Blacklist Royals Announce New Album; Premiere First Track

Blacklist RoyalsBlacklist Royals have announced their return to Paper + Plastick Records and details for their release.  The new disc is titled Model Citizen and will be made available on October 27, 2017.  The band last released Die Young With Me in 2014 on Krian Music Group/Universal.

Listen to the title track below.

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Paper + Plastick Records Release Compilation For This Year’s Fest

paper-plastickPaper + Plastick Records has released a free downloadable compilation in the form of this year’s Road To The Fest 15.  The compilation includes tracks from Blacklist RoyalsAspigaThe SlackersAfter The FallProtagonistA Wilhelm Scream, and many more.

Download the comp from the label here.

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Video: Blacklist Royals – The Open Door

Blacklist RoyalsBlacklist Royals have premiered a brand new music video.  The video is titled “The Open Door” and is lifted from their 2014 full length, Die Young With Me, available now on Krian Music Group/Universal.

Watch the video below.

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Tours: Guttermouth / Blacklist Royals

GuttermouthLong running punk act Guttermouth has announced that they will be heading on tour with support from Blacklist Royals.

Full tour dates are below.

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Blacklist Royals Premiere Cover of The Cure

The Rufus brothers are back with an EP of cover songs. The punk duo have debuted the second track from their three song release, Dead Time Vol. 1: Songs of The Cure. After previously showcasing “Plainsong,” Blacklist Royals return with one of the group’s most beloved tunes, “Pictures of You.” 

All three tracks will be available as a free download soon. In the meantime, you can stream “Pictures of You” here.

Nat Rufus explains that the song choice. 

Pictures of You has always been one of my favorite songs by The Cure, and just seemed like it would be kind of a challenge to cover. Our version of it was a little more laid back than the other two songs we chose, so we thought including it would make for a really well-rounded EP.

Those that missed the first track release can watch the gloriously 80s influenced video below.

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Blacklist Royals Unveil Cover Video For The Cure’s “Plainsong” To Be Featured On Upcoming Release Dead Time Volume 1: Songs of The Cure

Blacklist RoyalsBlacklist Royals have premiered a cover video for The Cure‘s “Plainsong”.  The track will be featured on on their upcoming three song EP,  Dead Time Volume 1: Songs of The Cure.  The disc will be available for free download in the coming weeks.  The band released Die Young With Me back in 2014.  Nat comments on the inspiration:

“When we had the idea to do an ongoing cover series, the Cure seemed like the perfect band to start with. Their songs are all so atmospheric, but at their core are these simple, beautiful pop songs, which meant we could basically do whatever we wanted with them. ‘Plainsong’ is a tune that a lot of people who only know the Cure by their greatest hits may not have heard, so it was not only a blast to arrange as a Blacklist Royals song but also a cool way to introduce our fans to an album cut-from The Cure’s best album, in my opinion-from such an iconic band.”

Full track listing and upcoming tour dates can be found below.

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Blacklist Royals – Convicts And Choirs

Blacklist RoyalsBlacklist Royals have premiered a brand new holiday song.  The track is titled “Convicts And Choirs” and is available for free download.  

Check it out below.

The band last released their newest full length, Die Young With Me, earlier this year via Krian Music Group/Universal.

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Blacklist Royals Die Young With Me album art

Blacklist Royals

Die Young With Me

Krian Music Group

Rating: 4.5/5




I better start this with a confession; ever since first hearing Brothers and Sisters on the Hated Heart compilation a number of years ago and then subsequently picking up Semper Li, I have been in love with this band. They epitomised punk rock Americana, telling stories of crossing county lines, working in roadside garages, long road trips and shitloads of bourbon. If I had that album on cassette, I would have worn it out. So when news of the follow up started to trickle out in late 2013 I was understandably pretty stoked and then when it finally dropped in June via Kirian Music Group I grabbed my copy (well digitally) and set it up for what I expected was to be as close to a religious experience as I was ever liable to have.

Blacklist Royals

As the opening bars of (lead single) Righteous Child start, I immediately smile to myself and think ‘here we go’. A very excellent start and spirits were still high as Missing Something, a mid-paced story of broken families kicks off and although pleasant enough it just lacked those raw edges I’d become so familiar with. Then Open Door hit and I start to worry “is this a discarded Gaslight Anthem B-Side?” Oh No. Out in the Dark and 26 and Gone go some way to redemption, but still lack that punch and bit of the cheeky humour (the intro to Drive On still makes me smile) that was apparent all through Semper Li. This is a common theme as I listen through the record, Skeleton Crew, Common Things and Die Young all have elements of what made this band interesting, just nowhere near enough of them. I am still holding out some semblance of hope that Hearts on Fire, Last Days of the Suicide Kids or Take it or Leave It can elevate this record out of the puddle of mediocrity it’s in and thankfully the last track goes some way to do that.  It’s at this point that I remember that the reason for the long gap between records; Rob Rufus’s battle with cancer, which, while always devastating for anyone close to you, in this case it was lead vocalist Nat Rufus’ twin brother and suddenly, songs initially written off as cliché ridden and a bit tedious were transformed into simple yet brutally honest stories of loss and heart break (see the aforementioned 26 and Gone, Die Young and Last Days Of The Suicide Kids).

Blacklist-Royals-2013At this point the entire album sounds different, and as it spins a few more times it begins to resonate even more and you feel like you are sharing Nat and Rob’s entire emotional journey. At this point the only thing to do is to ‘quit your job in that deadest garage’, jump in the ‘rusty ol’ ford in your front yard’ and ‘Drive On’ with Die Young With Me as your soundtrack.

As a fan, Die Young With Me wasn’t the record I thought I wanted, but considering the band’s experiences since Semper Li, it really was the only one they could make, and I’m fucking glad they did, even if it took some convincing to get me there.

Blacklist Royals Join Warped Tour, Announce Euro Tour Dates

Blacklist-Royals-2013Nashville alternative punks Blacklist Royals have announced they are joining the 2014 Vans Warped Tour for a selected number of dates as well as announcing their first European shows in years. The band are out in support of their new record Die Young With Me, released back in June via Krian Music Group. 

Full dates available below.

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Video: Blacklist Royals – Righteous Child

Blacklist RoyalsBlacklist Royals have premiered a brand new music video.  The video features the track “Righteous Child and is from their latest full length,Die Young With Me, released earlier this month via Krian Music Group/Universal.

Watch the music video below.

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Blacklist Royals – Die Young With Me

Blacklist RoyalsBlacklist Royals have premiered a brand new song.  The track is titled “Die Young With Me” and is set to appear on the album of the same name, due out June 10, 2014 via Krian Music Group/Universal.

Listen to the song and read about the inspiration behind the track here.

Blacklist Royals Sign with Krian Music Group

Blacklist Royals 2013Nashville punks Blacklist Royals have signed on with Krian Music Group, a new label that has been created by Royalty Network  founder Frank Liwall.

The bands first release for the label will be their sophomore full length titled Die Young With Me, due to drop sometime in 2014. 


Blacklist Royals - Righteous Child

Blacklist Royals

Righteous Child 7"

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Blacklist Royals have graced us with a new 7″. Two songs, packed into little more than 5 minutes. 

Righteous Child starts with a minimalist melody, scratchy vocals and simple piano. When the full band kicks in, they retain the melody while building a solid rock and roll song. There are synthesizers that are reminiscent of The Killers, anthemic moments Bruce Springsteen would be proud of and enough edge to satisfy fans of The Menzingers. This has all of the elements to be excessively popular in some outer punk sub-genre. It is a heartfelt plea to lost love, a melancholy look back at the past. The lyrics remind you that even the toughest leather jacket wearing jaded punks have a heart beating. Young hearts in a cage tacked up on my wall, but they’re hard to look at now… made it through another bad year somehow. The imagery is powerful, painting solid pictures in your mind. It is easy to relate to the lyrics, I remember you with your shoulders draped in my jacket; you had your bangs cut short like some second hand doo wop queen and think back on better days. They tug at the heartstrings with this well written track.

The foil to the mainstream sounding Righteous Child is a solid wake up call. Fuzzed out vocals and spastic guitars create a garage rock chaos in She’s the One. The dramatic increase in tempo is uplifting after the melancholy opening track. The succinct song is summed up by the simple proclamation Boys I think she’s the one, which is repeated frequently in the minute and a half.

Righteous Child is a drunken guy sitting alone at the bar on a weeknight, half talking to the bartender as he tops up his endless pint glass, half mumbling to himself fighting back tears as he looks at a crumpled up photograph. The light is dim at the end of the bar and Springsteen’s You’re Missing is playing on the jukebox of the dusty blue collar pub. The night stretches on forever. Late night drunken phone calls, asking do you think I could come around, the way I used to do? 

She’s the One is a guy out with his best friends on the weekend, the ones he has known most of his life, filling them in on the reason behind the goofy smile plastered on his face. They’re all celebrating the news, excited to see their buddy happy for the first time in a long time. The indescribable feeling of new love (which scientists have discovered is akin to a heroin high… and just as fleeting) is on the air and there are plenty of hugs, high fives and all around happy drunken revelry moments. The youthful joy lives up to the Live Fast, Die Young tattoos, and energy levels are high and the night explodes like a firework, bright and full of promise.

This is a 7”. There are only 2 songs. Yet, Blacklist Royals have managed to build a well-rounded release through two very different tracks that provide an examination of the ups and downs of the love. They say that there are two sides to every story and both are examined in depth here. This is one hell of a one-two punch and definitely worth seeking out. Those who fall madly in love with this 7″ will be happy to learn that both tracks are scheduled to appear on their upcoming full length release as well. 

Video: Blacklist Royals “Righteous Child”

Blacklist Royals 2013Nashville’s Blacklist Royals have released a lyric video for their new single Righteous Child, which was released on 12th November via Paper and Plastick Records. The song is taken from their long awaited follow up to 2010’s Semper Liberi, titled Die Young With Me, due to drop in 2014.

The band are currently on the road with the Swingin’ Utters. The lyric video for Righteous Child and full tour dates are available below:

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Tour: Riverboat Gamblers

Riverboat Gamblers16Texas punk rockers Riverboat Gamblers are hitting the road in August for a 12 date summer tour in support of  their latest material; 2012’s The Wolf You Feed. Support for all dates will come from Nashville’s Blacklist Royals. 

You can check out our interview with Nat Rufus of the Blacklist Royals here.  Dates are below.

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Interview: Blacklist Royals

Blacklist RoyalsDuring their second last show on the tour with Face to Face, I caught up with Blacklist Royals front man Nat Rufus backstage at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC. As Face to Face‘s Trevor Keith skyped back home in the adjoining room – and threw in a few comments here and there for the interview – Nat brought us up to speed on what the Nashville quartet has been up to the past few months. He talked about their new album, Die Young With Me, his love affair with Christmas songs and why exactly he’s terrified of this year’s Fest 12 in Gainesville.

Read the interview here.

Blacklist Royals

Blacklist Royals

Nat Rufus

Paper + Plastick Records
By on June 29th, 2013 at Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC



During their second last show on the tour with Face to Face, I caught up with Blacklist Royals front man Nat Rufus backstage at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC. As Face to Face‘s Trevor Keith skyped back home in the adjoining room – and threw in a few comments here and there for the interview – Nat brought us up to speed on what the Nashville quartet has been up to the past few months. He talked about their new album, Die Young With Me, his love affair with Christmas songs and why exactly he’s terrified of this year’s Fest 12 in Gainesville. Read More…

Tours: Face To Face

Face To FaceFace To Face is thrilled to announce that they will be touring in support of their recently released, eighth studio record, Three Chords And A Half Truth via Rise Records. In what could rightfully be called their first overtly political album in their 20-year career, Three Chords And A Half Truth tackles topics facing society in the tech era — where instant gratification and unreal expectation create a warped and dangerous worldview.

The first single off of Three Chords And A Half Truth, title “Bright Lights Go Down,” can be heard here. Tickets and pre-sale information for the tour can be found here. Dates below.

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Death To False Hope Fest Announces First Bands

DeathToFalseHopeAmbitious free digital punk music label Death To False Hope Records has announced the first selection of bands for their annual music festival, Death To False Hope Fest. Announced bands include American Steel, Blacklist Royals, Mixtapes, Banquets, Red Collar, Luther, Arliss Nancy, Hold Tight!, Gunner’s Daughter, Worship This!, The Scandals, Downbound City, Old Flings, This Is Your Life, Almost People, Drag Your Chains, Museum Mouth, The Radio Reds, and Ascetic Parade.

The event will take place in Durham, NC on May 10th and 11th at Motorco Music Hall.

Blacklist Royals / Red City Radio – A Vagabond Christmas Song

Blacklist RoyalsWhile we’re a little late in reporting about it, Nashville’s Blacklist Royals have recorded a brand new Christmas song called A Vagabond Christmas Song with their friends in Red City Radio and have released it for free through Paper + Plastick Records

The song can be streamed and downloaded for free here and can also be heard below.

Both of these bands will have new full-length records out in 2013.

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Blacklist Royals – A Vagabond Christmas Song

Blacklist RoyalsIn the spirit of the holidays Blacklist Royals and released a brand-new Christmas song for free!  The track features support from Paper + Plastick Records labelmates Red City Radio.  Both bands plan to release new albums in the new year.

The song can be streamed and downloaded for free here, or sample it in the embedded player below.

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