Identity Shapes

Black Bow Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Deadwound are a South West London, UK quintet that contains members of Bast, Minoa and Silent Front amongst their number, the band’s sound, a powerful combination of aggressive d-beat and dark hardcore with doom and black metal undertones, has drawn favourable comparisons with Cursed, Converge and Primitive Man. Deadwound have now released their debut five track EP, Identity Shapesthat was recorded at Bear Bites Horse Studios last September and has been released digitally by Black Bow Records today, the 17th February 2017.

Identity Shapes kicks off with Crucifixed, an intense doom laden track that carries a bone crushing guitar riff and a throat torturing vocal delivery, the initial sabbathesque tone of the track unexpectedly gives way to some intense hardcore, Kult Warrior returns to a dark heavy riff that similarly breaks out into an incendiary hardcore riff before turning full circle to return to it’s crushing origins. At Midway point The Witch brings the EP’s adrenalin levels down with a slab of hypnotic downtuned sludge, this theme is continued on Cruel Road before this track suddenly kickstarts into an impressive hardcore riff that breaks down into a dark discordant ending. Babylon is the final assault contained on Identity Shapes, it’s a ominous twisted number that continues their style of veering between intense dark proto metal riffs, that are coupled with bursts of intense hardcore.

Identity Shapes is an intense and heavy EP, and although it’s only early in 2017 I’d be willing to be bet a decent bar tab that this will be one of the heaviest releases I encounter this year, the delivery varies between intense doom laden riffs and scorching dark hardcore. This combination of styles and the intensity of the EP stop Deadwound from ever becoming formulaic or repetitive, whilst I will always prefer this kind of intense music in a live setting, it can’t be denied that this is an impressive debut EP, and crucially it is one where the mix manages not only to capture the ferocity and energy of the band’s sound, but also balances each of the intense elements to produce a impressively dark and ominous EP, one that will appeal to those who like their hardcore from the shadowy side of town.

Deadwound will be playing an album release show tomorrow, the 18th February 2017, at The Black Heart in Camden, London along with Jotnarr, Harrowed and Cult Cinema, the release shows Facebook page can be found here

Identity Shapes is released digitally via Black Bow Records and is available via Amazon here

Deadwound‘s Facebook presence can be found here

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Deadwound To Release ‘Identity Shapes’ EP On February 17th

deadwound-isBlack Bow Records have announced that they will release Identity Shapes, the debut EP from British blackened hardcore sludge band Deadwound, a band that includes members of Bast and Silent Front amongst it’s members. Their forthcoming five track EP looks set to be one of the most brutal releases of 2017, it was recorded at Bear Bites Horse Studios last September, and is due for digital release by Black Bow Records on 17 Feb 2017. The band had this to say about the release of the EP

we are excited to release Identity Shapes with Black Bow Records. It is a brutal mix of hardcore/sludge metal that will take your face off. Take a listen and come check out one of our chaotic live shows

Black Bow Records website can be found here