Christian Punk Band

Christian Punk Band

Self Titled EP

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Ironically named and totally secular Toronto trio, Christian Punk Band, has released it’s self- titled debut EP to the likely confusion of many.  The jokingly named band holds no religious affiliation or connection to bands like MxPx or Relient K, though the low key pop-punk act certainly feels as if cut from a distantly related cloth.  Boasting four brief but catchy tunes, the self titled EP makes a strong case for these peppy Canadians being remembered for more than their cheeky namesake.

At their core, Christian Punk Band presents a steady, rhythmically controlled product.  Vocally and melodically drawing likenesses to the Smoking Popes but with a fuzzy rolling bass reminiscent of The Strokes, each tune works towards the EP’s common goal.  With a very calculated sense of purpose, opener “Bang Bang” methodically marches in with the utmost control and precision.  Careful not to overdo things, Christian Punk Band squeeze the most out of each song’s simplicity.  For instance, “Revampires” is the type of catchy indie-pop track that listeners will find themselves singing along within the first listen.  “I don’t ever want to see you cry,” sings frontman Christian Turner at the onset of a hook laden chorus that sinks its sonic teeth hard without going overboard.  “Superdown” and “Taki” follow suit, maintaining the album’s steady glow right to the last note.

Beneath the playful name, there is a lot of potential brewing within Christian Punk Band.  Indie-pop and pop-punk goers stand to make a connection with these four tracks even within their collective ten minute runtime.  Can a band with a sound this accessible and name this unconventional break into the mainstream without a change of face?  It’s still early to tell, but if Christian Punk Band can keep up their momentum, I doubt it will matter what they call themselves.