Cult Of Dom Keller PIOF

The Cult Of Dom Keller

Paradiso Is On Fire

Cardinal Fuzz / Sky Lantern Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Paradiso Is On Fire is the first live album from The Cult Of Dom Keller, the album was recorded on a European tour at the tail end of 2016, the recordings are culled from shows that took place in Antwerp, Belguim and at the legendary Paradiso venue in Amsterdam as they toured in support of their latest studio album, Goodbye To The Light. Paradiso Is On Fire was released via a collaboration between Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records on double album and CD formats yesterday, the 22nd May 2017, and the album is now available if you hurry, as these are strictly limited pressings.

The band are clearly influenced by the likes of the Spacemen 3, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and in particular, at least to my ears, the often criminally overlooked Loop, but there’s also a heady influence from outsider psyche pioneers of the 60’s present in their DNA. From the extended trip of the opening number Behind All Evil Is A Black Hole, through the excellent driving keyboard heavy Nowhere To Land and the fuzz drenched Shambala Is On Fire, to the strangely disjointed Dead Seas, the echoing Eyes and the dark, almost gothic, Nothing Left To Stay For and the epic closing track Worlds, this is a hedonistic and unique album that indicates the ongoing resurgence of garage and psych influenced bands is still gaining momentum.

Paradiso Is On Fire encompasses The Cult Of Dom Keller‘s three studio albums, whilst the constantly echoing and heady feel of the album is heavily influenced by suspicious psych influences there’s a touch of post punk and alternative drive to the album that stops Paradiso Is On Fire from wallowing in the sea of the psychedelic strangeness that is at their core. Paradiso Is On Fire captures The Cult Of Dom Keller at the height of the powers delivering a hypnotic mind altering live set, and it appears that Cardinal Fuzz have unearthed another band from the dark and fuzzy underbelly of the UK’s alternative scene that, as with all of their releases, offers you a unique and heady experience.

You can order Paradiso Is On Fire via Cardinal Fuzz (UK) here and Sky Lantern Records (USA) here

The Cult Of Dom Keller To Release Live LP Via Cardinal Fuzz

Cult Of Dom Keller PIOFTaking their cues from the likes of Spacemen 3 and The Jesus And Mary Chain, for the last decade DIY sonic alchemists The Cult of Dom Keller have been creating “The sounds between the sounds between the sounds in our heads” from the confines of their East Midlands bunker. After three LPs that have built on The Cult of Dom Keller‘s reputation as sonic alchemists the band are releasing their first live LP, Paradiso Is On Fire, on double vinyl. The band are captured live as they toured their latest LP, Goodbye To The Light, in Antwerp and Amsterdam, the album captures the raw blown out power and the tangible energy of the group’s infamous live shows as you listen in to the band laying waste to tracks from all of their albums.

You can pre-order Paradiso Is On Fire on CD and Vinyl here

Janitors HUM

The Janitors

Horn Ur Marken

Cardinal Fuzz

Rating: 3.5/5




Cardinal Fuzz have unleashed yet another release from the strange and fuzzy place in which this label exists, this time they have brought us Sweden’s The Janitors who are self styled purveyors of ‘Stökpsych’ a scuzzy barbed wall of fuzz that channels the dark recesses from the worlds of garage and psyche. The Janitors latest full length, Horn Ur Marken, follows on the their last release, Evil Doings Of An Evil Kind, that was released two long years ago. Horn Ur Marken is now available from Cardinal Fuzz on black vinyl, that is presented in a full colour fluorescent UV sleeve, and CD.

Horn Ur Marken kicks in as it means to go on with a seriously dark slab of fuzz in the shape of the opening track, Trojan Horse, where treble laced guitar sits atop a wall of dark fuzz and a pounding relentless drum beat, this is followed by the slow grind of the album’s epic title track, the intensity builds up across this ten minute opus until it ends it a squall of feedback that fades into the mind warping dark groove of Neon Times. The relentless dark twisted tones continue with the almost hypnotic beat of Blizzard and the sinister vibes of Into The Woods and Fear Of All before the tripped out finale, Alarmatica, brings Horn Ur Marken to an end.

The Janitors have delivered a dark slice of psyche from the dark heart of Scandinavia, Horn Ur Marken is an album with immense walls of fuzz that are coupled with a consistently sinister undercurrent. If you are a fan of the darker side of psyche and garage then The Janitors are a band that should definitely be on your radar. Their unique blend of influences, that are shaped by the current state of world affairs, is one that is idiosyncratic and whilst it follows in the tradition of fellow Swedish purveyors of fuzz such as The Nomads, The Hellacopters and The Hives, Horn Ur Marken takes things into a darker place and you can’t help but feel that in Cardinal Fuzz they have found their spiritual home.

Horn Ur Marken can be ordered from Cardinal Fuzz here



Nudity Is God's Creation

Cardinal Fuzz

Rating: 3.5/5




Cardinal Fuzz have built a reputation as a label that is dedicated to bringing out some of the strangest and most unique recordings ever committed to wax, this time they have released Nudity Is God’s Creation. This is a retrospective release of recordings by Nudity dating from 2005 to 2010 of what is described as “orgasmic interstellar mayhem”. Formed in 2004 in Washington DC, Nudity only ever released a couple of self distributed CD’s and a solitary slab of vinyl, released via Discourage, but no actual album was ever released. But now those determined seekers of strangeness at Cardinal Fuzz have unearthed their back catalogue, along with a few bonus tracks, and put the whole shebang onto on one handy double album.

Nudity Is God’s Creation opens in fine style with Now I’m Resting, a savage fuzzy garage punk number that any lover of primitive proto punk will adore, This Man continues the fuzzy assault but with an added lysergic element thrown into the mix, and by the third track, Moon Druids, the acid appears to have well and truly kicked in. It wouldn’t be a Cardinal Fuzz release without a few extended psychedelic soundscapes, and the first of these, Birdsong, slows the pace down and ups the dose. Midway through the album the psychedelic connection is well and truly confirmed, with a faithful cover of the early Hawkwind classic, Hurry On Sundown, and after this you get a return to the proto punk vibe with Elevate In Rotation. Nudity Is God’s Creation ends in true Cardinal Fuzz fashion with four extended slabs of psychedelic strangeness, Rubicon, The Nightfeeders and Make Up, saving the strangest trip for last with Le Premier Voyage Du Capitaine.

Nudity featured Dave Harvey, John Quittner, Josh Hayes, of Feral Ohms, and Eryn Ross, of Growling, the fact that this band are a favourite of psyche aficionado Julian Cope should tell you everything you need to know about Nudity, this is a raw mix of garage punk and psychedelia, that if I didn’t know better I would swear was a product of the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. For me the album is at it’s best when it’s dishing out raw slabs of acid drenched garage rock, but the extended slices of psychedelia are not to be ignored. For those who are fans of the music that informed the first wave of punk, or for those who are sat in a suspicious haze, Nudity Is God’s Creation is an album that is worth exploring.

Nudity Is God’s Creation is a strictly limited release and can be ordered here

BN & A

Big Naturals / Anthroprophh

Big Naturals & Anthroprophh

Cardinal Fuzz

Rating: 3/5




Big Naturals are a pulverising noise rock duo that is comprised of drums, Jesse Webb, and bass and electronic strangeness, Gareth Turner, that brings warped thunderous bass riffs accompanied with a relentless percussive bombardment. Anthroprophh is Paul Allen, who through two albums on Rocket Recordings and a previous EP on Cardinal Fuzz has shown that he is pushing the boundaries of psyche music to its most avant garde and experimental limits.

Big Naturals contribution to this EP is just one track, but it’s something of an epic, clocking in at twenty one minutes God Shaped Hole is an extended and relentless instrumental that features a driving and fuzz heavy riff, the pace and intensity of this track ebbs and flows constantly. This isn’t an accessible or easy listen but it is one that’s well done and reminds of me of stripped down heavier Hawkwind when they were at the peak of their substance misuse.

Anthroprophh carry three shorter tracks that come from the same experimental stable, initially this would appear to be a much accessible beast that is more reminiscent of the likes of Kyuss and early Queens Of The Stone Age, but it then heads off into unexplored territory. The ten minute Farce Without End is a heavy and demented instrumental that sounds like the soundtrack to a being spiked with LSD, Narwhallian Social Purge is easily the most demented track on here, and is the closest thing I’ve heard to someone capturing the mania of early psyche pioneers such as The Edgar Broughton Band. The EP closes with Anthroprophh‘s final number, Chubbock’s Last Tape, which is another journey to the centre of the mind that defies description.

To say this is an experimental and adventurous EP would be an understatement, Big Naturals & Anthroprophh carries three epic soundscapes and one four minute slice of dementia, this is not easy listening by any stretch of the imagination. It is a fiercely original and complete and utter headfuck of an EP that would be an ideal soundtrack to late night intoxication.

Big Naturals & Anthroprophh can be ordered via Cardinal Fuzz here


The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol


Cardinal Fuzz / Birdman Sound

Rating: 3/5




The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol are little known outside of their native Canada, last year their Master Of The Molehill album was made available outside of their home country and as a result it sold out within two weeks of release. Cardinal Fuzz has now been given access to The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol‘s archive and the Elevator box set is the result of this. It contains three albums, 2010’s Versus The Purveyors Of Conspicious Authenticity, 2013’s Scrappy Little Jaw and 2014’s Pathfinder, which were only previously available as short run private pressings on The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol‘s own Birdman Sound Label.

If you are at all familiar with the Cardinal Fuzz label then you will know you are in for something unusual and experimental, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol are no exception. Let’s start at the beginning with the Versus The Purveyors Of Conspicious Authenticity album, this album from 2010 opens with the eleven minute Sour Kraut and continues in a trippy and spacey five track album that recalls Space Ritual era Hawkwind. 2013’s Scrappy Little Jaw is a more accessible album that doesn’t contain their usual epic journey’s into the mind, this is eleven tracks of space rock, whilst it contains the same qualities as the first album in this box set it is a progression, and it is a much less self indulgent beast than it’s predecessor. 2014’s Pathfinder is a logical continuation from the first two albums contained in Elevator. If you have any fondness for psychedelia, in particular the likes of Gong and Lemmy era Hawkwind, or have an interest in the soundtrack to mind expansion then you may want to investigate The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol. My personal favourite from this triple album box set is 2013’s Scarappy Little Jaw which marries their experimental stylings with an acknowledgement that twenty minute soundscapes aren’t always going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Housed in a foil stamped presentation box containing an 8 page A4 risographed hand stamped edition biographical document, a double sided A4 colour insert and the three albums all in spined sleeves and containing download codes. This is a time capsule that gives fans the chance to get up to speed with The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol‘s back catalogue. The box set is limited to 148 copies worldwide and each album will be available individually in limited quantities. 

You can order The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol‘s albums including the Elevators box set here