Heartless Breakers Stream New Single

HEARTLESS-BREAKERS-band Heartless Breakers 2017Salt Lake City, UT’s Heartless Breakers are streaming their new single Procrastination. This is the trio’s first new music since 2015’s full length The Great Give Back (Animal Style Records). Lead vocalist Chase Griffiths has said this about the track and the time passed since their last release:

“We needed to step away from the band to focus on our lives outside of music…We weren’t in a position to put the band first and we didn’t want to rush releasing new music for the sake of staying active. Things just didn’t feel right.”


The band are promising more new material this autumn, and you can check out the stream of Procrastination below.

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Choir Vandals Stream New LP In Full

Choir Vandals Dark GlowSt Louis’s Choir Vandals have premiered their Animal Style Records debut.  The album is titled  Dark Glow and is set to drop on July 14, 2017.

Dark Glow can be pre-ordered here and the stream can be heard here courtesy AltPress.

Choir Vandals To Release ‘Dark Glow’ LP On July 14th

Choir Vandals Dark GlowSt Louis’s Choir Vandals have signed with Animal Style Records and will release their debut full-length, Dark Glow, on July 14th, ahead of the album’s release the band have released a video for the track Holiday Girls. The Choir Vandals have also confirmed that they will be on tour in the US with Moose Blood later this summer.

You can view the video for Holiday Girls via Paste Magazine here

Dark Glow can be pre-ordered here and Choir Vandals tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Northbound Flaws


The Flaws In Everything

Animal Style Records

Rating: 4/5




From their humble beginnings as an acoustic solo project back in 2012 Northbound have steadily evolved into a fully fleshed-out band. Jonathon Fraser remains at the creative heart of Northbound, his songwriting sits at the core of the band and his style seems at home here, whether he’s armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and his voice, or with the full band fleshing out his songs with some muscle. Northbound have now bought us their latest EP, The Flaws In Everything, that was released on the 21st April 2017 via Animal Style Records, and it is now available on two different vinyl variants, white and blue and black and blue, as well as on CD and digital formats.

The Flaws In Everything introduces itself with the strong pop punk opening of Fade To Black, the classic pop punk combination of harmonised vocals and strong catchy guitar hooks is well in evidence, on the basis of this you might think you know what you’re in for, but you’d be wrong, Suitor Type still contains the pop punk element, but this time it’s darker with a touch of post hardcore. The opening duo of tracks is then followed by the crunching distorted riff of Well Water, a song that drifts into alt-rock territory, The Flaws In Everything continues to keep you guessing as Lonely Squid boasts a stripped down acoustic quality until finally Tell Me Something Good, with it’s impassioned chorus, brings things to a reflective thoughtful close.

The Flaws In Everything is a varied genre spanning EP that hits the spot nicely, for me Fade To Black and Well Water are the two stand out tracks, both bring a distorted energy to the EP, but that’s not to put down the remainder of this release, but with such a varied blend of styles on display you’re going to gravitate to the ones that appeal to your sensibilities, in my case it’s the noisier contingent of tracks. Whether every track on this EP will be to your taste is debatable, but I can guarantee there’s a good chance that you’ll find something to your taste on The Flaws In Everything.

The Flaws In Everything can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

sundressed ALLPT


A Little Less Put Together

Animal Style Records

Rating: 3/5




Arizona based indie punks Sundressed released their debut album, A Little Less Put Together, yesterday, March 24th 2017, via Animal Style Records, the album follows in the wake of a split single and two EP’s and will available on CD, vinyl, including a teal and cream split and clear with purple swirl variants, and download formats. The release of A Little Less Put Together represents the culmination of the last two years, an album that builds on their previous releases and embraces influences such as Saves The Day, Reliant K and Motion City Soundtrack.

Of Course kicks things off with an upbeat slice of pop punk with a soaring chorus, after this things head out west with the country tinged Mill Ave And Broadway and the album continues in this breezy style, whilst it does encompass other styles across it’s eleven tracks, at the core of it’s being it has a pure pop punk heart. A Little Less Put Together marks a steady move forward from the release where I first encountered them, a split single with Secret Stuff in July 2016, and everything seems to be just a little bit more polished and slick than they were last summer.

Throughout A Little Less Put Together there is a continuous melodic sensibility that permeates the whole of the album, one that has a distinctly sweet and summery feel to it with it’s lush harmonies and laid back feel. For some this release may be a little too sweet and sickly, as there is no discordant element or apparent fury, but this is a band that are not afraid to take on the heavier issues, but it’s all done with an optimistic and hopeful attitude, and as spring is approaching then this album of warm sunny pop punk may well be the soundtrack to your summer.

A Little Less Put Together can be ordered via Animal Style Records on CD and Vinyl here

The album can be downloaded and streamed via Sundressed‘s Bandcamp here

Sundressed‘s website can be found here

Pillow Talk TIAP

Pillow Talk

This Is All Pretend

Animal Style Records

Rating: 3/5




It’s been two years since Pillow Talk‘s last release, their new album is one that has been shaped by singer Joshua Cannon‘s personal experiences, including family bereavement and the toll this took on him over the last few years, but he has channelled these negative events into the creation of This Is All Pretend, a release that follows on from their 2015 EP, What We Should Have Said. Pillow Talk released their debut album via Animal Style Records on the 10th March 2017, and it is available on vinyl, on gold and red and white swirl variants, and digital formats.

Monogamy eases you into This Is All Pretend with ethereal tones, echo drenched guitars and synths that are stretched across a strident drum beat that belies the mellow feel of the opening track, This is All Pretend comes across as the kind of late night mellow soundscape you need in your life from time to time. It’s a release that washes over you with waves of treble and echo, there is no upbeat track to lift the album, it remains in a firmly mellow state across it’s ten tracks and thirty five minute run time, whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing it meant that I found that the tracks tended to blend into each other, not in an unpleasant way, but there is no moment that makes you sit up and take notice.

I can’t help feel that this release owes a hefty debt to the mellower side of the post punk bands of the eighties such as The Cure and The Chameleons, but under their placid exterior there is fire that is fuelled by injustice, they released the track Little Worries ahead of the album’s release to support organisations that are working to combat the current US administrations policies. This Is All Pretend is a natural progression from Pillow Talk‘s previous releases, their name is well chosen as this is an album that’s perfect for the late night’s that merge into early mornings, although on a personal note the use of auto tune, even though it’s used for effect rather than to hide deficiencies, did detract from the album and was a jarring element that I never like to hear used.

Pillow Talk‘s website is here and their Facebook page is here

You can purchase This Is All Pretend here

Pillow Talk Release ‘Little Worries’ In Aid Of Trans Lifeline

Pillow Talk Tour April 17Memphis, TN’s Pillow Talk are premiering a new song titled Little Worries via their Bandcamp, the track is available as a pay what you want download with all proceeds to be donated to Trans Lifeline through to March 7th. Pillow Talk‘s upcoming LP, This Is All Pretend, was produced by Matt Talbot of Hum, and will be released on March 10 via Animal Style Records.

You can download Little Worries, and pre-order the This Is All Pretend LP, here

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Northbound To Release ‘The Flaws In Everything’ EP

Northbound FlawsNorthbound will be releasing a new EP entitled The Flaws in Everything on April 21 via Animal Style Records, a video for a track from the EP, Fade To Black, has also been released. Northbound are also currently on a European tour with State Champs and As It Is.

The Flaws In Everything can be pre-ordered here

The video for Fade To Black, and Northbound‘s European Tour Dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Pillow Talk – Sorry In My Mind

Pillow Talk TIAPMemphis lo-fi rockers Pillow Talk are streaming a new track off their upcoming Animal Style Records debut full-length, This Is All Pretend, that follows up on their well received 2015 EP, What We Should Have Said. The new album will be released on March 10th 2017 and was produced by Matt Talbot from the acclaimed band Hum.

You can pre-order the vinyl of This Is All Pretend here

Listen to the new song, “Sorry In My Mind,” here courtesy CLYRVYNT.

Pillow Talk Stream ‘Sorry In My Mind’ From Forthcoming LP

Pillow Talk TIAPMemphis, TN’s Pillow Talk are streaming a new song titled Sorry In My Mind, the track appears on their upcoming LP, This Is All Pretend, which was produced by Matt Talbot of Hum, and will be released on March 10 via Animal Style Records.

You can stream Sorry In My Mind via CLRVYNT here

You can pre-order This Is All Pretend on vinyl here

Sundressed To Release ‘A Little Less Put Together’ LP

sundressed ALLPTPhoenix, AZ’s Sundressed have announced details for their upcoming album, A Little Less Put Together, that is due out on March 24 on Animal Style Records. The full-length was engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Curtis Douglas (The Maine).

Pre-orders of A Little Less Put Together are available here, Sundressed have also released a music video for the title track from A Little Less Put Together.

The video and the band’s upcoming tour dates can be viewed below

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Sundressed Announce US Tour Dates And Festival Appearances

Sundressed So What FestSundressed have announced spring tour dates with Nominee, as well as an appearance at the So What Fest in Texas on March 26th, the dates will be preceded by a show at Emo Night at Los Angeles the Echo on February 7th. The past two years have been monumentally prolific for Sundressed, releasing two EPs and a split with Nashville’s Secret Stuff in rapid succession between April 2015 and July 2016, recently signed to Animal Style Records, Sundressed will be releasing a new album later this year.

The track Limelight, that is taken from the upcoming album, can we be streamed here Read More…

Pillow Talk Release Video For ‘Ferris And Effie’

Pillow Talk TIAPMemphis lo-fi rockers Pillow Talk have released a video for Ferris And Effie, a track off their upcoming Animal Style Records debut full-length, This Is All Pretend, that follows up on their well received 2015 EP, What We Should Have Said. The new album will be released on March 10th 2017 and was produced by Matt Talbot from the acclaimed band Hum.

You can pre-order the vinyl of This Is All Pretend here

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Sundressed Stream New Song ‘Limelight’

Sundressed LimelightArizona’s indie rock band, Sundressed, has signed with Animal Style Records and have released a new single, Limelight, that is now available via Spotify and Apple Music, and will appear on their upcoming debut album. The band are commencing a tour with Cardboard Swords this weekend, and they will also be performing at Emo Night at the Echo in LA on February 7th.

You can stream the new single, Limelight (featuring Charles Barth of the band Saddles), here

The bands tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Video: Henrietta – Black & Blue

HenriettaOrlando, FL’s Henrietta has premiered a new music video from their latest album, Paper Wings, which dropped back in April via Animal Style Records.  The release follows 2014’s The Trick Is Not Minding.

Watch the video for “Black & Blue” below.

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Video: Muncie Girls – Social Side

Muncie GirlsExeter, UK’s Muncie Girls has premiered a music video for the song “Social Side,” from their debut LP, From Caplan to Belsize, which dropped back in March on Animal Style Records in the US along with Specialist Subject Records and Uncle M Music overseas.

Watch the video below.

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Apologies I Have None

Apologies, I Have None


Animal Style Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Rising UK post-punk act Apologies, I Have None plays into that internal, emotional darkness residing deep within each of us.  Doubt, anxiety, fear and trepidation course through the quartet’s musical pallet, grounding grave personal experience in conflicted outbreaks and contemplative lulls.  Their sophomore full length, Pharmacie, exhibits immediate similarities to genre fence posts like Manchester Orchestra and Brand New, harnessing the shadowy, brooding turmoil of a fragile mind, and inviting listeners to share the experience.  The style won’t be of surprise to fans, but the vigor and precision of this familiar sound from newcomers will surely turn heads within the first few minutes.

As revealed in the title and album art, Pharmacie revolves around a world of over the counter and prescription drugs, as the psychologically unstable attempt to self-medicate shaking fingers and depressed thoughts.  “There’s never enough, ever enough… of love & medication,” bemoans frontman Josh Mckenzie as he sets the record’s tone of and mental state, following with the line, “these tired eyes and a wild mind, burning up like wild fire.”  While not the most atmospheric track on the album, the interplay of piano, steady riffs, and affective vocals lay the groundwork for the fierce emotionalism of “Wraith” and “The Clarity Of Morning.”  

Together, the two mark perhaps the most striking compositions on the disc, on which the band demonstrates both range and sensitivity.  “Wraith” expertly balances emotional whispers with crashing hardcore retreat.  “In my sleep all I ever see, rotting corpses and winter trees, a twisted cyprus that holds no leaves, gives a violent lifeless, freezing scream,” makes for powerful, lingering imagery, bleeding into the ethereal wisp of “The Clarity of Morning.”  Paralleling the “quiet” side of Brand New, the track unfolds under a sullen tempo sure to raise the hairs on your neck and send a shiver down your spine.  Neighbouring song “Goodbye, Peace Of Mind” further capitalizes on the effect in a melancholy retrospective of the tangled memory between estranged brothers.  The lyrics are poignant in their selection, brimming with regret and acknowledgement.  As with any standout piece of post-punk, the song’s emotions quickly entangle the listener.

The bulk of Pharmacie finds Apologies, I Have None swaying ever so gently between both styles, ensuring listeners become subsumed in an ongoing sense of emotional flux. Tracks like “Crooked Teeth” offer moments of sonic tranquility, like still water capturing a clear reflection.  Fragile and soft, such clarity feels ready to dissipate upon contact with even a single raindrop, which ultimately lands a track later during the abruptly crashing, tumultuous chorus erupting two minutes into “Everybody Wants To Talk About Mental Health.”  Never rushed, the band explores such expositions with generous run times that permit shifting tensions to arise naturally.  Anyone claiming that such lengthy songs outlive their welcome has clearly missed the point, and would be advised to devote the appropriate time for a more assiduous, intimate listen.

Having been recently disappointed by rising post-punk act Dikembe’s highly anticipated sophomore attempt, I had resolved that this year may have lacked a clear contender for a top notch post-punk.  But thanks to the atmospheric, deeply moving showcase that is Pharmacie, that crown may very well belong to Apologies, I Have None.  Pharmacie is everything you’d want from your new favourite post-punk band.  It’s passionate, emotive, and writhing with a genuine sense of life.

Pillow Talk Wraps Up Recording For New LP

Pillow TalkMemphis, TN’s Pillow Talk has just wrapped up recording for their debut LP.  the album will follow their 2015 EP, What We Should Have Said, and is expected in early 2017 via Animal Style Records.  

A demo track from the band can be heard here.

Apologies, I Have None Stream New LP In Full

Apologies I Have NoneLondon alt-punk outfit Apologies, I Have None has premiered a full stream of their new album, Pharmacie, which is set to drop on August 26, 2016 on Animal Style Records. The band recently released a 4-track split EP with Australian punks Luca Brasi.

Pre-orders are live.  Listen to the full disc here.

Video: Apologies, I Have None – Love & Medication

Apologies I Have NoneLondon alt-punk outfit Apologies, I Have None has premiered a new music video.  The video features the track “Love & Medication” and is set to appear on their new album, Pharmacie, which is set to drop on August 26, 2016 on Animal Style Records. The band recently released a 4-track split EP with Australian punks Luca Brasi.

Pre-orders are live.  Listen to the song below.


Henrietta PW


Paper Wings

Animal Style Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Henrietta are a quartet from Orlando, Florida, Paper Wings follows up on their 2015 debut, The Trick Is Not Minding, and it picks up exactly where that album left off. The first things that strikes you about Paper Wings is the artwork, it really is a thing of beauty, but I’m sure we’ve all bought something in a nice box that disguised the contents within, is this the case with Henrietta‘s latest release?

The production on this album, although I’d be tempted to call it a mini album, is excellent, balancing the subtle guitar touches alongside the powerful drumming and the taut emotionally strained vocal delivery. For me the title track that opens proceedings is the strongest offering on here, it is a well crafted downbeat piece of indie rock that boasts beautiful guitar work, although if I’m honest that description could apply to any of the seven tracks that populate Paper Wings. This isn’t intended as a negative, but I do feel that some more variety in the content of the album would have been the missing ingredient, this minor touch could have elevated this album, that and a few more songs.

The seven tracks contained on Paper Wings offer an atmospheric and emotional soundtrack to long summer days, this is an album that just drifts gently over you. Sadly there’s nothing on Paper Wings to hook the casual listener into the album and there is no obvious track that will gain them new converts, but these are minor criticisms for what is a consistent and well written album. Henrietta are a band that walks the fine, at times invisible, line between indie rock and alt rock, they achieve this balancing act whilst displaying mature songwriting and some inspired musicianship, they’re just lacking that extra element that could lead to great things for them.

Paper Wings can be purchased here

Tours: Henrietta

HenriettaOrlando, FL’s Henrietta is will be heading on tour this summer.  The band is supporting their newest album, Paper Wings, which is available now via Animal Style Records and follows 2014’s The Trick Is Not Minding.

Tour dates are below.

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Puddle Splasher Streams New EP In Full

Puddle SplasherNew Jersey band Puddle Splasher has premiered a full stream of their debut LP, Separate States, is officially out July 8, 2016 via Animal Style Records.  Pre-Orders are live.

Listen to the full disc here courtesy Noisey.

Puddle Splasher – Summer Sigh

Puddle SplasherNew Jersey band Puddle Splasher has premiered an new song from their debut LP.  The song is titled “Summer Sigh” and the disc, Separate States, is officially out July 8, 2016 via Animal Style Records.  Pre-Orders are live.

Listen to the new track below.

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Apologies, I Have None – Love & Medication

Apologies I Have NoneLondon alt-punk outfit Apologies, I Have None has premiered a new song.  The track is titled “Love & Medication” and is set to appear on their new album, Pharmacie, which is set to drop on August 26, 2016 on Animal Style Records. The band recently released a 4-track split EP with Australian punks Luca Brasi.

Pre-orders are live.  Listen to the song here courtesy Visions.

Half Hearted Hero IR

Half Hearted Hero

Isn't Real

Animal Style Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Half Hearted Hero is an alt-rock five piece from New Bedford, Massachusetts, this is their third album to date and Isn’t Real is the follow up to their impressive 2013 sophomore release, Whatever. Half Hearted Hero have been together for the last decade, in that time they have toured relentlessly and produced numerous releases that bore a trademark raw and frantic sound. This album marks a change in style from their previous two albums, much of aggression and excitement appears to have been refocused into making a more mature and refined sound.

My initial impression was that this is a promising album, the opening track Throw It Away, whilst not groundbreaking, is a pleasant enough slice of alt-rock, the following track Dreams prompted exactly the same thoughts and I began to get the feeling that this album wasn’t going anywhere fast. The rest of album follows the alt rock template without ever getting out of second gear, I found myself willing them to inject some of the energy and excitement that characterised their first two albums into proceedings. The whole of Isn’t Real feels restrained and you wait for a track to grab you and pull you into the album, sadly, unlike their previous releases, it never happens.

This feels like a more mature and polished album than their previous two full length releases, but in achieving this it seems they have lost an important part of their identity, and more importantly they seem to have lost some of their creativity and energy. Whilst there is little wrong with Isn’t Real, there isn’t anything about it that actually grabs your attention either. This is a shame as you can hear the potential in this album, but that essential spark that makes a band exciting appears to have been lost in the recording process.

Isn’t Real can be ordered here

New Track From Appologies, I Have None

Apologies, I Have NoneRecent Animal Style Records signees Apologies, I Have None has premiered a new song from their upcoming LP.  The London UK band has premiered “Wraith” from their forthcoming album, Pharmacie, due out on August 26, 2016 through Holy Roar and Uncle M Music

Listen to the new track below.

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Half Hearted Hero – ‘Invisible City’

Half Hearted Hero - Isn't RealNew Bedford, Mass., rock band Half Hearted Hero are streaming a song off their latest album at Substream Magazine. Listen to Invisible City here.

Invisible City is from Half Hearted Hero’s recently released record titled Isn’t Real which debuted on May 27, 2016 via Animal Style Records. The record follows the band’s 2013 release titled Whatever.

Puddle Splasher Announced Debut LP

Puddle SplasherNew Jersey band Puddle Splasher has announced details for their debut LP.  The disc will be titled Separate States, and is officially out July 8, 2016 via Animal Style Records.  Pre-Orders are live.

Coinciding with the announcement, the bad has premiered the new track “No Leaves.” Give the song a listen here.


Half Hearted Hero Stream New Album

Half Hearted HeroNew Bedford, MA’s Half Hearted Hero is streaming their new album, Isn’t Real and is set to drop on May 27, 2016 via Animal Style Records.

Listen to the album here courtesy Noisey.

Muncie Girls

Muncie Girls

From Caplan To Belsize

Animal Style Records

Rating: 3.5/5




The Muncie Girls are a Punk Rock band from Exeter, England who have been building a fan base through consistent tours, and by releasing EP’s and split singles consistently since 2012.  They entered The Ranch studio in Southampton, England at the tail end of 2015 to record their debut album, and what an impressive first offering this is. From Caplan To Belsize, the title is a reference to the Sylvia Plath novel The Bell Jar, contains ten tracks of catchy indie influenced punk rock, but this is no exercise in shoegazing, this is a lively and uplifting album which suggests a maturity beyond their tender years.

Given the sound of this album it’s hard to believe the Muncie Girls are only a trio, the guitars chug merrily along and the bass is pleasingly high in the mix and drives the album forward, this solid soundtrack coupled with the breathless female vocals has produced  a dynamic and engaging debut. The album starts with Learn In School, and like many great albums before it, track one side one instantly grabs your attention, they ease off the throttle midway through the album, presumably so you can catch your breath, before they build back up to close with the impressive No Recording. For me what truly sets Muncie Girls apart is the lyrical content, this is an eloquent album with a social conscience, especially on the track Respect, which is a hard hitting attack on gender inequality and rape culture. For me this is important as the opposition to accepted prejudices and inequalities needs a voice, and I’ve always felt that punk and politics are a good marriage.

This is a well crafted and mature album which is both musically and lyrically impressive and I’m looking forward to hearing what he future brings from this trio.