons Greetings From Ferguson

Dave HauseDave Hause has released a new song.  The track is titled “Season Greetings From Ferguson.”  Hause explains the track’s intent:

“Hello friends. With the recent events in Ferguson weighing heavily on us all, I wrote this song. With the announcement in NYC these themes are sadly just as relevant as they were last week or any day in America. Take care out there.”

He last released Devour in 2013 via Rise Records.  Listen to the song below.

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Tours: Hot Water Music / Dave Hause / The Flatliners

Hot Water MusicHot Water Music has announced that they will be touring with Dave Hause and The Flatliners in November.  Hot Water Music last released Exister in 2012, while both The Flatliners released Dead Language and Dave Hause released Devouter in 2013.

Full tour dates can be found below.

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Video: Dave Hause – “Same Disease”

Dave HauseDave Hause has released a new music video for his single Same Disease from last year’s Devour.

The album is available now on Rise Records.



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Northcote – The Lowville Sessions: Drive Me Home

NorthcoteCanadian singer-songwriter Northcote has revealed the first installment in the Lowville Sessions live set with his performance of Drive Me Home from his Self-Titled album.

The performance can be seen below while the rest of the set is soon to follow. He’s releasing the series in anticipation of his upcoming UK and European tour opener for Chuck Ragan on his Overseas Till Midnight tour. Joining them for a few dates will also be Dave Hause.

The dates are below.


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Live Concert Review

Dave Hause and Northcote

Live In Vancouver (Feb. 23rd, 2014)

The Media Club - Vancouver, BC




Music is a connector of people.

The Dave Hause and Northcote stop in Vancouver on their co-headlining tour proved just that – albeit in a roundabout and convoluted fashion.

Walking up to the Media Club, we were a mishmash of miscreants. Friends from Edmonton, Mission, Victoria and – yes – even a few from Vancouver were all in line and waiting to go. Getting there overly early in order to secure a few missing tickets, we were quickly informed that the entire show is running behind due to the snow storm that hit BC the night before.

With the knowledge of the delay at our disposal, our merry crew of music fans opted to brave the tumultuous weather – or as our Edmontonian friend put it, the nicest winter day ever – and drink some back alley beers. Armed with a few six packs, we caught up and joked around in the crannies of the library and wandered back to the venue an hour later, all a little worse for the wear.

Despite the weather delay, the one hour goof off session made it so we missed the always talented Ben Sir of Edmonton’s Worst Day Down and the first handful of Dave Hause songs. Disappointing for sure, but as we heard the chorus of Father’s Son, it didn’t matter what we had missed – we were there in the moment.

Hause was in a much happier mood than when he was last in Vancouver and still on top of his game focusing heavily on Devour songs that had many people enthusiastically singing along. Playing alongside his brother, it was C’mon Kid, from Resolutions – along with the title track from that album – that really brought up the energy in the final few songs of his set. So much so that Hause felt compelled to join in, bringing his microphone stand into the middle of the crowd for the final verse of Shine On; by which time our Penticton friend had joined us and it was a family reunion sing-along.

Northcote continued the musical celebration in his almost-hometown. Up there completely by himself, Northcote was much calmer than his counter part but let his soothing voice float above the crowd. A humble excitement flowed from him, as his banter came across sincere and genuine. While he failed to play Worry during his co-headlining spot, his set remained a stellar performance of acoustic songs that wrapped up just after midnight.

People quickly filed out – it was Sunday night after all – but for my group of Western Canadian travellers, the night was only partly done. We returned to our apartments, playing music and swapping stories. It was a joyous night of music, friends and laughter – all held together by the wonderful acoustic strumming of Dave Hause and Northcote; a beacon of music that united us again.

Video: Dave Hause Sings We Could Be Kings

Dave HauseSongwriter Dave Hause has released the video for his latest single We Could Be Kings.

The video, which was filmed at Asbury Lanes in New Jersey, includes guest appearances by The Bouncing Souls and Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Bad Religion). The song comes from Hause’ recently released album, Devour.

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Dave Hause - Devour

Dave Hause


Rise Records

Rating: 5/5




Former Loved Ones’ vocalist Dave Hause returns with the follow up to his wonderful debut. Like most of the best art, Hause channels the darkness in his life and releases it like a demon being purged from his soul. The demise of his band, which was arguably at the top of its game added to the pain that comes with the dissolution of a marriage, makes for some heavy lyrics. Like Dan “Soupy” Campbell, Hause is crafting songs that appeal lyrically to a more adult crowd, with lots of introspection and study of the difficulty of transition into your 30s. Add in the reflection on his Christian upbringing and Devour stands out as one of the great lyrical achievements of the year. 

The album starts off with Damascus, a solid tune reminiscent of his past solo releases. It kicks into gear with the trilogy of The Great Depression, We Could Be Kings and Autism Vaccine Blues.Contemporaries like The Menzingers and Frank Turner are brought to mind here. These are well written songs that tell stories and appeal to listeners emotions. These are tales of real life, warts and all. These are not feel good songs about partying and living in excess, there is no dubstep backbeat; these are well written songs about feelings. The Great Depression examines growing up in a blue collar family, with the forces of religion and the economy weighing on a young life. We Could Be Kings continues the story, with plenty of hooks and a vaguely 80s Springsteen influence. A driving beat and piano complement the song, which despite the sadness of the lyrics moves along with a rock and roll rhythm. The lyrics look at the hardships that come with growing up, broken hearts, the pressure of making money and the sorrow that death brings. While Against Me! continue to release great music, those who place a high importance on lyrical content may find Autism Vaccine Blues more relatable than LJG’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues (although it is undeniably an important statement for her to make). Those who grew up in working class homes, who struggled through school, who felt the weight of the world pushing back as they walked through their youth will relate to this song. Again, the dark cloud of religion hovers over the song. This isn’t outspoken in a Propagandhi sort of way, more an uncomfortable discussion of the effects of a huge part of an adult’s youth. It is more reminiscent of the The Riot Before’s Words Written Over Coffee than Hallie Does Hebron. Singing along to despair at the top of your lungs never felt so right. 

While those three songs are worthy of a release all their own, Hause managed to create an album void of filler. He opens his heart and bleeds on the page, letting lose all of his demons through his music. Same Disease has a musical swagger, while Benediction offers a sparse, quiet moment. On BeforeHause exudes sadness; his sorrow is aimed at a lost love and an absent God, the emotion in his almost breaking voice appealing to a vacant room. The 90s alt rock of Third Eye Blind comes to mind when listening to the nostalgic love song Father’s Son, a welcome reprieve from the emotion of Before.  Fans of the upbeat music of Loved Ones will welcome Stockholm Syndrome and The Shine. The common themes throughout the album are love and religion, both of which are examined in Becoming Secular, a sparse song that emphasizes the vocals. Bricks is a slow sad song about a failed relationship. 

While the overall tone of the album leans toward the melancholy, it doesn’t come across like a whiny emo album. These songs exhibit a maturity that is increasingly rare in music these days. These are songs for thirty something fathers who have lived through failed marriages, struggled with the faith in which they were raised and are disillusioned with working to make ends meet. Dave Hause has crafted a wonderful album that showcases an evolving musical style and a consistently increasing ability to create high quality lyrics. Everything is laid right out on the table for the whole world to feel, which is a brave move on his part. Like any art, the greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that there is someone out there who feels the exact same way that you do.

Northcote Signs to Xtra Mile Recordings

NorthcoteSaskatchewan native Northcote (aka Matt Goud) has signed on with Xtra Mile Recordings and will release a self titled full length on 11th November, 2013. Matt is a veteran of the Canadian hardcore scene as a member of Means (formerly Means to an End) who disbanded in 2008, and since then has been touring relentlessly and honing his solo sound. 

Northcote are currently on tour in the UK and Europe supporting ex-Loved One Dave Hause on his solo tour. Dates below.

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Dave Hause – Autism Vaccine Blues

Dave HausePhiladelphia, PA’s Dave Hause has released a brand new song.  The track is titled “Autism Vaccine Blues” and will appear on his second solo album, Devour which is released on October 8th via Rise Records.  Hause comments on the song’s intent:

“The title itself is something I’ve had for a while. Between thinking of the title and writing the song, the myth was basically debunked that autism developed from vaccinations given to children. I wanted to still use the title and wanted to examine the irony that in the future we may end up with a vaccine that cures autism. It got me wondering whether the people who had been stricken with the disorder, upon being cured, would prefer to go back to their former state after being awakened and subjected to all of the complications and stress of life in America. The song is written from the perspective of someone who has been recently cured of autism and isn’t so sure they are ready and willing to cope with all that we have to offer here in modern society. I’m not so sure I am either. “

Listen to the song here courtesy Esquire.

Dave Hause – The Shine

Dave HausePhiladelphia, PA’s Dave Hause has released a brand new song.  The track is titled “The Shine” and will appear on his second solo album, Devour which is released on October 8th via Rise Records. 

Listen to the song below.

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Tour: Dave Hause (UK)

Dave Hause

Philadelphia, PA’s Dave Hause will be touring the UK in November and December in support of his second solo album, Devour which is released on October 8th via Rise Records. 

You can listen to We Could Be Kingsa track from the new album over at

Full tour dates below:

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New Dave Hause Record Due in October, Stream ‘We Could Be Kings’

Dave HauseDave Hause, better known as the frontman and guitarist for Philadelphia punk band The Loved Ones, will be releasing his sophomore solo album on October 8th. The record is called Devour and will be released via Rise Records. Devour has been produced by Mitchell Townsend, who worked on Hause’s debut Resolutions, and Andrew Alekel who has worked with the likes of  Clutch and Wednesday 13. Lyrical inspiration has been taken from the insatiable American appetite and how that can lead you down a dangerous path. 

Rolling Stone is streaming the single We Could Be Kings, here.

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Chunksaah Records Announce New Releases and Tours From Various Artists

Chunksaah Records has announced that they will be re-releasing albums from various artists including Tim Barry, The Bouncing Souls, Luther, and Dave Hause, and also announcing new tour dates for 2013. 

Check out the list of artists and the tour dates below.

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Tours: Dave Hause

Dave HauseDave Hause has announced his summer tour plans.  He will be playing with notable acts such as Social Distortion, and The Gaslight Anthem in domestic and international locales.  Hause recently signed to Rise Records and plans to re-released his debut full length album, Resolutions, back in March.

 Tour dates can be found below.

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Dave Hause Signs To Rise, Re-Releases Resolution

Dave HauseDave Hause has signed to Rise Records and plans to re-release his debut full length album, Resolutions on March 26th.

The album was previously released in 2011 through Paper + Plastick Records.

The Loved Ones front man will head out on tour to support the re-release. He will be playing this March/April on the Revival Tour with Tim McIllrath of Rise Against, and Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music. He will then be heading to Australia to Support The Gaslight Anthem in May. He’s currently on tour with Flogging Molly.

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Dave Hause To Re-Release Resolutions On Rise Records

Dave HauseDave Hause (The Loved Ones) has signed on with Rise Records for the re-release of his first solo album.  Resolutions was originally released via Paper + Plastick Records back in 2011 but will be made available on a more accessible basis as of March 26, 2013.

Pre-orders can be made here.

Dave Hause - Resolutions

Dave Hause


Paper + Plastick Records

Rating: 4/5




I remember sitting at Brixx Bar and Grill last April at a local band’s CD release show talking to some friends about Dave Hause’s solo material. I had heard a few live tunes – Pray For Tucson and C’Mon Kid – and was praising him like nobody’s business. This was a Thursday night. The next Monday I found out that Hause had made a last minute stop in Edmonton the Saturday prior. The irony was not lost on me and the disappointment of missing that show has yet to disappear.

Almost a year later I’m finally listening to The Loved Ones’ front-man’s solo debut and I’m glad to say it was worth the wait.

Now even though this is a solo album, Resolutions isn’t like the most of the albums put out by punk front man gone solo. This isn’t another Chuck Ragan, Tim Barry, Frank Turner, Joey Cape or Tony Sly. This isn’t just a straight up acoustic album; Hause has created a full blown album here. There are times when it is acoustic at its heart, but Resolutions is full of lush instrumentation. There are electric guitars (sometimes laid down by Pete Steinkopf of The Souls), drums, organs, pianos, various percussions, mandolin and hell; Chris Wollard even lends his vocals to a few tunes.

Oddly enough, this added instrumentation is the cause of both the successes and failures of the album. There are times when the additional padding propels the song forward. The drumming and delicate piano on Meet Me At The Lanes push the song to new heights.  The lap steel on Pray For Tucson sits nicely in the background of the track while the driving force behind Time Will Tell is basically the piano; and don’t get me started on the power of Years from Now. On the opposite end of the dice, there are times when it would be nice to just have Hause there by himself.

Take C’Mon Kid for instance. This was the first solo song I ever heard and it was originally just him and an acoustic guitar. It was beautiful, soaring and emotional. Now the track is full, loud and much more complex. It still remains a highlight of the album but at times it yearns to be more bare bones. Rankers & Rotters would fit better in a Loved Ones album and seems a little too loud and out of place here. Prague (Revive Me) is probably the biggest stumble with its gypsy vibe and Eastern European tempo.

Still, there’s much more positives to this album than negatives and the variations help keep it memorable. In the end, Resolutions is, essentially, an emotional album. The songs are not soaked in Americana likeBuild & Burn was. These songs are personal and nostalgic, telling stories of triumphs and failures, the ups and the downs of life.

I’ve been praising Hause’ solo material for close to a year now (and his Loved Ones stuff for even longer) and that was with only hearing two or three songs. I’ve now heard the full length and won’t stop praising him anytime soon.

Dates Announced For Revival Tour

Revival TourDates for the sixth annual Revival Tour have been announced and can be seen below.

The 2013 edition of the Revival Tour kicks off in March and features acoustic performances by Dave Hause of The Loved Ones, Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath, LA’s Jenny O., Hot Water Music‘s singer and original tour organizer Chuck Ragan, Seattle-based singer/songwriter Rocky Votolato, NJ-based singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs, with additional artists to be announced.

The tour will last five weeks starting on March 15th.

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Tours: Flogging Molly (Green 17 Tour)

Flogging MollyIrish-punk outfit Flogging Molly have announced the dates for their Green 17 tour for next year. The tour comes as the 9th-annual Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day. 

Accompanying acts for the tour include Skinny Lister (1/24-2/17), Mariachi El Bronx (3/9-3/16), Dave Hause (1/24-2/17), and Donots (3/7-3/15). 

You can preorder tickets for all tour dates here

In response to the announcement, singer/guitarist Dave King also left a video message for his fans which can be seen below.

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Luther Release New Album

Luther have been busy recently. From premiering songs on Huffington Post to upcoming tours with Timeshare and The Bouncing Souls they are pretty tough to miss. On top of all that, their debut album Let’s Get You SOmewhere Else comes out on Chunksaah Records October 9. The album can be pre-ordered here.

In addition to  the release of the album, Luther will be touring across the United States and Canada with acts like The Bouncing SoulsThe Smoking Popes, and Dave Hause of The Loved Ones.

A complete list of tour dates can be seen below.

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Video: Bouncing Souls – Coin Toss Girl

Bouncing SoulsPunk rock legends The Bouncing Souls released a music video for the single “Coin Toss Girl.” It comes off of the band’s ninth full length studio album Comet, which came out in June on Rise Records.

The band will be heading on a short Canadian run with Dave Hause of The Loved Ones and Luther. Dates can be viewed below.


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Tours: The Bouncing Souls / Dave Hause / Luther (Canada)

Bouncing Souls

Fresh off their recently completed Canadian tour, New Jersey’s The Bouncing Souls have announced plans to return to the Great White North this October in support of their latest album, Comet.

Joining them on the tour will be Dave Hause and Luther, the dates are below.

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Dave Hause Streams Pray For Tucson 7″

Dave HausePhiladelphia’s Dave Hause has posted a full album stream of his new 7″, Pray For Tucson.  The new seven inch record was released today via Bridge Nine Records.

Give all four songs a listen here

Throughout the course of the year, Dave will be releasing 7inches on various independent labels including Side One Dummy, Jade Tree Chunksaah, and Bridge Nine amongst others. Additionally, hewill be on tour in support of the Gaslight Anthem this July – tour dates are below.