Video: Anarbor – Josie

AnarobotPhoenix, Arizona’s Anarbor has premiered a new music video for the song “Josie.”  The track appears on their self titled album, which was released last year via UNK.   

Watch the video below.

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Anarbor - The Natural Way EP


The Natural Way EP

Hopeless Records

Rating: 1.5/5




Phoenix Arizona’s Anarbor is like that generic brand of cola they sell at K-Mart: it seems harmless enough in passing, but when compared with the real deal, it feels flat, tasteless, and cheap.  That pretty much sums up my experience with their brief EP, The Natural Way: four tracks of uneventful and deceivingly bland alternative pop-rock.

Now, I didn’t find Anarbor inherently cringe-inducing on first listen – no, they were rather competent – maybe even modestly exciting based on vocalist Slade Echeverria’s likeness to the vocal alertness of Nick Thomas (The Spill Canvas).  At least for me, that was a definite plus (especially on “Right There With You”).  However, the longer I spun the four tracks, and the greater attention I gave the release, the more it dawned upon me how empty and soulless the thirteen minutes felt.  It’s the type of directionless drivel that you can find yourself singing along with, yet hate every second of its mindless hooks and sugar coated, head-in-the-clouds pop.

But, if the band was aiming for a sound ripe for the young alternative radio waves, then I suppose they’re on the right track.  “Don’t trouble your pretty little head, there’s only room for love, there’s only room for love instead” whines Echeverria towards the end of opener “Love Instead.”  It’s just so easy to see impressionable scenesters suckered into singing along with these big choruses as they scour the racks of Hot Topic for whatever fluorescent colours and wristbands the trend setters are wearing to local power-pop shows on any given month.  It’s easy to see how these tricks have given Anarbor the sizeable following required for maintaining their relatively prolific output, but at the same time, these tricks make for a vicious circle of uninspired quality, letting successful bands like Anarbor set a rather depressing standard for others to follow.

The Natural Way isn’t the bottom of the barrel, but it’s hardly worth going into much detail over since this barrel is all but empty.  These are songs about everything and nothing all at once, inspiring listeners to enter a vegetative state of bland compliance.  They’re good for a harmless hum, but hardly offer anything beyond a brief survey of today’s passable flavour of the week.

Anarbor - Free Your Mind


Free Your Mind

Hopeless Records

Rating: 0.5/5




I rarely read band bios anymore as its rare that they actually offer me much good information. They’re just there to sell the band and most of them just ooze out insincerity and platitudes. But the first lines ofAnarbor‘s bio caught my eye which forced me to read the rest. It said:

Soulful, fresh, genre-defying. These are only a few of the terms that immediately spark the mind when greeted with Anarbor’s gutsy and transcending EP, Free Your Mind. When noted that the aforementioned genre is pop-rock, it seems….

I couldn’t help but laugh at this implausible description. First to call them genre-defying and then define them within a genre in the next sentence seems ludicrous and contradictory. Then, the idea that they’re “soulful, fresh or genre-defying” in any way, shape or form is laughable because at its core, Anarbor‘s Free Your Mind is one of the most generic, paint-by-numbers pop-rock EPs you could ever imagine. They follow seamlessly in the footsteps laid out by recent Hopeless acts like All Time Low or Panic! At The Disco (only without memorable hooks).

The bio goes on to feature a quote from guitarist Mike Kitlas who says “We know that every single kid out there is tired of the same old dance-pop record that gets released every single week. Our goal is to be the music scene’s saving grace. It will tell our listeners that we are here to stay and we are not a fad band that will fade out as soon as dance-pop is outdated.” This little quote, just like the rest of their bio, just jumps out with inaccuracies and annoyances. Having just graduated from high school themselves, they’re just kids so when every quote starts with “the kids” it seems condescending and arrogant. To claim to be the saving grace of music is equally as bad.

Throughout the bio they constantly knock the fad of dance pop and claim to have a distinctive sound that will outlast it all. But they don’t. It’s a lie they feed themselves (and the press) to make themselves feel better. Free Your Mind is not unique or distinctive. It is generic, bland and predictable. Extremely polished with pitch-perfect vocals, there’s nothing real about it as it just another release in a long stream of fad-bands that they seem so determined to rebel against.

On the closing track of the seven song EP, Anarbor asks “What the fuck happened to rock and roll?” for them to find out the answer to that, they just need to play their own EP back to them and they’ll see all the problems of rock and roll.


Tours: Mayday Parade / We The Kings / Anarbor / Downtown Fiction

Pop punk outfit Mayday Parade has announced that they will be heading out for a February tour with We The Kings and support from Anarbor and Downtown Fiction.  The band continues to support their recent self titled full length, released last year through the Independent Label Group.

Full tour dates can be found below.

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Anarbor Giving Away Two Songs Free

Phoenix, Arizona’s Anarbor is giving away two songs for free from their latest album, The Words you Don’t Swallow.  The first track is “Mr. Big Shot” and can be acquired by signing up for the group’s mailing list.  The second track, “Useless,” can be obtained through Twitter.  The album was released last year on Hopeless Records.

Download both tracks here, on the group’s new website.

Video: Anarbor

Phoenix, Arizona pop punk band Anarbor has posted a new video for the track “Useless.”  The track ceoms fro the band’s 2010 album, The Words you Don’t Swallow, released on Hopeless Records

Check out the video exclusively at purevolume.

Tour: VersaEmerge / Anarbor / The Dangerous Summer

VersaEmergeVersaEmerge have announced the schedule for their fall tour,The Vultures Unite Tour. The tour kicks-off next month in Dallas and features labelmates Anarbor and The Dangerous Summer along with Conditions as opening acts. Fans can pre-order their tickets this Wednesday at 4pm, local time. The dates are below.

We recently interviewed VersaEmerge‘s Sierra Kusterbeck while they were on the Warped Tour. You can read that interview here.

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Anarbor To Debut "Gypsy Woman" Video On mtvU

On Friday, July 30, 2010, Phoenix rockers Anarbor will debut the video for their track “Gypsy Woman” exclusively on mtvU. The track is off their debut Hopeless Records full length, The Words You Don’t Swallow.  The band is currently playing several dates over on the annual The Vans Warped Tour.

Head over to the mtvU site at the end of the week to check it out.

New Songs From Anarbor

Phoenix, AZ pop-rock band Anarbor have just released two new songs for streaming off their upcoming Hopeless Records debut full length, The Words You Don’t Swallow. The two tracks, “Mr. Big Shot” and “Useless” are streaming now exclusively on

Anarbor are set to release their debut full length, The Words You Don’t Swallow on April 20.

New Anarbor Song

Hopeless RecordsAnarbor have released a new song, Gypsy Woman off their upcoming Hopeless Records debut full length The Words You Don’t Swallow. The song is streaming exclusively right here. The song can be purchased from iTunes and all other digital retail outlets.

The Words You Don’t Swallow will be released on April 20th.