Slaughter Beach, Dog Release Full Stream Of New Album ‘Birdie’

Slaughter Beach Dog BirdieSlaughter Beach, Dog, Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball, are now streaming their new album, Birdie, in full. Birdie is released this Friday, October 27th, and pre-orders are now available physically here and digitally here via Lame-O Records, in the UK and Europe via Big Scary Monsters here and in Australia via Cooking Vinyl here.

Slaughter Beach, Dog will begin their headlining tour this fall with support from Shannen Moser.

You can stream Birdie here and view Slaughter Beach, Dog‘s tour dates below Read More…

Slaughter Beach, Dog Release Stream of ‘Acolyte’

Slaughter Beach Dog BirdieSlaughter Beach, Dog, the solo project of Modern Baseball‘s Jake Ewald, have released a stream of their new song, Acolyte, that is taken from of Slaughter Beach, Dog‘s new album, Birdie, that is due out on October 27th on Lame-O Records. You can pre-order Birdie on physical formats via Lame-O Records in the US here, via Big Scary Monsters Records in Europe here, and in Australia via Cooking Vinyl here.

Acolyte can be streamed via Noisy here

Birdie can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp here

Kamikaze Girls Announce UK Tour

Kamikaze Girls Dec 17 TourRiot-grrrl influenced duo Kamikaze Girls have announced a run of UK tour dates supporting Apologies, I Have None for December 2017. The duo will also be appearing at Deadbolt Festival, Might As Well Festival and Unfun Festival in the UK, and will be heading to The FEST in Florida once more later this year. The band’s debut album Seafoam is out now on Big Scary Monsters Records.
You can order Seafoam via Big Scary Monsters here
The Kamikaze Girls tour dates can be viewed below

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Slaughter Beach, Dog – Fish Fry

Slaughter Beach Dog BirdieSlaughter Beach, Dog, have premiered a new song from their recently announced their new record, Birdie, which will be coming out October 27th on Lame-O Records. Pre-orders for Birdie are available physically here and digitally here via Lame-O Records, in the UK/Europe via Big Scary Monsters Records here, and in Australia via Cooking Vinyl here.

Listen to the new song “Fish Fry” below.

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Alpha Male Tea Party Health

Alpha Male Tea Party


Big Scary Monsters Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Alpha Male Tea Party are a self confessed “fucking loud instrumental band” from Liverpool who have released their sophomore album, Health, today, the 23rd June 2017, via Big Scary Monsters Records. Their latest full length follows on from their 2014 debut album, Droids, and in the three years between their studio releases Alpha Male Tea Party have been steadily touring the UK and Europe, all the while steadily building an ever increasing following for the their unique sonic delivery.

Have You Ever Seen Milk? kicks things off with a surprisingly mellow start with complex structures and timing changes, but this really is the calm before Alpha Male Tea Party unleash a storm, and the storm duly arrives in the shape of the pulverising Ballerina. Health carries obvious influences from the likes of Everything Everything and Deftones, along with a distinct math rock influence, but with no vocals to interrupt, or be fitted into, the flow Alpha Male Tea Party can focus purely on the musical structure, and as complex as they can be, and it might sound weird for an instrumental math rock album, but this doesn’t come across as the self indulgent exercise that you would expect.

The lack of vocals will be offputting for some, but as they are an instrumental band this can’t really be used a criticism, although for me you do feel like there are stages when the vocals would naturally flow into a song, and their absence does leave you with the unsettling feeling that something is missing, but that’s more due to what I’m used to rather than any fault on the part of Alpha Male Tea Party. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea by the very nature of the album, but if you want a unique approach to math rock that is delivered with the heaviness and attitude of alt rock then Alpha Male Tea Party do bring something unique to the genre.

Health can be ordered via Big Scary Monsters Records here

Kamikaze Girls Seafoam

Kamikaze Girls


Big Scary Monsters Records

Rating: 4/5




Leeds based duo Kamikaze Girls released their debut album, Seafoam, a few days ago on June 9th, the album, which follows on from last years critically acclaimed Sad EP, has been issued via Big Scary Monsters Records in Europe and Wiretap Records in North America. The album marks a shift away from the Sad EP, whilst Seafoam maintains their commitment to political and social change, it demonstrates a broader range of musical influences and styles that doesn’t diminish the impact of their brutally honest and personal lyrics, rather it makes the new album feel somehow more focused and accessible, and this is important for a band whose message is one that I think needs be heard.

Seafoam kicks off with the dark and haunting One Young Man that segues into the intense Berlin, this was the lead single from the album and you can see why it was chosen as the track to grab your attention. There seems to be a more confrontational attitude to the songs, a change that is exemplified on the intense KG Goes To The Pub, a track that challenges attitudes and stereotypes with an enviable level of venom and fury, but this is counterbalanced by tracks that display a greater level of subtlety and harmony. Tracks like the superb Unhealthy Love channel northern post punk influences whilst still lyrically packing as much of a punch, I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever comes across as a manifesto for much needed change before the bonus track, Anxious, lays bare the realities of managing mental health issues.

From the start it’s clear that a lot has changed since the release of their Sad EP last year, Kamikaze Girls sound like a band whose confidence has grown and their mix of punk, riot grrrl, shoegaze and post punk gives them a unique place in the British punk scene. Whilst the Sad EP sounded like an act of catharthis, Seafoam in comparison comes across as coming from a more hopeful place, issues are still confronted, a change of perspective doesn’t mean that Kamikaze Girls have in anyway abandoned their principles or the attitude that lies at the heart of the band, this just sounds like they have come to terms with the past and are now focused on confronting the future head on.

You can order the digital release of Seafoam here and physical formats can be purchased here (EU) and here (US)

Kamikaze Girls Release ‘Seafoam’ Album

Kamikaze Girls SeafoamSeafoam is the full length follow up to Kamikaze Girls acclaimed debut EP, Sad. Exploring wider musical influences from shoegaze, fuzz-pop and the heavier side of the genre spectrum they call home, Seafoam is a record that feels like a weight being lifted and a focused, sharpened quill being shifted to new targets. Kamikaze Girls are set to play a series of festivals in Europe this summer, including 2000 Trees and Truck Festival, and are confirmed to play FEST 16 in Florida this October, the duo is currently out on a UK co-headline tour with Nervus.

Seafoam can be ordered here (EU) and here (US)

Tricot Reveal ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’ Video

Tricot 3Japanese alt rock band Tricot have revealed a performance video for their track Tokyo Vampire Hotel. The song is the official soundtrack for the brand new Amazon Prime series of the same name which is released on June 16th 2017, and the latest to be taken from their 3 LP that is out now on Big Scary Monsters Records (UK), Topshelf Records (US) and Bakuretsu Records (JP).

3 can be ordered via Big Scary Monsters Records here (UK) and Top Shelf Records here (USA)

The video for Tokyo Vampire Hotel, and Tricot‘s UK tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Kamikaze Girls Release ‘Deathcap’ Video And Confirm UK Tour

Kamikaze Girls Nervus Tour May 17Straight off the back of a run of dates supporting Gnarwolves and a ferocious set at The Great Escape Festival, Leeds duo Kamikaze Girls have now revealed the video for Deathcap. The release of the video comes ahead of a further run of tour dates with Nervus and UK festival appearances over the summer, and the track is the latest to be taken from their upcoming debut full-length, Seafoam, that is due for release on the 9th June via Big Scary Monsters Records (UK) and Wiretap Records (US).

Seafoam can be pre-ordered here (UK) and here (US)

You can view the video for the track Deathcap, and Kamikaze Girls tour dates, below Read More…

Tricot 3



Big Scary Monsters Records / Top Shelf Records / Bakuretsu Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Japanese trio Tricot released their third album, 3, yesterday, the 19th May 2017, on Topshelf Records in the US, Big Scary Monsters in the UK and their own Bakuretsu Records label in Japan. Japan is a country that has form for unique bands, whether it’s the insanity of Mad Capsule Markets, the sugary punk of Shonen Knife or the bubblegum pop metal of BabyMetal, and I would certainly add Tricot to that list with their pop tinged combination of math rock and punk

Opening track Tokyo Vampire Hotel hits you with frantic math rock beats combined with a pop sensibility and punk intensity and from this point on you have no idea what to expect from Tricot. 3 varies constantly in style and approach, from the full tilt punk influneced blasts to mellower melodic moments that incorporate an almost jazz influenced style, all the while possessing the complex structures that are associated with math rock, but it’s all delivered in such a way that you don’t find yourself lost in an endless interchangable array of timing changes and technical exercises. The album is sung entirely in Japanese but oddly the language barrier doesn’t impact on your enjoyment of what is a bubbly and effervescent interpretation of math rock.

If three is indeed the magic number then the Japanese trio have certainly banked on that, with 3 being their third album and it being released simultaneously via three record labels on three continents. 3 is an infectious effervescent and original variation on math rock, this is usually a genre that I struggle to warm to as the band’s are frequently obsessed with turning their recordings into lengthy technical exercises, but that isn’t the case with 3, this oddly infectious and charming release is a perfect example of how to take a collection of random ingredients, including a few that I normally find unpalatable, and create something irresistible.

Tricot will be appearing at the ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol on 17th – 19th August with further UK tour dates to follow

3 can be ordered via Big Scary Monsters Records here (UK) and via Top Shelf Records here (USA)

Tricot To Release ‘3’ Album On The 19th May

Tricot 3Japanese alternative-rock band Tricot signed to Big Scary Monsters Records earlier this year and they will release their new album, 3 ,on the 19th May 2017. Tricot will also appear at ArcTanGent Festival 2017 and the band have confirmed that they will be announcing further UK live dates over the coming months.

You can stream the tracks DeDeDe here and Melon Soda here

The album can be pre-ordered here

Tricot Reveal ‘Melon Soda’ Video And Announce UK Tour

Tricot 3Japan’s Tricot have released a music video for the new single, Melon Soda, that is taken from their forthcoming album, 3, that will be released via Big Scary Monsters Records on the 19th May. The band have also announced that they will hit the UK this August for a run of headline dates surrounding their appearance at ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol on 19th August.

You can pre-order 3 here

You can view the video for Melon Soda, and Tricot‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Wiretap Records Release Compilation In Aid Of ACLU

Dont forget to py attentionOver the next four years Wiretap Records will continue to release an Attention! compilation four times per year and will be donating 100% of all proceeds from the compilations to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The latest release (Don’t Forget To) Pay Attention is now available as a pay what you want download of at least $1 or more. The compilation features 35 bands from the rosters of No Sleep Records, Big Scary Monsters Records, Lame-O-Records, Near Mint Records, Red Scare Industries, The Black Numbers, Cardigan Records, Save Your Generation Records, Take This To Heart Records and more

You download and stream (Don’t Forget To) Pay Attention here

The Winter Passing Release ‘Double Exposure’ EP

PrintIrish indie punk quartet, The Winter Passing, have released their brand new EP, Double Exposure, via 6131 Records in North America and Big Scary Monsters Records in Europe. To celebrate the release the band have now released a brand new music video for the track Significance

Double Exposure can be ordered here (North America) and here (Europe)

You can view the video for Significance, and The Winter Passing‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Tricot Release Stream Of ‘Melon Soda’

Tricot 3Japanese alternative rock band tricot have released a stream of their new single, Melon Soda, that is taken from their third album, 3, that is set for release on 17th May on Topshelf Records in the US, Big Scary Monsters in the UK and Bakuretsu in Japan. Tricot will also be appearing at the ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol on 17th – 19th August with further UK tour dates to follow.

You can stream Melon Soda here

3 can be pre-ordered via Big Scary Monsters Records here

Gnarwolves Detail New Full Length

GnarwolvesUK skate punk band Gnarwolves has announced details for their new LP.  The album will be titled Outsiders and is set to drop on May 5, 2017 via Big Scary Monsters.  The band last released the EP, Adolescence, in 2015 via Pure Noise Records
Upcoming tour dates can be found below.

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Modern Baseball Stream New Track From Three Way Split EP

OB-GD17-001.pdfModern Baseball are now streaming This Song Is Gonna Buy Brendan Lukens A Pair Of Socks, their contribution to their three way split with Thin Lips and The Superweaks. The split will be digitally available on January 20th, 2017 via Big Scary Monsters and Lame-O Records, and physically available exclusively on the bands’ tour together in the UK and Europe this winter, any leftover stock will be available in stores and online following the tour. You can stream This Song Is Gonna Buy Brendan Lukens A Pair Of Socks here

You can view the European Tour Dates below

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Modern Baseball, Thin Lips And The Superweaks Release Split EP

OB-GD17-001.pdfModern Baseball, Thin Lips and The Superweaks have announced a three way split single, that is being released via Big Scary Monsters and Lame-O Records. The split will be digitally available on January 20th, 2017, and physically available exclusively on the bands’ tour together in the UK and Europe this winter. Any leftover stock will be available in stores and online following the tour. After each band released critically acclaimed albums in 2016, Modern Baseball, Thin Lips and The Superweaks are kicking off 2017 with a tour together across Europe and the UK. 
Modern Baseball, Thin Lips and The Superweaks European tour dates can be viewed below

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Video: Vinnie Caruana – Survivor’s Guilt

CaruanaVinnie Caruana of The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche has premiered a new song from his debut solo LP. The track is titled “Survivor’s Guilt” and will appear on the album, Survivor’s Guilt, which is due out in North America on Equal Vision Records on May 27, 2016, and on Big Scary Monsters in the UK and Europe.

Listen to the song below.

Vinnie Caruana – Burn It Down

CaruanaVinnie Caruana of The Movielife and I Am The Avalanche has premiered a new song from his debut solo LP. The track is titled “Burn It Down” and will appear on the album, Survivor’s Guilt, which is due out in North America on Equal Vision Records on May 27, 2016, and on Big Scary Monsters in the UK and Europe.

Listen to the song below.

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Talons - Hollow Realm


Hollow Realm

Big Scary Monster Records

Rating: 3/5




I can’t say I’ve ever been much for purely instrumental bands.  Lyrics just add so much purpose and personality – without them, something feels astray.  That being said, instruments play a commanding part of any sonic experience (well duh), and if led by the right team, develop a voice of their own.  In this regard, Hereford, England’s Talons do a respectable job of communicating personality and narrative through instruments alone.  I should mention that I can’t claim too much familiarity with comparable bands since I tend to focus on those with vocal chords, so bare with me if I miss any obvious references.

Talon’s first full length, Hollow Realm, features the strikingly vacant imagery of a washed out concrete bunker overrun by a jubilant pallet of balloons.  In many ways the stark contrast is indicative of the album’s heightened emotional focus. For a band without a voice, Talons boasts a whopping six members, Oliver Steels and Sam Jarvis share guitar duties, Rueben Brunt and Sam Little making things interesting on the strings with their double dose of violins, and bassist Chris Hicks and drummer Alex MacDougal rounding out the ensemble.  Together they work towards a cinematic experience more than a traditional album, developing mood and atmosphere across eight sweeping tracks.

Like any great symphony, Hollow Realm peppers hints of that which follows across a suggestive prelude.  The track, much like the album, develops around a striking contrast between whimsy blissfulness and foreboding anger.  The urgency of Steels and Jarvis’ strokes makes for parallels with Emmanuel & The Fear, conjuring thoughts of plummeting powerlessly down the rabbit hole to a fate of complete mystery.  From here the band loosely establishes a plot structure.  “Peter Pan” comes filled with foreshadowing of looming danger.  Like a town oblivious to an impending siege, the track flirts between the perspective of ignorant naivety and the murderous advance of looming danger.

In textbook fashion, the next few songs serve as the “rising action” leading into the climax.  In particular, the twisted chords on “The Shadows Of Our Stilted Homes” make for a mangled morally corrupt imagery.  I was reminded of the Sauron’s gathering orc hoards in Lord Of The Rings as they march out to bring death and destruction upon the land.  But there’s also a sense of scheming, like a chess player planning victory with devious foresight.  “An Expected Future Event” and “Iris” swap perspectives, entering the twilight of safety for those in looming peril.  The chapter starts with a hint of unrest, building first into sadness and then anxious anticipation.  The track’s final moments feel akin the last panic stricken moments of searching for an umbrella upon seeing a tidal wave.  Reality is imminent, looming, and inevitable.

For the finale, the Hollow Realm plays out an intense climax and deep sense of resolution.  Much like the human condition, nothing is simple, and what seems like a victory only regresses into chaos several times over before finding resolution.  But even then, tracks like “Great Railroads” evoke a deep sense of mourning and grief.

Without a narrator, Hollow Realm could be about any number of scenarios, so my descriptions are dependent on my own experience.  Naturally, each listener will likely view the album through their own experience, making the album durable and approachable for wide audience.  Talons could easily fit alongside many of Deep Elm Records instrumental offerings (ie. Moonlit Sailor) as their more cinematic counterpart.  Hollow Realm isn’t something I see myself listening to frequently, but like a good movie, the pacing was dynamic and plot came filled with pleasant surprises.  Fans of well-composed, symphonic instrumentals should find lots to hold their attention.

Grown Ups - More Songs

Grown Ups

More Songs

Big Scary Monster Records

Rating: 3/5




In many ways I’m still trying to grapple with exactly how to approach Chicago’s Grown Ups.  I want to say that their mashed combination of harmony and dissonance is incredibly unique, but it’s been a while since bands like La DispiteCastevet, and Sleep Bellum Sonno burst on the scene now, so I can’t help but feel that they fit quite snuggly in that emerging, as of yet unnamed genre.  But at the same time,Grown Ups’ full-length debut, More Songs, features enough unique quirks to help them stand by their own merit.

Grown Ups combine the soft and fluffy chords defining early Look Mexico, with an unapologetic drumbeat and a rough, emo-tinged vocal flare.  The result is both unpredictable and engaging.  Sometimes the resulting fusion almost feels like two tracks strategically layered on top of one another.  “Weed Science” in particular blasts open with a blistering drumbeat, and not only throws in some bubbly chords, but hits the listener with contrasting time signatures.  Some will like it, others will love it, and I’m pretty sure there will be those that hate it.  I fall slightly above the like designation, with many of the tracks still growing on me after each successive listen.

But before I get carried away with talk of discord, I should mention that melody also plays an important role.  In fact, melody is the one thing that keeps the whole project from blowing wide open.  There are even times, like on “Johnny Edward” where drums and guitars harmonize.  Think of it like a well matched tug of war.  Each camp achieves moments of momentum, but everything has a habit of balancing out despite situational extremes.

At present, the only thing holding Grown Ups back is their hooks.  While tracks like “Three Day Weekend” include gang vocals and sing along choruses, they tend to fade from memory rather quickly.  By no means are the songs generic; they just need that little something extra to push them into memory.  But based on the strength of the debut, it’s likely only a matter of time before Grown Ups elevate their game and rise to the occasion.

On a final note, someone really needs to coin a succinct designation for this whole harmony meets despondence trend.  “Post-punk” might be an easy out, but as far as I’m concerned, that refers to the likes of Brand New and Thrice.  Grown Ups are nothing like those bands, instead they emerge alongside a growing body of experimental groups.  If you’ve already bought into this emerging genre, then Grown Ups are for you; and if not, Grown Ups is as good as any of their peers, making More Songs a recommendable starting place.

The Tupolev Ghost – Self-Titled

Despite breaking up last year, Cambridge’s The Tupolev Ghost is able to live on posthumously in this downloadable EP from Big Scary Monsters Records. If you like it, you can buy it on CD from BSM here

For fans of post-hardcore bands like On The Might of Princes, Bridge & Tunnel, Million Dead and At The Drive In.

The Tupolev Ghost - Self TitledDownload The Tupolev Ghost – Self Titled here.