Kim Wilde Vs Lawnmower Deth Xmas Single Now On Pre-Order

Kim Wilde Vs LD XmasLawnmower Deth and Kim Wilde will be releasing their joint Xmas single, FUKristmas, next month. The video for the single will be released on December 1st and FUKristmas will be available to stream from that date, and will be available to buy from December 14th. Lawnmower Deth will also be appearing with Kim Wilde at The Wild Wilde Xmas Show at the Manchester Ritz on the 22nd December, along with Toyah and Carole Decker.

You can pre-order and get your first taste of FUKristmas here

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Of Legions Reveal ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ From Forthcoming LP

Of Legions FVUK hardcore posse Of Legions are a formidable, raw, crushing and passionate unit, the Stoke four piece take their cues from many quarters including punk, metal, rock and hardcore, and cite everyone from Black Flag, Slipknot and Parkway Drive as influences. Of Legions are set to unleash their debut album, Face Value, on Friday 16th February 2018 and ahead of the release they’ve revealed a track from the album, Suicidal Thoughts.

Of Legions Facebook page can be found here

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Siberian Meat Grinder - MBS

Siberian Meat Grinder

Metal Bear Stomp

Destiny Records

Rating: 3.5/5



Russia’s Siberian Meat Grinder released their new album, Metal Bear Stomp, a few days ago, their latest release is a brutal crossover album that blends elements of thrash metal and hardcore, that are mixed with machine gun raps and touches of black metal, unsurprisingly the result is a truly individual and aggressive soundtrack. Metal Bear Stomp is the band’s first full length release, but it’s one that follows in the wake of their two mini albums, Hail To The Tsar and Vs The World, that were originally released on their own label before being repressed by their current imprint, Destiny Records.
The majority of the tracks on Siberian Meat Grinder are intense fist pumping crossover blasts that have echoes of Slayer and Sacred Reich in their grooves, but there are moments that stand out amidst the almost relentless assault on the senses, an assault that is characterised by heavy breakdowns, heavyweight riffs and breakneck guitar solos. I can guarantee that the aggressive chant of the album’s title track will be lodged in your brain for days, and alongside the expected crossover ingredients there are elements of brutal rap that are seamlessly thrown into the mix, most notably on No Way Back. The combination of these elements makes for a perfectly named album, as I can’t come up with a better description for this release than Metal Bear Stomp.
Siberian Meat Grinder are a band that will appeal to fans of old school thrash, the more brutal side of crossover and for fans of the likes of Bodycount, Fire From The Gods and Suicidal Tendencies, this an intense metal influenced delivery, but, and this is a big but, the unintelligible growls of many modern metal influenced acts are replaced with a rhythmic aggressive style that brings something new to the party. The metal influences are very much to the fore on Metal Bear Stomp and they are delivered in an aggressive hardcore style, yet somehow every single track on Siberian Meat Grinder‘s debut full length has a dancefloor bounce to it, something that makes this an another unique import from Russia that, along with the likes of Svetlanas and Messer Chups, proves once more that all is not so quiet on the Eastern front.
Metal Bear Stomp is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Destiny Records here

Siberian Meat Grinder Release ‘Metal Bear Stomp’ LP

Siberian Meat Grinder - MBSThe long-awaited second album, Metal Bear Stomp, from the Moscow based hardcore crossover outfit Siberian Meat Grinder is out now and available through all usual retailers and online platforms. Bringing their cross-genre game to the next level, Siberian Meat Grinder have delivered an explosive sonic mix over the twelve tracks of Metal Bear Stomp that will have you headbanging, slam dancing, finger pointing and throwing down throughout. 

Metal Bear Stomp can be streamed via Spotify here and purchased on CD and vinyl here

The video for the single No Way Back can be viewed below Read More…

Spill Your Guts HC

Spill Your Guts

Hungry Crows

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Over the years Shanghai’s Spill Your Guts have had to deal with stringent government regulations and a fluid line up due to members moving in and out of the country, with the current line up, that is formed from a disparate collection of expatriates from three far flung continents, only having been in place since 2016. The band has been in existence since 2012 and ever since their inception they’ve been building up to the release of their debut album with a steady series of EP releases, now Spill Your Guts have finally released their first full length album, Hungry Crows. 

Riotica opens Hungry Crows with a full blooded hardcore roar, the opening salvo is followed by Praise The Fire, that somehow manages to up the intensity and introduces an element of crossover into the mix. Hungry Crows is an album that constantly switches between the styles over the ten tracks, but for me it’s when they head back into the tracks that carry a heavier influence from straight up hardcore that Spill Your Guts are at their best, with the stunning Altitude being my personal highlight from Hungry Crows.

Hungry Crows is a contemporary take on hardcore, it captures the same relentless spirit and blends it with elements taken from the extreme end of the metal world. This is the first time I’ve received an album from China, and Spill Your Guts are a band that indicate that the punk and hardcore scenes are alive and well on every continent. Hungry Crows is an album that carries the original spirit of hardcore, but blends it with contemporary metal influences to create an album that is as brutal and intense as anything I’ve heard this year.

Spill Your Guts Facebook page can be found here

Hungry Crows is available as a name your price download via Bandcamp here

Agony Kings

Agony Kings

Agony Kings

Self Titled

Rating: 2.5/5




New York crossover thrash punk quartet Agony Kings, who were formerly known as WDKM (What Doesn’t Kill Me) and features False Gods vocalist Mike Stack amongt their number, will unleash their self released and self titled debut album on October 6th 2017. Agony Kings state that they have spent over ten years building up to the release of their first full length, and given the time lapse in making Agony Kings long awaited album it seems appropriate that this album’s thirteen tracks are deeply rooted in old school hardcore and crossover.

Agony Kings debut album starts with a sample from the dystopian movie Strange Days that bemoans the fact that everything has been done and used up, from this point they launch into a blistering cross between old school hardcore and crossover. Everything might have been done, but it certainly isn’t used up, as Agony Kings have sampled heavily from the past to produce a relentless and brutal album that embodies the spirit of the hardcore movement from around three decades ago, a time when metal and punk collided head on to spectacular effect.

Personally I find trying to pick a favourite moment from Agony Kings debut full length to be an impossible task, this is an album that is an aggressive blur and as a result of this I’d predict that anyone listening to this album will either love or hate it. Personally I think bands like Agony Kings are best suited to a live environment where the intensity of this kind of aural barrage really comes across, but if you’re a fan of early recordings by the likes of Anthrax and Suicidal Tendencies, or bands such as The Exploited, Agnostic Front and D.R.I. then Agony Kings will be a more than welcome blast from the past.

Agony Kings Facebook page can be found here

Siberian Meat Grinder Release ‘No Way Back’ Video

Siberian Meat Grinder - MBSMoscow crossover outfit Siberian Meat Grinder have announced the release of their long awaited second album, Metal Bear Stomp, that is set to be released via Destiny Records on the 13th October 2017. Siberian Meat Grinder are Bringing their cross genre game to the next level, the band have delivered an explosive sonic mix over the twelve tracks of Metal Bear Stomp that will have you headbanging, slam dancing, finger pointing and throwing down throughout. Ahead of the album’s release Siberian Meat Grinder have released a video for the track No Way Back.

You can view the video for No Way Back below Read More…

Surface Report Stand By

Surface Report

Stand By...

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Californian hardcore quartet Surface Report was formed from an impressive collection of past and present members of Californian acts such as Castoff, Fallen Monuments and Strike The Design, and now Surface Report have self released their debut album, Stand By…. This is the latest release that seems to indicate that there is something of a renaissance occurring in the North American hardcore scene, with new band’s on each corner of the continent, including New York’s Scarboro, Texas’s Despero and Canada’s Our Darkest Days to name but a few, all releasing impressive albums in the last twelve months.

One At A Time hits you between the eyes with a furious hit of melodic hardcore, and before you’ve had chance to recover Quid Pro Quo kicks in with a more of a crossover feel. Whilst there’s no respite on Stand By… this is not an album where the short sharp shocks blur into each other as each track brings a different element into the mix. Songs such as the superb Insufficiency are classic melodic hardcore, but these are balanced against the more straight up hardcore elements and slight metal influences, which all combine to deliver an impressive debut album from a band who are a breath of fresh air in the Californian punk scene.

It’s no surprise that Stand By… is on the short side, it clocks in just over twenty minutes, and it’s over before you know it, but unlike many hardcore albums there’s something about Surface Report that had me queuing it back up for another spin. For me Surface Report have the feel of early Suicidal Tendencies mixed with classic Propaghandi, but that’s not to say this is a recreation of either of those outfits, it jut has the same feel of intensity and controlled aggression that not many manage to pull off, and on the basis of Stand By… you can’t help but feel that Surface Report have a bright future ahead of them.

Stand By… can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here and their Facebook page is here

Prong Rebellion July 17

Prong / Spoil Engine

Rebellion, Manchester, UK

21st July 2017

Rating: 4/5



It’s been a long time since I’ve been to crossover show, back in the heyday of the UK’s hardcore scene when punk and thrash bands traded ideas and influences I was a regular at gigs that appealed equally across genres and encouraged a mixed crowd. Tonight’s show indicates that the movement is still alive and well as their are an equal number of punk and metal fans freely mixing in Rebellion for Prong‘s long awaited return to Manchester. Sadly by the time I’ve negotiated Manchester’s increasingly eccentric one way system I’ve arrived at Rebellion too late to catch local band Nomad, but on the plus side I’m just in time to catch Belgian metal act Spoil Engine.
From the off Spoil Engine deliver a pummelling set with by the quintet led by vocalist Iris Goessens who is backed up by a brutal quartet who look like they’re straight off the set of Sons Of Anarchy. Their set veers between melodic and thrash metal with the three guitar backline indulging in old school synchronised headbanging, something that is rarely a fixture of the shows I usually attend. Spoil Engine are a metal band at heart, but one that’s stripped down of excess, their driving bass lines, hammering drums and vicious twin guitar attack is topped off by a singer who’s vocal range can go from the pits to hell to a delivery than can border on angelic, and their combined impact live is something to behold.
Spoil Engine are a million miles away from the kind of bands I usually go to see, and tonight’s show indicates that maybe I’m missing out, they deliver a set that’s born of the hardcore and grindcore scenes and I’m reminded why I used to enjoy shows like this so much. Spoil Engine are an intense and energetic band that incorporates elements from the extreme end of the metal and hardcore punk worlds, for me they have the same kind of impact as many hardcore bands live and whilst it’s unlikely that you’d find me listening to a record by them I’d certainly catch them live again if they return to Manchester, on a side note it must be noted that it’s rare to encounter a band that can swear so fluently in a second language.
Rebellion is absolutely hammered tonight, the fans reflect the music with t shirts representing old school hardcore and even older school thrash metal in abundance amongst the crowd. Prong enter in a cloud of dry ice amidst some ominous intro music indicating that rock and metal’s penchant for theatricality just can’t help itself sometimes, but as their first number comes straight from their first album, 1989’s Force Fed, It’s clear Prong as not just here to support their latest album, Zero Days, this is a celebration of their intense and noisy back catalogue. Prong have the packed crowd eating put of their hands from the first chords and the intense riffs and thundering bass lines just don’t quit, there’s nothing subtle about what Prong are delivering tonight.
Tracks such as Unconditional hint back to the punkier influences, but let’s make no mistake, this is a rock show at its dark heart, it’s just one that’s thankfully shorn of the drum and guitar solos and other self indulgent excesses that so many rock and metal bands employ. They build to a climax with a few obvious crowd pleasers and you might think that would be it, but they finish the set with Divide and Conquer, an impressive new track from their forthcoming album Zero Days, and judging by the crowd reaction to what is a new and unreleased song this is about as stronger statement as you’re going to get that Prong are still going strong and aren’t trading on their back catalogue.
Of course Prong return for encore with “it’s Friday night you fucks” and launch into Revenge Best Served Cold and For Dear Life that brings Rebellion to the point of meltdown, the hollering from the crowd brings Prong back for a second and final encore and then it’s all over. Prong are clearly doing something right as much of tonight’s crowd have clearly stuck with the band throughout their three decades, but amongst the die hard fans their are an equal number of young fans, and that is the sign that Prong have carried their original attitude but kept it current rather than embedding themselves in the past.
Tonight’s triumphant show by Prong was a perfect example of what happens when the two parallel worlds of metal and punk collide, and tonight was reminder of just how good rock and metal shows can be when they’re delivered with a no frills stripped down approach that is the hallmark of some of the best punk and hardcore shows. As I make my way back to the overpriced car park in Manchester’s summer rain my ears are ringing despite the pro ear plugs I’ve been forced to employ to try and preserve my hearing, and my initial reservations about attending tonight’s show have been well and truly blown away by a commanding performance by Prong in one of Manchester’s best alternative venues.
Prong‘s website can be found here
You can order Prong‘s new album, Zero Days, on all formats here
Spoil Engine‘s Facebook presence is located here
Nomad‘s Facebook page is here
Rebellion‘s website here
Prong Zero Days


Zero Days


Rating: 3.5/5




Ever since their debut EP, Primitive Origins, was released back in 1987 Prong have been constantly incorporating heavier influences and moving forward from their hardcore punk origins. Prong have now been now been around for a shade over thirty years and with Zero Days they have now unleashed their twelfth studio album, and when you consider that their existence includes a six year hiatus they’ve been dropping an album of new material on average almost every two years, although they do seem to be becoming increasingly prolific as the years pass, with each release marking them out a consistent and constantly evolving outfit. 

From the intense opener, However It May End, onwards it’s clear that Prong haven’t lost any of their aggression or energy, the hardcore punk attitude and delivery is still present, but this is combined with the technical flourishes and aggression adopted from thrash metal. There are moments when their hardcore roots come to the fore, tracks like Off the Grid and Operation Of The Moral Law are a reminder of their origins but for the most part this is an album of crossover with respect being paid equally to their punk roots and their thrash influences, tracks like Divide and Conquer, my personal highlight from Zero Days, shows just how crossover should be done.

Zero Days is a brutal and relentless album that I’d recommend equally to fans of hardcore punk and thrash metal, given Prong‘s lost history I’m probably preaching to the converted but it’s worth stating again as they are one of the most persistent purveyors of crossover out there. Prong have delivered another fine album that continues their tradition of brutal crossover, and with their latest release they have delivered another album that builds on their legacy, and is the perfect follow up to their 2016 album, X – No Absolutes.

Zero Days is due out tomorrow, the 28th July, via Steamhammer/SPV Records and can be pre-ordered here

Straightline Release ‘Generation Lost’ Music Video

Straightline VVGerman melodic skate punkers Straightline have released a music video for their song Generation Lost, the track is taken from the band’s new album, Vanishing Values, that is available now via Bird Attack Records.

The Punk Site review of Vanishing Values can be read here

Vanishing Values can be purchased on all formats and streamed here

The video for Generation Lost can be viewed below Read More…


Destroy The Line


Bird Attack Records

Rating: 3/5




Destroy The Line, who were formerly known as Regress, are a progressive thrash punk quartet from Jacksonville, Florida, they started life as a side music project in the spring of 2015 and are formed from the ashes of numerous Floridian bands including Hatrick, Flag on Fire, Stradladder, Danka, Shadow Agency, His Name Was Iron, Hatchet Face and In Whispers. After building a local following through their live performances, including support slots for the likes of 88 Fingers Louis, they recorded a demo in the summer of 2016 which brought them to the attention of Bird Attack Records, and now less than a year after their formation their debut EP, War, has been released.

The four track War EP opens with the frantic introduction to Ordinary, this carries elements of both punk and thrash which meld together to form a satisfying crossover, the pace builds up on the EP’s title track, with it almost bordering on metalcore during the verses before breaking down into an anthemic chorus. The intensity continues to build across the EP, the urgent beat of Trenches veers further into the thrash influences with a relentless track before you head into the EP’s finale, Between Me And You. This final track eases back slightly from the strident thrash stylings that had become more prominent and, whilst still a frantic number, reverts back to the crossover style and brings the War EP full circle.

The dual vocal style, frantic rhythms and metal influenced riffs do become somewhat repetitive, something I find common in crossover bands, but having said that this is a promising debut from a band that have quickly gained a solid reputation as a live act, and Destroy The Line have produced an EP that seems to capture their essence. Whilst the approach does vary I can’t help feeling that this is something I’ve heard before, there is a predominance of metal infused punk, and punk influenced metal, bands out there and the format that many of these bands choose seems to be set in stone. Destroy The Line have made an EP that indicates they have a promising future, I just hope that they can follow the own path rather become lost amongst the herd.

 The War EP is available from today, the 13th January 2017, via Bird Attack Records here

Destroy The Line Release Video For Title Track Of The ‘War’ EP

destroy-the-line-warDestroy The Line, also known as DTL and previously known as Regress, are a progressive thrash punk quartet from Jacksonville, Florida, that started life as a side music project in the spring of 2015. Destroy The Line are formed from the ashes of numerous Floridian bands including Hatrick, Flag on Fire, Stradladder, Danka, Shadow Agency, His Name Was Iron, Hatchet Face and In Whispers. Their debut EP, War, is now available for pre-order via Bird Attack Records and will be released on the 13th January 2017

The War EP can be pre-ordered here and the video for the title track can be viewed below Read More…

Destroy The Line To Release ‘War’ EP

destroy-the-line-warDestroy The Line, who were formerly known as Regress, are a progressive thrash punk quartet from Jacksonville, Florida, they started life as a side music project in the spring of 2015 and are formed from the ashes of numerous Floridian bands including Hatrick, Flag on Fire, Stradladder, Danka, Shadow Agency, His Name Was Iron, Hatchet Face and In Whispers.

Their debut EP, War, will be released via Bird Attack Records on the 13th January 2017

Pre-Orders for the War EP will be available from today, the 6th January 2017, here





Rating: 3/5




Inire have established themselves on the alternative and metal scenes in their native Canada with their blend of northern groove, stoner metal and hardcore energy, Cauchmar is the bands sophomore album and it follows up on their 2007 self-titled EP and their 2009 debut full length, Born The Wicked, The Fallen, The Damned. The album is produced by drummer Chris Bonavia and features thirteen hard edged tracks that will build on the band’s reputation of delivering the kind of energetic anthems that have earned them a loyal following, and led to them relentlessly touring across Canada and performing at one of Canada’s biggest outdoor festivals, Amnesia Rockfest, and headlining Fete Nationale.

This is a blend of heavy contemporary metal blended with hardcore and a touch of thrash, Cauchemar eases you in gently with opening instrumental, Avidya, which builds up the expectation before Wide Awake does exactly what a song with that title should do. The album varies between a faster hard hitting style, where the heavier influences come to the fore, and more traditional metallic compositions. Cauchemar carries on in the vein until you get into the final third of the album, when the heaviness is punctuated with a somewhat baffling orchestral segment. Burn restarts the album with a great distorted chugging riff before the album’s flow is interrupted once more by Into The Labyrinth, a folk sounding instrumental with sinister whispers, before the album builds to a rock finale with the title track and Just A Halo Away.

Cauchemar is distinctly more towards the metal side of it’s roots, but the hardcore influence has generally supressed the self indulgent urges that metal frequently harbours. The guitars, vocal harmonies and double bass drumming are all elements in Inire‘s sound that belongs almost exclusively in the worlds of rock and metal, almost, there is an undercurrent of attitude that gives Cauchemar an edge over many contemporary rock albums. Personally I’d have a preferred a slightly greater influence from the heavier elements as this underpins the albums best tracks, but aside from my personal preference for the faster noisier compositions this is a fine hybrid of rock, metal and punk, albeit one that leans much further into rock than the majority of crossover albums I encounter.

Cauchemar can be ordered here


Thought Vomit

Punks Brutal Retaliation / Sync The Skies

Self Released

Rating: 2.5/5




After the completion of their self financed Makes No Cents tour in April 2016, Thought Vomit have been hard at work on their fourth self produced studio album, Punks Brutal Retaliation/Sync The SkiesGlass Jaw starts proceedings with samples and screaming feedback that lead into a riff that suddenly gains momentum and intensity like it’s been injected with cheap amphetamines, as the pace eases back down I find that I’m transported temporarily back to the eighties hardcore scene, where I first encountered crossover albums like this.

The first nine tracks are all an intense assault and battery of old school crossover hardcore thrash, it’s not until you get to the penultimate track, Flame In The Rain, that things change, and when I say change I mean it, this is a melodic quiet number bookended by samples and sound effects that stands out from the rest of album, it sounds like a completely different band has hijacked the recording studio. After this you then get Sync The Skies, weighing in at almost twelve minutes in length this is an intense and more menacing delivery than the tracks that preceded it, it breaks from the slower paced sinister delivery into growled hardcore and it then settles back into its menacing pace and tone, it’s tempo and intensity varying constantly through this epic final track, this is another unexpected track that for me lifts the album.

This album owes a huge debt to the more recognised bands from this scene such as Suicidal Tendencies and DRI, as well as to the original punk bands that pioneered hardcore, take a bow Black Flag and Dead Kennedys, and the myriad underground and DIY hardcore bands that made the original scene such an exciting movement to be part of. Much of the album is what you’d expect to receive, but the fact that two incredibly diverse and genre hopping tracks are included raises this album above some of its contemporaries. For me hardcore will always be at it’s best when experienced live, but this is a welcome addition to a genre that can all too often slip into a predictable and comfy rut.

Thought Vomit‘s web presence can be found here and their Facebook page is here

Osmium Guillotine and The Tickturds Release Split EP

Osmium Guillotine Tickturds SplitHeavy metal and punk rock go head to head on this split EP from two of Essex’s loudest bands, The Tickturds and Osmium Guillotine, which was released on August 26th. The EP features five tracks, including a brand new song Imitators, co-written and co-performed by all members from both bands and the result is a metal/punk crossover, featuring four vocalists, three lead guitarists, two bass player and one drummer. Also on the record are two tracks from each band, a couple of original songs, Wasteland Warriors 2099 by Osmium Guillotine, and Pointless by The Tickturds, and a cover of each other band’s songs, one punked up metal song, City of Chaos and one metalled up punk song, Mr Angry.

The Split EP is available on CD in ‘comic book’ style packaging and as a digital download, from either here or here