Video: Authority Zero – When We Rule The World

Authority Zero BTTNLong running punk rock act Authority Zero have premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “When We Rule The World” from their latest LP, Broadcasting To The Nations, which was released on June 2nd 2017, via Bird Attack Records, the new album is now available on CD, splatter vinyl and digital formats.

Watch the video below.

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Authority Zero Streams New LP In Full

Authority Zero BTTNLong running punk rock act Authority Zero are streaming their latest album, Broadcasting To The Nations, which was released on June 2nd 2017, via Bird Attack Records, the new album is now available on CD, splatter vinyl and digital formats.

Stream the full disc below.

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Authority Zero BTTN

Authority Zero

Broadcasting To The Nations

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Ever since their formation back in 1994 Authority Zero have been consistently delivering their patented mix of punk rock, melodic hardcore and ska, and whilst that is still very much the case a few things have changed over the years, Jason DeVore is the only ever present member of the band and they have a new record label, their fifth to date. Authority Zero have now released their sixth studio album via the esteemed Bird Attack Records imprint, the album was released yesterday, 2nd June 2017, and is now available on splatter vinyl, CD and digital formats and it’s release will be followed by a full US tour with international tours, including Japan and Europe, to be announced later this year.

From the opening blasts of classic melodic hardcore, First One In The PitReconcilation and Destiny And Demise, you get a good feeling about Broadcasting To The Nations as these are a perfect trio of short sharp shocks to open proceedings, if Broadcasting To The Nations had carried on in this vein I wouldn’t have complained, but the title track brings an urgent ska influenced element to the album, and it’s followed by the mellower ska of Summer Sickness, something that punctuates and permeates the full tilt punk rock of Broadcasting To The Nations perfectly. The album somehow manages to shift up a gear at the half way mark, Bayside and Sevens are perfect slices of punk rock and Revolution Rock builds on this with a politically charged frantic blast of ska, every single track on Broadcasting To The Nations hits the spot and the album bows out on a high with the superb duo of tracks, One Way Track Kid and No Guts No Glory.

After more than twenty years I feel that Authority Zero have produced the best album to date, everything on the album is perfectly balanced, the decision to put Bill Stevenson, of Black Flag and Descendents fame, at the helm has doubtlessly contributed to this. To put it simply Broadcasting To The Nations is one of the best punk albums you’ll hear this year, the competing influences of melodic hardcore, punk rock and ska are perfectly mixed and balanced on this impressive album. I have always found that difficult and challenging times inspire the best punk rock, if that is the case then Broadcasting To The Nations is an album that is very much a product of it’s time.

You can order Broadcasting To The Nations via Bird Attack Records here

Authority Zero Release ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ LP

Authority Zero BTTNSince 1994 Authority Zero have brought their unique signature blend of anthemic melodic punk and reggae to the masses. A lot has changed in the twenty plus years since the band got their start and they’ve found a way to persist and thrive in today’s ever changing music world. Now, moving in to mid 2017, Authority Zero are back with their new album, Broadcasting To The Nations, which has been released today, June 2nd 2017, via Bird Attack Records, the new album is now available on CD, splatter vinyl and digital formats.

Broadcasting To The Nations can be ordered via Bird Attack Records here

Authority Zero – Bayside

Authority Zero BTTNAuthority Zero have premiered a new song from their upcoming album.  The track is titled “Bayside” and will appear on Broadcasting To The Nations, which will be released via Bird Attack Records on June 2, 2017.

Listen to the song below.

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Authority Zero To Release ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ LP

Authority Zero BTTNSince 1994 Authority Zero have brought their unique signature blend of anthemic melodic punk and reggae to the masses. A lot has changed in the twenty plus years since the band got their start and they’ve found a way to persist and thrive in today’s ever changing music world. Now, moving in to mid-2017, Authority Zero are back with their new album, Broadcasting To The Nations, which will be released via Bird Attack Records on June 2nd.

The Bird Attack Records website is here

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Authority Zero Announce Details of Album Launch Party

Authority_Zero_record_release_show_2017Authority Zero have announced their sixth full-length album, Broadcasting To The Nations, is scheduled to be released on June 2nd through Bird Attack Records. The band have announced that the release party for Broadcasting To The Nations will take place on June 3rd at The Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ, tickets for the launch party go on sale Friday, April 14th. The band entered Fort Collins, Colorado’s legendary The Blasting Room Studio in December of 2016 to start work on their album with producer and iconic punk drummer Bill Stevenson at the helm, more details regarding the release of Broadcasting To The Nations will be announced shortly

You can order tickets for the Broadcasting To The Nations launch party here

Video: Authority Zero – ‘No Other Place’

authority zeroVeteran punk band Authority Zero have premiered a new video for their track No Other Place. The song features on their most recent full length, The Tipping Point, release back in April 2013 via Hardline Entertainment, the label owned by Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge. The video was filmed at the opening of Club Red in the band’s hometown of Mesa, Arizona.

Check out the video for No Other Place, below:

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Video: Authority Zero – No Other Place

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero has debuted a brand new music video.   The video features the song “Today We Heard The News” from their latest release, The Tipping Point, released earlier this year on Hardline Entertainment.

Check out the full video below.

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Authority Zero - The Tipping Point

Authority Zero

The Tipping Point

Hardline Entertainment

Rating: 3.5/5




Some things never change – like laughing at Seinfeld reruns, politicians lying through their teeth, and forty-hour workweeks.  And in the midst of a nearly twenty-year career, I’d like to add Arizona’s ­­­­Authority Zero to that list.  The punk rock trio has been operating under the radar for the better part of its career, steadily growing and refining their approach with each passing release.  But while the band’s presence in the underground has remained a constant, their level of performance has steadily risen.

Their sixth studio album, The Tipping Point, marks the work of a leader, not a follower – Authority Zero clearly ready to push out of the shadows.  They haven’t given up their defining Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Sublime overtones, but the trio now confidently synthesizes their tunes.  Look no further than opener “No Other Place” to find a shining example of iconic 90’s punk rock anthems that make you want to sing along with front man Jason DeVore.  Over a rich melodic backdrop paired with punchy gang vocals, DeVore leads the rally cry, belting loudly “there’s no place I’d rather be than right than right here with you standing right here beside me… there’s no other time I’d rather know, than here in this moment just watching it all explode.”  Reiterating the sentiment a track later in “Undivided,” The Tipping Point becomes a political playground passionate for change.

The Tipping Point also works in thanks to its knockout pacing.  Of course tracks like “Lift It Up” round out their roots with a hint of up-tone pop-punk.  The song’s verse offers upbeat, jumpy lyrics with DeVore ignoring periods and punctuation outside of the song’s musically buoyant chorus.  Don’t expect anything terribly profound, but do be prepared for a catchy dose of energy.  And then there’s the token reggae tunes.  “Struggle” and “Today We Heard The News” fall into a casual groove with a fun upstroke.  With the right dosage of sunny acoustic rhythms and the occasional trumpet burst, the band feels in their element.

With Authority Zero continuing their ascent, The Tipping Point naturally unfolds as a warm and familiar punk rock romp.  DeVore and the crew have never been terribly innovative, but their minor tweaks and refinements to a consistent style have resulted in the album that listeners want and expect.  Had this album dropped twenty years ago it might have slipped through the cracks, but with so few bands playing this style in the present day, Authority Zero capitalizes on an audience hungry for their favourite meal.

Authority Zero – Today We Heard The News

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero has debuted a brand new music video.   The video features the song “Today We Heard The News” from their latest release, The Tipping Point, released earlier this year on Hardline Entertainment.

Dates are below.

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Tours: Authority Zero (Canada)

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero have announced a new set of Canadian tour dates in support of their latest release, The Tipping Point, released earlier this year on Hardline Entertainment. The announcement expands the ‘2013 Summer Sickness Tour’ north of the border.

Dates are below.

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Tours: Authority Zero

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero have announced a new set of US tour dates in support of their latest release, The Tipping Point, released earlier this week on Hardline Entertainment. Dubbed the ‘2013 Summer Sickness Tour’, the band will be joined by Ballyhoo and Versus The World.

Dates are below.

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Authority Zero Full Album Stream

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero has debuted a full album stream of their brand new full length.  The album is titled The Tipping Point which was released today via Hardline Entertainment in US/Canada/Japan.  

Listen to the full disc here, and follow along with the band’s track-by-track commentary.

Authority Zero – Today We Heard The News

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero has debuted a brand new single.  The track is titled “Today We Heard The News” and comes from the band’s forthcoming album, The Tipping Point, which is set for an April 2, 2013 release via Hardline Entertainment in US/Canada/Japan.  Singer Jason DeVore comments:

“I was at my house working on the new Authority record and I went online to find out that Tony Sly of No Use For A Name had unexpectedly passed away.  It instantly struck a nerve and I just started writing.  No Use was one of the first bands we’d ever toured with back in 2001.  It made me start thinking of the good times we had on the road and how at any given moment (as with many other musicians who have passed on early) it can be taken from you in an instant.  There’s always that possibility that you may not make it home, so don’t take anything in this life for granted.”

Listen to the track here.

Tours: Authority Zero (Europe)

Authority ZeroArizona’s punk rock veterans Authority Zero will be doing a spring headlining tour this April and May throughout Europe in support of their forthcoming album, The Tipping Point.

The Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Social Distortion) produced album is due out on April 1st in Europe/UK via Concrete Jungle and on April 2nd in US/Canada/Japan via Hardline Entertainment and 3wise in Australia.  The month and a half long tour will kick off on April 5 in Moskau, Russia.  

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Download Authority Zero’s New Track For Free

Authority ZeroHardline Entertainment has created a free download page, featuring songs from their many signed artists, including Authority Zero, Neo Geo, AllurA, Hoist The Colors, The Darlings, and more. 

Of note, one song featured is a new track from Authority Zero. The song, called “No Other Place,”  is from their album The Tipping Point, slated for release on April 2nd.  

You can download it here.


Authority Zero - Rhythm and Booze

Authority Zero

Rhythm & Booze

Suburban Noize Records

Rating: 2.5/5




I, like many others, found a fondness for Authority Zero with their last release Andiamo. It’s a CD with some great tracks that seem to constantly find its way into my CD player, so when I heard they were releasing a new record, I was excited. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I’d like it. When Rhythm & Booze arrived in my mailbox I was surprised to see that it was a live acoustic CD. So I was surprised, but I still had faith – that was, of course, until I put it on. Then I almost just fell asleep.

Let me first say that this isn’t a straight up live show from Authority Zero. Instead, this was a off one show where they took fifteen tracks from their first two releases and reworked them – making them jazz, dub, ska and straight up acoustic songs. But sadly, while these slight variations were probably a lot of fun for the band to do and for the fans there to hear, on disc, they just don’t transfer. The songs have lost their energy, their punch and their excitement and have instead becoming boring and nearly sleep inducing. The lightning fast Siemper Loco has been stretched out to nearly three times its length and maybe one tenth it’s speed – if that. Songs like Painted Windows, Find Your Way, Broken Dreams and Revolution have all been slowed down to the point where they are two completely different songs. Rhythm & Booze just fails to invoke the excitement normal Authority Zero albums do and it is, simply, a damn boring release.

Nevertheless, I will give Authority Zero credit where credit’s due: Rhythm & Booze is recorded very well. Everything is mixed at the right volume, with the solid vocals leading the way. You can hear the crowd cheer and the banter clearly. Every once in a while the music is a little soft, but as far as live records go, this one was recorded and mixed quite well.

Nevertheless, the album is quite disappointing simply because it doesn’t provide that Authority Zero kick that it should. I’m assuming most fans will do just like me: listen to the CD once or twice and then throw in the back of your CD pile, both forgetting and ignoring the fact that it exists as you patiently wait for the follow up studio album so that the band can redeem themselves – because I know they will.

Authority Zero - Andiamo

Authority Zero


Lava Records

Rating: 3.5/5




I love that early 90’s style fast beat punk rock. Bands like PennywisePulley, Strung Out, and so on. Unfortunately, there’s not many bands around now that still play that genre of music. The songs are hard and strong, fast paced, and yet still catchy and melodic. Now, I am glad to say that I have found yet another band that still plays that genre, and that is Authority Zero.

The Arizona natives are pack with their second album, Andiamo. Which, read in English is “And I Am Zero”, or translated from Italian means “we go”. They obviously pull influences for a large amount of bands,Pennywise and Face To Face come to mind. But they always play their songs with determination and conviction, making each song their own and always well done. Jason DeVore’s vocals are strong and don’t show any signs of slowing down soon. His words come flying at you with great speed, but still always catchy and melodic. They have a slight “south of the border” feel to them, with some slight Spanish and Mexican influences, like the instrumental Chili Con Crudo or the cover of Wall of Voodoo‘s Mexico Radio.

To be honest though, you can’t classify Authority Zero as only a punk band. They also dabble in the realms of ska and reggae aswell in songs like Madman and Retreat. Personally, I believe that the album would be better without those ska songs, or the Mexican instrumental. They slow the pace of the album down a bit, and their faster songs tend to be done better.

Andiamo will be played a lot in my CD player. It is a great summertime album to blast while you are messing around. Songs like Painted Window, Revolution, Mexican Radio, Find Your Way, Taking On The World, and the live bonus song, Ratllin’ Bog, are songs that will most likely find themselves of many mixtapes throughout the nation.


Authority Zero Records New Album

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero have entered Maple Studios in Orange County, CA to record their new studio album with producer Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Social Distortion). The album, their fifth, is set to be released in early 2013 through Fletcher Dragge’s Viking Funeral Records and follow’s 2010’s Stories of Survival.  Jason DeVore talked about the album saying:

“We’ve been hard at work for the past year writing for the new album. We were extremely happy with our last album and wanted to make sure to put the same effort and passion into our follow up album. We’ll be recording with Cameron Webb for the first time and are really looking forward to the new experience” 

Authority Zero will hit the road in November for a month long headlining tour with Fayuca, and Allura and Eken Is Dead on select dates.

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Verses The World Unveils New Song/Tour (U.S.)

In anticipation for their forthcoming album release Drink. Sing. Live. Love. on July 31, 2012 Santa Barbara, CA based rock band Versus The World has premiered a new song, Mason Grace,” today on  The band has launched a pre-order for Drink. Sing. Live. Love. on and has an upcoming tour with Unwritten Law and Authority Zero. Stream “Mason Grace” here.

Versus The World is made up of Mike Davenport (The Ataris), Chris Flippin (Lagwagon), Donald Spence and Bryan Charleson (Crooks and Liars). Versus The World’s new album, Drink. Sing. Live. Love., finds the band at their best, combining years of experience and honed ability to craft incredible songs.  Produced by Thom Flowers (The Ataris) at Playback Recording and Orange Whip studios in Santa Barbara, mixed by Ian MacGregor (All American Rejects, Katy Perry) and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins. Drink. Sing. Live. Love. features thirteen fist pumping  tracks that fuse elements of post-hardcore, pop-punk and rock on tracks like “She Sang The Blues”,  “Mason Grace” and the upcoming single “A Fond Farewell.” Versus The World will hit the road this summer, playing dates with Unwritten Law and Authority Zero in support of Drink. Sing. Live. Love.  Stay tuned to for more information.

Versus The World 2012 Tour dates with Authority Zero* and Unwritten Law**.

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Authority Zero Discuss New Members; Writing New Material

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero has posted a video update informing fans about the origins of their two new members, as well as some comments about their next record.  According to the band the album has about 6 new songs written, with the band knee deep in the writing process, and planning to record the album upon the conclusion of their European tour.  The album will follow their latest Viking Funeral Records release, Less Rhythm, More Booze.

Watch the video up date below.

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Authority Zero Stream Live Album

Authority ZeroLong running punk act Authority Zero has launched a stream over on Punk News of their brand new live album, Less Rhythm, More Booze.  The album drops today.

Stream the full album here.

Authority Zero Release Cover Art/Track Listing For New Live Album/Tour (U.S.)

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero Release Cover Art and Track Listing for their new live Album Less Rhythm, More Booze.  Authority Zero have released the cover art and track listing for their upcoming new live album Less Rhythm, More Booze online here. The album is scheduled to arrive in stores on January 31st, 2012 courtesy of Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge’s Viking Funeral/Suburban Noize Records.

Authority Zero’s album Less Rhythm More Booze will be a two disc CD/DVD set that contains an 18 song live CD and a 70 minute DVD of the group’s performance.

Album Track Listings and Tours Dates are listed below

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Authority Zero Announce Tour With Voodoo Glow Skulls; Release New Live Album On January 31

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero will hit the road with Voodoo Glow Skulls for the “Black Coffee White Knuckles” Tour across the US in January 2012.  The band has also set January 31, 2012 as the release date for their new live album Less Rhythm, More Booze on Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge’s  Viking Funeral Records.  Frontman Jason DeVore comments: 

We’re excited to be hitting the road with our good friends the Voodoo Glow Skulls for a tour around the US in early 2012. We did a trek together in 2011 and had a blast, so we’re back for round two. We’re also excited to release our second live album and DVD fittingly titled ‘Less Rhythm More Booze’ during this upcoming tour. On our first live album (‘Rhythm and Booze’), we completely re-wrote songs off of our first two albums and this time we rewrote tracks off of our latest two albums 12:34 and Stories of Survival in the same distorted manner. To record we just threw a big party in our hometown of Mesa, Arizona, let the good times roll, and captured the audio and video for a CD/DVD release.” 

Authority Zero are set to enter the studio in April 2012 to record the follow to their critically acclaimed 2010 studio album, Stories of Survival for summer release. Fans can view the video for Authority Zero’s latest single, Big Bad World, online at.

Authority Zero To Tour Japan, Record New Album

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero will be touring Japan beginning November 22nd in Osaka, Japan in support of their new album “Stories of Survival;” the dates are below. Upon completion of the tour, theywill begin writing a new record in December for release in early 2012 on Viking Funeral/Suburban Noize Records.  Front man Jason DeVore commented:

We’ve been on the road non-stop since the 2010 fall release of ‘Stories of Survival’ and we have no plans of slowing down any time soon. During our travels we’ve taken every available opportunity to write and demo out new material. It’s been molding into what we feel is truly going to be a kick ass record. We’re super pumped and hoping for a new record release by sometime next summer. The jams are pouring out!”

Authority Zero’s “Stories of Survival” was released on Viking Funeral Records, a new label imprint founded by Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge, Ken Seaton of Hardline Entertainment, and Suburban Noize Records.

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Tours: Authority Zero Announce Tour Dates w/ Pennywise, Adolescents, and Street Dogs (Europe)

Authority ZeroBeginning July 19th, Authority Zero will spend the rest of their summer in Europe with Pennywise, The Adolescents, and Street Dogs. Before leaving to Europe, the band will also embark on a short U.S. tour starting in Los Angeles on June 14, 2011 in support of their latest release Stories of Survival (Viking Funeral Records).

Further details can be found below.

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Authority Zero Announces Headlining Tour With Pour Habit In Support Of New Single

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero and Pour Habit have announced that they will be headlining a tour together in support of Authority Zero‘s new single, “Big Bad World.”  The bands are set to his the road together this June, with the tour consisting of a European led.  Authority Zero has also released a new video for the track.  Jason DeVore from Authority Zero comments on the announcement: 

“It’s the Summer Sickness tour and we’re fired up! We’ve been touring relentlessly since the album came out and are pumped to hit the road again with our brothers in Pour Habit,” Jason DeVore from Authority Zero. “Just after that we’re off to Europe again for some summer festivals and dates with some great bands. This is looking like it’s going to be a good summer!”

Authority Zero released their new album Stories of Survival, last year on Viking Funeral Records. View the video and tour dates below.

New Photos: Strung Out / Authority Zero / Unwritten Law

Authority ZeroToday we have a trio of live photos for you to view and enjoy.

First out is punk legends Strung Out as they hit the Starlite Room in Edmonton, Alberta on April 29th, 2011. Those pictures can be seen here.

Going south a bit and back a week, Authority Zero and Unwritten Law hit the Summit Music Hall on April 20th in Denver, Colorado and Mike Fajardo was there snapping pictures. Check out the pictures here and here respectively.

Video: Authority Zero – Big Bad World

Authority ZeroAuthority Zero has released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Big Bad World” which comes from their 2010 release, Stories Of Survival, released on Viking Funeral Records.

Watch the video below.

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Tours: Unwritten Law / Authority Zero

Unwritten LawUnwritten Law has announced dates for their upcoming headlining tour with Authority Zero. The dates are below.

Unwritten Law will be touring in support of their new studio album Swan, which is scheduled for release on March 29th, 2011 through BreakSilence Recordings/Suburban Noize Records. It is the band’s first studio album since 2005’s Here’s to the Mourning.

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