Manchester Punk Festival Confrims Latest Additions For 2017

mpf-17-nov-16The Manchester Punk Festival is taking place again in 2017, between the 20th and 22nd April, across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre, the festival has now added the energetic punk rock of Canada’s Brutal Youth, the politically charged punk rock of Essex’s The Filaments, the melodic hardcore of Liverpool punkers Chief, the acoustic pop punk of Onsind, the 80’s hardcore of Throwing Stuff and the anarchic folk punk of Matilda’s Scoundrels to the 2017 line up, as well as TosserladBobby Funk, Rash Decision, Iron Drugs, Grotbags, Dirty Twisters, Muskets, Lineout and One Hidden Frame being added to the already impressive bill.

Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale now for £30 and are available here Read More…

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Manchester Punk Festival Announces Latest Acts For 2017

mpf-oct-16The Manchester Punk Festival has announced the next wave of bands that will be descending on Manchester for MPF2017. Canadian skate punk legends Belvedere will be returning to the UK for their first show in over five years, German tech-punkers Money Left To Burn, Danish singer-songwriter Stoj Snak and German ska-core kings BrainDead have also been added to the party. Grand Collapse and Petrol Girls will both be playing to add some fire to the performances, along with bands including Faintest IdeaMaid Of Ace and a rare appearance from AOS3 to get you moving.

Early bird tickets sold out in 24 hours, general tickets are on sale now for £30 and are available here

Further announcements and offers for MPF17 can be viewed below

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Braindead - No Consequences


No Consequences

Burn Bridges Records

Rating: 4/5




I reviewed this band’s recent split seven-inch with Blackbirds a while back and was pretty impressed with it. Braindead’s doing the right thing by avoiding that unspoken pitfall in “modern” hardcore: that technical wizardry equates to powerful; it’s one of the few times that I agree with a one-sheet that came with a release. I mean, these dudes can play, make no mistake, but they’re not going the route of incessant fingertapping and crazed tech-metal parts in lieu of emotion and song structure. There’s a purity here that goes right in step with the band’s straight-forwardness, and it’s that straightforwardness that makes the band so refreshing.

Were you to compare Braindead to, say, VerseCapital, or many of the current crop of Bridge Nine bands, I would not look at you cross-eyed and think you were a dipshit. At ten songs it’s a quick burn, and my only complaint would be the unnecessary bridge to the last song, “A Wake For A Dream”, where they increase the actual volume and hotness of the recording to the point that it almost becomes unbearable. I generally stop the album before it reaches its crescendo, which probably isn’t what they had in mind. Regardless, while No Consequences isn’t a perfect album, their honesty shines through and at no point do I feel like I’ve just listened to a bunch of dudes masturbating through their fretboards.