New Damage Summer Sampler

Toronto’s New Damage Records have put together a 15 track compilation to celebrate the summer.

The compilation showcases the label’s diverse roster, ranging from the pop-punk of GOB or Youth Decay to the aggressive tendencies of Architects or The Greenery to the epic post-rock and pop fueled compositions of USA Out Of Vietnam.

It can be streamed or downloaded in exchange for an email address at their site.

New Damage Summer Sampler

New Damage Sampler

Download from their website.

21 Songs International Screamo/Emo Compilation

This is a free-to-download (physical copies have also been made) compilation of 21 lesser-known screamo/emo bands from around the world. There’s bands from Canada, Ukraine, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, USA, Germany, Spain and more.

The bands are Crippled Children, Elephant Opinions, Oh, Deer!, World At A Glance, Etai Keshiki, Innards, Nebraska, Animal Faces, Panthalassa, No Action, DramaComa, Lizards Have Personalities, BEARS, Manku Kapak, Edison, Describriendo a Mr.Mime, Family Patches, Laatste Halte, Todos Caeran, Laeirs and Praesentia.

21 Songs International Screamo/Emo Compilation

21 Songs International Screamo/Emo Compilation

Download the compilation from MediaFire

Various Artists – For The Headbangers

I often neglect the hardcore enthusiasts on this blog, so here’s one that just graced the inbox and is certain to make up for my neglect.  Twenty tracks of raw, brutal hardcore courtesy of Bullet Tooth and put together by Jamey Jasta and Hatewear Industries.

Various ArtistsFor The Headbangers

Download the Compilation Here

Anchor Eighty Four Records – Volume 1

Anchor Eighty Four Records is a new record label out of Los Angeles and what better way to kick off a label then with a compilation showcasing the bands that you will soon be promoting? In early January, the label released a free online compilation featuring seven songs from seven bands that you may not know yet, but you should get to know.  For anybody itching to hear some classic L.A. punk rock, this is the compilation for you.

Anchor Eighty Four Records  - Volume 1

Download Anchor Eighty Four Records – Volume 1.

Black Numbers – Digital Sampler 2009

Black Numbers Records is a label you’ve definitely seen before. With releases from the likes of Higher Giant, PJ Bond, Static Radio NJ and more, it would be hard not to see their logo on the back of a release. Late last year they released a free digital sampler with nine songs from bands on their roster – and the songs you get are definitely worth the click of a button.

Black Number Records Digital Sampler

Download Black Number Records – Digital Sampler 2009.