Dashboard Confessional – We Fight

Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional has released a new single from their upcoming album. The sons is titled “We Fight” and the upcoming album will go by Crooked Shadows, and is due to be released February 9, 2018 on Fueled By Ramen.

Stream the new single here.

Tours: Dashboard Confessional / All American Rejects

Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional will be touring this summer with All American Rejects.  The band last released a surprise covers EP, entitled Covered + Taped, features Chris Carrabba covering some of his favorite songs by The 1975Julien BakerJustin Bieber, and Sorority Noise.

Tour dates are below.

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Tours: Dashboard Confessional / All American Rejects / The Maine

Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional has announced that they will be heading on tour with support from All American Rejects and The Main.  The band last released a surprise covers EP, entitled Covered + Taped, features Chris Carrabba covering some of his favorite songs by The 1975Julien Baker, Justin Bieber, and Sorority Noise.

Tour dates are below.

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Dashboard Confessional Releases Surprise Covers EP

Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional has released a surprise covers EP on Spotify.  The EP, entitled Covered + Taped, features Chris Carrabba covering some of his favorite songs by The 1975Julien Baker, Justin Bieber, and Sorority Noise. Carrabba comments:

“I love covering great songs by great artists… These are some songs I feel very connected to right now. Enough so that I felt I had a way of making them my own in some small way.”

Listen to the EP here.

Taste of Chaos Festival Returns to SoCal in 2015

Taste of Chaos 2015After a 5 year hiatus, Taste of Chaos, formerly a touring festival spawned by the creators of the mega successful Warped Tour, is back as a destination festival in San Bernadino California on October 3rd, 2015. The lineup will feature performances from Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional and The Used amongst others.

Tickets are on sale today from and you can check out the full lineup below:

Jimmy Eat World, The Used, Dashboard Confessional, Thrice, The All-American Rejects Saves The Day, Glassjaw, The Movielife, Story of The Year, Finch, Mark Hoppus (DJ set), Greek Fire, Adair.

Live Concert Review

Dashboard Confessional, City and Colour, John Ralston

Live (July 6th, 2006)

Rexall Place - Edmonton, AB




First off, I was slightly disappointed going into the concert since the main band I wanted to see, Say Anything had just dropped off the bill. Still, the show was a success despite that and my initial worries concerning the venue choice. In the end, the venue didn’t really effect the outcome, and the show went off with only one minor hitch – but more on that later.

John Ralston was the first band on the three band bill. The Dashboard Confessional band member took center stage (with some help from other DC members) and kicked off the show quite nicely. His voice was solid, as he played acoustically lead songs like Chris Carraba does. Being a relative new project, I wasn’t aware of many of Ralston‘s songs, but he definitely convinced me to check out some of his stuff. Luckily, there were some people who knew who he was and after a request from the crowd, he closed the set with Gone, Gone, Gone. Overall, he put on a solid performance, lots of energy and kicked off the show perfectly.

Next up was fan favorite City & Colour. I was skeptical about his performance and excited for it after seeing him a few months ago in a much more intimate surrounding, I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to put on the same sort of personal performance as he did before. When he came on with an added guitarist and pianist, I was worried even more, but all my worries were put to rest as he slowly started strumming his guitar. Sadly, it wasn’t nearly as intimate as he was back at the Myer Horowitz, he still made the coliseum feel surprisingly small, which was great.

Dallas Green once again proved how good a performer he was by his pure simplicity towards everything. No big stage presence or insane antics, just him and some friends (we found out later that the pianist was his cousin and the guitarist was his friend Casey Baker who also has a solo project) playing heartfelt music. He played the songs perfectly, going through tracks like Comin’ Home, Casey’s Song and Little Knives (I think). Of course, one of the fan favorites out there was Hello, I’m In Delaware which got a giant response from the crowd, along with a sing along portion. Throughout it all, he kept the crowd entertained pulling back old jokes from his last performance and bringing in Baker for a comical little interchange. It was just a relaxing performance as he ended the set with Save Your Scissors where he forced the crowd to sing the chorus and a brand new song, saying he wanted to leave the crowd with something new as he’s going on tour with Alexisonfire and it’ll be a long time before he does anything else City & Colour related.

After City & Colour, the emo mastermind Chris Carraba took the stage with his band, Dashboard Confessional. Before anything else, we must discuss the stage setting for the set though, as it was spectacular. The best way to describe it would be a giant cozy mansion. Floating lamps in front of a gigantic brick wall with windows looking out into the distance. Throughout the set, the view from the windows changed thanks to multiple special effects, showing eerie trees to a dark night sky full of shooting stars. It was very impressive, but before that was even revealed to the crowd, they showed some artistic talents with the placement of the shadows on the giant white curtain covering the backdrop. The band entered the stage as solely shadows before having the curtain drop to the ground (except for the right corner which got stuck for half a minute – there’s the minor hitch I was talking about).

Quite frankly, Dashboard Confessional did was a headlining band should do: they played with all their heart and put on a spectacular performance. In regular fashion, Carraba constantly stepped back from the mic urging the energetic crowd to take over vocal duties – which they did willingly. Carraba was passionate like always, and jumped/ran a lot more than I had expected. He only stripped down to him by himself on a few tracks, as he was backed up by his band (including John Ralston) for the most part of the set. They covered a wide selection of songs, including The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, Hands Down, Turpentine Chaser, Screaming Infidelities and more. A few songs off their most recent album made the set list, the single Don’t Wait and the title track Dusk And Summer being two of them.

Their performance was great, and for any fan of the band it was a night in heaven. With a set a little longer than an hour and a half, Dashboard Confessional played the set all the hardcore fans wanted to see. But for the casual fan, like myself the hour and a half did start to drag on after a while, a group of four people behind us left an hour into it because they were getting bored. Despite any drag in the middle, they ended on a superb high after a ear splitting roar for an encore (easily the loudest encore demand I’ve ever heard) they came back with Vindicated and The Best Deceptions and had everyone standing and singing along. They walked off to a standing ovation and promises to come back and capped off a nice little soft rock night.

Dashboard Confessional - The Shade Of Poison Trees

Dashboard Confessional

The Shade Of Poison Trees





I’ve always enjoyed Dashboard Confessional. They were never up on my list of favorite bands nor were they ever a band that I would go out of my way to listen to. However, I did enjoy them. Screaming Infidelities, The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most, The Best Deception were all songs I liked and had no problem replaying. But as Dashboard became bigger, Chris Carrabba decided to expand his sound, leaving behind the personalized acoustic songs and adding on a full band. This was met with mixed reaction and while the songs weren’t bad, it couldn’t hold up to his more personal earlier material. In fact, Dusk and Summer received such a bland reaction I never even bothered listening to it. Carrabba knew that this new approach wasn’t working quite as well and decided that for his fifth album,The Shade Of Poison Trees, he would return to his original form and go back to his acoustic roots.

From the get go, the album looks promising. Where There’s Gold… is a passionate, catchy emo ballad that only Carrabba could deliver. At times the falsetto voice can become a tad high, but it still works in the song. The guitar work is there again and there is just a very personal touch to the songs and as you listen to the opening track you can’t help but have great hopes for the eleven remaining tracks.

However, the eleven remaining tracks aren’t able to maintain that spark that ran through the opening track. Sure, it doesn’t sink in right away, Thick As Thieves does keep the album on track and as it slips off near the middle Carrabba pulls the listener back with Fever Dreams, Little Bombs and the title track; but you soon realize that the album is somewhat dull. Individually the songs are rather enjoyable. With pleasant acoustic pop songs full of heartfelt lyrics that aren’t overtly sappy, The Shade Of Poison Trees doesn’t falter because of filler – in fact, there truly isn’t a bad song to speak off on the record. It faulters as it becomes slightly complacent.

The songs are good but as an album they become too similar to one another, void of the originality that carried Dashboard‘s earlier material. Little Bombs is the sole track that carries the same energy and spark of The Swiss Army Romance. Carrabba’s guitar comes through with a force unlike anywhere else on the record and his vocals are delivered with a conviction that is lacking in the rest of the record. Songs like The Shade Of Poison Trees and Where There’s Gold… sees Carrabba crooning softly but Little Bombs sees him singing with more passion and emotion; something that really sets the song apart from the rest of the album.

While being a marked improvement upon some of his more recent material and a nice return to his roots, The Shade Of Poison Trees is still unable to recreate the conviction that Carrabba had earlier in his career and the record can’t stand up together. The songs are entertaining by themselves and do feature some variety amongst one another (like the building violin on Clean Breaks) but aren’t able to work together as much as the listener would like and becomes repetitive after a while. It’s worth a few listens for Dashboard fans but probably won’t last too long in your CD player.

Free Dashboard Confessional Song

Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional have made a newly recorded song, A Guardian of Sorts (To Catch You), available as a free download in exchange for your email address. You can download the track below.

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Tours: Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard ConfessionalDashboard Confessional have added some more tour dates to their previously announced tenth anniversary tour of Swiss Army Romance.

The new leg of the tour will see Chris Carrabba playing some West Cost dates in January. The tour will see Carrabba playing each show solo. The added tour dates are below.

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Tours: Chris Carrabba Swiss Army Romance Tour

Dashboard ConfessionalIn honor of the 10th anniversary of Dashboard Confessional’s debut full-length, The Swiss Army Romance, Chris Carrabba will embark on a 17-date solo tour during which he’ll play the album front-to-back. The dates are posted below.

On top of that, Dashboard Confessional will be releasing a deluxe vinyl version of the album on November 16th. The record will be spread across five 7-inch records, the remastered version of the album will come in an intricately folded Swiss Army-style package with expanded artwork, guitar picks, never-before-seen photos and handwritten lyrics. The box set will only be sold through the band’s website and will limited to 1,000 numbered copies.

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