Svetlanas Added To Punk Rock Bowling Festival

PunK Rock Bowling 2018This year marks the 20th anniversary of Punk Rock Bowling that will take place in downtown Las Vegs and features a who’s who of punk bands from all eras of the genre’s storied history. Russia’s Svetlanas have now been added to a line up that includes Angelic Upstarts, Against Me!, At The Drive In, DOA, GBH, L7, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, NOFX, Rise Against, Slaves, Suicidal Tendencies, Swingin’ Utters and  X.

Tickets for Punk Rock Bowling can be purchased here

The Punk Rock Bowling website can be found here

At The Drive In - Diamante

At The Drive In


Rise Records

Rating: 4/5




It’s been a successful year for At The Drive In, following their recent reformation they launched themselves into 2017, a year which saw them complete a successful world tour in the wake of the release of in • ter a • li • a, their critically acclaimed new album that marked their first new material in almost two decades. At The Drive In are now seeing out a memorable 2017 in style with the release of a brand new EP, Diamanté, that will be released on ten inch vinyl via Rise Records for the Record Store Day Black Friday event that takes place today, Friday November 24th.

Amid Ethics kicks things off with dark distortion heavy riff, and it opens the latest release from At The Drive In in fine discordant style, Despondent At High Noon continues the dark and more experimental style that pervades the Diamanté EP, and ensures that the EP offers something different, yet at the same time remaining reassuringly familiar, from At The Drive In. To underscore this feeling the final track, Point Of Demarkation, is a much more atmospheric number that carries a slower grinding menace than the tracks that preceded it, meaning that Diamanté is a release that ensures At The Drive In are finishing 2017 in style, before they kick off 2018 with a UK Spring tour.

If you actually want to get something worthwhile from Black Friday, rather than the usual array of discounted and outdated stock that is labelled as a bargain, then this should be an essential purchase for fans both old and new of At The Drive In, as Diamanté is the perfect companion release to their impressive full length, in • ter a • li • a, that was released earlier this year. Diamanté will only be available via your local independent record store on Record Store Day‘s Black Friday event that takes place today, Friday November 24th.

You can locate your local participating record store here

At The Drive In To Release Record Store Day EP ‘Diamanté’

At The Drive In - DiamanteCapping off a triumphant year of live shows worldwide and the release of their critically acclaimed album, in • ter a • li • a, At The Drive In have yet another surprise in store for fans as available exclusively for Record Store Day‘s Black Friday the band will be releasing Diamanté, a three song EP on ten inch vinyl via Rise Records, out November 24th. Diamanté will only be available at exclusively at your local independent record store on Record Store Day‘s Black Friday, November 24th, and to find yours go here. At The Drive In will also be on tour in the UK next year with Death From Above and Le Butcherettes.
You can read more about Diamanté, and view At The Drive In‘s tour dates, below

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At The Drive In Announce 2018 UK Tour

At The Drive In 2018 Uk TourAt The Drive In have announced their first UK headline tour following the release of their critically acclaimed comeback album, in • ter a • li •a, earlier this year. Support will come from noise-rock duo, Death From Above and Le Butcherettes, the Mexican garage band who will also join At The Drive In for shows in Australia.
in • ter a • li •a is out now on Rise Records here and is also available via Spotify and iTunes
You can view At The Drive In‘s tour dates below

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At The Drive In Release New Video For ‘Call Broken Arrow’

At The Drive In InteraliaContinuing to build on the feverish momentum of their new album in • ter a • li • a, that was released on May 5, 2017 on Rise Records, At The Drive In has proudly unveiled the new video for Call Broken Arrow. At The Drive In return to the UK this coming August Bank Holiday weekend for their hugely-anticipated set on the mainstage of the Reading and Leeds Festivals, before returning in November for an arena tour with Royal Blood.

The Punk Site Review of in • ter a • li • a can be read here

you can view the video for Call Broken Arrow, and At The Drive In‘s tour dates, below Read More…

At The Drive In Stream New Album In Full

At The Drive In InteraliaAt The Drive In are streaming their freshly released new album, in • ter a • li • a, in full. 

The disc is available now via Rise Records and can be streamed below.

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At The Drive In Interalia

At The Drive In

in•ter a•li•a

Rise Records

Rating: 4.5/5




At The Drive will release their latest full length, in•ter a•li•a, on the 5th May 2017, this album represents their first release in twelve years and their first album of new material since Relationship Of Command that was released back in 2000, the best part of two decades ago. At The Drive In really don’t need any introduction, but a lot can change in two decades and sometimes a long hiatus between recordings can lead to a significant change in style and attitude in a band, so what does the reappearance of At The Drive In signify?

The new album follows At The Drive In‘s reformation last year, the first, and most obvious, thing that strikes you is that original member Jim Ward has declined to be involved in the reformed band and has been replaced by Sparta‘s Keely Davis, whilst this might worry fans with fond memories of the band, it shouldn’t, as from the first track, No Wolf Like The Present, it’s clear that the years and the line up changes haven’t diminished their aggression or attack in the slightest. From the aforementioned opening track to the closing number, and lead single, from the album, Hostage Stamps, their isn’t a weak link in this impressive eleven track album.

At The Drive In have released a worthy successor to their back catalogue, it contains all the discord and attack you’d expect from a band with this pedigree, but they aren’t just recreating past glories, this is a contemporary album that is by no means a wander down memory lane, crucially in•ter a•li•a is an album that should satisfy new converts and established fans alike. At The Drive In are back and their latest album indicates that they aren’t just in it for the money, their punk influenced post hardcore fury sounds as alive as ever and this is an album that will be amongst the best releases from this year, it’s good to have them back.

At The Drive In‘s website is here and Rise Records web presence is here

in•ter a•li•a can be pre-ordered here


At The Drive In Release Video For ‘Hostage Stamps’

At The Drive In InteraliaFresh off a triumphant handful of US dates, including a surprise pop-up performance that was the talk of SXSW and a run of make-up dates, At The Drive In have unleashed Hostage Stamps, the third single from the highly anticipated new album, in • ter a • li • a, out May 5th on Rise Records ahead of the band’s next live performance on UK soil at the Reading & Leeds festivals this August.

For more details of tour dates and album pre-orders stay tuned to At The Drive In‘s website here

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At The Drive In Stream New Song From Their Forthcoming Album

At The Drive In InteraliaWith praise still reverberating from December’s unveiling of Governed By Contagions, At The Drive In has issued another clarion call from its first album in 17 years, Incurably Innocent is the second track to be released in advance of that record, titled in • ter a • li • a, the album is now available for pre-order and confirmed for release  on May 5th on Rise Records. The album’s release will be immediately followed by a new series of live dates across the US before the band head to Europe and the UK.

You can pre-order  in • ter a • li • a here

You can view the lyric video for Incurably Innocent, and the tour dates, below Read More…

Gone Is Gone

Gone Is Gone

Gone Is Gone

Rise Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Gone Is Gone are a heavyweight American rock supergroup that were formed earlier this year. They are comprised of Troy Sanders, better known as the vocalist and bass player from Mastodon, Troy Van Leeuwen, guitarist for Queens Of The Stone Age, Tony Haijar, the drummer from At The Drive In, and their secret weapon, Mike Zarin, a renowned multi instrumentalist and composer. With the potential on show from the component members of Gone Is Gone I was hopeful they would be something special.

As you’d expect this is a pummelling slice of alt-rock, opening track Violescent makes me think of a 21st century Black Sabbath, this is followed by Starlight, a sinister number that builds to a impressive crescendo. However, it’s not all brooding rock, Character and Recede And Enter are disquieting instrumentals, whilst these two songs are interesting compositions they don’t really add to the album, I can see people skipping to the next track after they’ve played this self titled album a few times. The remaining four tracks carry on in the same vein as Gone Is Gone began, they carry the darkness that is inherent in the tone of the album but for some reason they don’t quite hit the spot.

Gone Is Gone are from the heavier end of the alt rock stable, the songwriting and musicianship on display on this album can’t be faulted, yet I can’t help feeling disappointed, this album rarely seems to get out of third gear, for all of the pedigree they bring from their parent bands this album feels oddly restrained, Gone Is Gone never seem to quite open up the throttle and let loose. This is a fine album but with a few tracks that upped that ante, or offered something different from the moody alt-rock, it could have been something greater. Sadly Gone Is Gone is a case where the whole is not greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Gone Is Gone will be released on July 8th and can be ordered from iTunes, deluxe packages including CD, vinyl and cassette, can be ordered here

At The Drive In Part Ways With Jim Ward

At the Drive InRecently reunited post-hardcore act At the Drive In has announced that guitarist/vocalist Jim Ward will be departing from the band.  The band explains the details of the split:

“As our ship prepares for voyage, we announce that Jim Ward will not be joining us on future journeys. We wish him well and are excited to see you soon.”

The band plans to enlist a new member to fill Ward’s shoes, and intends on releasing a new full length later this year.

At The Drive In - Relationship Of Command

At The Drive-In

Relationship Of Command

Fearless Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Since their breakup in 2001 the members of At The Drive-In have continued to make a name for themselves playing in such bands as Sparta and The Mars Volta. They continue to push the boundaries of genres and music itself by thinking outside of the norm, experimenting with new styles and sounds. This isn’t anything new; At The Drive-In were ahead of the game in their time, and their breakup came as a surprise to many. Even since the release of this album in 2000, it still continues to make a mark in today’s music, set as a cornerstone in what music has become. Almost five years since it’s original release the music on this album is still relevant and still groundbreaking in comparison to everything new coming out of the swamp. What is it that makes At The Drive-In so great? It’s hard to pick just one reason.

Right from the start you can sense that this record is nothing ordinary. The vocals scream to be noticed while the intricate guitar lines demand to be heard. This is the section which eventually became The Mars Volta, but that’s not important right now. Since the band formed Cedric Bixler Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez have been held in high regard as some of today’s greatest musicians by all that know them. What they are creating today is a result and an attachment to what they started in the days of ATDI. This album is packed full of in-depth lyrics that will beg you to sing along and think differently at the same time. It seems that this is more than just music to Cedric, it’s more of a gate of expression in which he finds it necessary to inform people of what’s going on in the world. Invalid Litter Dept. tells the story of poverty and corruption, and at the same time is an enjoyable tune to sing along to. They’re not sung in any pattern either; it’s an all over the place attack of words that somehow still manage to make sense. Rhyming pattern or no rhyming pattern, the songs make sense, the words make sense, and the music just makes sense.

Anyone who knows of the ATDI members current bands know that they are quite different than this. A Sparta record cannot be compared to a Mars Volta record, but still people try to do just that. But when the members came together they created what was right for them at that time, and without Jim Ward who knows what it would have been like. There really isn’t enough I can say about this band or this record, you really have to listen to it. I can’t put down in words the feeling you get listening to these songs and having your body swell with emotion. And don’t think that wasn’t planned, these guys are musicians at their core. In writing the songs they knew that these notes and this progression would make the listener feel this way. It’s an experience beyond what most artists can accomplish. It’s a rollercoaster ride incomparible to those at Wonderland or any Disney park.

Playing alongside the guitars and the bass is drummer Tony Hajjar, who keeps it simple and subtle. Although he is an incredibly talented drummer, he plays what is right for the song and what is right for the mood, and with such powerful vocals and guitar lines there is no need for an over the top drummer, even though he could be just that if needed. There’s a perfect blend here that is hard to copy. I have confidence that if this album were put out today, it would still be considered groundbreaking. Personally there are very few albums that can be current over such a gap of time. Refused comes to mind as one of such bands, and I’m sure they share a great number of fans with ATDI.

Somehow over the years At The Drive-In managed to make music that would still be cutting edge even years after their split. Relationship Of Command is an album that does just that; it encompasses a time to come, what at the moment was just a faint rumble on the ground and has grown to a full out earthquake of clones. Many bands have tried, many bands will try, but very few will ever be able to make such an impact on a culture as At The Drive-In was able to do with such a small hold on the mainstream. That wasn’t what they wanted nor what they needed, they just desired and deserved to be heard. And they were, by many. If you don’t own this album I urge you to go out and get it. Show respect to those who paved the way for the bands you listen to know because without bands like this, today’s scene would have a completely different sound.

Dine Alone Records To Re-Issue At The Drive-In Canada; Includes Bonus Tracks

Dine Alone RecordsDine Alone Records has announced that the Canadian record label will be re-issuing two of At The Drive-In‘s their classic albums in the great white north.  The label will be reissuing Acrobatic Tenement and an expanded version of 2000’s Relationship Of Command with two bonus tracks.  Label owner Joel Carriere comments:

“ATDI had a huge impact on me and our early beginnings as a company… I have so much respect and love for what they have done. Being able to release two of their most critically acclaimed albums on Dine Alone is an honour and a personal ‘mind-blower’ for us super fans in this office.”

At The Drive-In reunited this past January for two performances at this year’s Coachella Valley Music Festival. The band has since confirmed that they will also perform at Australia’s Splendour In The Grass Music Festival.

At The Drive-In Reunite

At the Drive InEleven years after calling it a day, At The Drive-In have announced that they will be reuniting.

They have launched a new website and a Twitter account. They posted a short Twitter statement:

  “¡ ATTENTION ! To whom it may concern: AT THE DRIVE-IN will be breaking their 11 year silence THIS STATION IS …NOW…OPERATIONAL.” 

The band last release the seminal Relationship of Command  in 2001. After their break up, members went on to form The Mars Volta and Sparta.