Young Fox Stream ‘Slow Burn’ From Forthcoming Debut Album

Young Fox Sky Beats GoldPittsburgh indie rockers Young Fox are streaming a new song entitled Slow Burn off their upcoming debut LP, Sky Beats Gold, that is due out on March 10th via Spartan Records.

You can stream Slow Burn, which features a guest appearance by Stephen Christian of Anberlin, via Alternative Press here

Sky Beats Gold can be pre-ordered on vinyl and digital formats here, all pre-orders include instant downloads of the tracks Sometimes the Monsters Win and Slow Burn.

Live Concert Review

Story Of The Year, Hawthorne Heights, Anberlin, Halifax

Live (Jul. 23rd, 2006)

Ed's Rec Room - Edmonton, Alberta




If you follow my reviews at all, you’ve probably saw me mention the fact that Red’s in Edmonton would be closing soon, that Saves The Day would be one of my last concerts that and then that Boys Night Out was my last concert ever in the venue. In a way, it was the end of an era since my first punk show was in that venue and now it was gone; but at the same time it was good because it meant a new venue would be popping up soon. But the truth of it is that I lied, and Boys Night Out wasn’t my last concert there. Dropping the “R”, Red’s became “ed’s” for the month of July before closing down for all of August for new renovations and a new name (rumored to be The Venue) and when the co-headlining show of Story of The Year and Hawthorne Heights got moved from Shaw Conference to Ed’s Rec Room, it seemed as if I would be making one final stop at the venue which introduced me to live music.

Since the door opening was delayed, I walked in a few songs into Halifax‘s set with a slightly pessimistic view for the concert due to the fact that I was dead tired and all my friends had decided to not go to the show at the last minute. Nevertheless, Halifax put on a pretty decent performance, playing songs like Hey Italy, Better Than Sex and fan favorite, Sydney. Of course the highlight of the entire set was when they pulled out the perfect rock tune Our Revolution and got everyone to shout along the chorus of “Hell Yeaaaahhhh!!!!”. The band put a lot of energy into the set, particularly the singer who ran around quite a lot; but for me the stage presence was stolen by the guitarist on the right who personified the rock god of the ’80s perfectly with carefully messed up hair, tight jeans, an old band t-shirt, jumping on the speakers and playing the axe with his tongue – it was great.

After a twenty minute wait of making new acquaintances, Tooth & Nail up and comers Anberlin took the stage and while I wasn’t particularly looking forward to them, I was still rather surprise and disappointed. The first thing I noticed was the singer, how his vocals sounded a lot different than I had remembered and how the entire sound seemed to be harder than it comes across on the album. I took a step past by little startle at the change of sound and decided to take it was if I had never heard the band before, watch Anberlin with a clean slate in front of them- and yet, I couldn’t take them seriously. There was something about the singer’s personality that got to me. He sure as hell wasn’t lazy (unlike Hawthorne Heights‘ front man, but we’ll talk about that later) as he jumped around and was sweating profusely after the first song. It was how he portrayed himself, somehow very stiff, constantly rubbing his hair (once, at the back of the stage, he stopped to make sure his hair was still flat). It wasn’t a bad performance, I just couldn’t get into it.

Next up was supposed to be Hawthorne Heights, so I was surprised to see the shaven head of the Story Of The Year front man take the stage after an amazing introduction of Arnie’s Pizza Shop andStar Wars (easily one of the better stage entrances in a while). At this point in time, let me also mention that I had promised myself I wouldn’t mosh so that I could rest a bit after being to three concerts in the last three nights, including Warped Tour and AFI where I didn’t sit at all – but as soon as they ripped into the first song I couldn’t help myself. They put so much energy into the performance that the crowd, and myself, ate it up and went insane. Vocalist Dan Marsala jumped into the crowd, letting them sing, went crowd surfing and entertained the audience with some pointless banter every once in a while; so not only did the band sound good as they played a wide selection of new and old songs, but Marsala was also a good front man for the job. After the hour long set, I was sweaty, happy and was glad I decided to come; but sadly, once Hawthorne Heights took the stage, I quickly remembered why I wasn’t that excited to be there.

For you see, Hawthorne Heights put on a very boring performance, and their hour long set felt like so much longer. There was very little energy coming from the lead singer as he simply stood still, playing his guitar and singing into the mic stand; and while the one of the guitarists did go crazy, even his antics became boring after a while. The only song I could really determine were Nikki FM and Pins And Needles as the rest all merged into one. Even though I wasn’t expecting much from the band, I was still let down as they put a damper on the whole evening – if only it had been Story Of The Year who closed, then the night would’ve been a better success.

New Photos: Lucero, Make Do And Mend, Anberlin, Knucklhead and Riot Fest Toronto


After fixing a little bug in our media gallery, we’re back with a vengeance and have posted a ton of new photos for you to devour.

We’ll start out West in Denver, Colorado as Mike Fajardo captured an intimate Lucero acoustic show at Illegal Pete’s in April. You can check out those pictures here.

Heading up North, Chris Wedman has been busy up in Calgary, Alberta and recently snapped some photos of Anberlin, Make Do and Mend and Knucklehead with The Hockey Fight.

And finally we hit up the East Coast as our resident Toronto photographer got some images of Riot Fest Toronto last year featuring the likes of NOFX, Descendents, Andrew WK, Lawrence Arms, Hot Water Music and Less Than Jake here.

Tours: Aberlin

AnberlinAnberlin has announced that they will be heading on tour for their ‘Tour De Vital.’  The tour will run through February and March and will be supporting their sixth album, Vital, released back in October 2012 through Universal Republic Records.

 Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: Anberlin

AnberlinAnberlin has announced that they will be heading on tour in the new year.  The tour will run through February and March and will be supporting their sixth album, Vital, released back in October through Universal Republic Records.

Full tour listings can be found below.

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Anberlin - New Surrender


New Surrender

Tooth & Nail Records

Rating: 2.5/5




I must confess a peculiar relationship with Anberlin.  If you asked me to recall even an individual song from the band’s growing discography I’d come up empty.  I don’t find the group particularly remarkable or consider them unique in any way.  Truth be told, I can’t remember a single melody they’ve written.  Yet, if you asked me how I felt about the Florida quintet I’d likely come across rather favourably.  And after listening to their 2008 Universal Republic debut, New Surrender, I can’t say my opinion has changed.

To compound matters, deep down I fully realize that each of Anberlin’s subsequent efforts provides very little in terms of innovation – and here New Surrender follows suit.  The album sounds just like every other pseudo-mainstream alternative-punk group that took hold in the 00’s.  Yet when I press play, I almost always l hear the album through.  Something about the New Surrender just grabs me.  It’s not that it’s an engaging listen, but rather that it feels safe, familiar, and altogether comforting.

It also doesn’t hurt that the band has all but perfected the art of the hook.  Anberlin plays radio-friendly melodies in a way that just sounds right – other groups spend years together never achieving such chemistry.  Vocalist Stephen Christian somehow finds that elusive key that always sounds youthful but mature.  On tracks like “The Resistance” he cries passionately without ever sliding into that high pitched, juvenile Taking Back Sunday-whine; but at the same time couldn’t feel more far-removed from traditional alternative groups like The Foo Fighters.

Furthermore, the album contains just enough subtle differentiation between songs to disguise Anberlin’s otherwise repetitive nature.  Tracks like “Blame Me! Blame Me!” land tight, bouncy choruses, while others like “Retrace” and “Breathe” offer big acoustic numbers – the kind that would make crowds sway lighters (or now a days, cell phones) in time with the flow.  It’s the little flourishes, like the mild distortion on “Burn Out Brighter (Northern Lights),” or the occasional soundboard noise and echoic harmony that keeps New Surrender listenable in its entirety.

But at the same time, as much as I’ve enjoyed New Surrender, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve heard this all before.  In a way it’s almost like Anberlin writes the same album time and again – no better, no worse.  While Anberlin keeps turning out listenable hook after listenable hook, they’re clearly not taking any risks.  So if you’ve enjoyed Anberlin in the past, then you’ll likely enjoy New Surrender – just don’t expect anything new.

Anberlin - Never Take Friendship Personal


Never Take Friendship Personal

Tooth & Nail Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Anberlin made great steps with their debut album, Blueprints For The Black Market, back in 2003 on Tooth & Nail Records, but it never really struck me. But like most bands, Anberlin found themselves on multiple compilations over the last few years, and each time the songs stood out more and more. Never too outstanding, but they were slowly starting to grow on me.

Now they are back with their new album, Never Take Friendship Personal, and when I first got it, I wasn’t that impressed. I really didn’t want to listen to it the entire way through, it was juts quite boring. Around a week later I threw it into my CD player once again to give it another try, and although it still wasn’t spectacular, it had grown on me. Like they did over the past two years on various compilations,Anberlin once again started to grow on me. The little things they did right started popping up, and I soon found myself singing along on a few tracks.

Now that’s not saying that this CD is in anyway perfect, but it is better then I originally thought. It features very slick, smooth, radio friendly guitar riffs and solid vocals, sounds a little too polished. Its too clean shaven and smooth, there’s not enough grit to make it stand out in anyway. Aside from that slight production fault, it is still possible to sit through and listen to it the entire way without dropping into convulsions. It features some very catchy Christian rock tracks that could easily be compared to many of the well known bands flooding the radio these days. Unfortunately, this works against them as there is nothing extremely ground breaking or original about it, nothing that will help it last the test of time.

Although Never Take Friendship Personal possess many different qualities the the band’s debut, it does has quite a few resemblances too. I really doubt it will find its way into many people’s CD player six months from now. There are a few tracks, Stationary Stationery and A Day Late are some of them, which will find their ways on to compilations over the next few years and will successively bring back memories of the band. But as a CD on a whole, it is somewhat forgettable.

Anberlin - Blueprints For The Black Market


Blueprints For The Black Market

Tooth & Nail Records

Rating: 2/5




After existing for only a time period of one year, this band out of Orlando, Florida, have created a fan based all over the United States and the world. Anberlin‘s debut CD, Blueprints For The Black Market, came out on May 6th on Tooth And Nail Records and it shows us a young band trying new things, breaking the conventional rules and expectations to go one step further in the sound of pop-punk/light emotional music.

The vocals by Stephen Christian are constantly smooth and melodic. With a mix of background vocals added in during multiple songs, all still smooth and melodic, it makes the songs seamless. The vocals connecting one to another at the perfect timing to make it sound almost as one solid voice. Anberlin sings about many things, with many catchy lyrics to go along with them.

Musically, they play a soft/slow/style of music. Not harsh, fast paced punk rock. The guitars are the most evident. With the drum set played steadily in the background to round it all off. Their style is one of their one, I can not think of a band to compare them with. In retrospect though, I think they should’ve tried to change the beat around at times, as many of the songs sound very similar to another.

One of the standout tracks on the album is the second track, and one of the more popular from the album: Foreign Language. The beat is steady and melodic, with a much more evident drum rhythm then most of the other songs. The lyrics though, are what I really enjoy. All about the different languages boys and girls speak, and how much trouble it causes. They are very well thought up, and somewhat true. The third track, Change The World (Lost Ones) is my absolute favorite track. It starts off a lot harder, with a heavy dose of bass and drums. They change the tune many times during the duration of the song, from harder punk-rock eminences to softer music which you are use to with these guys. The lyrics once again stand above the rest. Saying how we could change the world  and make history if we work together (at least that is my interpretation of them). It shows a different style then most of the album, which helps to demonstrate the musical talent this young band has.

The final track, Naive Orleans, is my second favorite track on the CD. It starts off with an amazing guitar beat mixed with a constant drum rhythm. The melodic vocals join in next. The song is just done incredibly well and a is excellent choice to end the album off with.

Overall, this is a CD which, in my opinion, will not go down in history. It is just mediocre, nothing extraordinary about it. I do recommend it, but not if there are other CDs you could choose from, as there are much better ones out there then this.

Tours: Anberlin (US)

AnberlinFresh off their October 26th release, Vital, Florida based Anberlin have embarked on a headlining tour through the U.S., mostly east coast, ending in early December.  Supporting them on all dates will be The Morning Parade; dates are below.

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Anberlin Reveal Track Listing

AnberlinAnberlin revealed the track listing for their upcoming sixth studio album, Vital, due out Ovtober 16, 2012.  

Check it out below.

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Anberlin – Self Starter

AnberlinAnberlin has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Self Starter” and is from their upcoming sixth album, Vital, due out Ovtober 16, 2012.  Drummer Nathan Young comments to Billboard about the band’s direction for the new disc:

“We and really step out of our box and change it up… We’re a rock band, but we’ve got to progress with a sixth album. We wanted to keep it to that rock thing but just change it up.”

Give the song a listen here.


Anberlin Detail Next Full Length

AnberlinAnberlin has announced that their next full length will be titled Vital and is due out October 16, 2012.  The band last released Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place in 2010.

The album’s first concept art can be found here.


Anberlin Announces Free Live Show

AnberlinAnberlin has announced that they will be offering a free in London next month with Lincoln Park.  The performance will take place July 13, 2011 at The Garage.

The band continues supporting their fifth studio album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place, released last year on Universal Republic Records.



Tour: 30 Seconds To Mars / Anberlin

Thirty Seconds to MarsFull details of 30 Seconds to Mars‘ April and May “Closer To The Edge” Tour have been announced. They are to be supported by Florida’s Anberlin who last year released their 5th studio album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place. The tour will also feature opening act CB7.

Dates are below.

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Tours: Anberlin with Circa Survive, Foxy Shazam

AnberlinAnberlin has announced a co-headlining tour with Circa Survive and special guests Foxy Shazam. The tour is set to kick off January 14th in Richmond, VA, spanning the northeast and midwestern US. After wrapping up their North American dates, the bands will tour Australia and the Phillippines.

Anberlin recently performed their hit single “Impossible” on Jimmy Kimmel Live and is currently on tour in support of their new album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place.

A full listing of tour dates can be seen below:

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Video: Anberlin – Impossible (Live)

AnberlinAnberlin recently stopped by Alter The Press’ live studio for a quick acoustic session while touring in the UK.  The result is an intimate live recording of the band’s new single, “Ipossible.”  The track comes from the band’s fifth studio album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place, released earlier this year on Universal Republic Records.

Check out the performance below.

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Video: Anberlin Live At Studios

AnberlinAnberlin recently performed a selection of acoustic sessions at the studios.  The band made the appearence in support of their recent album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is The Place released earlier this year on Universal Republic.

Give the five song set a listen here.


Video: Anberlin Perform "Impossible" On Jimmy Kimmel Live

AnberlinAnberlin recently performed their track “Impossible” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  The track is from the band’s recently released their fifth studio album, Dark is The Day, Light Is The Place on Universal Republic Records.

Watch the performance below.

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Mp3: Anberlin – Pray Tell

AnberlinAs promised, Anberlin has posted a new track for free download via Spin.  The track is titled “Pray Tell,” and is from their upcoming album, Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place, due out September 7, 2010 on Universal Republic.

Download the track here.


Anberlin To Give Away New Favourite Track

AnberlinAccording to a recent twitter update, Florida power-pop/rock group Anberlin will be giving away a free track from their upcoming album this Thursday via Spin.  The track is titled “Pray Tell” and will be available on Dark Is The Way, Light is The Place., which is due out September 7, 2010 on Universal Republic.

Check out the trail info as it unfolded here.


Anberlin: We Owe This To Ourselves

AnberlinA new Anberlin track entitled, ‘We Owe This To Ourselves’, is streaming via the band’s PureVolume page.

The song comes from the band’s recently announced full length, The Way, Light Is The Place. The album will serve as their followup to 2008′s New Surrender and will be released on September 7th through Universal Republic.


Tours: Anberlin (US/Canada)

AnberlinAnberlin will launch a North American headlining tour at New Orleans’ House of Blues on September 28th that will run until October 6th. Crash Kings and Civil Twilight will open on the outing, which includes stops at Los Angeles’ House of Blues (October 8th), The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza (October 30th), along with a full Canadian tour as well.

Anberlin will also play a show with 30 Seconds to Mars on September 30th in Oklahoma City. See below for full tour itinerary.

The band’s upcoming studio album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place, will be released on September 7th just in time for the tour.

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Anberlin CD Pushed Forward Two Weeks

AnberlinAnberlin‘s upcoming fifth studio album Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place‘s release date has been moved up by two weeks.

The record was originally slated to drop through Universal Republic on September 21 and will now be released on September 7.


Videos: Anberlin – Impossible

AnberlinAnberlin have released their first video from their new album.

The video is for the single “Impossible” and comes from the band’s recently announced full length, The Way, Light Is The Place. The album will serve as their followup to 2008’s New Surrender.

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Mp3: Anberlin – Impossible

AnberlinHead over to the KROQ website to listen to a new track from Anberlin.  The track is titled “Impossible” and comes from the band’s recently announced full length, The Way, Light Is The Place.  The album will serve as their followup to 2008’s New Surrender.

Give it a listen here.


Videos: Anberlin – We Owe This To Ourselves

AnberlinAnberlin has released a new video for the track “We Owe This To Ourselves.”  The track is the first material to debut from the band’s forthcoming album Dark Is The Way, Light It The Place, which will see a September 21, 2010 release on Universal Republic.

Check out the video below.

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Anberlin Releases New Album Details: Dark Is The Way, Light is a Place

AnberlinAnberlin have announced that they will release their about fifth studio album, Dark Is The Way, Light is a Place,on September 21st through Universal Republic.

The band recorded it at Nashville’s renowned Blackbird Studio with Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine), who won the Grammy award for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical earlier this year. “Impossible,”  the first single from the record, will go to radio in mid-July. “We Owe This To Ourselves,” another track from Dark Is The Way, Light is a Place, will be the main song used on ESPN’s X-Games this summer. The full track listing is below.

The forthcoming record follows Anberlin’s New Surrender, which was the band’s second album to debut in the Top 20 of The Billboard 200. “Feel Good Drag,” New Surrender‘s first single, hit No. 1 on the Modern Rock charts and now holds the record as the longest-charting single in Modern Rock history

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