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UK punk outfit Bangers have gained a tremendous amount of steam from their reputation on the road and a steady stream of EPs and splits.  The grumbling punkers seem to be surpassing like minded countrymen like The Arteries and The Cut Ups in longevity and ambition in just a short while.  Nowhere is that clearer than with their third full length, Bird.  Built on bass heavy, gravelly grooves and lyrics that are pretty darn entertaining, Bird introduces a new level of polish and intention to the Cornwall trio.

Without compromising Bangers’ sweaty, boozed up nature, Bird comes across as a really focused and dark party record.  “Mannequin” boasts one of the most descriptively unexpected scenarios of coming square up against the devil upon returning home late at night (“the biggest man I’ve ever seen, he was an old cornish sailor”).  The band roars off the rails with the runaway sprint of vintage Leatherface, elevated by the vocal abrasion and unease of Roo Pescod.  Pescod’s coarse, sloppy edge runs rampant in more midtempo, swaggering songs like “I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Be Clean Again” and “The Trousers Of Time.”  When singing against the cleaner backdrop, the effect bumps closely between throat-born tatters and a slight meandering and nasally pitch. 

As Bird runs its course, choruses often turn into punk rock jam sessions born of simple repeated phrases injected with jangly, harsh landing riffs.  “I’m so tired of trying to be someone else” rambles the band line after line during the majority of “Stressful Festival,” belting each line as if it were their last.  Bangers flex a certain blunt ‘muscle’ throughout Bird, highlighted in rougher, anger-fuelled tunes like “Fleshlings” and “Vibrate” – not to confuse Bangers as meatheads, they’re just overwhelmingly passionate in the best of ways.

Bangers are thick in the midst of some serious career momentum.   When Dude Trips dropped five years back, it was but a fleeting distraction in a deep talent pool.  Three albums later and we find ourselves hotly anticipating and enthusiastically receiving Bird.  That’s the mark of not just earning a bright future, but making good on a budding reputation.  Bird is simple, straightforward and sufficiently gruff punk-rock played the way we like it.


Bangers Full Album Stream

BangersUK punkers Bangers have launched a stream for their upcoming album, Bird, which is set to drop on August 10, 2015 through Specialist Subject Records.  The band last released the EP Good Livin back in 2012.

Listen to the whole disc here courtesy PunkNews.  Keep your eyes peeled for our review in the coming weeks.

Bangers Announce New Album; Stream First Track

BangersUK punkers Bangers have announced plans for a new album.  The  album will be titled Bird and is set to drop on August 10, 2015 through Specialist Subject Records.  The band last released the EP Good Livin back in 2012.

To mark the announcement the band is streaming the brand new song “I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Ever Be Clean Again,” which can be heard below.

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Tour: Lawrence Arms (UK & Europe)

Lawrence ArmsChicago punk band Lawrence Arms are heading across the atlantic for a series of shows in the UK and mainland Europe. The tour is in support of their brilliant 6th album, Metropole which dropped back in January via Epitaph Records. Support for the tour will come from Sam Russo and Cornish punks Bangers and it also marks the first time the band have been in the UK in over 7 years, and I think I can speak for the entire country when by saying ‘it’s about bloody time!’

Check out the full list of dates.

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Bangers Stream Upcoming EP

UK punkers Bangers have debuted a full album stream of their upcoming EP.  The EP is titled, Good Livin, and is set to drop June 4, 2012, and will follow 2011’s Small Pleasures.

Give the four-track EP a listen here.


Bangers – The Mitigation Committee

UK punkers Bangers have debuted a brand new song titled “The Mitigation Committee.”  The track comes from the bands upcoming EP, Good Livin, set to drop June 4, 2012, and will follow 2011’s Small Pleasures.

Give the song a listen here.


Bangers – Small Pleasures

I’m shocked that after their first full length, Dude Trips, Bangers weren’t signed to a label like Red Scare Records.  instead they continue to offer their music free of charge over on their Bandcamp profile.  Their latest full length, Small Pleasures, is every bit as poppy yet and grizzled as its predecessor, but with more polish – in a good way.  Get downloading!


BangersSmall Pleasures

Download The Album From Bandcamp

The Arteries And Bangers Head Out For European Tour

UK punk rockers Bangers and The Arteries are heading out for a joint tour of Europe.  The tour will kick off in September in the UK and see the bands entering France, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands, before heading home by October.  Bangers recently released self released Dude Trips earlier this year, with The Arteries having released Blood, Sweat and Beers back in 2009.

Check out tour dates below.

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Bangers – Dude Trips

The UK’s Bangers play a rough and rough brand of punk rock sure to appeal to fans of old school punk.  If you like bands like The Cobra Skulls and The Lawrence Arms, then this is for you.  There are no frills here, just good old head banging fun.  The album just came out, and is available on their bandcamp for a pay-what-you-want price (and yes, nothing is an option).

BangersDude Trips

Download The Album From the Band’s Bandcamp Album Page