Manchester Punk Festival Volume 16 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 18 Nov 17The Manchester Punk Festival will be returning next year between the 19th and 21st April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the second volume of the compilations that precede next year’s festival, the Manchester Punk Festival Volume 16 features Spoilers, Random Hand, PMX, Freddy Fudd Pucker, In Evil Hour, Crumbs, Sounds Of Swami, Throwing Stuff, Counterpunch, Carl Moorcroft, Afterkop, Uniforms, The Raging Nathans, Rebuke, Lightyear, Chewing On Tinfoil and Rotten Foxes, who are all appearing at the festival. Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 16 as a name your price download here

Manchester Punk Festival Announces Latest Additions For 2018

MPF 18 Oct 17The Manchester Punk Festival has announced that Culture Shock will be amongst the bands joining the already stacked line up for 2018, they are one of the original political UK ska punk bands with a career spanning across four decades and have influenced so many bands that we listen to today. 2018 also sees the Random Hand, Beat The Red Light, Roughneck Riot, The Tuts, Chewing On Tinfoil, RUSSO, In Evil Hour, Counterpunch, PMX, Rebuke, Happy Accidents, Atterkop, Sounds Of Swami, Dead Drummer, Tom Aylott and Freddy Fudd Pucker added to the line up. The Manchester Punk Festival is taking place between 19th and 21st April 2018 across a number of venues in Manchester City Centre. You can follow the Manchester Punk Festival on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here to keep up to date with all the updates and future announcements.
Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival 2018 can be purchased here

Counterpunch | Release Album ‘Dying To Exonerate The World’ on Vinyl via Bird Attack Records


Formed in 2004 and featuring members of We Are the Union (Paper + Plastick Records) & Break the Silence (Hopeless Records), Counterpunch has played shows with Rise Against, Strung Out, Pennywise, NOFX, A Wilhelm Scream, The Swellers and many others. Armed with a sound shaped by the mid-90’s Epitaph/Fat glory days of skate punk, Counterpunch continue to carry the torch with a spin all their own.



On December 4, 2015, Bird Attack Records will re-release on vinyl for the first time ever…bird_attack_records_logo

‘Dying To Exonerate The World’, the 2011 sophomore LP from Chicago skate punks, Counterpunch.









All vinyl orders include a download card for the whole album + 4 bonus cover and acoustic songs.

Pre-Order Vinyl HERE






December 19, 2015 Brick By Brick San Diego, CA (with Strung Out)

Counterpunch Reissuing Sophomore Album On Vinyl

Bird Attack RecordsBird Attack Records has announced plans to give Counterpunch‘s 2011 sophomore LP, Dying To Exonerate The World, the vinyl treatment on December 4, 2015.  All vinyl orders include a download card for the whole album along with four bonus cover and acoustic songs.

All pre-orders will receive a code for 15% percent off an entire order in the Counterpunch store. 




Cyber Tracks

Rating: 3.5/5




With the crowd of violent brawling moshers and over-the-top font font-and-centre as album art on Counterpunch’s latest full length, Bruises, you couldn’t fault even the genre faithful for mistaking the Chicago, Illinois band as a straight up 80’s hardcore act.  But that would be entirely misinformed.  Instead, the four-piece is a throwback to the best of 90’s melodic stake punk with a very modern edge – like a feistier iteration of The Swellers if they were channeling Rise Against.  Better yet, Bruises comes together with the melodic expertise of many past greats, at times sounding as if the ghost of the late Tony Sly was watchfully perched in the producer’s chair.

Skate punk fans will rejoice knowing that anthemic choruses and three-part melodies make up the core of Bruises’ efforts.  Opener “guardrails” roars out the gate with drums in full gear and soaring guitars punching forward as they denounce this world’s modern “tragedy played out for all to witness.”  The remainder of the track falls comfortably into a smooth choral loop that will leave listeners comfortably tapping their toes amidst the calamity.  It isn’t long before the super tight, punchy chords of tracks like “Young & Entitled” start transporting listeners back to an age dominated by Pulley and Ten Foot Pole.  So many of these songs would fit alongside any number of tunes from No Use For A Name’s Lech Con Carne or Lagwagon’s Hoss.  “No Man’s Land” and “Blueprint” pack at least a decade of nostalgic gang vocals and anthemic choruses into a mere five minutes.  “Grinder” even gets a little tougher with some Jim Lindberg-esque “woahs” accompanied by a political call for the larger populace to combat societal complacency. 

The harder side of things goes further than Pennywise comparisons though, into the realm of mid-career Rise Against.  Flexing their guitar muscles, the band let’s their rolling riffs take control at a mid-tempo, bass-heavy punk-rock pace with tracks like “Heartstrings” and “Destroyed By Lions.”  With plenty of steady “whoa-oo-oahs,” and hand hardnosed fist pumping gang contributions, the track also feeds off of a certain Offspring quality. 

But perhaps most important to Counterpunch’s modern relevance comes the handful of tunes that could easily be taken as the product of a modern headliners at a Pure Noise Records label showcase.  With reference to the title track and “Clay Pigeon,” the band gets creative with some poppy hooks that would blend in alongside The Swellers or Handguns.  While the comparison might cause some purists to turn up their noses, Counterpunch pull off the likeness just fine.  Taken in the melting pot of styles that is Bruises, these tracks buff out the album’s otherwise rough edges.

Counterpunch has released a knockout of a record.  Bruises tastefully surveys the gauntlet of skate punk without forcibly living in the past or blindly following current trends.  In other words, it’s modern skate punk that respects the past twenty years.  Those curious about what this all means will be in for a surprisingly pleasant blend of old and new.

Counterpunch Announce New Album

CounterpunchChicago punks Counterpunch have announced that their new album, titled Bruises is due to drop on August 5th via Cyber Tracks. The record, the bands’ 3rd full length in their 10 year career, was produced and mixed by Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Menzingers, Less Than Jake) and frontman Eric Hausser has said this about working with him:

 “I think he was a great filter for ideas and kind of harnessed our creative energy in the best way possible…Matt also got us to focus our time and effort on the right songs. Overall, it was a special experience and something that we needed as a band.”

Check out the album art for Bruises below:

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