Sciatic Nerve Release ‘Bright Lights’ Video

Flight13_LP_coverCalifornia-punks Sciatic Nerve, who feature members of Swingin’ Utters, Nothington, Western Addiction and Cobra Skulls, have shared the new video for Bright Lights. The new single taken from their debut self-titled album, that is due out on the 13th October through Gunner Records in the UK and Europe. The album is packed full of minute long bursts of dangerous rock n’ roll that come heavy, fast, high in energy, and low on bullshit.

Sciatic Nerve‘s self titled album can be pre -ordered via Gunner Records here

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Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve

Gunnar Records

Rating: 4/5




Sciatic Nerve are a band with a line up that is born of members of some of the scenes best loved bands, the outfit is comprised of members of The Swingin’ Utters, Nothington, Western Addiction and Cobra Skulls, but if you were expecting a recreation of the sounds from any of those bands you’ll be disappointed as Sciatic Nerve are not the result of a nostalgic trip into any of the members past or present recordings, they are a completely different beast from any of the members well known outfits. Sciatic Nerve will be released through Gunner Records on limited edition red and clear vinyl, as well as digitally, on the 29th September 2017.

The album’s title track kicks in with a forty nine second introduction that embodies the best of old school hardcore, and from this point we’re away into an album that owes a hefty debt to that scene, one that is done and dusted in a shade under twenty minutes. There are moments that veer away from the hardcore assault, Get Away has the feel of the best garage inspired bands and Things I Can Look At and With Who You Go slow the pace down but if anything up the intensity. For the most part Sciatic Nerve is a headlong blast of reckless hardcore inspired punk rock that any fan of the likes of The Bronx, Minor Threat and Black Flag will need to add to their collection.

It must be said that for a band that is formed from veterans of the punk scene Sciatic Nerve makes a pleasant change from the trend for acoustic albums that are veering towards Americana, country and introspection. Sciatic Nerve are living proof that you can grow old disgracefully without being dependent on your past glories and they have released an an album that bears no resemblance to any of the members former outfits, and for me that makes Sciatic Nerve an all the more impressive and original release from punk’s old school.

Sciatic Nerve can be pre-ordered via Gunner Records here

Static Nerve Announce Debut Album; Stream First Track

Static NerveHardcore band Static Nerve has premiered a music video for a song sharing the band’s namesake.  The band consists of members from Swingin’ UttersNothingtonWestern Addiction and Cobra Skulls.  Their self titled debut album is set to drop on October 13, 2017 via Gunner Records.  Vocalist Chris Matulich comments on the video:

“I think the idea behind a song like this is just to set the pace and throw back to old punk, like when the Ramones would have a song with only a couple of lyrics.  A lot of people won’t get it, but that’s fine.”  

Watch the video below.  Pre-orders are live.

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Sciatic Nerve Release First Single From Self Titled Debut LP

Flight13_LP_coverBay Area punks, Sciatic Nerve have shared their first self titled video and single, that is taken from the bands self titled debut album. Sciatic Nerve features members of Swingin’ Utters, Nothington, Western Addiction and Cobra Skulls, their debut album is set for release on the 13th October and is packed full of minute long bursts of dangerous rock n’ roll that come heavy, fast, high in energy and low on bullshit, the music is hard, but also melodic, creative, and fun.

Sciatic Nerve is available for pre-order in Europe via Gunner Records here

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Live Concert Review

Flatliners, Broadway Calls, Cobra Skulls, Longway

Live (April 4th, 2010)

The Parkside - San Francisco, CA




The Parkside is located in a not so full-of-life (at least at night) part of downtown San Francisco. The entrance of the venue is tricky, since the front door is actually the way outside, which justifies the strange look on the face of the Security guy when I hold him out my $12… I finally got in the little courtyard with my big “X” on both hands (underage drinking is EVIL in the US). 

After a quick glance at the venue, two things came immediately in my mind. First, A Wilhelm Scream played here few months ago, and given the small stage and homemade barriers, this may have been a great time. Yeah I was supposed to go, had my ticket and all, but Pinhead Gunpowder decided to play their secret gig at Gilman on the day, I couldn’t miss that, even for a band as good as A Wilhelm Scream. 

Second thought: poles = danger while being in a circle pit. I had an unfortunate lesson about that in Paris, you DO NOT always control the direction you’re going towards while in a circle-pit.

Around fifty people were gathered in the venue with time to drink a beer or two before the Orange County’s quartet named Longway opened the show. The band played a good warm-up show, with a punk sound taking its influences from Bad Religion and talking about beers and tattoos. I had a preference for the song “Junkie”, and liked the guitarist’s energy as he was running and jumping all around the small stage.

Somehow, the pit is not really awake yet; it’s mostly people shaking head in rhythm, and nothing more, so the singer decides to re-teach the basics. He asks us to gather in the front and start walking in circle, and then running. The first circle pit of the night is launched, but it’s too small to even start to worry about the poles.

Cobra Skulls
, who recently signed to Fat Wreck, are next. The sound is immediately better and the pit starts filling with more people as the band plays a good mix between country and rockabilly, a little bit like The Living End

It’s now time for the highly anticipated band, Broadway Calls, to hit the stage. I had the opportunity to see this band perform twice before as openers; however, I never really got into them. Despite that, it was clear that the audience was there for them that ight, given the pogo that started few seconds after the first note. People gather at the barriers, trying to grab the mic to sing while (not always successful) crowd-surfing starts. Once again, the band was for me a good warm-up without being a real pleasure, except maybe during “Back to Oregon;” even though most people in the crowd seemed to be really enjoying the performance and sung along on almost every single song.

The Flatliners were next, which brings me back to two year ago in Paris for my first show ever, when they were touring with Germany’s Not Available and The Loved Ones. At that time, I thought the band took themselves too seriously. And let me tell you that this feeling has not changed. The band was always asking for more bass, less voice, more voice with that kind of arrogant look in the eyes. Anyways, given what they play, I’m totally willing to forget about that.

For those of you who don’t know the band, The Flatliners play highly energetic punk rock with hardcore and ska influences (There’s A Problem, KHDTR), with solid bass lines and a high debit, almost non-human voice (Fred’s Got Slacks, Public Service Announcement) and guitar riffs that stay stuck in your head (You Guys Want One Of These?, 407). After a demo and a stunning first effort “Destroy to Create” on Stomp Records, the band signed to Fat Wreck and releases The Great Awake and Cynics (7”), before their upcoming “Cavalcade”, due April 13th.

Talking about Cavalcade, Chris announced during the show that they will sell their new album for the first time at the merch table that night, almost two weeks before the official release date. To convince us, the band drops the album single, Carry The Banner, as well as Bleed from the new album. The pit doesn’t seem to be really receptive, and pogos are happening only when someone will finally decide to burst into the small pack of people gathered in the front, or when Broadway Calls’ bass player decided to crowd-surf on me.

Maybe people were only here to see Broadway Calls perform? Or maybe the not-so-good sound repelled them a little bit? Or maybe it’s because of the band’s multiple pauses taken to re-tune Chris’s guitar because according to him it was “being a real mother fucker tonight.” Hopefully the band will tell cool jokes and anecdotes in the meantime, because I was about to smash Chris’s Les Paul into his pretty face and tell him not to speak anymore but to play and sing, because when they do, they’e really good at it.

The good thing was that some songs were known by everyone, which made Parkside sing along during July! August! Reno!, the awesome Fred’s Got Slack, and the well-known Eulogy that put a perfect ending to this downtown San Francisco punk rock night.

Cobra Skulls - Bringing The War Home

Cobra Skulls

Bringing The War Home

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3/5




Cobra Skulls are an intriguing band. They have a unique sound to them, propelled by the vocal chords of Devin Peralta, deliver songs at a fast, mixed tempo and seem to be loved in the scene. But something was always missing. I mean, American Rubicon was alright but didn’t quite live up to all the hype surrounding it. Their live show kicked them higher up in my book but they still fell short when compared to their accolades.

Their five song Fat Wreck debut felt the same way at the start. After a few spins, nothing stood out other than Give You Nothing. Each time the tune came on, my attention was pulled into focus and I said to myself “man, this has a solid Bad Religion vibe going on.” Flash forward five minutes and – facepalm – it’s a Bad Religion cover song from the Germs of Perfection tribute. That’s why it sounds like them.

Sadly, that’s all that stood out; the best song was a cover song – a sure-fire sign of a dud.

The past few days, Cobra Skulls have once again pushed themselves up in my eyes simply because I gave them more of a chance.

While fixing my computer, I had Bringing The War Home on repeat all afternoon. At just twelve minutes, it played through more times than I can count and by the end, it was sinking in; and Give You Nothingwas no longer the highlight.

For you see, Bringing The War Home is a catchy political punk album that just takes a few listens to sink in and settle in. A tight, mixed tempo punk sound with unique guitar riffs that no other band around tries. I previously described Peralta’s vocals as a mix between Nick 13 and pop-punk ala Teenagebottle Rocket variety and that remains an accurate description.  Lyrically, they’re political poignant without simplistic usage of slogans. This means you get songs like Ice On Night about the I.C.E.’s inherent racism in it’s immigration tactics and Hot Sand, a two and a half minute, bass lead anthem about the war for oil and the “rich kids”’ ignorance of it all.

Doomsday Parade is the easy highlight of the EP. Fast paced, varied instrumentation (including a fantastic horn section in the bridge), the best vocal delivery of the five songs and just a unbelievable great hook –Doomsday Parade has everything. However, it’s written so well that all the little intricacies won’t be apparent on the first listen but instead seep in the more and more you listen to it.

It may only be five songs and twelve minutes, but Cobra Skulls use that time to their advantage. Plus, any longer than that – I may not have given it the time it needed it to grow on me; so once again, less is more.

Cobra Skulls - American Rubicon

Cobra Skulls

American Rubicon

Red Scare Industries

Rating: 3/5




Cobra Skulls are one of those bands who have a very vocal and intense following online. Their debut album, Sitting Army turned heads and got people talking about them and their sophomore effort –American Rubicon – just built on that buzz. All the buzz sounded good and painted Cobra Skulls as a band to keep an eye out on so when I finally got American Rubicon I was excited and wanted to like it a lot, I wanted to love it. Unfortunately, my hopes seem to have been placed too high because while I do like American Rubicon, it’s most definitely missing that it factor that will keep me coming back for more.

With equal parts pop-punk and rockabilly, Cobra Skulls are an unique amalgamation of styles and sounds working together to create an upbeat and energetic album that proudly displays a wide variety of influences on its sleeves. There’s some slight Teenage Bottlerocket pop-punk flare with earlier Against Me! activism contrasted against The Cramps and The Misfits bass heavy eeriness. The vocals teeter between that of Nick 13 from Tiger Army and a more straight-forward pop-punk delivery, creating an instantly unique vocalist unlike any other band out there; throw in the quick changes to Spanish lyrics inThicker Than Water and they’ve really crafted a sound for themselves.

But alas, there’s still something missing.

Tracks like Back To The Youth, HDUI (Honorary Discharge Under The Influence), Rebel FateMuniphobia and the piano-driven One Day I’ll Never are songs that are worthy for repeated listens thanks in part to pointed lyrics and unpredictable turns that will stop you in your tracks; and it’s on tracks like that that Cobra Skulls live up to the hype but other tracks feel, not necessary forced, but somewhat bland. With seventeen songs clocking in at just over thirty-six minutes, the album is a tad too long for comfort as they leave room for songs that aren’t de-facto bad but work as filler instead.

It becomes slightly aggravating after a while. After being treated to a song that simply blows you away, Cobra Skulls seem to fall back and deliver a song lacking that spark which creates for an uneven and disjointed listen. While far from being bad, it’s still not strong enough to compete against so many CDs coming out these days; it’s fun for a bit but not one you’ll be pulling out over and over again in the months to come – and that, is very disappointing.

Cobra Skulls Punks In Vegas Session

Cobra SkullsCobra Skulls recent sat down to perform a Punks In Vegas session featuring three songs.  The band performed “Eagle Eyes”, “Walk Away, “Internal War”, and “Eagle Eyes.” The band continues to support their new Eagle Eyes EP, released last month on Fat Wreck Chords.

Check out the session below.

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Tours: The Atom Age / Unwritten Law / Cobra Skulls

The Atom AgeThe Atom Age has announced that they will be heading on tour after their FEST 11 appearance later this month.  The band will be joined for select dates by Unwritten Law and Cobra Skulls.  The band continues to support their recent full length, The Hottest Thing That’s Cool, released earlier this year via Asian Man Records.

Dates can be found below.

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Tours- Holding Onto Sound

After playing a few local shows with Cobra Skulls, the Holding Onto Sound will be hopping in the van to embark on a quick tour with them through Pacific Standard and Central time zones.

Check out the dates below.

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Cobra Skulls Announce New 7″

Cobra SkullsCobra Skulls has announced that they will be releasing a brand new 7″ this fall.  The three song vinyl will be titled Eagle Eyes and is set for an October 9, 2012 release via Fatr Wreck Chords.  Guitarist Tony Teixiera will make his studio debut for the band.  Theband tells fans what they can expect:

“Today we are thrilled to announce that our new single, Eagle Eyes, is coming out Oct 9th on 7” and in digital format as well. There are two songs on the B-side and we’re really happy with how it all turned out. It reminds me a little of our older material, but it also feels like we could be getting into some new territory. It’s the first stuff we’ve recorded with Tony, who sang all the back-ups and truly shredded the guitar. Be on the lookout to pre-order it from Fat Wreck Chords soon. Hope you check it out and enjoy!”

Album art can be viewed below.

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Tours: Cobra Skulls / Riverboat Gamblers

Riverboat GamblersPunkers Riverboat Gamblers have announced that they will be hitting the road with support from Cobra Skulls for a Fall tour. The band continues to support their latest full length, The Wolf You Feed, released this past May via Volcom Entertainment.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Riverboat Gamblers / Cobra Skulls

Riverboat GamblersAustin, TX’s Riverboat Gamblers are set to hit the road with Reno, NV’s Cobra Skulls this October. Dubbed the “Wolf & Snakes Tour“, the tour last all of October. The dates are below.

Riverboat Gamblers are touring in support of their new album The Wolf You Feed, out now on Volcom Entertainment while Cobra Skulls released Agitations last year on Fat Wreck Chords.

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Tours: Cobra Skulls

Cobra SkullsNevada’s Cobra Skulls are gearing up for a west coast summer tour.  The tour will kick off mid-July and wrap up half way through August.  The band continues to support their latest full length, Agitations, released last September 2011 on Fat Wreck Chords.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Lawrence Arms, Cobra Skulls & Great Apres Limited Skate Decks

The Lawrence ArmsSay-10 Records have posted a pre-order for three new limited edition skate decks.

Designed by Luke from A Flight of Yesterdays, they currently have three limited edition versions for sale. The first is for The Great Apes  – their skate deck is limited to twenty and will be shitting in April. The second two are for The Lawrence Arms and Cobra Skulls. These will be shipping in May or June and are limited to fifty. 

They can be pre-ordered here.

Tours: Lagwagon / Nothington / Cobra Skulls

Lagwagon has announced that the long running punk rock group will be hitting the road with Cobra Skulls and Nothington for a brief tour in February and March.  The band recently reissued their early discography on Fat Wreck Chords.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Cobra Skulls / Dead To Me / Lamexcuse

Cobra Skulls and Dead To Me, along with Austrlian punk act Lamexcuse have announced a March and April tour down under.  The bands will be playing across nine venues.  They have titled the tour “All Drive No Lulabies.”  Dead To Me and Cobra Skulls continue to support their 2011 Fat Wreck Chords releases Moscow Penny Ante and Agitations respectively.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Cobra Skulls Offer Track By Track For Agitations

Cobra SkullsRaucous punk group Cobra Skulls is offering up a track by track analysis of their new album, Agitations, released last month on Fat Wreck Chords.  

Read the entire thirteen-track breakdown courtesy AltPress.

Cobra Skulls – Solastalgia

Cobra SkullsNevada’s Cobra Skulls is offering a brand new track for free download.  The song is titled “Solastalgia” and is set to appear on their recently announced full length, Agitations, due out September 27, 2011 on Fat Wreck Chords.

The record features thirteen songs and comes in at under thirty minutes.  Listen to or download the full track here.

Cobra Skulls – Iron Lung

Cobra SkullsNevada’s Cobra Skulls is offering a brand new track for free download.  The song is titled “Iron Lung” and is set to appear on their recently announced full length, Agitations, due out September 27, 2011 on Fat Wreck Chords.

The record features thirteen songs and comes in at under thirty minutes.  Download the full track here (Righ Click/Save As).

Tours: Cobra Skulls/Nothington (North America)

Cobra SkullsNevada’s Cobra Skulls have announced a number of tour dates supporting their next release out on Fat Wreck Chords called Agitations, which is due on September 27.

California natives Nothington, who are supporting their More Than Obvious EP (Red Scare), will join as support on Sept. 23, and will be on board the rest of the tour.

Fans can get “Iron Lung”, a new tune from the Cobra Skulls here for free. Courtesy of AMP Magazine.


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Cobra Skulls Detail Their New Album

Cobra SkullsNevada’s Cobra Skulls have announced that they will release their new album, Agitations, on September 27th through Fat Wreck Chords.

The record features thirteen songs and comes in at under thirty minutes. Singer/song writer Devil Peralta described the motivation behind the album saying:

In the past I’ve always written songs sporadically and when it seemed as though a song wanted to write itself, but for our new album, Agitations, the process was a little different because time was a bit of a constraint. 

We finished a short tour in February and then I had less than a month to write an entire album. Solitude was definitely a necessity for me to write, even more so than usual, so I moved into a cheap, dirty, weekly motel in Reno (in a room I was told was used for an upcoming film based on the book “The Motel Life”) where I could concentrate, undisturbed. 

The result is 13 songs, most of which are amalgams of a score of ideas for songs that had amassed in my mind over the past couple years that I somehow managed to store in my ever-increasingly faulty memory. After three weeks of motel life, I checked out and got together with Adam and Luke. We rehearsed for 8 days before driving to Motor Studios in San Francisco where we had three weeks to record – more than we’ve ever had before. 

A couple of days into recording, Fat Mike came by for a few hours. I played him some of the songs on acoustic guitar. He liked a couple, but said that he thought we weren’t ready to record. Discouraging for some, I think it was actually a good motivation for us to make the best Cobra Skulls album to date…and wouldn’t you know it? I just heard from him yesterday after he listened to the mixes and he said it’s our “best album”. I’m not really sure he’s heard both of our other ones, though, so that has to be taken with a grain of salt, but still, it’s a good sign, eh? I for one have never heard of a band to come out of the studio and not think they just made their best album, so it might not mean much that I, too, think this is our best album yet, but I do! 

The band released the Bringing The War Home EP earlier this year.

Cobra Skulls Finish Recording Next Full Length

Cobra SkullsAccording to a recent tweet, Cobra Skulls have finished up their recording time on their next full length.  The band confirms:

“Studio update! ….We finished recording that album! Get ready for 13 brand new Cobra tracks….sometime in September”

The album follows their previous EP, Bring The War Home, released earlier this year on Fat Wreck Chords.

Cobra Skulls Enter The Studio

Cobra SkullsNevada’s Cobra Skulls have entered Motor Studios in San Francisco, CA to record their third full length album. This will be the band’s first album for Fat Wreck Chords after releasing an EP, Bringing The War Home, earlier this year.

They last released the full length album American Rubicon in 2009 via Red Scare Industries.



New Interview: The Cobra Skulls

Cobra SkullsHow could you not be charmed by the Cobra? The Reno, NV three piece tours constantly, writes politically fueled punk rock, puts on a powerful sing-along live performance, and their singer has a badass hairstyle. The Skulls have been busy lately: they signed to Fat Wreck Chords last year, and since January they’ve released new EP and Fat debut “Bringing Home the War,” opened up for NoFX and The Bouncing Souls, and just wrapped up a stint of headlining shows.

Amy Meyer got the chance to catch up with vocalist/bassist Devin Peralta at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on February 12 to discuss Taking Back Wednesday, Stella the deer Chihuahua, and working with producer Fat Mike on the new record.

Read the interview here.

Cobra Skulls

Cobra Skulls

Devin Peralta

Fat Wreck Chords
By on Feb. 12th, 2011 at The Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL



How could you not be charmed by the Cobra? The Reno, NV three piece tours constantly, writes politically fueled punk rock, puts on a powerful sing-along live performance, and their singer has a badass hairstyle. The Skulls have been busy lately: they signed to Fat Wreck Chords last year, and since January they’ve released new EP and Fat debut “Bringing Home the War,” opened up for NoFX and The Bouncing Souls, and just wrapped up a stint of headlining shows.

We got the chance to catch up with vocalist/bassist Devin Peralta at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on February 12 to discuss Taking Back Wednesday, Stella the deer Chihuahua, and working with producer Fat Mike on the new record.    Read More…

Cobra Skulls Streaming New EP

Cobra SkullsThe good folks at AMP Magazine are streaming the latest EP from the Cobra Skulls.  The band’s upcoming EP, Bring The War Home, will mark their Fat Wreck Chords debut, and is due out January 18, 2011.  The stream also features a brand new interview with fronman Devin Peralta about the group’s future happening, and current excitement.

Check out the stream and interview here.

Tours: Cobra Skulls

Cobra SkullsCobra Skulls have announced a run of tour dates for the new year. The shows are in support of their upcoming Fat Wreck Chords debut EP, Bringing The War Home. The EP will be released on January 18th, 2011 and follows their 2009 album, American Rubicon that was released on Red Scare Industries.

The tour dates are below.

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Cobra Skulls Date And Detail Fat Wreck Chords Debut

Cobra SkullsCobra Skulls recently announced that they would be releasing their Fat Wreck Chords debut, Bringing the War Home on January 18th. The release takes the form of a five track EP featuring cover art by Martha Rosler.  Singer/bassist Devin details where the EP fits into the band’s growing discography:

“I’m very proud of our new 5-song EP, “Bringing the War Home”. I think the new songs are some of our best yet. They aren’t necessarily an indicator of what our next full-length will sound like as I wrote these songs year ago, but never got the chance to bring them to the band until a couple weeks before we recorded them in August. I think the most notable difference this recording is Luke’s drumming. We love our old drummer Chad who was amazing, but Luke’s got a different style all his own. He’s a ripper and we’re lucky to have him.”

Check out more album details, including the album art and quite a few more words from Devin, check below.

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Cobra Skulls – Give You Nothing (Bad Religion Cover ft. Fat Mike)

Cobra SkullsHere’s an interesting addition to Myspace/SPIN’s Bad Religion tribute album: Cobra Skulls and Fat Mike (NOFX) teaming up for a cover of “Give You Nothing” from their 1988 classic, Suffer.  The tribute album, marking Bad Religion‘s thirty year anniversary  will be titled Germs Of Perfection and will be out October 19, 2010 as a free download.

Listen to the track here.

This Week On JBTV: Against Me!, The Loved Ones, Cobra Skulls, Bouncing Souls

This week’s episode of JBTV, hosted by Tobias Jeg (Red Scare) and Brendan Kelly (Lawrence Arms) features an in-studio performance by Against Me!, as well as video premiers from The Loved Ones, Cobra SKulls, The Bouncing Souls, Modest Mouse, and Story Of The Year.  This will mark Against Me!‘s second appearance on the show in September.

Watch the video below.

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