Astronautalis – DVP (PUP Cover)

ASTRONAUTALISMinneapolis MN, USA, Hip-Hop/Indie-Rock/Punk band Astronautalis has premiered a cover of PUP‘s  “DVP” as part of SideOneDummy Records’ “Artist on Artist” series.

Listen to the song below.

 The band released Cut The Body Loose, back in 2016 via Cargo Records in the EU and SideOneDummy Records in the US.

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Astronautalis – Attila Ambrus

ASTRONAUTALISMinneapolis MN, USA, Hip-Hop/Indie-Rock/Punk band Astronautalis has premiered a new song from their fifth full length.  The track is titled “Attila Ambrus” and will appear on the album, Cut The Body Loose, on May 13 2016 via Cargo Records

Listen to the song below.  Pre-orders are available here.

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Astronautalis Details Fifth LP

ASTRONAUTALISMinneapolis MN, USA, Hip-Hop/Indie-Rock/Punk band Astronautalis has announced details for their fifth full length.  The album is titled Cut The Body Loose, on May 13 2016 via Cargo Records

Listen to the first track, “Running Away From God,” below.  Pre-orders are available here.

The band also plans to play a full U.S. and European headlining tour which can be found along with the video.

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Video: Atlas Losing Grip – Kings And Fools

Atlas Losing GripSwedish skate punks Atlas Losing Grip have released a new music video.  The video features the song “Kings And Fools” from their latest full length, Currents, which was released in North America by Creator-Destructor Records and Cargo Records in Europe.

Watch the full video below.

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Atlas Losing Grip Adds London Tour Date

Atlas Losing GripSwedish skate punks Atlas Losing Grip have added a new London date to their recently announced string of upcoming tour dates in the UK with support from The Human Project.  The band continues to support their latest full length, Currents, which was released in North America by Creator-Destructor Records and Cargo Records in Europe. 

Tour dates are below.

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Atlas Losing Grip


Creator-Destructor Records / Cargo Records

Rating: 4/5




After establishing themselves as a punk-metal powerhouse over in Europe, Swedish quintet Atlas Losing Grip has turned stateside to join up with Creator-Destructor Records.  After a few good listens, it’s pretty clear why the label jumped at the opportunity to bring home this foreign trophy and hype the band’s latest full length, Currents.  Make no mistake about it, Currents is one heck of an all-in-one stop for decidedly epic tuneage, meaning that there has never been a better time to get to know Atlas Losing Grip.

The band’s talents lie in their marriage of steady melodic punk (think, No Use For A Name) with the playfulness and ambition of power/speed metal (i.e. anything from the Century Media Records family).  Fans of technical punk will absolutely love the blood pumping militant edge coursing through Currents.  For instance, the chugging, combative riffs and buzzsaw vocals on tracks like “Nemesis” have Supporting Caste-era Propagandhi influences practically plastered all over them.  Others like “Cynosure” and “Cast Anchor” navigate the brash terrain with simple but sweeping melodic choruses not unlike those of labelmates Heartsounds.  

But it’s the finesse rather than excess that truly defines Atlas Losing Grip.  Take the brooding, layered guitars of opener “Sinking Ship.”  Before marching headlong into the furious bashing of drums and a melodic punk pace, the band twists and turns through crisp, weighted but controlled metal tipped chords.  During these moments Currents glisten and gleams in anticipation, like a freshly polished suit of armour yearning for the battlefield.  In other words, Atlas Losing Grip builds anticipation every bit as tactfully as they race to the climax.  Such foresight makes the heavy glow of slow burning ballad “Closure” and mid-tempo tune “Kings And Fools” feel right at home amidst their pulse pounding brethren.  Fans of Rise Against may be surprised by just how strongly they stand to connect with tracks like “The End.”  

Atlas Losing Grip holds all the markers of a band in its prime.  Ripe with inspiration and keen on motivation, Currents stands as a beacon of modern punk-metal.  Creator-Destructor Records couldn’t have chosen a better moment to introduce its following to these furious swedes, and unleash Atlas Losing Grip on a new, unsuspecting audience.  What a way to roll out the new year.