Childsplay - Righteous Rampage


Righteous Rampage

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Vancouver punk rock outfit Childsplay has all the traits of a seasoned street act without the assumed career experience.  Their eight song introductory EP, Righteous Rampage, might look like the product of an project in it’s infancy (one of those less than flattering garage-produced demos), but a quick listen proves otherwise.  In a world where new punk acts cite Senses Fail and Taking Back Sunday as their molding influences, Childsplay pulls out the likes of The ExploitedRancidThe UnseenThe Rabble, and Anti-Flag in shaping their vision, and it shows.

Lead vocalist Jaden Faber tears his vocal chords ragged amidst an incredibly well balanced, chaotic but catchy bout of swirling riffs and slamming drums.  The infectious guitar work in “Crashing Down” got under my skin within the first verse, reeling me in with a whisper of sloppy pop-punk a la Teenage Bottlerocket.  Then “Evolve” takes the reigns and serves up a messy side dish of searing screams and runaway strength – a combination born from and living for stark contrast.  Straight-up Ramones-style pop-punk marred by attitude and invigorated by passion affords credence for the politics of “Your Ignorance” and “It’s All Lies.”  These are the type of guys who should be opening for OFF!

The album clocks in at a quick sixteen minutes and is over as soon as it gets started.  It’s easy to fly through more than once in a row, which speaks to the fresh take presented by the band.  Likewise, you likely won’t walk away with one or two tracks buzzing in your head, but rather a sense of satisfaction and an appreciation for the whole.  So as far as distinction goes, the band could stand to gain some more on a track-by-track basis, but considering that they’ve already got a big picture outlook, that’s something that will develop with time and through a growing discography.

This is how to kick off a career and get noticed by the audience you’re aiming for.  Aggressive, catchy and full of life, Childsplay makes a well-deserved name for itself with an EP that should be heard by anyone who fancies any of the aforementioned bands.  A great start sure to translate into a killer career.