Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs To Release Self Titled LP

Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs STToday Toronto’s Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs have announced their signing to Burger Records and Dine Alone Records for the release of their forthcoming self titled LP with the album’s first single, Talk 2 Her. The song is a fitting introduction to the band’s unbridled power pop, bringing considerable bombast and a mountain of hooks with a song that Coffey describes as being about the importance of communication and emotional honesty. Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs will be released on Burger Records and Dine Alone Records on July 28th.  

You can stream Talk 2 Her via the AV Club here

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Pink Mexico Fool

Pink Mexixo


Burger Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Somewhere between the fuzzy acid drenched vibes of 60’s garage rock and the more recent garage rock resurgence lie Pink Mexico, this is their sophomore album, following up 2013’s Pnik Mexico. Apparently this album was written in a windowless ten by ten rooms from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, fueled by hangovers, coffee and cigarettes. Personally I can’t help wondering if anything else was consumed in those rooms, and just how long they spent in there, as this has an incredibly authentic feel about it.

Opening track Buzzkill launches the album with a fuzzy upbeat guitar riff with a vocal delivery reminiscent of the 60s garage bands, the album carries on in this vein and delivers low fi fuzzy goodness with more than distinct nod to the bands that emerged out of the garages in the mid 60’s clutching Vox Phantom’s and a handful of suspicious pills. This is probably the closest thing I’ve heard to authentic record of that era since The Fuzztones, whereas those self proclaimed guru’s of garage directly recreated the look and sound of the era, I get the feeling that Pink Mexico is a much more organic affair, rather than a contrived attempt to recreate the sound of a previous era.

The relentless barrage of upbeat fuzz stops rarely relents, except for the downbeat number Darkness Is My Sherbert  and the untitled, and unnecessary, jarring final track, the rest of Fool is a rather joyous snotty chunk of garage rock. Most of the tracks contained on this album wouldn’t sound out of place alongside the bands that eventually populated the wonderful Pebbles compilations. I in no way think Fool is just a retro album, but it is so heavily influenced by the garage rock of the 60s it’s hard not to think of it in those terms, maybe contemporary retro garage is a thing? regardless, this is a damn fine album and one I think will be a fine addition to the collection of anyone who appreciates their garage rock with a primitive edge.

 Visit the Burger Records website to order Fool here

Swimmers (Formerly Emily’s Army) – Silver Bullet

Swimmers Emily's ArmySwimmers (formerly known as Emily’s Army) has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Silver Bullet” and is set to appear on their upcoming new EP, Palm Trees/Silver Bullet, which is set to drop on March 30, 2015 via Burger Records.

Listen to the track below.

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The Lees Of Memory – Not A Second More

Lees Of MemoryThe Lees Of Memory has premiered a new song.  The band was formed by John Davis and Brandon Fisher of Superdrag.  The track is titled “Not A Second More” and will appear on their debut LP, Sisyphus Says, due out on digital/vinyl September 16, 2014  on SideOneDummy Records with Burger Records releasing the cassette version the same day. 

Listen to the song here.

The Lees Of Memory Announce Debut LP

Lees Of MemoryThe Lees Of Memory has signed on with SideOneDummy Records.  The band was formed by John Davis and Brandon Fisher of Superdrag.  The band will be releasing their debut LP, Sisyphus Says, on digital/vinyl September 16, 2014 with Burger Records releasing the cassette version the same day. 

The first track from the album, “We Are Siamese,” can be heard here

Burgerama Tour 2013 Details Announced

Burger RecordsBurgerama 2013, a North American tour featuring a multitude of Burger Records artists have announced their first wave of dates and bands. So far the tour will feature The Growlers, Cosmonauts, Gap Dream and Together Pangea (with more to follow).

Dates below (but check back to for more details).

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Audacity Stream New Song

AudacityFullerton CA punk band Audacity have released a stream of Hole in the Sky, a track from their upcoming album Butter Knife,  which is set for release on 29/10 via Suicide Squeeze Records (LP/CD) and Burger Records (Cassette). 

Check out Hole in the Sky here.

Tour: Habibi (US West Coast)

New York based, all girl post punk group Habibi are heading out to the US west coast for the first time. Their self titled album will be available on cassette only during the tour, with vinyl arriving “soon” via Burger Records.  

The video for Habibi’s track Tomboy, can be viewed here.  Full tour dates below.

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Rikk Agnew Solo Album to be Re-Issued

Rick AgnewSoCal punk legend Rikk Agnew’s (Social Distortion, The Adolescents, D.I.) 1982 solo album All By Myself has been out of print since the mid 80’s, but now, thanks to Frontier Records it is getting a proper reissue on limited edition coloured vinyl and CD. The record is also available for streaming on their bandcamp page.

There will also be a limited edition (300 copies) cassette release being issued in conjunction with Burger Records.

‘Cassette’ Trailer Released

A kickstarter funded documentary film charting the history of the mighty cassette tape has just released its first public trailer online. The film features many punk luminaries, including Henry Rollins (of course!) and record labels such as Burger Records. The film is working through its edits for a 2014 release. If you backed the project on Kickstarter, then you will get an early screening, possibly before the end of this year.

Check out the trailer here.

Wet Spots Release Debut New Material

_WET SPOTS COVER-1Wet Spots, a pop punk collective featuring members of Panty Raid and Gris Gris have released a cassette only EP via Burger Records. Only 150 copies have been pressed, so fans should get one while they are still available.

You can hear Leeching Out, a track from the EP on the Burger Records Soundcloud page here.