La Escalera Records Confirm Full Line-Up For Fest 6

Fest 6 Jan 17Today La Escalera Records have announced the daily line-ups for Fest 6, along with daily wristbands which can now be purchased along with a limited amount of weekend bundles. The punk rock festival celebrates the six year anniversary of the label and takes place in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico from April 14th to 16th, 2017.

Wristbands and bundles for La Escalera Fest 6 can be purchased here

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La Escalera Records Announce Line Up For Fest 6

Fest 6 Jan 17La Escalera Records have announced the line up for La Escalera Fest 6, which celebrates the six year anniversary for the label. Fest 6 will take place in San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico from April 14-16, 2017. The current line up includes Allweather, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Beside Myself, Black Dots, The Bombpops, Burn Burn Burn, Caskitt, Civil War Rust, Despero, DFMK, Divided Heaven, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Hoist The Colors, Hot Bods, The Lucky Eejits, Lysolgang, New Way On, Problem Daughter, Russian Girlfriends, Signalman, Squarecrow and Western Settings with some additional bands to be announced later.

Fest 6 early bird wristbands, and wristband bundles with shirts, are available here

Civil War Rust HW

Civil War Rust

Help Wanted

Say 10 Records

Rating: 4/5




Civil War Rust‘s second full length album, Help Wanted, was originally released at the tail end of last year for a limited run of CD’s to coincide with a tour, but now it is available for pre-order for it’s official release from Say-10 Records, it will be available on coloured vinyl and a pay what you feel download. In an age when pop punk has largely become a tainted label, mainly due to the corporate creations that cashed in on the success of bands in the 1990’s, it seems Civil War Rust are unashamed lovers of the heyday of that genre, and why not? I’m partial to a bit of the poppier end of punk myself, providing it’s done well, and Civil War Rust do it very well.

This is no corporate set of clones dressed in punk clothing, yes it is polished and accessible, but alongside the infectious choruses and catchy riffs there is some grit underneath the polished production. The ten tracks contained on Help Wanted are all wonderful bouncy punk gems delivered with conviction, and they all clock in at under three minutes making this a short, energetic and highly enjoyable album, in fact Help Wanted is everything a classic pop punk album should be, and then some.

Civil War Rust hail from the East Bay area of San Francisco, which has a fair punk pedigree having spawned Dead Kennedys and No Use For A Name to name but two, and I think we can add Civil War Rust to the list, as Help Wanted really is a great pop punk album, and it shows that this is a genre that can still produce great albums and bands. If you’re a fan of the likes of The Methadones or Teenage Bottlerocket then you will need to investigate Civil War Rust, as they could well be your new favourite band.

Help Wanted will hit the streets on 9th September, it can be ordered on coloured vinyl and download from Say-10 Records here

Video: Civil War Rust – Revenge Therapy

Civil War RustCivil War Rust have premiered a music video from their latest full stream of their latest full length.  The video features the song “Revenge Therapy” from the album Help Wanted, which dropped late last year.

Watch the video below.

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Civil War Rust Stream New Album

Civil War Rust have premiered a full stream of their latest full length.  The disc is titled Help Wanted and follows their 2012 full length, The Fun & The Lonely.

Check out the album here.


Civil War Rust - The Fun & The Lonely

Civil War Rust

The Fun & The Lonely

All For Hope Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Civil War Rust’s brand new full length, The Fun & The Lonely, is the type of out of nowhere release I love being blindsided by.  The Oakland/Martinez, CA four-piece absolutely nails that quintessential Red Scare Industries Fat Wreck Chords brand of throaty melodic punk-rock in the vein of Dillinger FourThe Holy Mess, and American Steel

The album’s ten tracks march to the beat of pure sing-along momentum that stays as fresh by album end as with the first beat.  “Whipping Star” initiates listeners with a barrage of instantly enjoyable guitar hooks that explode into an anthem of self-destruction with high flying gang vocals that make light of the insightfully bolded observation that “our ignorance will do us in.”  Jonathan Marshall’s vocals harness a playful curiosity somewhere between rebellious rouse and raucous house party.  The gang of backing vocals led by the group’s bassist Sean Stepp sits rougher than with their lead, reaching a heady peak during the choruses.  “May Day” towers as one of the album’s many peaks with the metaphoric “Dreaded S.O.S.” call signifying drowning in an ocean of social catastrophe – with Jon and the gang crying out tirelessly as they go down with the ship.

Civil War Rust has a way with words; direct, simple, and when combined with their energizing musicianship, very effective.  “Balloons & Bouquets” tackles the topic of independence and breaking from the crowd.  “I’m standing on the outside / I’m on the edge / and I’m all alone / I’m not afraid to fall this time” blasts Jonathan to an addictive eruption of pedal-driven guitars and invigorating ear pleasing bounce.  “Legalized Romance” reads like a depressing breakup song (“You’d be better off, so much better of without me, you’d be better off on your own”) but plays like a liberating manifesto.  And while the lyrics are never too in your face, there’s enough memorable flashes to propel the listener jovially along.

That The Fun & The Lonely came out of nowhere and landed firmly on my radar is one of the main reasons I still make time in my increasingly busy schedule to review as many as I can of the mountains of submissions that come my way.  This is the album that will get Civil War Rust noticed by the big players out there, so don’t be surprised when you see these guys sign to your favourite record label a few years down the line.

Video: Civil War Rust – Seven Down

Civil War RustCivil War Rust have debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Seven Down” from their new full-length, The Fun & The Lonely, release earlier this week via All For Hope Records.

Watch the video below.


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Civil War Rust Announce Full Length

San Francisco Bay Area’s Civil War Rust has signed on with All For Hope Records (Broadway Calls, Mixtapes, The Manix and Why I Hate).  The band plans to release their first full-length, The Fun & The Lonely, on March 13, 2012.

Track listing and album can be found below.

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Civil War Rust – The Good Book

Death To False Hope Records are at it again, releasing more and more free music each time you look. This time they’re gracing us with a new, three song EP from Civil War Rust dubbed The Good Book. Rough punk with a pop-punk edge, this is Hot Water Music meets American Steel and surely deserves more praise than it’s been getting.

Civil War Rust – The Good Book

Civil War Rust - The Good Book

Download Civil War Rust from Death To False Hope Records

Free EPs from Mixtapes and Civil War Rust

MixtapesThe good folks at Death To False Hope Records have posted their two newest releases online for free download.

The first is a two song EP from Ohio’s Mixtapes called Castle Songs. It can be downloaded here.

The second is a three song EP from San Francisco’s Civil War Rust. You can also download that here.