Vukovi Confirm Headline UK Tour And Festival Appearances

Vukovi May Tour + FestivalsFollowing the release of their stunning breakthrough self titled debut album and a packed out headline tour across the UK, Vukovi are now heading out on another UK headline tour with dates beginning tomorrow, May 24th, which will be followed by a series of summer festival appearances, including Reading, Leeds, 2000 Trees and the Y Not Festivals.

The Punk Site review of Vukovi‘s debut album can be read here and a live review is here

You can view the video for the track Weirdo, and Vukovi‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Cult Of Dom Keller PIOF

The Cult Of Dom Keller

Paradiso Is On Fire

Cardinal Fuzz / Sky Lantern Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Paradiso Is On Fire is the first live album from The Cult Of Dom Keller, the album was recorded on a European tour at the tail end of 2016, the recordings are culled from shows that took place in Antwerp, Belguim and at the legendary Paradiso venue in Amsterdam as they toured in support of their latest studio album, Goodbye To The Light. Paradiso Is On Fire was released via a collaboration between Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records on double album and CD formats yesterday, the 22nd May 2017, and the album is now available if you hurry, as these are strictly limited pressings.

The band are clearly influenced by the likes of the Spacemen 3, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and in particular, at least to my ears, the often criminally overlooked Loop, but there’s also a heady influence from outsider psyche pioneers of the 60’s present in their DNA. From the extended trip of the opening number Behind All Evil Is A Black Hole, through the excellent driving keyboard heavy Nowhere To Land and the fuzz drenched Shambala Is On Fire, to the strangely disjointed Dead Seas, the echoing Eyes and the dark, almost gothic, Nothing Left To Stay For and the epic closing track Worlds, this is a hedonistic and unique album that indicates the ongoing resurgence of garage and psych influenced bands is still gaining momentum.

Paradiso Is On Fire encompasses The Cult Of Dom Keller‘s three studio albums, whilst the constantly echoing and heady feel of the album is heavily influenced by suspicious psych influences there’s a touch of post punk and alternative drive to the album that stops Paradiso Is On Fire from wallowing in the sea of the psychedelic strangeness that is at their core. Paradiso Is On Fire captures The Cult Of Dom Keller at the height of the powers delivering a hypnotic mind altering live set, and it appears that Cardinal Fuzz have unearthed another band from the dark and fuzzy underbelly of the UK’s alternative scene that, as with all of their releases, offers you a unique and heady experience.

You can order Paradiso Is On Fire via Cardinal Fuzz (UK) here and Sky Lantern Records (USA) here

Left Lane Cruiser Claw Machine Wizard

Left Lane Cruiser

Claw Machine Wizard

Alive Naturalsound Records

Rating: 3/5




Indiana based duo Left Lane Cruiser released their seventh studio album for Alive Naturalsound Records, Claw Machine Wizard, a few days ago, the latest full length follows on from their last album of new material, 2015’s Dirty Spliff Blues and their 2016 compilation, Beck In Black, and it sees the band return to being a duo, as opposed to the expanded line up that featured on their last full length of new material.

The title track kicks things off with a punked up blues number that boasts an infectious amped up distorted blues riff, and from this point in you’re in for a trip that has it’s origins in delta blues, but crucially it takes in additional influences along the way, there are elements of psyche and garage in the mix that are combined with a raw punk attitude to the delivery. Tracks such as Booga Chaka are closer to their blues origins whilst Still Rollin’ and Lately bring a touch of rock swagger to proceedings. But it’s not all swagger and boogie, Indigenous ushers in a sinister element, whilst Liquor Store closes Claw Machine Wizard in a suitably smoky and bourbon drenched manner.

Claw Machine Wizard is an album that will appeal to Left Lane Cruiser‘s established fanbase, and to those who have an appreciation for the bands that populate the roster of labels such as Abattoir Blues Records, their return to the stripped down approach that has been present on the majority of the albums is one that will be welcomed. Whilst there are moments on the album that don’t quite hit the mark this is largely an album that’s born of the blues and is delivered in a down and dirty manner, and the occasional misfire aside this is a another solid album from Left Lane Cruiser.

You can pre-order the limited edition starburst vinyl edition of Claw Machine Wizard here

Bullet Height Release ‘No Atonement’ LP Today

Bullet Height NABerlin based UK electronic-rock duo Bullet Height release their debut album No Atonement today via Superball Music on petrol green vinyl, CD and download formats, and to mark the occasion they have revealed a special track by track video run down of the themes and inspirations behind the songs on the record.

No Atonement can be streamed via Spotify here and purchased here

You can view the track by track rundown of No Atonement below Read More…

Waiting For Titor Release Stream Of ‘Halo’ From Forthcoming EP

Waiting For Titor HP1Anglo-Italian Alternative quartet Waiting For Titor, that features members from Manchester in the UK and Faenza in Italy, continue their climb with the release of their latest video single, Halo, that is taken from the band’s debut EP, Halo Part 1, that is due to be released on Friday 2nd June via Diva Records.

The Halo Part 1 EP can be pre-ordered here

You can view the video For Halo below Read More…

Gun Shy The Long Dance

Gun Shy

The Long Dance

Wrong Way Round Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Southampton’s Gun Shy are an odd, to put it mildly, crew who claim to have been “forged in the depths of the outermost reaches of existence” but they now seem to have settled on earth as their latest release, The Long Dance, follows on from the 2016 release of their debut five track offering, First Transmission, that was released via Failure By Design Records. The Long Dance is now available to order on cassette, via Wrong Way Round Records, and digital formats, from the usual array of digital retailers and streaming services.

Refine Like Silver kicks things off with ominous guitar and spoken vocals that recalls an imminent confrontation until it does exactly that and the track breaks out into an impressively heady noise rock wall of sound, Test You Like Gold continues in this style, and indicates an ongoing obsession with precious metals, before Whilst You Execute takes things into a full blooded hardcore thrash. The EP continues to veer across styles and genres with complete abandon, spoken and mellow spacey interludes are punctuated with abrasive and suspiciously hazy moments leaving you never quite knowing where The Long Dance is going to take you, and the final track, Waiting For, takes things into interstellar overdrive and leaves you wondering what you just heard.

Gun Shy boast a heady blend of styles and influences, everything from post-punk, doom and post rock to indie, alternative and noise rock, with a detour taking in garage and psych, are blended together on The Long Dance to create something that is not altogether of this earth. To say this is a unique and unusual release would be an understatement, for those who like their soundtrack to be unpredictable and original, especially fans of the likes of Butthole Surfers and Baked, then I’d recommend joining in with The Long Dance.

You can order the limited edition cassette of The Long Dance from Wrong Way Round Records here

Vant DI April 17

The Bushmills Tour 2017: Vant / Weirds

The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK

27th April 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Bushmills 1The Bushmills Tour is a series of four shows across the UK that features four different headliners in four different cities, the tour spans April and May with other cities being treated to The Magic Gang, We Are Scientists and The Wytches, but tonight Manchester is hosting a sold out headline set from Vant with support from Leeds quartet Weirds. It seems there’s no happy medium, either you’re late and you miss a band or the venue isn’t open when you arrive and you’re forced to have a pint in the sunshine on the eve of a bank holiday, tonight had the added bonus of being a Bushmills Whiskey sponsored tour with free samples whilst you’re waiting and on the way in we’re handed all manner of promotional material, and more whiskey, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. 

Bushmills V1First up are Weirds, prior to their appearance of the first band, Weirds, we’re treated to a full tilt set of alt rock and grunge that sets the scene nicely with more free whiskey at the bar and I’m starting to get the feeling that tonight might get a bit messy. Weirds take the stage to a crescendo of drums and echoing strings that precede a strident drum beat kicks in along with a full tilt wall of distortion that smacks you right between the eyes, yet somehow  Weirds manage to maintain a vibe that is simultaneously spacey, intense and heavy. The Leeds quartet continue to plough the grunge and alternative furrow whilst maintaining a heady edge, to say I’m impressed with their hedonistic set would be an understatement.

Bushmills V2Weirds come across as an amped up adrenaline charged band that are informed by the alternative and grunge scenes of the late 80s and early 90s but bought bang up to date and their own heady influences thrown into the mix, this is only the first band, I’m five whiskies down and having a ball, how could I not with the hedonistic combination of Weirds and Whiskey on offer. The Weirds vocalist departs the stage taking in the whole venue to blur the line between band and audience, a second launch from the stage brings the keyboards tumbling into the crowd. The combination of driving bass lines, effects laden guitar, machine gun drumming and the generally hedonistic substance fuelled vibe of Weirds is something that hits the spot perfectly and they leave as they arrive, in an effects laden loop leaving chaos in their wake.

Bushmills V3There’s just about time for yet another free whiskey before it’s time for Vant, prior to their arrival an impressive array of effects pedals are set up on stage, enough to open a small guitar shop, and the venue for tonight’s sold out show is now packed from front to back and the bar is several deep with an uncharacteristically high demand for whiskey of an Irish persuasion. Vant open with a high tempo set of bare bones power pop influenced punk rock, from the off that’s its been clear that tonight was going to be a good night, after all free whiskey is very hard to argue with but when it’s coupled with two incredible live bands you really do have a recipe for a perfect storm.

Bushmills V4Vant play a high octane set that channels the best of the grunge but when this coupled with infectious adrenaline driven songs you have a winning combination, add to this they have a sizeable live following that have the dance floor reverberating to the rise and fall of the crowd and you have the infectious enthusiasm born of whiskey and two incredible bands, whilst I’m not normally a fan of corporate sponsorship of gigs I’ll make an exception in this case, because, well because it’s whiskey. A bouncer is berated for entering the enthusiatic pit “what the fuck ate you doing in there, it’s a fucking punk show” they also apologise for playing on the night of the Manchester football derby and promise to make it up to the crowd, to be honest I thought they already had as football is one thing, but nights like this only come round every so often and for me football pales in comparison to shows like this.

Bushmills V5The crowd are impressively exuberant, and the band play an incredible fifteen song set that captures the combined essence of punk, power pop and grunge that makes for an irresistible combination. This is easily the best crowd I’ve encountered at the Deaf Institute, from my position wedged in at the side of the stage I see my whiskey bouncing across the bar such is the enthusiasm of the crowd, thankfully I collect it in the nick of time. But Vant aren’t just a band that can pack a dance floor, they embrace the spirit of political defiance that is strongly associated with the best punk bands, there’s no theatrics, they just announce an encore from the stage and continue with their charged set, for me this is just as it should be. Vants set has passed by in a hectic blur and their final number is preceded by an endorsement for safe gigs for women, something The Punk Site wholeheartedly supports.

Bushmills V6I can’t choose between tonight’s two bands, both offered perfect sets that reflected very different facets of the music we love, nights like this remind you why you fell in love with the scene in the first place, combine this with free whiskey and crowd who reflect the enthusiasm of the music and you couldn’t ask for a better combination. The journey home is a happy blur and I’m just glad I take notes during the gig as my recollections are understandably hazy. My advice would be to go and watch Weirds and Vant, and maybe treat yourself to a whiskey, preferably all three together if you can, there’s not a single thing I’d change about tonight, the following morning however was a different story.

Bushmills V7Vant‘s website can be found here

Weirds Twitter account can be found here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Queen Zee & The Sasstones Stream Debut Single ‘Sissy Fists’

Queen Zee Sissy FistsQueen Zee & The Sasstones have announced the release of their debut single via Nice Swan Records the single has been released today on limited 7″ vinyl and digital formats. Drawing heavily on a variety of musical influences from the 70’s garage rock explosion to the world of 80’s pop, for Queen Zee & The Sasstones blurring the lines between the establishment and the DIY scene is something the band are clearly already au fait with.

You can order the Limited 7″ Vinyl here and the track is also available via Spotify and iTunes

You can stream Sissy Fists here and view the bands tour dates below Read More…

Ghouls Run



1471 Records

Rating: 3.5/5




London based punk rock quintet Ghouls are heading into 2017 with their new twelve track album, Run, that is set for release tomorrow, the 5th May 2017, via 1471 Records. The album was inspired by true stories from the daily grind of real life, and the struggles faced in the modern day, Run encapsulates the challenges, thought processes and feelings of a group of young men coming of age, in many ways Run is a graduation record that brings an updated and mature sound to UK punk scene and marks a shift away from the sound of the 2014 debut album, Ten Thousand Words On.

You could be forgiven for assuming that Ghouls would be heavily influenced by The Misfits due to their chosen moniker but that isn’t the case, Ghouls are a contemporary band that have their own sound rather than resurrecting the sounds of those that came before them. The opening track and lead single, Seasonal Affective, kicks things off with an impressive post punk stomp, before the album heads off into an uptempo pop punk inspired style, but this isn’t the predictable pop punk by numbers approach I encounter fairly regularly, Ghouls incorporate all manner of influences into their sound, including touches of rock, ska and even a hint of post hardcore to create an impressive and original album.

Ghouls have made an album that stands on it’s own and doesn’t fit into a category, the influences are present but they are incorporated into their own style rather dictating it. If I had to criticise this album it would be that it all feels a little too polished when compared to their previous releases, there are no rough edges to Run and it feels detached from how I imagine they sound live, something that is borne out by a brief Youtube search, but that’s probably just my personal preference for things to be on the raw side, but however you look at it Run is a slick and original album from a band that are doing things on their terms.

Run can be pre-ordered via 1471 Records on vinyl, CD and download formats here

Ghouls Bandcamp can be found here

Regarde Release ‘Last Summer’ Single

Regarde LS SingleItaly’s Regarde have signed to Wiretap Records and the band have now released a brand new music video for their new single, Last Summer, that is taken from their forthcoming debut album, that is due out this Fall via Wiretap Records (USA) V4V Records (Italy) and Epidemic Records (Italy).

Last Summer is available via iTunes here and Spotify here

You can view the video for Last Summer below Read More…

Milk Release Stream Of ‘Too High To Drive’ From Forthcoming LP

Milk HTBoston’s Milk are getting ready to release their new album, Horsetown Threshold, on June 2nd via Midnight Werewolf Records and today they are sharing the track Too High To Drive. Rooted in distorted rock ‘n roll, fuzzy stoner-pop, and alt-country underpinnings, the sound of Horsetown Threshold is eclectic and without boundaries, from twangy lo-fi Americana to blistering slacker punk, Milk‘s sound is raw, unpredictable, and shaky by design.

You can stream Too High To Drive here

Horsetown Threshold can be pre-ordered here

Culture Abuse Announce US Tour And European Festival Dates

Culture Abuse June US TourSan Francisco’s rowdiest punks, Culture Abuse, are continuing their non-stop touring ways after the release of their stunning 2016 debut full length, Peach, that is available from 6131 Records. The band will kick of the summer of 2017 supporting their critically acclaimed LP with a run of US East Coast tour dates, shows in Hawaii, and performances in the UK and EU at Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Lowlands Festival, and Pukklepop Festival with more tour dates to be announced soon.

The Punk Site Review of Peach is here and the album can be ordered here and streamed here

You can view Culture Abuse‘s tour dates below Read More…

Afghan Whigs In Spades

The Afghan Whigs

In Spades

Sub Pop Records

Rating: 4/5




The Afghan Whigs are set to release their spellbinding new album, In Spades, that will be available on CD, vinyl, cassette and download formats from the 5th May via Sub Pop Records. The album is the follow up to the band’s internationally acclaimed 2014 full length, Do To The BeastIn Spades is a searing and soulful rock effort that emphasises its pop instincts, while contrasting with the seductive themes found throughout. From its evocative cover art to the troubled spirits haunting its halls, In Spades casts a spell that challenges the listener to unpack its dark metaphors and spectral imagery.

Birdland offers a haunting and atmospheric introduction to In Spades that’s overlaid with delicate strings, this gives way to the enchanting and heady beats that populate the superb Arabian Heights, a track that was deservedly one of the singles that was released ahead of the album. Demon In Profile, the lead single from In Spades, boasts a piano led melody and soulful brass that’s combined with the kind of guitar riffs that make the hairs on the back of you neck stand up. In Spades continues to weave an erratic and mesmerising path through it’s ten tracks, from the anthemic, Toy Automatic and Light As A Feather, through the unsettling, Oriole and The Spell, to the strident distorted riffs of Copernicus and the dark melody of I Got Lost, before In Spades closes with the passionate finale Into The Floor.

In Spades is an impressive album that recalls the highpoints of The Afghan Whigs long and varied career, In Spades is their eighth studio album that they’ve produced in their off and on three decade long existence, and it’s one that should satisfy their existing fanbase as well as ushering new converts into the fold. The Afghan Whigs were always a band that seemed to be ahead of their time, now with the release of the impressive In Spades, and the popularity of bands that mine the darker and more atmospheric side of the alternative and indie scenes, then it may be that the world has finally caught up with them.

You can pre-order In Spades here

The Afghan Whigs website can be found here

Hands Off Gretel Release ‘Plasters’ Video

hands-off-gretel-btbq-jpgHands Off Gretel have released their latest music video for the track Plasters, the song is taken from their stunning debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. As with everything that Hands Off Gretel do this is a completely DIY affair and they have also announced that they will be on tour in the UK throughout 2017, the latest tour dates can be found here

The Punk Site review of Burn The Beauty Queen can be found here and it can purchased here

The brand new video for Plasters can be viewed below Read More…

True Moon ST

True Moon

True Moon

Lovely Records

Rating: 4/5




Sweden’s True Moon released their self titled debut album in their native Sweden at the tail end of 2016, now the band are looking to spread their wings beyond Scandinavia with True Moon finally receiving it’s deserved international release on the 28th April 2017 via Lovely Records. Sweden has long been known a breeding ground for noted bands producing upbeat pop music and conversely for releases from the dark and dissonant underbelly of rock ‘n roll, True Moon‘s debut album is one that definitely fits firmly into the latter category.

From the dark opening chords of Voodoo it’s clear that this is an album that’s born of the post punk and gothic scenes that appeared in the wake of initial punk explosion, the influences are easy to pick up on this, dark brooding Peter Hook bass lines sit alongside dark intense post punk guitar riffs, with the whole package being topped off with a mesmerising vocal delivery by Karolina Engdahl. For those of you who have previously spent nights, and the early hours of the morning, in sweaty alternative night clubs then True Moon‘s debut album will be something that will be simultaneously familiar and new, as this is a contemporary and original take on the gothic and alternative scenes that first emerged from the batcave back in the eighties.

There is a hefty influence on this release from the likes of Joy Division, Killing Joke, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission and The Cure, but this is an album that isn’t embedded in the past, True Moon will appeal to fans of their contemporaries such as The Duke Spirit, White Lies, The Raveonettes, Calling All Astronauts and The Sounds. True Moon have produced an impressive album that for me recalled hazy nights spent in Manchester’s legendary Banshee nightclub, but more important than my reminiscences is the fact that this is an album that brings something new to a scene that has become stifled by endless reunion tours and nostalgia.

True Moon‘s debut album can be ordered via Lovely Records here or from their Bandcamp here

The Afghan Whigs Release Erotic Video For ‘Oriole’

Afghan Whigs In SpadesThe Afghan Whigs have shared their new erotic video for Oriole, that was directed by erotic art director Amy Nicole Hood. Oriole is the standout track from the bands forthcoming new album In Spades that is due out on May 5th worldwide from Sub Pop Records. The album is now available for pre-order on CD, vinyl, cassette and download formats and pre-orders of the vinyl format of In Spades will receive the ‘Loser’ edition on 180 gram white-chocolate vinyl.

You can pre-order In Spades here

The video for Oriole, and The Afghan Whigs UK tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Vukovi Release Music Video For ‘Weirdo’

VukoviFollowing the release of their stunning breakthrough self titled debut album and a packed out headline tour across the UK, Vukovi have revealed a thought provoking new video for their single, Weirdo, and confirmed UK headline tour dates beginning in May that incudes a series of summer festival appearances.

The Punk Site review of Vukovi‘s debut album can be read here and a live review is here

You can view the video for Weirdo, and Vukovi‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Those Who Knew: Track By Track Of ‘New Perspective’ EP

Those Who Knew NPThose Who Knew formed two short years ago, since that time they have been industriously playing the local circuits and building up an ever growing fanbase, now the Nottingham based alternative quintet are looking to spread their wings beyond their local scene as they are set to self release their debut EP, New Perspective, on Friday 28th April. Prior to the EP’s launch the lead single from EP, Losing Touch, has already racked up airplay on BBC Radio as well as becoming a fan favourite at their live shows. New Perspective can be pre-ordered via all the main digital streaming services and retailers. Those Who Knew have now provided The Punk Site with an exclusive track by track breakdown of their new EP

Those Who Knew‘s website can be found here and the track by track breakdown is below Read More…

The Duke Spirit To Release ‘Serenade’ EP For Record Store Day

duke-spirit-serenadeThis Saturday is Record Store Day‘s 10th birthday and The Duke Spirit have announced they will be issuing an exclusive release of the Serenade EP on 180gsm Pink Robot Vinyl and at 6pm they will also be playing a live set at London’s Flashback Records.

The Duke Spirit‘s website, where you can purchase their latest album Kin, can be found here

The Punk Site review of Kin can be read here

You can read more about Record Store Day here

Soldiers Of A Wrong War Countdowns

Soldiers Of A Wrong War


Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5




Italian alternative quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War released their second studio album, Countdowns, on April the 18th, the album follows on from their 2011 debut full length, Lights And Karma, and Countdowns is now available digitally from most major digital retailers, and also on a limited edition signed digipack CD. As with their previous releases Countdowns is self released and self financed, something that demonstrates the level of commitment to their music, and after listening to Countdowns you can see exactly why they have such a sense of self belief as this is a very impressive sophomore album.

Deep Impact is the first track on Countdowns and it does exactly what it says on the sleeve, an immense relentless crunching guitar riff that marks a promising start to the album, tracks such as Hit Me and We Will Never Fall channel Green Day‘s later releases and bring a more urgent tone to the album. Through This Wall maintains the pounding assault until Clocks marks the midway point with a the album’s mellowest moment, before Broken Bones kick starts things back into life. Countdowns continues to plough an anthemic and driving feel, from the atmospheric In Our Skin Again to the lead single from the album, Yeah! A track that is another example of what Soldiers Of A Wrong War do best, as it provides a hit of infectious adrenaline fuelled rock ‘n roll, before the closing duo of Milestone and Out Of Time bring the album to a triumphant conclusion.

Countdowns is the first time I’ve encountered Soldiers Of A Wrong War, like their fellow countrymen Guida, they deliver a European spin on alternative rock that brings something new to the table, whilst there is a clear influence from established acts, including later Green Day and early Oasis, they bring their own character to an album of dynamic and anthemic punk and indie influenced alternative rock that I can only imagine will sound even better live. I can only hope they will be making their way over to the UK in the coming months, on the basis of Countdowns this is a band that deserve to be recognised outside of the native Italy.

Countdowns can be ordered digitally and on signed CD here

Soldiers Of A Wrong War‘s website is here and their Facebook presence is here


Pulled Apart By Horses / Tigercub

Sound Control, Manchester, UK

6th April 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 1Welcome to musical menagerie that sees Pulled Apart By Horses and Tigercub visit Manchester’s Sound Control, as is the increasingly common and very annoying policy of many venues, the bands start ridiculously early, especially for those of us who reside in the suburbs, to make way for a club night, so we’ve missed Thee MVPs by the time we finally get into the venue. This is annoying as I always try to catch every band and was looking forward to seeing them, hopefully I’ll catch them on their next visit to the city. On the plus side at least we arrived in time for Tigercub, as with the last gig I attended at Sound Control bass heavy hip hop precedes the arrival of the bands.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 2Tigercub make an unassuming entrance and launch into a haunting introduction, before their bass heavy aural assault laced with reverb drenched guitar hooks kicks in. Tigercub are underpinned by a remorseless rhythm section that is complimented with some twisted guitar riffs, all of which is overlaid with a vocal drawl that is delivered with a laid back style that belies the energy of their material. Tigercub straddle genres, they possess the bass heavy drive of grunge that is mixed with indie, punk and garage, and a dash of pretty much everything else is thrown into the mix, to create a cocktail that’s hard to describe, but if you think of a J. Mascis fronted Nirvana channelling early Muse and you’re about half way there.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control Tigercub 3Tigercub deliver a grinding heavy mix of alternative styles that defies categorisation, even when you think you’ve got a handle on them another card is dealt from the bottom of the pack to keep you off balance. I had no idea what to expect from a band called Tigercub, but it wasn’t the heady pounding mix that is delivered by this Brighton Trio, what I do know is that they have a captivating and original sound that I hope to experience again. What was a sparsely populated Sound Control at the start of the night has filled up nicely during the course of Tigercub‘s support slot, ready for Pulled Apart By Horses headlining set in support of the excellent new album, The Haze, that was released last month via Caroline International

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 1After a lengthy set up and an eclectic, to say the least, DJ set, Pulled Apart By Horses take to the stage to an absolutely packed Sound Control, from the first number they kick straight into overdrive with their high octane garage infused rock, and its clear from the off that they already have an established, and very vocal fan base, in Manchester. As the second song kicks in an enthusiastic and sweaty mosh pit has already formed and as good as I thought the The Haze album was, what has becomes immediately clear is that Pulled Apart By Horses are a band whose natural home is on stage, as the energy levels have already been raised to critical levels.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 3Pulled Apart By Horses set encompasses their four albums, throughout they maintain their high energy levels for a set of genre spanning rock that really has to be experienced live, their onstage intensity is matched by the crowds reaction, one that is as enthusiastic as I’ve seen at a midweek gig in Manchester. The set played tonight is one that’s as relentless as I’ve heard, there is no slow number to pause for breath or to slip to the bar, every song they deliver is as good as the last, and if you want to see the spirit of rock ‘n roll embodied in a band then go and see Pulled Apart By Horses, as their brand of garage fuelled rock ‘n roll is as good as anyone I’ve seen, thankfully there are no metal or rock clichés or excesses as this is stripped down rock ‘n roll at its finest.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 2My previous exposure to Pulled Apart By Horses was reviewing The Haze and I thought that was a damn fine album, but as good as that album was live they are a totally different prospect, and as energetic as the band were it must be said that just as much credit must go the audience who have given it everything tonight, from circle pits and demented mosh pits to a steady wave of crowdsurfing throughout the set. Pulled Apart By Horses would seem to be an odd choice of name, but after seeing them live it’s one that makes perfect sense, after seeing the commitment of the crowd and the band tonight I can only imagine that’s exactly what they feel like after a show like this.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 4Pulled Apart By Horses include an intense cover of The Beatles classic Helter-Skelter in the set, that is delivered with the spirit of the original, and its a compliment to them to say that this is easily the best cover I’ve heard of this classic number, and believe me I’ve heard a few. It was impressive that the pit was that frantic and frenzied as I’ve seen in a while, as an added bonus it kept people filming the show to an minimum, and I can’t think of a better way of keeping this annoying trend out of live shows. The night ended with the vocalist and guitarist Tom Hudson surfing across the crowd, it seems that the last hour has flown by in a loud, sweaty, energetic blur and if tonight wasn’t rock ‘n roll then I don’t know what is.

Pulled Apart By Horses Sound Control 5Pulled Apart By Horses website is here

The Punk Site Review of The Haze can be read here

Tigercub‘s web presence can be found here

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Super 73 Monkey See Monkey Do


Monkey See Monkey Do

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Alternative combo Super 73 have returned to the fold with their new single, Monkey See Monkey Do, that is due out on the 14th April. The Midlands based quartet have previously received glowing comparisons to everyone from acts as diverse as Coheed & Cambria to Biffy Clyro to Taking Back Sunday. Super73 come armed with a barrage of powerful riffs, melodic vocals and unique angular phrasing that would set them apart from the pack, if there was a pack to run with, as this is as unique a release as I’ve heard this year, and they’re pretty much out there on their own.

Monkey See Monkey Do kicks off in a laid back almost jazzy style that slowly builds up, and just at the point you start to get worried, the song kicks off in earnest with a strident drum beat that is accompanied by a hypnotic spiky riff. Super 73 are a hard band to pin down, one moment is mellow and jazzy with harmonic vocals, the next it’s bouncing with intense energy levels that build up to an almost hardcore intensity, before gently fading away again. This is a single that leaves you thinking “what the fuck just happened?”, then you find yourself playing it again… and again.

Super73 combine alt rock with post punk, the result of this unlikely marriage is an impressive and unique hybrid that makes me wish that there was more to hear of Monkey See Monkey Do than the radio edit version I received for review. This is an idiosyncratic and addictive release, and if this is what Super73 can cram into a three and half minute single then I can’t wait to see what they can do with a full album.

Super73’s website can be found here

Hand Off Gretel Release Video For ‘Bad Egg’

hands-off-gretel-btbq-jpgHands Off Gretel have released their latest music video for the track Bad Egg, the song is taken from their stunning debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. As with everything that Hands Off Gretel do this is a completely DIY affair and they will be on tour in the UK throughout 2017, the latest tour dates can be found here

The Punk Site review of Burn The Beauty Queen can be found here and it can purchased here

The brand new video for Bad Egg can be viewed below Read More…

(The) Medicine Theory To Release ‘Rain Follows The Plow’ EP

Medicine Theory Rain Follows ThePlough(The) Medicine Theory will release the Rain Follows the Plow EP on the 16th June 2017. The EP is the band’s fifth studio recording and it continues the raw stripped down heavy post-punk approach to songwriting that they are known for, with a visceral focus on storytelling. (The) Medicine Theory formed in 2007 with the writing duo of Jeff Irvine and Tyson Schroeder, whilst the band has had many incarnations they have always stayed true to their initial mission, to create music that they enjoy.  

(The) Medicine Theory‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

Soldiers Of A Wrong War Release New Single And Video ‘Yeah’

Soldiers Of A Wrong War CountdownsItalian alternative quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War has released their new party filled music video titled, Yeah!. Along with the new single, comes the announcement for the band’s second studio album, Countdowns, which follows up on their 2014 three-track EP, Slow. The new album is set to release April 18th and is now available for pre-orders via iTunes

Countdowns can be pre-ordered here

The video for Yeah! can be viewed below Read More…

Super 73 Release ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ Single

Super 73 Monkey See Monkey DoAlternative combo Super 73 have released their new single, Monkey See Monkey Do, with an accompanying video today, Friday 14th April. The Midlands based quartet have received glowing comparisons to everyone from Coheed & Cambria and Biffy Clyro to Taking Back Sunday. Armed with a barrage of powerful riffs, melodic vocals and unique angular phrasing that sets them apart, Super73 are an accomplished alternative combo who reward your attention with a cluster of snappy rock-filled cuts. The single is now available to download via Super73‘s website.

Super73’s website can be found here and the video for the single can be viewed below Read More…

Little Star Release Stream of Forthcoming Album

Little Star STPortland DIY artists Little Star are now streaming their new self titled album in full ahead of the records release via Good Cheer Records on April 14th, pre-orders for the self titled album are now available. Little Star will also be playing their record release show at Mississippi Studios in Portland on April 14th

Little Star can be pre-ordered here and tickets for the album’s release show can be purchased here

You can stream the album in full via Gold Flake Paint here

Loose Tooth Big Day

Loose Tooth

Big Day

Lame-O Records / Father Daughter Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Pennsylvanian quartet Loose Tooth have released their sophomore album Big Day today, April the 7th 2017, via Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O RecordsBig Day is the follow up to their 2015 debut album that was released via Fleeting Youth Records, Easy Easy East, and Big Day will be available on a multitude of formats including the more pedestrian CD and download options, up to the ‘black and baby pink’ and ‘aqua blue’ vinyl variants.

Sleep With The State Concept opens Big Day in fine upbeat indie style, or so you think as at the half way mark it lapses into a laid back jazz and blues jam, this sets the tone for the album, you never really know quite where any track is going to take you, there is a noisy indie base to Loose Tooth‘s sound but the experimentalism takes this sound off into new and uncharted directions. From one track to the next you don’t know what’s coming, I’ll avoid the obvious Forrest Gump quote, but i can confirm that this is an idiosyncratic and unpredictable album that’s unlike anything else I’ve heard this year.

Big Day is an album that sits proudly on it’s own, yes you can hear and identify a few influences such as Pixies, Velvet Underground, Pavement and even, at least to my ears, Captain Beefheart in their sound, but the overall effect is one that is definitely their own. There is no commercial intent with this album, there is nothing in sight that anyone would call radio friendly or destined to be a hit single, Big Day is a unique slice of the more avant-garde side of the indie scene, whilst this isn’t exactly to my tastes you can’t help but admire the spirit of independence and originality that inspired it.

Big Day can be pre-ordered via Father/Daughter Records here and Lame-O Records here

The album can be downloaded and streamed via Bandcamp here

Creeper March 2017 Tour

Creeper / Milk Teeth / Energy / Puppy

Academy 2, Manchester, UK

25th March 2017

Rating: 4/5




Creeper March 2017 crowdSpring has finally arrived in Manchester and as the more then welcome, and long overdue, sunshine arrives a patch of darkness descends upon Manchester in the shape of Creeper, tonight is the first date of their European tour that is in support of their debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, that was released via Roadrunner Records just prior to the tour. Accompanying Creeper on the UK leg of their tour is an impressive bill of support acts in the shape of Milk Teeth, Energy and Puppy, tonight the Academy 2 is completely sold out, the crowd is noisy and vibrant and the turn out for the support acts, and the variety of t shirts on display, indicates that each band has bought along its own noisy and dedicated following.

Creeper March 2017 Puppy 2Fresh from signing to Spinefarm Records, London based trio Puppy occupy the early slot on the tour, they open proceedings with some doom laden tones that for me channel the spirit of the early recordings by Black Sabbath combined with kind of the pop hooks that the likes of Weezer deliver. Whilst the singers unique vocal style seemed to divide opinion amongst those around me, and their style may seem slightly at odds with the rest of tonight’s bill, their short set of poppy proto metal seems to warm the crowd up nicely and they appear to go down well with the majority of the sizeable crowd who have already made it into town for the early start to tonight’s show.

Creeper March 2017 Energy 2The crowd at tonight’s show is distinctly youthful, something I will always take as a positive sign for the health of the UK’s punk scene, and the venue is almost packed to capacity by the time Boston’s Energy take to the stage for their debut appearance in the UK. They open with a slow burning instrumental that builds in intensity before their set kicks off in earnest, Energy are a band that certainly live up to their name, they deliver a welcome blast of melodic hardcore, that is a distinct contrast to Puppy‘s opening set, that brings a frantic hard edged shot of adrenalin and punk rock to tonight’s show. Energy‘s set carries a distinct horror punk undercurrent, especially with their most recent single, The Witching Hour, that is of course included in their all too short appearance tonight. Their set of hard edged punk hits the spot nicely and saw the first, but not the last, chaotic moshpit of the night and towards the climax of their set there was an enthusiastic outbreak of crowdsurfing. This is Energy‘s first visit to the UK, their powerful and impressive set of punk rock has undoubtedly won them a new set of converts on this side of the Atlantic, myself included amongst that number. 

Creeper March 2017 Milk TeethMilk Teeth continue the full tilt assault with a set of fuzzed up punk rock that adds another dimension to tonight’s bill. Their sound reminds of bands such as Verruca Salt, L7, The Muffs and Babes In Toyland, but for me it’s delivered with a sharper cutting edge, and of course a punkier sensibility. The intensity of their set builds up and delivers some pummelling punk rock that is of course exactly what the crowd wanted. This is Milk Teeth‘s first show of the year, and they’ve certainly hit the ground running as by the third song in their set the mosh pit is back in business and crowd surfers are keeping the security staff busy. Milk Teeth;s sound combines elements of grunge, alternative and of course good old fashioned punk rock to stunning effect, their all too brief set, that is largely culled from their superb 2016 album, Vile Child, produces a series of anthemic numbers that, like Energy‘s impressive set before them, has left me wanting to hear a lot more by both of tonight’s main support acts.

Creeper March 2017 1Following the superb set from Milk Teeth there is a lengthy gap Before Creeper make their eagerly awaited appearance, largely because the stage has undergone a transformation into what can only be described as Vegas Halloween chic, complete with illuminated neon tombstones. I last encountered Creeper supporting The Misfits in the academy basement in 2015, they’ve come a long way since I last saw them as their following seems to have grown considerably over the last few years, as their appearance draws nearer the venue sees a distinctly more gothic contingent added to the crowd in the already packed Academy 2. The lights drop and an raucous chant rings out, then the tombstones illuminate and then their set kicks in with their emotive horror tinged punk rock. This is a different band to the one I saw supporting New Jerseys finest, everything has changed and you get the distinct feeling that Creeper are destined for bigger things. Creeper channel rock, horror punk and emo influences to crowd pleasing effect, they have developed a loyal and energetic following and they play a set of the kind of material My Chemcial Romance used to deliver so well in their heyday.

Creeper March 2017 2Creeper play their set to the energetic and sweaty crowd that seem to know every word and chord throughout the first night of this hefty European tour, even if it is on a stage that looks as though it came straight off the set of a higher budget musical remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space. The spring weather finally arriving, tonight’s good natured crowd, the Academy 2‘s unobtrusive security and it’s efficient bar staff have combined to ensure that atmosphere at tonight’s show was perfect, add the four bands that made up tonight’s line up into the mix and you can see why tonight’s show was completely sold out. For me Milk Teeth and Energy stole the show tonight with their raw edged punk rock, but I suspect that I’ll be in the minority on this one judging by the crowds delirious reaction to a triumphant set by Creeper that saw my photographer for the night, Mike Maffia, almost buried under a hail of crowd-surfers and stage-divers at the start of Creeper‘s set.

Creeper March 2017 Energy 3Creeper‘s official website can be found here

Milk Teeth‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp page is here

Energy‘s Bandcamp can be found here and their Facebook presence is here

Puppy can be found on Facebook here

Live photography by Mike Maffia

You can click on any of Mike’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Vukovi March 17 Tour


Sound Control, Manchester, UK

13th March 2017

Rating: 5/5




It seems that getting to gigs on time anywhere in central Manchester is becoming impossible, tonight’s surprise was that Oxford Rd, the main road through this side of town, is closed, meaning a hefty stroll through the roadworks is required to get to the venue, this was followed by a few problems on the door before we finally got into Sound Control. These delays meant that we only arrive in time to catch the tail end of Jekyll‘s set, the one song I do hear sounds promising and has me cursing the local council even more than usual. The sole number I’ve heard, and I accept this isn’t really a fair way to judge a band, reminds me of early Muse, before the self indulgence kicked in, I’m hopeful Jekyll will return to Manchester soon and I’ll be able to catch a full set.

Vukovi March 17 CriticsNext up on the bill are Critics, this up and coming indie act have bought their twisted alt pop up north from London, there are elements of pretty much everything in their sound, the guitar hooks are huge, sinister keyboards underpin their sound and bring a distinct garagey undercurrent on the early stages of their set, an influence that sits happily alongside the dominant indie sensibilities. The material from the recent Spilt Milk EP sounds vibrant and lively, however, at the midway point their set develops a funkier feel that is a distinct shift away from the material that shone so brightly at the start, thankfully they return to more energetic indie fuelled finale for the close of their set. 

Vukovi March 17 1Despite the fact the venue has run out of decent draught beer and it seems that everything is shut or awkward in Manchester tonight, things are looking up as tonight’s show has been moved to the main venue in Sound Control, a better experience than the cramped stage downstairs in the bar area, and one that is better suited to Vukovi‘s energy levels. Lets make no mistake why we’re here, Vukovi have just released what is guaranteed to be one of my favourite albums of the year, and the chance of seeing them play on my home turf early on in a tour that’s in support of their stunning debut full length is a temptation that means we have dragged our weary feet to our third gig in four days

Vukovi March 17 2Some bass heavy hip hop precedes Vukovi taking the stage, they arrive without fanfare and promptly launch into the lead single from their debut album, La Di Da, live they are even heavier and more urgent than they are on their debut album, something that I didn’t think would be possible. On stage their vocalist ,Janine Shilstone, is a captivating centerpoint, whether she’s applying snake hipped moves around the stage, bouncing like she’s possessed or taking the phones from people that are inevitably filming the show, something that will provide a few fans with some truly unique live footage. She is backed up by three powerhouses that provide a crunching high energy soundtrack for tonight’s show.

Vukovi March 17 3Tonight’s show was originally scheduled for the smaller venue, but a blown PA has seen them move into the larger venue, for me the venue where they rightfully belong, and I suspect they will soon be packing out larger venues than this. Vukovi provide a unique balance between Rage Against The Machine and the fuzzy punk soundtrack, even from ten feet back the  intense bass riffs are vibrating my ribs and doing strange things to my internal organs. Make no mistake, they are a captivating blast of energy live, if they are coming to a venue anywhere near you then I’d recommend catching them live as they are the best live band I’ve seen so far this year, everything about their set was perfect and it has made the road closures and even the lack of decent beer distant memories.

Vukovi March 17 4I’ve never seen a singer embrace mobile phone technology like Janine Shilstone, from encouraging the crowd to light the stage via their phones, to taking them from unresisting members of the crowd and making unique fan footage, this is a band born of the modern age and embracing technology instead of moaning about it, something I’m all too guilty of myself. They leave the stage in a squall of feedback, of course the delirious crowd demand more and Vukovi duly return for two triumphant encores, ending with the frantic Boy George. This has been an unforgettable night, bands that are this good live don’t come along very often and Vukovi are a band you need to see live if you get the opportunity.

Vukovi March 17 5The Punk Site review of Vukovi‘s debut album can be found here and it can be ordered here

Vukovi‘s website can be found here and their Facebook page is here

The Critics website can be found here

Jekyll‘s Facebook page is here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images


Pulled Apart By Horses The Haze

Pulled Apart By Horses

The Haze

Caroline International

Rating: 4/5




The members of Pulled Apart By Horses decamped for ten days from their lock up rehearsal facility in their native Leeds to a remote cottage on a dairy farm in the Welsh countryside, far away from the distractions of modern life they could fully focus on writing and recording the new material that would eventually become The Haze. Pulled Apart By Horses released their new album, The Haze, yesterday, March 17th 2017, via Caroline International, the result of their self imposed exile is twelve tracks of whip smart, unpredictable, fierce and sussed hardcore noise rock.

The title track kicks off the album like The Hives on steroids, this impressive introduction is followed by the lead single from the album, The Big What If, that is a hefty slab of snotty rock that boasts a driving hook laden riff, and the album carries on in this vein, picking the best elements from past decades and haphazardly combining them into a contemporary hybrid of styles. The result is an album that is informed, but in no way recreating, the past, whether it’s the garage swagger of Hotel Motivation, the tortured rock of Prince Of Meats or the psychedelic grind of Lamping, The Haze is an album that delivers just shy of forty genre spanning minutes that passes by in a energetic blur.

The Haze is the spiritual heir of band such as Crazyhead and Claytown Troupe who pioneered this kind of garage infused rock back at the tail end of the eighties, but Pulled Apart By Horses are no flashback to a bygone era. The Haze is a swaggering collection of twisted riffs that defies being pigeonholed, and I can’t help thinking that if the energy that is captured on The Haze is transferred to a live setting, then their upcoming tour is going to be something to behold. It’s been three long years since Pulled Apart By Horses last studio album, 2014’s Blood, and for me The Haze is living proof that some things are definitely worth waiting for.

You can catch Pulled Apart By Horses live across the UK and Europe in March and April, the tour dates can be found here

The Haze can be ordered here