Aspiga – Open Up

AspigaNew Jersey alternative punk trio Aspiga is streaming a new song which is part of the seasonal compilation, Arbor Christmas: Volume 18 by Arbor Christmas Collections.  

Listen to the song and check out the compilation below.

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Paper + Plastick Records Release Compilation For This Year’s Fest

paper-plastickPaper + Plastick Records has released a free downloadable compilation in the form of this year’s Road To The Fest 15.  The compilation includes tracks from Blacklist RoyalsAspigaThe SlackersAfter The FallProtagonistA Wilhelm Scream, and many more.

Download the comp from the label here.

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Aspiga – Fading Into Summer

AspigaNew Jersey alternative punk trio Aspiga is streaming a new song from their upcoming split with By Surprise.  The song is titled “Fading Into Summer” and will be available on January 15, 2016 via Asian Man Records.

Listen to the song here courtesy New Noise Magazine.

Video: Aspiga – Beneath Atlas

AspigaNew Jersey alternative punk trio Aspiga has premiered a new music video. The video features the song “Beneath Atlas” from their latest full length, What happened To You?, available now through Paper + Plastick Records.

Watch the video below.

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Tours: Aspiga and Know Your Saints

AspigaAspiga and Know Your Saints will be touring along the West Coast tour in early August. This will be the first West Coast tour for the New Jersey trio that just released What Happened to You? on Oct. 21, 2014 via Paper + Plastick Records.

The dates are below.

Video: Aspiga – Fortunes

AspigaNew Jersey alternative punk trio Aspiga has premiered a new music video. The video features the song “Fortunes” from their latest full length, What happened To You?, available now through Paper + Plastick Records.

Watch the video below.

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Hemingway Post Video For ‘No Hard Feelings’, Announce Tour

HemingwayPortland emo/grunge outfit Hemingway have posted a video for their track No Hard Feelings thanks to the good folks over at Brooklyn Vegan. The song features on their recent debut LP, Pretend to Care, released via 6131 Records. The quartet have also announced a massive summer tour including shows with the likes of Aspiga, Teen Death, Where My Bones Rest Easy amongst others.

Check out the video for No Hard Feelings and the band’s upcoming tour dates below.

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Tours: Aspiga

AspigaNew Jersey alternative punk trio Aspiga announced a string of late January/early February tour dates. The band’s latest continues to support their latest full length, What happened To You?, available now through Paper + Plastick Records.

Tour dates can be found below.

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What Happened To You?

Paper + Plastick Records

Rating: 3.5/5




I didn’t get all the hoopla about Aspiga the first time around.  Simply put, they were a tad too familiar and somewhat whiny for my tastes.  I dismissed them as yet another late 90’s and early 00’s homage piece arriving over a decade late for a party.  Every Last Piece may have received reasonable reviews, but I just didn’t think it was very good.  However, with the release of Aspiga’s sophomore full length, What Happened To You?, I may need to revise my earlier sentiment and adjust for the band’s apparent awakening.

This time around the Collingswood, New Jersey three-piece offers up a truly well rounded and balanced performance.  Sure, Kevin Day remains on the high side of nasally, but this time he just feels like a better fit for the emo/punk backdrop surrounding him.  Skipping right to the good stuff, “Wide Eyes” gets gritty with a surprisingly catchy ‘dirty indie’ vibe born of a chorus somewhere between a 90’s alt/rock vibe and homage to catchy pop-punk.  This really comes out of nowhere and strikes soundly into memory.  Aspiga has never written a song quite like it – the way the guitars flow into and play off of one another is worthy of a double take.  The same goes for those like “Beneath Atlas,” where the band’s collective voice harmonizes in lyric and instrument.

Other points of interest include a handful of interesting anecdotes and an overarching playful attitude.  For instance, “I’m An Animal” features a conversationally delivered outro that illuminates the concept of rehabilitation and skeptical gaze of society’s gatekeepers in accepting and forgiving one’s transgressions.  Other commendable moments include the imagery of curiously descriptive passages as per “You’re OK,” with the insight “I thought one word was good enough but everyone just gazed at me, so I stripped off my clothes, rolled up and down my canvas, the marker bled all over me, it coloured me, sophisticated.”  The band certainly goes the extra mile to make these songs feel original and peak listeners’ curiosity.  

What Happened To You? addresses the my chief complaint with Aspiga: that the band just didn’t have a strong and recognizable voice.  With What Happened To You? the band has settled on an unmistakable sound that warrants its own place and existence.  As harsh as that might sound, it reinforces that the group’s blood, sweat and tears over the past few years have not been for naught.  If their sophomore full length remains any indication of the road ahead, fans can enthusiastically anticipate and endorse the road ahead.

Aspiga Full Album Stream

AspigaAspiga has launched a full album stream of their upcoming full length.  The disc will be titled What Happened To You? and is set to drop on October 21, 2014 via Paper + Plastick Records.   Pre-orders are now live and include a variety of packages, including an exclusive coffee mug and two unique mini skulls.

Listen to the disc in its entirety here.

Aspiga Launches Pre-Orders For New Album

AspigaAspiga has announced details for their newest record.  The disc will be titled What Happened To You? and is set to drop on October 21, 2014 via Paper + Plastick Records.   Pre-orders are now live and include a variety of packages, including an exclusive coffee mug and two unique mini skulls.

The first track from the album, “Wide Eyes,” can be seen here.

Aspiga – My Little Eraser

AspigaNew Jersey three piece Aspiga have posted a new song from their upcoming album, What Happened To You?.

The track, titled My Little Eraser, can be streamed at Wandering Sound. What Happened To You? will be released on October 21st through Paper + Plastick Records. It follows 2012’s Every Last Piece and their 2010 debut, Tense.


Tours: Aspiga

AspigaNew Jersey alternative punk trio Aspiga announced a string of July tour dates. The band’s latest release, Every Last Piece was back in 2012 via Paper + Plastick Records and they were in the studio earlier this year composing a follow-up to the 2012 LP which is expected to be out later this year.

Check out the full list of dates below.

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Aspiga Enters The Studio

AspigaNew Jersey’s Aspiga have began work on their new album with Dave Downham producing the album at  The Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ. The band recorded their last album – 2012’s Every Last Piece – in the same studio. 

Aspiga frontman Kevin Day released the following statement:

“On Sunday February 15th, we began tracking our new record. We will be spending seven days at Gradwell House to record eleven new songs. Once again, Dave Downham, will be behind the control board and also taking on the role of producer. We have spent the last few months grinding out these songs and are excited to work with Paper + Plastick on the release of this album.”

The band’s new LP is expected out later in 2014 via Paper + Plastick.

Aspiga / Among Giants

Aspiga / Among Giants


Ahh! Real Records

Rating: 3/5




New Jersey emo trio Aspiga and Orlando acoustic punks Among Giants have just joined forces to release a split 7” via Say-10 Records

Each band contributes 2 tracks to the release, with Aspiga first offering up Direction and Old Habits, both very much in the Jawbre aker mould, only with a more DIY aesthetic values and lacking the same lyrical quality (but let’s face it, Jawbreaker set the bar pretty high in this regard), and it’s still a pleasant enough listen even if it doesn’t really ever blow us away.  

Among Giants abandon their usual acoustic sound and plug in to give us In the Jungle and I Care About Everyone. The DIY sound continues here, however despite that, the band manage to grab our attention with some catchy 90’s era alt punk melodies and screaming vocals used in moderation, but in all the right places – especially on I Care About Everyone, which is easily the standout track of the four.

Overall if you can see past the production values (and I’ll admit it’s an issue for me personally) there are some solid tracks on offer here, well worth seeking out (especially the limited run of 100 on coke bottle clear vinyl!) for punk fans and completists alike.

Tour: Aspiga

AspigaNew Jersey’s Aspiga has announced that they will be heading out for a short tour this September.  The band recently released a split 7″ with Among Giants in July on Say-10 Records

Tour dates are below.

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Aspiga – Direction

AspigaNew Jersey’s Aspiga has debuted a new song.  The track is titled “Direction” and is set to appear on their upcoming split 7″ with Among Giants due out in July via Say-10 Records

Listen here courtesy XPN..

Aspiga – Direction

AspigaXPN is hosting a stream of Direction, a new song from New Jersey’s Aspiga that will appear on an upcoming split seven inch record with Among Giants.

The song can be heard here.

The split will be released on July 9th via Say-10 Records.



Video: Aspiga – Welcome To The Sympathy

AspigaNew Jersey indie-punk duo Aspiga has debuted a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Welcome To The Sympathy Party” and comes from their newest record, Every Last Piece, released back in November 2012 via Paper + Plastick Records

Watch the video here.

Stream/Download Arbor Christmas 13

Arbor Christmas 13A new compilation entitled Arbor Christmas: Volume 13 is now available online for streaming and downloading.

This yearly comp features musicians and bands based out of Southern New Jersey and this year’s edition features new tracks from Aspiga, Heartwell, By Surprise, It’s A King Thing, Young Statues, Into It Over It, and more.

You can check it out here.

Aspiga - Tense



Jump Start Records

Rating: 2.5/5




I’m really torn listening to Aspiga’s recent full length, Tense.  On the one hand, the New Jersey-born indie punk soloist has put a lot of thought into each track, hand selecting contributing friends and instruments on a song-by-song basis.  But on the flip side, when played out, nothing harmonizes quite as planned.  Imagine a once vibrant t-shirt faded after too many times in the wash and you’ll know the look and feel of most tracks.

Aspiga takes after soft-spoken indie acts like Death Cab For Cutie, but twists inflections subtly, slurring endings and sloppily trailing on like a Tim Armstrong side-project.  On that note, vocals are far fromAspiga’s strong point.  If frontman Kevin Day were in a boxing match, he’d get knocked out in the first round.  He simply lacks any “punch.”

On opener “I Am,” his voice lacks consistency, and during choruses his paralleled support struggles for synchronicity.  When deepening his voice, like on “ADjust And Then ADjust,” he achieves little sense of the dynamic development that the song so desperately needs.

Such an unfulfilling performance also makes lyrics a vector of thwarted potential.  Aspiga really sings to what they know, and what they know is their experience on the road, with all the emotions accompanying traveling across a country.  “Everyone is a stranger, everyone is becoming stranger” speaks Day on “Head To Curb” as he longs for the familiarity of Jersey; at other times embracing sleepless nights spent with friends on stage (“Goodnight Virginia”).  Sometimes he longs for escape from the everyday (“Dear Self”), making the focus deeply personal.  Sady though, inconsistency masks these revelations.

That being said, once acclimatized to the deceptively shallow presentation, some deeper roots take hold.  For instance, between the drums’ interesting tap-n-go tempo, intermittent strumming of acoustic guitars, and Look Mexico-like chord selection, the title track really gets under your skin.  The same can be said about “Routinely,” with some spot on woahs making for a pleasantly meandering sing along melody.  Likewise, the trumpet on “It Was Windy” latches on to the melodic accompaniment, harmonizes with pleasing efficiently.

In the end, Tense disappoints while baring plenty of thought, personality and charm.  Even as a disappointment, it’s clear as day that Day has plans for , once ironing out all the inconsistencies standing to make a mark in the indie folk-punk scene – just bare in mind that it hasn’t happened yet.

Aspiga / Hanalei

Aspiga / Hanalei


Jumpstart Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Of the two groups contributing to Jump Start Records’ new Aspiga/Hanalei Split, Aspiga contributes both better tracks and more progress on the band’s sound. In presentation and production, the group is deeply Jersey; upgraded by sounds peeking into a higher registry in a tradition generally associated with the Midwest and other mid-Atlantic states, a possible nod to the recording time they’ve spent in Philly. Of their stated influences only Desaparecidos really seems to capture this interesting harmonic choice – I’d try to compare them favorably to The Weakerthans, but I seem to be the world’s only punk fan who would do so for anyone, and I don’t want to start any fights.

Kevin Day is the kind of vocalist who needs a strong guitarist to survive, and at times his smooth but short-range voice is wrung out by the demands of the band’s tonal choices. Each attempt to deviate from his strengths of loud and high or soft and medium is unsuccessful, both here and elsewhere in their work. At the risk of inciting further violence, the best moments of these two tracks call the Brooklyn scene to mind – is it okay for a Jersey band to be “kind of like Palomar” if it requires comparing them to be mentioned in the same breath as Palomar? Are those fighting words where they’re from?

Hanalei is harder to place. Compared to the advances Aspiga makes Hanalei hasn’t done themselves any special favors by contributing to this release. As the older band they must have more spare tracks and unsung songs to spare, and for many such groups split albums are where that work ends up. This is no exception. The imagery on “Get Gone” begins with that of a man watching, with gravity of course, the behavior of mice. Lyrical depth fails to develop from there. By simply trailing off on both counts Hanalei makes it clear these are both tracks that may once have merited serious attention, but no longer.

Both bands have clear internal logic for releasing the split – Aspiga has a vinyl re-release coming out, and Hanalei can treat One Big Night fans to a couple of bonus tracks with a similar sound, even as it comes time to get another album together – and neither has failed to provide something of value to their fans. This album however is no exception from the norm for the kind of split contribution made by both an upcoming and an established group.

Aspiga Full Album Stream

AspigaNew Jersey indie-punk outfit Aspiga are streaming their upcoming new record, Every Last Piece, due out November 20, 2012 via Paper + Plastick Records.  

Give the full album a listen below.

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Aspiga Streams “Users”/New Album

AspigaNew Jersey indie-punk outfit Aspiga are streaming their new song called “Users” from its upcoming new record, Every Last Piece, due out November 20, 2012 via Paper + Plastick Records. The song is below.

 Every Last Piece has been available for pre-order here and is for sale in digital and vinyl formats.

Aspiga will play an album release show in its home state on December 22, 2012 in which the band will play the entire album Every Last Piece. The details of the release show can be found here.

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Aspiga – Users

AspigaNew Jersey indie-punk duo Aspiga has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Users” and comes from their upcoming new record, Every Last Piece, due out November 20 via Paper + Plastick Records

Give the song a listen below.

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Aspiga Announces Debut Full-Length Album

AspigaNew Jersey-based punk rockers Aspiga have announced their debut full-length record Every Last Piece. It will be released on November 20, 2012 via Paper + Plastick Records. The first two songs from the 7-track album, “Save Your Spit” and “Welcome To the Sympathy Party,” are streaming right now on The album can be pre-ordered via Paper + Plastick’s webstore on digital and vinyl formats.

The track listing and song streams are below.

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Aspiga Announce Debut Full Length; Stream Two Songs

AspigaNew Jersey indie-rock outfit Aspiga has released two new songs from their freshly announced debut full length.  The songs are entitled “Save Your Spit” and  “Welcome To Sympathy Party” and will appear on the alum Every Last Piece, due out November 20, 2012 via Paper + Plastick Records.

Listen to both songs here.

Aspiga Signs To Paper + Plastick, Tours With Broadcaster

AspigaThree-piece New Jersey punk-rockers Aspiga have teamed up with Paper + Plastick Records to release their new full-length record, titled Every Last Piece. The record will be available on both vinyl and digital formats on Nov. 20. 

Every Last Piece is Aspiga’s third full-length release and debut for Paper + Plastick. It follows up the band’s 7″ split with Hanalei, which came out via Jump Start Records. 

Vocalist/Guitarist Kevin Day explained the album saying:

“I think this is going to be great for us in two ways. First, this is going to be a release that truly represents the way that this band sounds. Second, we are working with a label that is going to allow more people to hear this album. My goal for this record is to connect with other people. Whether it’s one person or a 2000 people, I just want people to put this record on and say, ‘Hey, I’ve felt this way before.'”

The trio recorded its new album in late January of 2012 with producer Dave Downham at Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, N.J.

The band has also announced a two-week tour with Broadcaster that begins this week. 

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Stream: Aspiga/Hanalei Split

Jumpstart RecordsThe new split EP from Aspiga and Hanalei is now streaming in its entirety on the Jump Start Records bandcamp page. 

You can listen to it here.

Tours: Aspiga/Broadcaster

New Jersey’s Aspiga and New York’s Broadcaster have announced that they will be hitting the road for a quick joint tour. The tour will kick off later this week will find them trekking throughout the South and back up the East coast.  Aspiga continues to support their latest release, How I’m Not Feeling, released on Kat Kat Records.

Tour listings can be found below.

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Tours: Aspiga

New Jersyy’s Aspiga will be heading out on tour next week in support of  their new release on Kat Kat Records, “How I’m Not Feeling”.

The dates are below.

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