Margate Throws In The Towel (2003-2017)

MargatePop punk band Margate has announced that they are calling it quite after fourteen years as a band.  The band last released the winter themed EP Snow Day back in 2016.

As the collective band statement implies, the band seems to be parting ways in good humour.  Read the full exit write up below.

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Ten Foot Pole Streams New Album In Full

Ten Foot PoleMelodic SoCal skate-punk act Ten Foot Pole is streaming their new album, Setlist, in full.  The disc features eleven re-recorded classic tunes, along with two brand new tracks.  Cyber Tracks released the disc on May 26th, 2017.

Listen the disc here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.

Ten Foot Pole – I Don’t Want To Go

Ten Foot PoleMelodic SoCal skate-punk act Ten Foot Pole has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “I Don’t Want To Go” and the album will be titled Setlist.  The disc features eleven re-recorded classic tunes, along with two brand new tracks.  Cyber Tracks will release the disc on May 26th, 2017, and pre-orders are now live.

Listen the song here.


Ten Foot Pole Detail New Album

Ten Foot PoleMelodic SoCal skate-punk act Ten Foot Pole has details for their first new record in over ten years.  The album will be titled Setlist and features eleven re-recorded classic tunes, along with two brand new tracks.  Cyber Tracks will release the disc on May 26th, 2017, and pre-orders are now live.

Track listing is below.

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Margate Streams Holiday Themed EP

MargatePop punk band Margate has announced that they will be releasing a new holiday themed EP.  The EP is titled Snow Day and is due out on December 16, 2017 via Cyber Tracks. The band released Beards In Paradise back in 2015.

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Margate Announce Holiday Season EP

MargatePop punk band Margate has announced that they will be releasing a new holiday themed EP.  The EP is titled Snow Day and is due out on December 16, 2017 via Cyber Tracks. The band released Beards In Paradise back in 2015.

Track listing is below.

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Fenix TX


Cyber Tracks

Rating: 4.5/5




Fenix TX were originally formed in the mid nineties, they achieved international success with their self titled major label debut album and toured extensively, including a tour of the UK with The Offspring in the late nineties where they first came to my attention. They called it a day in 2002 but now they have returned from the wilderness after an enforced fourteen year hiatus, aside from the usual problems that life can throw at us Fenix TX‘s frontman, Will Salazar, suffered a stroke, the effects of which meant he could no longer play guitar, write or sing, but it seems you can’t keep a good man down, and after a few stints in rehab he’s once more able to front the resurrected Fenix TX.

The EP opens with a serious statement of intent, Spooky Action At A Distance is an infectious slice of melodic punk rock, had the EP carried on in this vein I’d have been happy enough but this release incorporates numerous changes of style and pace. Church And State is a distinct shift in style, that for some reason reminds me of The Beatles, that is a stark contrast to the opening track, but it’s every bit it’s equal. Bending Over Backwards signals a return to full tilt punk style, it’s a catchy and bouncy number that hints at return to their roots, Get Loose slows down the pace and it has a more intense and heavier sound than anything else on this release, it’s a track that takes a detour into alt rock territory prior to the final track, I Don’t Know What To Say, rounding off a near perfect EP with a sparkling slice of energetic punk rock.

This is a hell of a  way to a mark the return of a much missed band, returns after a long hiatus are sometimes disappointing with a band trying too hard to recreate the original elements from their glory days, Fenix TX have avoided that pitfall and have made an EP that I think surpasses their original material, and it’s not often I can say that. CRE.EP doesn’t just mark their return, the strength of the material on this release indicates that Fenix TX are once more a force to be reckoned with.

The CRE.EP can be ordered on all formats, and in a variety of bundles, from Cyber Tracks here

Fenix TX‘s web presence can be found here

Pulley Streams New LP

PulleyLong running skate-punk band Pulley has premiered a dull stream of their new album for Cyber Tracks Records.  The album dropped last week.

Listen to the disc here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.



The Olden Age

Cyber Tracks

Rating: 3.5/5




After a well received inaugural outing, 80’s and 90’s inspired supergroup Implants returns with five blistering tracks of melodic punk rock goodness.  Last time around the band mostly gravitated towards a mix of Pennywise and Bad Religion, with substantial guitar-driven flare ups circa Strung Out.  For their follow-up, Implants firmly press the pedal to the metal and accelerate beyond the latter, leaning even further towards the technical speed of modern metal-punks Chaser, Darko, Pour Habit, and before long venturing more broadly further back into the 80’s.

Implants latest EP, The Olden Age, fully embraces the band’s myriad of now classic influences.  As the album title implies, the band’s chief sound lives firmly rooted in the past.  These aged punks make no secret about their allegiance to the 80’s and 90’s, with opener “Desperation” standing firmly with the metal-tinged camp of EpiFat skate-punk.  With drums beat fiercely and riffs roar rhythmically as the track serves as a crash course in where their debut, From Chaos To Order, left off.  Curiously, when “All For Nothing” hits, the band rummages more broadly through the 80’s, branching their sound out to and gearing their guitars up for chorus-heavy anthems circa Cheap Trick.  With a result that’s a tad too quick and modern to be lumped in with the hair-bands of the day, the track introduces a flashier, more direct side of Implants that generally sets the EP’s tone.

Ken Conte’s vocals are slicker than ever, and when combined with the varying tempos of tracks like the politically charged “The System,” make for a heavily polished, sonically direct affair.  Take how the track hits the ground running at the onset, slowly infuses more determined solos and choruses until the pitter patter of drums transforms into lumbering, anthemic thumps.  “Sage” occupies somewhat of a middle ground between the two, while “Come On Come On” fully submits to the 80’s in a blur of theatrical pop-rock that would be hard to imagine being fronted by any male without bleach blond hair and thick eyeshadow.  The track will be hit or miss for fans based on their preferences, but there’s no denying that Implants must have had a blast in their indulgence.

The Olden Age marks the continuation of Implants as any returning fan might expect.  The decision to delve deeper into the 80’s makes for a minor deviation in substance, but their enthusiasm is entirely believable.  Overall, The Olden Age is a playful and well-executed follow-up from a group that remains loosely focused on celebrating their own past.

Pulley Signs With Cyber Tracks

PulleyLong running skate-punk band Pulley has signed with Cyber Tracks Records.  Lead singer Scott Radinsky expresses his enthusiasm: 

“We couldn’t have found a better home… Friends who appreciate the music and genuinely support us as a band, why put out music with anyone else?”

The band will be playing four shows this November and December.  Dates are below.

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Video: Unwritten Law – Celebration

Unwritten lawLong running Australian band Unwritten Law has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “Celebration” from their new acoustic album, available now via Cyber Tracks.  

Watch the video below, along with details about an exclusive acoustic show in London.

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Fenix TX Sign With Cyber Tracks Records; EP On The Way

fenixTXLA-based record label Cyber Tracks  has welcomed Houston, TX and SoCal pop-punk band Fenix TX to their roster.  Label manager Jen Abeyta explains:

“We are beyond proud to welcome Fenix TX to our Cyber Tracks family… I just hung out with the guys last week when they opened for NOFX and Unwritten Law, and their set was insane! My husband and I were blown away at how good they were live. This new EP definitely makes up for the lost time.”

Chris Lewis of Fenix TX echoed the sentiment:

“I couldn’t be happier having Fenix TX in Jen and Hefé’s hands.  The family we’re creating at Cyber-Tracks is amazing and I’m proud to call it home.”

The band plans to release a new EP entitled, CRE.EP, later this year

Stream: Unwritten Law – ‘Oblivion’

Unwritten LawLong running Australian alt/punks Unwritten Law are streaming a new song from their upcoming acoustic album titled (unsurprisingly) Acoustic.  The album is due out April 1, 2016 via Cyber Tracks.  The band’s vocalist Scott Russo had this to say about the track:

“‘Oblivion’ was originally written acoustically, but we translated it to distortion for ‘The Hit List…This version gives a chance to hear what I was really saying, as it is stripped and naked. In choosing songs for this record, I wanted to pick songs with my favorite lyrics, because I felt they would be more exposed.”

Check out the stream of Oblivion here

Unwritten Law – Celebration (Acoustic)

Unwritten lawLong running Australian band Unwritten Law is streaming a new song from their upcoming acoustic album.  The album is due out April 1, 2016 via Cyber Tracks.  

Listen to the song, “Celebration,” here.

Implants Announce EP

ImplantsLA based punk rock collective Implantsa band featuring members of iconic punk groups like Strung Out, No Use For A Name and Face to Face have announced a new EP titled The Golden Age. The 5 track EP is due for release in ‘late spring’ via Cyber Tracks, the record label founded y NOFX guitarist El Hefe and his wife Jen Abeyta.

Jen herself had this to say about the release:

“Hefe and I are so ecstatic to release another Implants album! This EP is beyond fulfilling …their debut album blew me away so much that I never thought it could be surpassed, but they definitely outdid themselves on this EP. I wish it was a full length …after listening to 5 tracks of pure shredding melodic punk, I’m left wanting more.”

Check out the track list and cover art for The Golden Age below.

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Unwritten Law Details Upcoming Album

Unwritten lawLong running Australian band Unwritten Law has announced release details for their upcoming acoustic album.  The album is due out April 1, 2016 via Cyber Tracks.  

Track listing is below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Unwritten Law Announces Acoustic Album

Unwritten lawSan Diego punk rock outfit Unwritten Law has announced that it will be releasing a new acoustic album featuring two new songs.  The disc will be aptly titled Acoustic and is due out April 1, 2016 via Cyber Tracks.

Track listing can be found below along with Spring tour dates.

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Video: Margate – Crowd Goes Mild

MargatePop punk band Margate is streaming their brand new music video for the song “Crowd Goes Mild” from their latest full length, Beards In Paradise, which dropped earlier this year via Cyber Tracks

Watch the video below.

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Unwritten Law Joins Cyber Tracks

Unwritten LawLong running Australian band Unwritten Law has signed on with Cyber Tracks.  The band plans to release a new album in 2016 through the label.  Band member Scott Russo comments on the signing:

“Put it this way: These days and at this stage of my career, I only want to work with people I respect.  As artists, innovators, and honest human beings, I found that in Hefe and Jen. Their words, and what they’ve already done have overshadowed any label I’ve had the displeasure of working for thus far. I know in my heart this is the right place for myself and my band. They not only see my vision, but are willing to truly see it through. I’ve been done with this acoustic record for a year and was looking for the right home, with the right spirit to put it out. I’ve found my/our home and people. I can’t wait for you all to see exactly what the fuck I’ve been up to. UL and Cyber Tracks have something I honestly believe is different, special and definitely unexpected. Love from the Law.”

The band released Swan back in 2011.



Beards In Paradise

Cyber Tracks Records

Rating: 3/5




Los Angeles pop-punks Margate have gradually built their reputation around perseverance and hard work.  During their ten year career they haven’t been the highest profile band to come out of the area, but furthered their reputation when they jumped on board with Cyber Tracks a few years back.  Having started as a quieter sounding band in their early days (comparisons to Motion City Soundtrack and American Steel), the band has since followed the melodic punk rock path to their place alongside labelmates Ten Foot Pole and Implants.  Their latest full length, Beards In Paradise, continues that trend with ten tracks that fly by in just over twenty minutes. 

Margate rolls out a safe assortment of mid to fast paced pop-punk with a smart blend of humour in keeping up momentum.  “Want It All” feels largely inspired by Lagwagon in its quick delivery and nasally vocals, whereas “From The Start’s” smoother, backing “ahhhhs” take a more melodic approach in the vein of various EpiFat staples.  During times like “I’m Your Density,” quick wit and blistering hooks make for forty second of memorable skate-punk circa NOFX or No Use For A Name.  “Rock Out With Your Clock Out” gets the formula just right by stringing along the playful chorus, “It’s an hour and half till freedom, too bad it feels like three,” infusing more tasteful humour with a great tempo and long lasting three-part harmonies.  Likewise, “Crowd Goes Mild”’s tongue in cheek attitude taps into the woes of an unpromoted tour stop that leaves a crowd void of fans and Margate having to “dig down deep” when the floor suddenly gets vacant (this would be amazing to listen to under those circumstances).  These familiar moments never push the envelope, but are respectfully inspired by a now classic brand with love and care.

But the results aren’t always home runs.  For instance, “Keep Dancin” feels much more like a swing and a miss.  Feeding on a little old school Ramonesy guitar simplicity with a bit of a retro vibe, the tune just doesn’t launch as readily as it should.  The same can be said about title track “Beards in Paradise,” which finds Margate trying their hand at a little pop-punk infused ska.  Instead of switching things up, the tale of chill’n lazy day L.A. lifestyle comes across gimmicky and flat (the halfhearted upstroke doesn’t really fit Margate).  However, straying from the path pays off the most is with “Never Know,” which channels the likeable essence of a Joey Cape acoustic track as a pleasing contrast to the bulk of Beards In Paradise’s rapid tempo.

 Margate definitely has one foot in at least a few worlds, and for the most part, it works.  A few missteps aside, Beards in Paradise is a solid dose of straight up melodic pop-punk.  Even if Margate comes across a little paint-by-numbers, the good far outweighs the bland.

Margate Stream New Album

MargatePop punk band Margate is streaming their brand new full length, Beards In Paradise, which dropped earlier this week via Cyber Tracks

Give the full disc a listen here courtesy DyingScene.

This Legend Its In The Streets Cover Art

This Legend

It's In The Streets

Cyber Tracks

Rating: 3.5/5




This Legend, the band featuring Ben Harper and Longineau Parons III (of Yellowcard), Chris Castillo (Stanley and the Search) and Steven Neufeld (HeyMike!) have just dropped their debut album, It’s in the Streets via Cyber Tracks, the label founded by NOFX guitarist El Hefe.

With such an impressive pop punk legacy already behind the members of This Legend, its no surprise that It’s in the Streets follows that well trodden road and overall it stands up pretty well. Lead single Lyrics With My Pen kicks the record off in familiar territory and unfortunately sounds a little generic. That is certainly not the case on Holiday From Crazy, a much better tune and the opening line about the world being full of crazy people is a particular highlight, while the lyrics go on to tell the story about taking yourself out of the firing line when life gets crazy. The mid song rant seems a bit shoehorned in, but we are starting to hear what the band is capable of. As the opening riffs of title track, It’s In The Streets begin, it really starts to come together. This story of homelessness and the plight of those who have to live it is a completely unexpected, yet poignant moment that is very impressive. My City is almost Blink 182-esque, yet done well and even if the ode to a hometown thing is a little tired, the killer guitar riff that follows the 2nd chorus goes some way to make up for it. Once I got over the disappointment that Regrets wasn’t a cover of the Flop classic, I had to admit it is a pretty fun song in its own right.

Overall It’s In The Streets gets more right than it gets wrong, but there is still too many songs that feel like filler or start with promise and then descend into mediocrity (Get Fast). Unsurprisingly, if you’re a fan of any of the previous bands the members of This Legend were part of, you are likely to appreciate This Legend.

Implants Plan To Release New EP In 2015

ImplantsImplants, the punk supergroup featuring members from PulleyStrung OutTen Foot Pole amongst others has announced that they are planning to record a new EP for summer 2015.  Cyber Tracks have confirmed that the EP is being co-produced by El Hefe (guitarist of NOFX, co-owner of Cyber Tracks), and Ryan Greene (Bad Religion, Metallica, NOFX).  Guitarist Rob Ramos comments:

“I love working with Ryan Greene and El Hefe! Us together, is a very comfortable and hilarious environment.”

The EP will follow From Chaos To Order, which dropped in 2013 on Cyber Tracks.

This Legend Streams Debut Record

This LegendLA based punks This Legend, which features Longineu ‘LP’ Parsons III(drums) and Benjamin Harper(guitar) also of pop punk juggernaut Yellowcard, is streaming their brand new full length.  The band also includes vocalist/guitarist Chris Castillo (formerly the frontman of Stanley And The Search) and bassist Steven Neufeld (ex-Hey Mike!).  

Their debut record, It’s In The Streets, dropped today via Cyber Tracks.  Listen to the full disc here courtesy Red Bull.

This Legend Launches Pre-Orders For Debut Album

This LegendLA based punks This Legend, which features Longineu ‘LP’ Parsons III(drums) and Benjamin Harper(guitar) also of pop punk juggernaut Yellowcard has launched pre-orders for their debut full length. The band also includes vocalist/guitarist Chris Castillo (formerly the frontman of Stanley And The Search) and bassist Steven Neufeld (ex-Hey Mike!).  

Their debut record, It’s In The Streets, is due for release on November 11th via Cyber Tracks.  Pre-orders can be found here.

Stream: This Legend – ‘Lyrics With My Pen’

This LegendLA based punks This Legend, which features Longineu ‘LP’ Parsons III(drums) and Benjamin Harper(guitar) also of pop punk juggernaut Yellowcard are streaming Lyrics With My Pen, the lead single from their upcoming full length. The band also includes vocalist/guitarist Chris Castillo (formerly the frontman of Stanley And The Search) and bassist Steven Neufeld (ex-Hey Mike!) and their debut record, It’s In The Streets, is due for release on November 11th via Cyber Tracks.

Check out the stream for Lyrics With My Pen below.

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This Legend Announces Debut Record; Premieres New Song

This LegendThis Legend (ex-Yellowcard) has announced details for their debut album.  The band features former members Longineu Parsons III and Ben Harper with Chris Castillo (Stanley and the Search), and Steven Neufeld (Hey Mike!).  The band band plans to release the new material on November 11, 2014 via Cyber Tracks with Sam Pura serving as producer (The Story So Far, State Champs).

In the mean time, the band has premiered a video for the song “Lyrics With My Pen,” which can be viewed below.

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Warner Drive – Rising From The Fallen

Warner DriveLos Angeles, CA’s Warner Drive has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Rising From The Fallen” and is set to appear on their upcoming new full length, City Of Angels, on September 9, 2014 via their new home on Cyber Tracks.

Listen to the song below.

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Warner Drive

Warner Drive

City Of Angels

Cyber Tracks

Rating: 2.5/5




After successfully launching their career in the realm of independent artists, Los Angeles rock group Warner Drive has signed on with NoFx guitarist El Heffe’s Cyber Tracks for their full-length label debut, City Of Angels.  In a word, the disc is a showcase of all American rock.  Those hoping for another Cyber Tracks punk rock throwback are barking up the wrong tree, although some minor influences certainly act as a tease.  In their realm though, Warner Drive is a deserving rock act in the thick of a clear career upswing.  

The album erupts at a forceful pace, melding heavy guitars and anthemic percussion with weighted drum blasts and authoritative riffage.  “Rising From The Fallen” comes chalk full of pound the ground attitude that ushers in the vocal strength of ‘Johnny Law.’  The track strikes a balance between anthemic and commanding while strutting with a mid-tempo confidence.  As far as first impressions go, Warner Drive starts with an ear grabber, and follows up with the slightly edgier “The City Of Angels.”  Over-listening punk fans will inevitably feel the tease of the quickening melodic “woahs” searing through the verse.  Before long though, the band’s allegiances begin showing their limitations.  In fact, listeners can wave goodbye to anything more exciting than a mid-tempo rockers until their return to form with album closer, “Fully Loaded.”

In particular, songs like “Boys N’ Girls” and “Radio Love Song” do little to separate Warner Drive from many of the overplayed rock n roll clichés or our time.  “Boys N’ Girls” devolves into a chorus of stiff, lifeless lyrics (“boy meets world and girls changes his world”) that offer little for listeners to connect with on a personal or meaningful level.  “Radio Love Song” plays much the same with the seemingly never ending chorus “sounds like a radio love song, the kind I’ve waited for so long… take a ride and lay it all on the line.” Even the fun late song solos can’t overcome these hollow, cringe worthy passages.  Rather than have something meaningful to say, the words serve as disposable placeholders as the band rocks out.  The band does little to counter these snoozers with any guitar work beyond the status quo.

Comparatively, those like “King Of Swing” and “West Memphis Three” might not offer too much in terms of brainpower, but by the same token they don’t degrade into brain dead drivel either.  Rock has never been about lyrics that penetrate too far below the surface, but as a general rule, those with talent and aspiration should aim far enough to reach Aerosmith or Guns N Roses, rather than being contented to stay at the surface with the likes of Nickelback or Chevelle.

City Of Angels is a flawed album by an obviously talented group of American rock n roll loving musicians.  They wear their idols on their sleeve but do little to offer listeners a reason to choose them over past greats.  A handful of early tracks showcase some promising emerging personality, but the band retreats to safety for the bulk of the record.  There’s no question that Warner Drive has the instrumental talent to make it big, they just need to find a purpose for their music that extends beyond rocking out. 




Cyber Tracks

Rating: 3.5/5




With the crowd of violent brawling moshers and over-the-top font font-and-centre as album art on Counterpunch’s latest full length, Bruises, you couldn’t fault even the genre faithful for mistaking the Chicago, Illinois band as a straight up 80’s hardcore act.  But that would be entirely misinformed.  Instead, the four-piece is a throwback to the best of 90’s melodic stake punk with a very modern edge – like a feistier iteration of The Swellers if they were channeling Rise Against.  Better yet, Bruises comes together with the melodic expertise of many past greats, at times sounding as if the ghost of the late Tony Sly was watchfully perched in the producer’s chair.

Skate punk fans will rejoice knowing that anthemic choruses and three-part melodies make up the core of Bruises’ efforts.  Opener “guardrails” roars out the gate with drums in full gear and soaring guitars punching forward as they denounce this world’s modern “tragedy played out for all to witness.”  The remainder of the track falls comfortably into a smooth choral loop that will leave listeners comfortably tapping their toes amidst the calamity.  It isn’t long before the super tight, punchy chords of tracks like “Young & Entitled” start transporting listeners back to an age dominated by Pulley and Ten Foot Pole.  So many of these songs would fit alongside any number of tunes from No Use For A Name’s Lech Con Carne or Lagwagon’s Hoss.  “No Man’s Land” and “Blueprint” pack at least a decade of nostalgic gang vocals and anthemic choruses into a mere five minutes.  “Grinder” even gets a little tougher with some Jim Lindberg-esque “woahs” accompanied by a political call for the larger populace to combat societal complacency. 

The harder side of things goes further than Pennywise comparisons though, into the realm of mid-career Rise Against.  Flexing their guitar muscles, the band let’s their rolling riffs take control at a mid-tempo, bass-heavy punk-rock pace with tracks like “Heartstrings” and “Destroyed By Lions.”  With plenty of steady “whoa-oo-oahs,” and hand hardnosed fist pumping gang contributions, the track also feeds off of a certain Offspring quality. 

But perhaps most important to Counterpunch’s modern relevance comes the handful of tunes that could easily be taken as the product of a modern headliners at a Pure Noise Records label showcase.  With reference to the title track and “Clay Pigeon,” the band gets creative with some poppy hooks that would blend in alongside The Swellers or Handguns.  While the comparison might cause some purists to turn up their noses, Counterpunch pull off the likeness just fine.  Taken in the melting pot of styles that is Bruises, these tracks buff out the album’s otherwise rough edges.

Counterpunch has released a knockout of a record.  Bruises tastefully surveys the gauntlet of skate punk without forcibly living in the past or blindly following current trends.  In other words, it’s modern skate punk that respects the past twenty years.  Those curious about what this all means will be in for a surprisingly pleasant blend of old and new.

Warner Drive Details New Full Length

Warner DriveLos Angeles, CA’s Warner Drive has announced details for their next full length.  The band plans to release their next full length, City Of Angels, on August 11, 2014 via their new home on Cyber Tracks.

The will be touring through Europe this Autumn, appearing at festivals and clubs all over the continent. Dates are below.

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