Pulled Apart By Horses The Haze

Pulled Apart By Horses

The Haze

Caroline International

Rating: 4/5




The members of Pulled Apart By Horses decamped for ten days from their lock up rehearsal facility in their native Leeds to a remote cottage on a dairy farm in the Welsh countryside, far away from the distractions of modern life they could fully focus on writing and recording the new material that would eventually become The Haze. Pulled Apart By Horses released their new album, The Haze, yesterday, March 17th 2017, via Caroline International, the result of their self imposed exile is twelve tracks of whip smart, unpredictable, fierce and sussed hardcore noise rock.

The title track kicks off the album like The Hives on steroids, this impressive introduction is followed by the lead single from the album, The Big What If, that is a hefty slab of snotty rock that boasts a driving hook laden riff, and the album carries on in this vein, picking the best elements from past decades and haphazardly combining them into a contemporary hybrid of styles. The result is an album that is informed, but in no way recreating, the past, whether it’s the garage swagger of Hotel Motivation, the tortured rock of Prince Of Meats or the psychedelic grind of Lamping, The Haze is an album that delivers just shy of forty genre spanning minutes that passes by in a energetic blur.

The Haze is the spiritual heir of band such as Crazyhead and Claytown Troupe who pioneered this kind of garage infused rock back at the tail end of the eighties, but Pulled Apart By Horses are no flashback to a bygone era. The Haze is a swaggering collection of twisted riffs that defies being pigeonholed, and I can’t help thinking that if the energy that is captured on The Haze is transferred to a live setting, then their upcoming tour is going to be something to behold. It’s been three long years since Pulled Apart By Horses last studio album, 2014’s Blood, and for me The Haze is living proof that some things are definitely worth waiting for.

You can catch Pulled Apart By Horses live across the UK and Europe in March and April, the tour dates can be found here

The Haze can be ordered here


The Obsessives

The Obsessives

Lame-O Records

Rating: 3/5




The Obsessives latest self titled album is released today, the 17th March 2017, and it follows on from their debut full length, 2015’s Heck No, Nancy. The Obsessives sophomore album will be released via Lame-O Records in the US, Dog Knights Productions in the UK and Europe and Cooking Vinyl in Australia. The Obsessives will also be undertaking an extensive North American tour this spring with Modern Baseball, Kevin Devine And His Goddamn Band and Sorority Noise

The Obsessives self titled sophomore album starts with a mournful country influenced introduction, this is short lived as it swiftly segues into the noisier discordant indie number, You’re My God. There’s an obvious Pixies reference with the track Surfer Rosa, and it must be said that there is a fair influence from that quartet on this release, this is exemplified by songs such as Violent, that are reminiscent of their bass led unconventional style. The album continues to veer unpredictably between styles, but all the while it embraces a solid core of influences from the more idiosyncratic elements of the indie scene.

For me The Obsessives self titled album is one that treads a path through territory that has already been covered by numerous well known trailblazers, there are obvious influences from acts such as Violent Femmes and Dinosaur Jnr, as well as the aforementioned Pixies, on this release. But, and this is an important but, having said that, if your tastes lean towards the unconventional and noisier side of the indie scene, or if you have a love for modern emo influenced bands such as Modern Baseball and Sorority Noise, then The Obsessives latest album, and their forthcoming tour, really should be on your radar.

The Obsessives self titled album can be streamed and purchased here

The vinyl issue of The Obsessives sophomore album, including coloured vinyl variants, can be purchased here

The Obsessives tour dates can be found here and their Facebook page is here

Calling All Astronauts Divisive

Calling All Astronauts


Supersonic Media

Rating: 4/5



Calling All Astronauts are a London based politically charged trio that mix electro, rock, post-punk and even dubstep into their sound, this eclectic range of influences has earned them an established fanbase in the alternative underground, this is all the more impressive when you consider that everything is done on their own terms via their own Supersonic Media imprint. Divisive is the bands tenth single, it is taken from their critically acclaimed 2016 album, Anti-Social Network, and will be released tomorrow, the 17th March 2017.
Divisive has a distinct influence from the likes of Marilyn Manson, Korn and The Prodigy, along with elements of Killing Joke, Rammstein and Ministry being audible in their DNA, this is the kind of loud stampy track that is made to be played to played in alternative nightclubs at 1am when the lights are strobing at full tilt. Divisive takes the best elements from the industrial and goth scenes of the late eighties and nineties, and drags them kicking and screaming out of the bat cave and onto the dancefloor, all the while retaining a defiant voice of protest against the establishment, what more could you ask for in a shade under four minutes?
Divisive is yet another example of why Calling All Astronauts have become a social media phenomenon, their reputation has seen them build up a following of over half a million followers on Twitter. Calling All Astronauts are a band that wear their influences on their sleeves, but they have taken them and brought them bang up to date, Divisive is a defiant dark dance floor filler that demonstrates that Calling All Astronauts are a band that are living up to the hype.
Divisive, and Calling All Astronauts other releases, can be downloaded via iTunes and via their Bandcamp here
Calling All Astronauts website can be found here and their Facebook page is here
You can view the official video for Divisive here



LAB Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Vukovi have been with us for a few years, they’ve been leaving a sporadic trail of EP’s and singles in their wake since 2011, but now the Glaswegian quartet have finally released their debut full length today, the 10th March 2017, via LAB Records. Vukovi‘s self titled album seems to have created the definitive snapshot of their technicolour wonder to date, earlier recordings and singles are included on here, but re-recorded and amped up to create a riotous and eclectic debut. Make no mistake, this is a band that demand your attention, both musically and visually, from the outset it’s clear that Vukovi have produced a debut that’s as strong and individual as anything I’ve heard this year.

La Di Da opens the self titled album with a hectic crash of guitars and an forceful emotive vocal delivery that blows away any cobwebs, it’s a fine blast of furious punk energy that lies somewhere between Daisy Chainsaw and Hands Off Gretel, and that’s about as high as praise gets in my book. And He Lost His Mind continues the unique crunching assault on your senses, but this isn’t just a constant punk onslaught, tracks such as Weirdo, Wander and Prey bring a more melodic sensibility to the album, but still maintain the discordant edge that this album carries, whilst the staccato assault of Target Practice brings another dimension to Vukovi‘s impressive arsenal. Amongst the dark subject matter and personal themes the album carries you’ll also find numbers such as Bouncy Castle, Animal and I’m Wired that are guaranteed dancefloor fillers, as the album approaches it finale the full on assault returns on the glorious Boy George, whilst the deceptive introduction of He Wants Me Not precedes another infectious hard edged riff kicking in. Vukovi‘s self titled debut bows out on the comparatively mellow Colour Me In, a song that grows with every single listen and will touch anyone that’s ever lost a loved one.

The twelve songs contained on Vukovi‘s self titled debut take in themes of individuality, drug abuse, depression and suicide, but this is no introspective dour album by any means, these themes sit alongside personal influences and straight up floor fillers to produce an idiosyncratic album that embraces punk, indie and all manner of alternative music to create a unique hybrid of styles, and it’s one that marks Vukovi out as a band to watch in 2017. Vukovi are a welcome noisy splash of colour that is the perfect antidote to the current turbulent political climate, the world needs bands like Vukovi, and they seem to have arrived in the nick of time, this impressive debut bring a heady dose of technicolour energy that celebrates individuality and reflects the good and bad in human nature, and delivers it all in a whirlwind of styles and influences that are irresistible.

You can order Vukovi‘s self titled debut via the band’s webstore here

Vukovi‘s upcoming UK tour dates can be found here


Heart Attack Man

The Manson Family

You Did This Records / Triple Crown Records

Rating: 4/5




Ohio’s Heart Attack Man originally started as a solo recording project for singer and guitarist Eric Egan back in 2013, since then they have gained a further member, drummer Adam Paduch, released two EPs’, their self titled debut and 2015’s critically acclaimed Acid Rain EP, and now they have released their debut full length, the ominously titled album The Manson Family. The album was released via a partnership between You Did This Records and Triple Crown Records yesterday, the 3rd March 2017, on CD, swamp green vinyl and digital formats.

The Manson Family is an album of restrained downbeat power pop, it varies between hooky fuzz laden riffs that sit alongside introspective touches, often in the same song. It’s not until you’re well and truly into the album that they kick into gear and up the ante with the wonderful Blood Orange Sun. This track was streamed ahead of the album’s release, and you can see why this was the track they chose, although it’s thunder is stolen by the wonderful Surrounded By Morons, for me this is easily the album’s finest moment, it’s a fuzzy dark sarcastic rant against modern society that is a perfect cathartic soundtrack for those that dwell in an urban sprawl.

Heart Attack Man are the first signing of the union between two fiercely independent record labels, and it must be said that their debut full length hits the spot nicely. The Manson Family was recorded with Ian Farmer, of Modern Baseball fame, his influence on the production is certainly present, but his style doesn’t overly insinuate itself into the album, as Heart Attack Man definitely have their own character. The Manson Family is a potent mix of melody and enormous hooks, when this is combined with the rage and grace that is present in their compositions it makes this an album, that like it’s namesake, is best not ignored, but, unlike it’s namesake, this is something that you’d actually want to appear in your house.

The Manson Family can be pre-ordered via Triple Crown Records here

Scott Sorry UK Tour Feb 17

Scott Sorry / The Empty Page / Role Models

Gullivers, Manchester, UK

23rd February 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Role Models Feb 17 1A hectic journey into Manchester amidst the chaos of Storm Doris, yes it really was called that, sees us arrive in the nick of time for the Role Models, a band I’ve wanted to see since I first heard last years triumphant Forest Lawn LP, an album that for me was one of the best releases of 2016. In true rock ‘n roll style there is a quick tune up followed by a swig from a hip flask and we’re away. Due to the aforementioned Storm Doris hitting the UK I’m not the only one who’s had trouble getting here, frontman Rags starts to explain the travel problems, but cuts himself short with “you don’t give a shit about that” and they launch into Life Of Today, from this point on it’s clear Role Models are even better live than their album promised.

Role Models Feb 17 2The Role Models play a combination of sleazy glam and punk that is borne of the New York Dolls and the Dead Boys, it’s played with a commitment and attitude that really deserves more than an early opening slot on a Thursday night, they are even better live than they are on record and given how good Forest Lawn was that is no mean feat. New Reason, a track recorded just after the turn of the decade, sounds sharper than ever, this has Cyndi Lauper‘s True Colours segued into it, Rags adds “hey don’t be embarrassed its a good song” to address the bemusement of the crowd, before he takes a hefty gulp from his hip flask and acknowledges the turnout for their early set “maybe this is a town that gives a shit about music”

Role Models Feb 17 3Rags self deprecating humour “I thought I’d be way cooler when I came to the home of Joy Division, ah shut the fuck up man” peppers the set and they play a career spanning snap shot of their own brand of high energy punk rock ‘n roll that closes with a triumphant This Eventually Leads Nowhere, which ends a perfect but all too brief opening set, the reception from the crowd indicates the Role Models will return to Manchester, and if I’m honest I’m already counting the days.  Role Models have a pledge campaign for their new album, Dance Moves, that hit its total in a few days, they are one of the most impressive bands out there, and on the basis of tonight, and their last album, the Role Models are an example of how things should be done. 

Empty Page Feb 17 1Next up are The Empty Page, they were an unknown quantity to me prior to tonight, something that I’m glad has been remedied, they are trio that deliver a chaotic noisy storm that contains elements of riot grrrlll, grunge, eighties indie and punk in their sound, these components are blended randomly together to create a fine discordant set. The members of The Empty Page reflect the seemingly random elements of their sound, from the man mountain of a drummer and their wiry demonic looking guitarist to their vocalist, who embodies the attitude and delivery of the defiant side of the alternative scene. Their sound is bass heavy with more than a nod to the finest, and noisier, moments of the Pixies.

Empty Page Feb 17 2The Empty Page embody the attitude of punk with elements of early grunge along with their own idiosyncratic style that gives them a cross genre that will appeal to those who appreciate the darker side of the alternative scene. The Empty Page carry their own dissonant dark energy and this is something that I hope to experience again, they are another band that epitomises the diversity of Manchester’s music scene. In the face of the problems many small venues are facing in the UK, the majority of these in Manchester remain open and defiantly busy, and impressively It doesn’t matter how many concerts I attend in my home town, it seems there’s always another band to be discovered.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 1Finally we get Scott Sorry, he has returned to recording and live shows after a five year hiatus, their set channels equal parts of early Dropkick Murphys, Rancid and Social Distortion. They make a defiant and impressive start to their set with material from his first solo release, the impressive When We Were Kings album. and tonight’s show is one that embodies high energy punk ‘n roll, a fact underlined by Scott Sorry‘s Johnny Cash T shirt, with its iconic middle finger salute. Scott Sorry revisits their past mid set, with a few songs from the days of Sorry & The Sinatra’s, this has more of an anthemic Street punk feel about it, but the early material blends perfectly into the set.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 2Of course there is no visit from to the UK from an American artist without a reference to Donald Trump, Scott Sorry declares that “Trump is a Cheeto puff motherfucker” and they launch into a furious rendition of the Stiff Little Fingers classic, Suspect Device , in defiance to the policies of the current President, he admits they have chosen this as it isn’t possible to write a better political protest song, and to be honest he has a point as there are few better than this classic from Belfast’s finest. Scott Sorry marks the end to a diverse triple bill of bands that not only bridges the Atlantic, but also marks a union of everything that’s worth a damn in rock n roll, this was another great show at Gullivers that demonstrated that the spirt of rebellion and originality that personifies punk is still alive and well

Scott Sorry Feb 17 3Tonight has been a triumphant triple bill, whether it’s the amazing opening set by the Role Models, that carried the sleaze and attitude of early punk rock, through to the local contribution from The Empty Pages who personifed the independence and creativity of the UK alternative scene, through to the full tilt punk ‘n roll of Scott Sorry, this was an amazing tour and I’m hoping i can catch all three of the bands who played tonight again. As a footnote the end of tonight’s show ended up involving shots of Jagermeister with the Role Models, who insisted I have a drink with them despite the fact I’d just ordered a fresh pint, after that it gets hazy, but that’s a story for another day.

Scott Sorry Feb 17 4On a serious note it’s worth mentioning that two of the bands frontmen, Rags of the Role Models and Scott Sorry, have children that are on the autistic spectrum, the honesty around the level of personal disclosure that was on display tonight was very touching, both bands played songs regarding their children’s struggle with communication, and its admirable that two bands are publicly highlighting an issue that is all too often ignored. The Role Models are also supporting the Haringey Autism branch of the National Autistic Society through their current Pledge Music campaign, a campaign that is well worth supporting on every level.

The National Autistic Society website, where you can access information and donate, is here

The Pledge Music campaign for the new Role Models album, Dance Moves, can be found here

Forest Lawn can be ordered here, streamed via the Role Models Bandcamp here and The Punk Site review is here

The Empty Page‘s website is here and their debut album, Unfolding, can be streamed and purchased here

Scott Sorry‘s website can be found here and his Facebook page is here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

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The Glass Phantoms Release Video For ‘Call My Name’

Glass Phantomes FSCMNThe Glass Phantoms have released a  video for Call My Name, the track is taken from their new single that was released via Abattoir Blues Records, the single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Punk Site review of Call My Name / Funeral Song can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

The video for Call My Name can be viewed below Read More…

Mobina Galore Feeling Disconnected

Mobina Galore

Feeling Disconnected

New Damage Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Mobina Galore are a Canadian duo made up of guitarist and vocalist Jenna Preistner and drummer Marcia Hanson, they have recently released their sophomore album, Feeling Disconnected, via New Damage Records, this follows on from their 2014 debut full length, Cities Away. Feeling Disconnected is something of a loose concept album, the album is centred around around a theme of detachment, from being far from friends and family due to heavy touring, to being cut off in an often overlooked hometown and even dealing with the isolation of being an female duo in a male dominated scene.

Feeling Disconnected kicks things off with Start All Over, this is as solid a slice of intense pissed off punk rock as you’ll hear in 2017, the whole album is a cathartic blast from start to end. It channels all the hard edged elements of punk rock into it’s ten tracks, from the old school punk rock of Going Out Alone, through the intense hardcore influenced Spend My Day and onto the triumphant Better Days. There’s even a hidden track that follows on at the end of the album, a track which I’ve decided is called The Fourth Of July, as that is main theme from the track, but also as this album is an exorcising of past trauma, it means that, to paraphrase a well known movie, this is their Independence Day.

Feeling Disconnected is an album centred around being an outsider and that sense of otherness that belonging to a subculture can sometimes cause, but as I can testify it’s not necessarily a bad thing in the long term, and in the case of this album its definitely a positive. Whilst some let a sensation of detachment drag them down, Mobina Galore seem to be positively fuelled by it, Feeling Disconnected has built from the promise shown on the teaser EP, Singles And B-Sides, that was released last year. Mobina Galore have delivered an album that doesn’t disappoint on any level, it is a raw and heartfelt punk rock album, and if you’re not familiar with this Canadian duo, then you really should rectify that.

Mobina Galore‘s website can be located here and New Damage Records web presence can be found here

Feeling Disconnected can be purchased here


Escape Is Not Freedom


Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Chicago’s Escape Is Not Freedom are set to release their debut full length, Goldsmith, on February 24th, they are a band that combine sludge, metal and noise rock to make an intense, discordant and fuzzy soundtrack. The Illinois trio’s debut album follows on from their 2015 EP, The Truants, and it feels like a logical follow up, however, on their previous release the sound was more refined and precise, for Escape Is Not Freedom the rough edges are firmly in place, for me this gives the album a darker and rawer feel than it’s predecessor, and it’s an approach that better suits their dark hybrid of styles.

Goldsmith opens with the intense fuzz driven riff of Coriander, this is a dark primal number that recalls the heavier end of punk, grunge and alt rock, Annul switches the pace, but not the intensity, this is accompanied by a haunting female vocal that contrasts with the gruff delivery of the opening track. Night Light‘s remorseless bass grind signals that a downbeat heavier element is being bought into the mix, an element that continues through the short but sweet dose of Morphine that follows it. The track Sodium signals another shift, this time into a discordant post punk delivery before we hit the anguished Dispossessed, this is a number that signals a return to a melodic vocal delivery that is juxtaposed against an intense riff. The album continues to vary it’s intensity, delivery and melody across the ten tracks, until you get to album’s finale, the dark, disturbing, extended, and appropriately named, Migraine.

Goldsmith is an album that resembles a collision between The Melvins, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Killing Joke, this results in an album of extended hazy riffs that are relentlessly delivered in a discordant and fuzz drenched style. In case you hadn’t guessed this is by no means an easy listen, it is a remorseless dark and heavy album that is born of the suspiciously hazy origins of sludge and stoner rock, but the fact that this is coupled with elements of metal and noise rock, that inject a dose of adrenalin into the album, prevent it from being an album that gets mired in it’s own heady sludge. Goldsmith is an impressive self released album that will be available via Escape Is Not Freedom‘s Bandcamp, and it’s one that is worth investigating if you’re tastes lie towards the heavier end of the alternative spectrum.

Goldsmith will be released tomorrow, February 24th, and can be ordered here

Escape Is Not Freedom‘s Facebook presence can be found here




Exploding in Sound Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Baked have returned, the Brooklyn quintet will release their sophomore album, Farnham, on February 24th via Exploding In Sound Records. A lot has changed since the release of their debut full length, Debt, as members have changed, and with it their sound has evolved. The sonic world of Baked has grown, and with it comes a diverse record, drifting between enormous wall of sound guitars, dark fuzz, dusty country ballads and flashes of deviant post punk all of which is wrapped up in a suspiciously hazy aura that suggests the album was born of evenings in in a smokey twilight world of altered states. Baked have not made an album that is designed to produce hit singles and stand out tracks, although there are songs that do stand out on their own, this is an album made to be experienced as a twisted late night soundscape.

AA kick starts Farnham with a twisted driving rhythm and insistent vocal delivery all topped with off with some distorted treble laced lead guitar, the following track, Wolf, takes the album down into drawled hazy space that slowly fades towards the event horizon. After the dark fuzz of the opening duo the album veers off into the desert for the dark mescalin inspired Amy Rots that abruptly segues into Stay, the first track that features Isabella Mingione on lead vocal, the sweet harmony vocals juxtapose the dark twisted country vibe on this number perfectly. The album continues to veer wildly in styles, alternating between the dark fuzzy elements, haunted distorted reflections of country, lysergic inspired psyche and troubled ballads, these disperate styles are drawn together to create a unique sophomore album, one that I can confidently predict will be amongst my favourite releases from 2017.

If ever a band was the natural successor to the diverse strangeness of the Butthole Surfers, then I would say Baked have taken on that mantle with their latest release. Farnham is the most unpredictable album I’ve reviewed this year, like their aforementioned forefathers the influences on this album are so widespread this is an album that is impossible to categorise, but it is one that borders on perfection, whether it’s the dark haunting country influence or the driving substance fuelled numbers, Baked have made an album that few will surpass in 2017 and this is a release I would recommend to anyone who has a love for the strange, hazy and original.

Farnham can be pre-ordered here

Baked Release Full Stream Of Forthcoming Album ‘Farnham’

baked-farnhamBaked have shared their upcoming album, Farnham, in full via Consequence Of Sound. Once again proving to be unpredictable, Baked embrace dusty country, fuzzy slacker punk, distorted classic rock, and shoegaze, swirling it altogether into their own nuanced guitar shredding bliss. Due out February 24th, Farnham is a masterwork of hazy ballads, blistering riffs, thick haze, and slow burning rock ‘n’ roll. 

You can stream Farnham via Consequence Of Sound here

Farnham can be pre-ordered here

mohawk radio deaf institute feb 17

Mohawk Radio 'Shoot From The Hip' EP Launch

The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK

February 10th 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Tonight The Deaf Institute is hosting is the launch for Mohawk Radio‘s latest EP, Shoot From The Hip, the band have toured relentlessly and built up an impressive following, this has resulted in tonight’s show being completely sold out, an even more impressive feat when you consider that Mohawk Radio have done everything on their own terms. The crowd for tonight’s sold out show is certainly an eclectic one, boasting an intriguing mix of everything from indie kids to old rockers, this diversity is reflected in the quartet of bands that are on display tonight, a line up that makes tonight as much a showcase for the thriving musical environment in the North West of the UK as it is an event to celebrate the release of Mohawk Radio‘s latest EP.

Mohawk Radio DI Katie MacTonight’s journey to catch Mohawk Radio at the Deaf Institute didn’t start well, gridlock near the venue means that I’m running late, when we finally reach the venue the combination of new Converse and a wet pavement leads to further drama, but ripped jeans are in fashion and a few more scars aren’t going to make much difference at my age. I dust myself down and finally limp into the venue to catch the tail end of the opening set by Katie Mac. From the brief snatch I manage to catch it’s clear she possess a soulful voice, one that is backed up by a quartet that channels the more introspective side of indie. As their final number builds to an impressive crescendo I find myself wishing we’d managed to get here earlier .

Mohawk Radio DI Ideal ForgeryIdeal Forgery are next on the bill, they have an eclectic line up that includes violin and cello alongside the usual suspects of guitar and drums, after a mournful start they kick into some spirited indie rock that embraces the more melodic side of the folk punk scene, along with a hint of emo. For me the violin and cello brought an orchestral dimension to their sound, and it’s this that really separates them from the pack, Ideal Forgery are yet another local discovery that I can’t help but feel will be headed for bigger things, as there is no one else that sounds quite like them. The other factor that struck me about them is that their vocalist, Zak Heaney, peppers the gaps between songs with the word fuck as much as anyone I’ve ever seen. 

Mohawk Radio DI Jess KempJess Kemp is tonight’s final support, she delivers accomplished indie fuelled power pop that is mixed with a dash of rock, as their cover of Fleetwood Mac is testimony to, but don’t let that put you off, she twists the old rock classic to her own purposes to give it a fresh lease of life. There is something about Jess Kemp that for some reason reminds me of the energy of bands such as The Muffs and Against Me!, albeit on one of their quieter days. Maybe this is beacuse Jess Kemp possesses a vocal delivery that contains the kind of emotive melodic growl that few possess and for me her set is further evidence of the North Wests healthy and burgeoning DIY scene.

Mohawk Radio DI 1The Deaf Institute is packed to capacity for tonight’s Mohawk Radio show, this is even more impressive when you consider this is a totally DIY affair, artists with a label backing frequently play this venue to smaller crowds, and its to their credit that they’ve achieved this on their own terms. Three quarters of Mohawk Radio take to the stage and kick things off before vocalist Mia Page joins them onstage and their set starts in earnest. Mohawk Radio deliver the kind of hard edged alt rock that, as good as they are on record, really is at it best when experienced live. Mohawk Radio channel the best of rock, and they are a rock band at their heart, but they channel this with a harder edged sensibility more akin to alt rock and grunge that gives them the kind of cross genre appeal that most bands would kill for.

Mohawk Radio DI 2Mia Page has a striking vocal delivery, when you couple this with a razor sharp band you inevitably have a winning formula. On Your Knees, the lead track from their latest EP, sounds even better live, Mia Page works the stage like she’s playing to an arena crowd, whilst the band provide a rock solid backing. Their set varies between their upbeat heavier numbers and the softer side of their material, whilst the studio versions of these tracks didn’t appeal to me as much, live they are transformed into crowd pleasing foot stompers. The whole set is delivered with a joyful zeal, and there’s something about this band that makes you feel they are destined for bigger venues and crowds.

Mohawk Radio DI 3Mohawk Radio were incredible tonight, the level of showmanship on display is normally reserved for bigger venues and established acts, as a result their impressive set passed by in a blur. I’ll be honest, as much as I liked the Shoot From The Hip EP I wasn’t expecting to enjoy tonight as much as I did, the unrestrained hedonism of their rock influences, combined with their alternative roots, makes for an irresistible combination, and I feel privileged to have caught Mohawk Radio at this sold out intimate show. It’s not often you see a band with this kind of stage presence in a venue of this size, and on the basis of tonight’s show I’d recommend that you to tune into Mohawk Radio as soon as you get the chance.

Mohawk Radio DI 4Katie Mac‘s Facebook page is here

Ideal Forgery‘s Facebook page can be found here and their website is located here 

Jess Kemp‘s Facebook page is located here

The Punk Site review of Mohawk Radio‘s Shoot From The Hip EP is here

Mohawk Radio‘s website, where you can order the Shoot From The Hip EP, is located here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

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Glass Phantomes FSCMN

The Glass Phantoms

Funeral Song / Call My Name

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Glass Phantoms have released a new double a side single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and live favourite Call My Name, the single has been released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single, artwork that it must be said captures the spirit of the single perfectly.

Funeral Song boasts a dark twisted hypnotic hammering rhythm, overlaid with vocalist Jimi Wade‘s rasping blues howl and some impressively twisted guitar work, Call My Name takes a step further into the shadows, this song has been an established feature of their live sets, and it’s transferred perfectly to the studio. Unlike most songs with a title like that, this is no love song, it contains the lyric “I’ll Put Your Screams Upon My Mantlepiece” that inspired the dark artwork by God’s Teeth. On this track they up the ante from the opener, Funeral Song, to deliver a deliciously dark and twisted number that personifies everything that I love about this band.

This is a move forward from last years impressive debut single, I Am The Dark, that demonstrates The Glass Phantoms are spreading their wings, with two perfect singles under their belt, and a reputation for heartfelt blistering live performances, The Glass Phantoms are building a reputation for being a band that are delivering their own blend of blues, stoner rock and alt rock which is delivered with their own dark twist, and as a result it’s hard not to fall under their spell. Now that they have Abattoir Blues Records behind them the future is somewhat perversely looking very bright for The Glass Phantoms.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

The Glass Phantoms Release New Single

Glass Phantoms Feb 17The Glass Phantoms have released a new single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and Call My Name, the single will be released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

Hands Off Gretel Announce ‘World Against She’ UK Tour

Hands Off Gretel Feb 17 TourHands Off Gretel have announced  the dates for their World Against She tour in support of their stunning debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. As with everything that Hands Off Gretel do this is a completely DIY affair and further tour dates will be confirmed throughout 2017

The Punk Site review of Burn The Beauty Queen can be found here and it can purchased here

Hands Off Gretel‘s website can be found here

You can view the tour dates by clicking on the tour flier

Baked Release Stream of New Single ‘Them’

baked-farnhamBaked have shared Them, the latest single from the band’s impressive upcoming album Farnham. Once again proving to be unpredictable, this time Baked have embraced dusty country and an outlaw Americana twang on Them. Due out February 24th, Farnham is a masterwork of hazy ballads, blistering shoegaze, fuzzed out indie and slow burning rock ‘n’ roll. 

Baked have announced both an album listening party, February 11th, and album release show, February 24th, in addition to an official slot at this year’s SXSW.

Them can be streamed here and details of their live events can be viewed below Read More…

The Hyena Kill Unleash New Single ‘Tongue Tied’

hyena kill atomisedManchester duo The Hyena Kill have revealed the video for their new single, Tongue Tied, which is out today on all good digital platforms. Tongue Tied is the latest material to be taken from their debut album Atomised which was released earlier last year, it’s another prime fillet steak of feral, ferocious, full-tilt rock ‘n’ roll noise, a sound the pair have meticulously crafted by striking out on their own very definite path after finding themselves falling between the cracks of Manchester’s burgeoning metal and indie scenes. The band also recently announced two headline shows at Nottingham Bodega on the 29th April and Manchester Academy 3 on the 30th April.

The Video for Tongue Tied, and links for purchase and streaming, can be viewed below Read More…

Baked Release Video For Danelectroladyland

baked-farnhamBaked are sharing the video for their new single, Danelectroladyland, directed by Baked‘s own Jeremy Aquilino, the video captures the band on the road from last year’s US tour with Titus Andronicus and Spider Bags.

Don’t let the name fool you, Baked aren’t your typical stoner rock. The band’s upcoming album Farnham, due out February 24th, is a masterwork of dusty country, blistering shoegaze, fuzzed out indie, and slow burning rock ‘n’ roll.

You can watch Danelectroladyland below and pre-order Farnham here Read More…

Atom Driver - Slackjaw

Atom Driver


Powerbunny 4x4

Rating: 4/5




Atom Driver have released their debut EP, Slackjaw, via the superbly named Powerbunny 4×4 Records, they are a post-hardcore trio hailing from central New Jersey that are something of a local supergroup. The members of Atom Driver are culled from the wreckage of local bands such as Buzzkill, Boss Jim Gettys and Good Clean Fun. Each member has a distinguished pedigree, associated with many different successful local indie rock, punk, and hardcore outfits. Together, this trio has bundled their deep roots and experience in making music to present a sound both new and simultaneously reminiscent of seminal bands from Barkmarket and Bastro to Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu.

Hate Me Now kicks off the Slackjaw EP in fine urgent style, the refrain of “you may hate me now but wait until I nail you to ground” is a driven cathartic battle cry, the EP’s title track manages to carry an even more frenetic pace and delivers another fist pumping chorus. At the mid way point of the Slackjaw EP Knives Out brings the pace down a tad, but it carries such a punishing riff it keeps the intensity and urgency of the EP flowing nicely before Cowboy takes us into an adrenaline charged technical delivery, one that to my ears is reminiscent of Primus on amphetamines, that breaks down into a pummelling chorus. Finally Best Defense closes the impressive debut, and carries on from where the previous quartet of tracks left off, combining all the elements from their previous outfits and influences into a glorious defiant hardcore inspired slice of alt rock.

This is an EP that blends their influences together and delivers them with a hardcore intensity, to say Slackjaw is an impressive debut is an understatement, the opening two tracks, Hate Me Now and Slackjaw, are as good as anything I’ve heard so far this year, and if this five track EP is an initial statement of intent then their debut full length is going to be something to look forward to. Based on this EP Atom Driver are another band to watch closely in 2017, this is a collection of five flawless tracks that hit the spot every time, anyone who has any love of alternative music, from alt rock to hardcore, should investigate the Slackjaw EP as this is a near perfect contemporary hybrid that’s informed by their collective influences and past experiences.

Slackjaw can be streamed and purchased here

I Heart Sharks To Release New Single ‘Lost Forever’

I Heart Sharks HideawayI Heart Sharks will be releasing their latest single, Lost Forever, on the 3rd February 2017. Last year saw I Heart Sharks release the Hey Kid EP in January, accompanied by a sold-out spring tour, and in November they released their third full LP, Hideaway, via AdP Records. The new single is taken from their latest album, Hideaway is a sun-drenched, synth-soaked collection of guitar tracks, somewhere between surf-pop and gritty electronica, between California and Berlin, between nostalgia and daydreams.

I Heart Sharks website, where you can order the Hideaway LP, can be located here

The video for Lost Forever, and their upcoming tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Hands Off Gretel Release Music Video For ‘World Against She’

hands-off-gretel-btbq-jpgHands Off Gretel have released their latest music video for the track World Against She, the song is taken from their stunning debut album, Burn The Beauty Queen. As with everything that Hands Off Gretel do this is a completely DIY affair and they have announced that they will be back on tour in the UK from February onwards, the latest tour dates can be found here

The Punk Site review of Burn The Beauty Queen can be found here and it can purchased here

The brand new video for World Against She can be viewed below Read More…

I’m Fine Premiere New Song ‘Merit Badge’ From Upcoming LP

Im Fine NKBNew Orleans, Louisiana’s I’m Fine are premiering the track Merit Badge off their upcoming album, Never Knowing Best, that is due out February 3rd 2017 via Wiretap Records. The new record was recorded in the band’s hometown of Nola by James Whitten (Pears, Thou) with help from Brian Pretus of Pears.

You can pre-order Never Knowing Best digitally here and the limited edition cassette here

You can stream Merit Badge here


The Black Clouds

After All

Capacitor Records

Rating: 4/5



After All is the third full length from New Jersey rockers The Black Clouds, the album is produced by the godfather of grunge, Jack Endino, and you can tell he’s at the helm on this release from the first fuzzy assault, and it also features Jack Endino and Mudhoney‘s Mark Arm, who both make guest appearances on After All. Although it’s still 2016 as I write this, I’m hoping that the first album I’ve received that is due for release in the new year is going to be a positive sign for the new year, as we end a year that has seen a pretty endless stream of death and political disasters that has afflicted both sides of the Atlantic.
Photograph kicks the album off in fine style with a fine anthemic fuzzy number, and you don’t have time to draw breath before Sayanora kicks things into overdrive. After the distorted twin onslaught the album slowly eases down through the gears with the steadily mellowing trio of Self Control, Leave Her Alone and Falling before things unexpectedly spark back into life. Vice, that features an appearance by Mudhoney‘s Mark Arm, injects a shot of adrenaline back into After All, the energy from the injection keeps the album going through Going Going Gone and Still Alive before the album slips back into relative calm with Merchants Of Death, and finally Days Are So Long see’s After All bow out with the mellowest moment on the album
After All carries all the elements of the grunge scene of the 90’s, it is heavily reminiscent of the likes of Nirvana, L7 and Mudhoney, but there’s also a influence from the bourbon drenched rock ‘n roll tones of the likes of The Supersuckers. Alongside the fuzz and the rock ‘n roll there are mellower moments that stops this being a full tilt fuzz barrage, Jack Endino has produced this album perfectly, the stripped down approach will always suit this kind of music, and overproduction will almost always kill it, the result is an album that borders on being a contemporary grunge classic, and it is one that bears all the hallmarks of the albums that influenced it, but manages to avoid being derivative. However you look at it that means After All marks a positive start to 2017, the album will be released on the 6th January and is currently available for pre-order.
You can pre-order After All on physical formats from Capacitor Records here and digitally from the usual suspects

Calling All Astronauts Release ‘LIfe As We Know It’ EP

caa-lawki2016 has been another fantastic year for West London Electro Punks Calling All Astronauts, it has seen the release of their widely acclaimed second album, Anti-Social Network, their single, Empire, hit #2 in the Official European Indie Chart and they round off the year with their ninth single, Life As We Know It, that was released via Supersonic Media on December 23rd in which we see a more mellow, electronic side to these usually noisy rockers.

Life As We Know It can be purchased via iTunes here and streamed via Soundcloud here

Anti Social Network can be streamed and purchased here

The video for Life As We Know It can be viewed below Read More…

Mac McCaughan Releases Free Track To Mark The End Of 2016

mac-mccaughan-hnySuperchunk vocalist Mac McCaughan has released the track Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again) as a pay what you want download via his Bandcamp.

The track was written and recorded on December 24, 2016 and released two days later, Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again) was written in a moment of trying to look at any possible bright side of the coming new year after the disaster that was 2016.

You can download Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again) here


The Wonder Stuff / Bentley Rhythm Ace / Fuzzbox

Manchester, UK, The Ritz

21st December 2016

Rating: 4/5




lottery-winners-ritz-211216-2This looks like being my final gig, and final live review, of 2016, what better way to see out what’s been, at least musically, a damn fine year than at the Ritz, one of the longest standing live venues left in Manchester, to see a quartet of bands that should bring a bit of festive cheer to anyone’s heart. Tonight’s bill is one that is diverse with something for pretty much everyone, three of the bands originate from the Black Country, The Wonder Stuff, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Fuzzbox all emerged from that musical hotbed in the mid to late eighties, with the addition of a local newcomer to tonight’s bill in the form of The Lottery Winners.

lottery-winners-ritz-211216-1The Lottery Winners are opening tonight, despite the ridiculously early start time for tonight’s show they have drawn a healthy crowd and have the difficult task of opening for three bands who all have established fan bases, impressively this doesn’t seem to deter them in the slightest. The Lottery Winners play anthemic indie rock that, despite the earliness of their set, encourages a strong vocal contribution from the enthusiastic crowd, they enjoy a seemingly effortless repartee with their audience and underneath their indie charms there is a deceptive amount of muscle underlying their sweet melodies.

fuzzbox-ritz-dec-211216-1After The Lottery Winners set some inevitable Christmas tunes add to the festive atmosphere that is building in The Ritz, these give way to some fine vintage indie tunes that hark back to the era when the rest of tonight’s line up was first around. The venue is filling up nicely and the bar is becoming increasingly busy, indicating that more than a few of the crowd for this mid week show have finally finished work for Xmas and are making the most of it, and as a result the noise levels are building. Whilst this is taking place the stage has transformed and the line of feather boa clad microphone stands that are on display indicates that the arrival of Fuzzbox is imminent.

fuzzbox-ritz-dec-211216-2The quintet that make up Fuzzbox are touring in support of their first new material since 2010, the glorious new fan funded single, Let’s Go Supernova, this single is one of my favourite releases of 2016, and whilst a lot poppier than the majority of the music I’ve enjoyed this year, there is something irresistible and joyous about it, a quality that can equally be applied to seeing Fuzzbox live. Tonight’ set is sadly going to be a lot shorter than the one I witnessed earlier this year at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge, but it is no less exuberant and effervescent, and we get treated to a set of their best known songs that are delivered with style and zeal.

fuzzbox-ritz-dec-211216-3Fuzzbox kick their set off with International Rescue, the infectious tones of one of their biggest hits hitches the atmosphere up a notch. From this point on it’s a headlong rush through songs that anyone around at the time would have had fond memories of, including their debut, Rules And Regulations, that brings some punk energy to the evening. The three new members of Fuzzbox fit into the band perfectly, bassist Sarit Black exudes rock ‘n roll cool, guitarist Meghan Burke is a blur of glitter and sequins and Hannah Layhe provides the driving and thunderous drumbeats, along with original members Maggie Dunne and Vix who maintain the spirit of the original line up.

fuzzbox-ritz-dec-211216-4During She the three latest recruits all take to the drums to create a perfect thunderstorm before they launch back into the more familiar material, their early singles, such as Love Is The Slug, manage to sound better than ever to my ears. I always find that Fuzzbox are one of those rare bands that can’t help but put a smile on your face, the mix of energy, joy and enthusiasm that they bring to a stage would be hard to resist on it’s own, but marry that with their mix of punk and pop, not pop punk, this is something very different to that genre, and you have an irresistible combination, tonight’s show is a reminder why Fuzzbox have been one of my favourite live acts of 2016.

fuzzbox-ritz-dec-211216-5Fuzzbox‘s all too brief appearance continues with a riotous run though of some of the better known singles, each of which has it’s own distinct character, but all the while maintaining that infectious and effervescent edge that is Fuzzbox‘s hallmark. The new single, Let’s Go Supernova, sounds even better live and its glam pop punk stomp fits perfectly alongside their established material. Tonight’s set has been bookended by their two biggest hits as they close with the bouncy upbeat charm of Pink Sunshine, hopefully Fuzzbox will be back on the road in 2017, and if you get the chance to then I’d seriously recommend catching the riot of colour and fun that is Fuzzbox live

bra-ritz-211216After another bout of eighties indie tunes, played by resident DJ, and compere for the night, Steve Lamacq of BBC Radio 6, things head off into a completely different musical direction. Bentley Rhythm Ace are the self styled purveyors of  “car boot disco techno”, the whole acid house and rave scenes passed me by, whilst it was going on I spent much of my time in a punk club a stones throw from the epicentre of that scene, Manchester’s legendary Hacienda venue, but having said that Bentley Rhythm Ace fit perfectly into tonight’s line up and they provide an eccentric and original take on that sound, and it’s one that successfully builds on the heady party atmosphere that is now almost tangible.

wonderstuff-ritz-211216-2It’s been a long time since I last saw The Wonder Stuff, my last encounter with them was at the Cities In The Park festival that took place a few miles up the road in Manchester’s Heaton Park a quarter of a century ago. Their faithful following has turned up en masse for tonight’s headlining slot, the Ritz is at capacity, the bar is five deep and the Christmas celebrations appear to have reached their peak prior to The Wonder Stuff taking the stage. The perennial seasonal classic, Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade, gets an airing, and of course get’s a suitably rousing singalong from the increasingly festive crowd, prior to an incendiary introduction by Steve Lamacq.

wonderstuff-ritz-211216-3The current incarnation of The Wonder Stuff now only features vocalist Miles Hunt from the original line up that produced their classic debut album, Eight Legged Groove Machine. It’s not long into the set before it seems that three decades have slipped away for the majority of those who’ve attended The Ritz tonight as The Wonder Stuff play with an energy and commitment that belies their years. Their set spans from their early classic singles through to the latest material, it’s a testament to the band that if you were unfamiliar with them that you’d have a hard time separating the two, and you can’t really ask for much more from a band that has this kind of longevity.

wonderstuff-ritz-211216-1The Wonder Stuff are regularly drowned out by their fans raucous singing throughout the set and an enthusiastic, and slightly drunken, moshpit has formed which responds as you’d expect to tracks such as Unbearable, Radio Asskiss and Give Give Give Me More More More, Miles Hunt clearly hasn’t mellowed with age, when he speaks between songs it’s as profanity littered as ever. The Wonder Stuff include a rendition of The Jam‘s That’s Entertainment, which is testament to the punk influence on the indie scene of the mid to late eighties, prior to an inevitably crowd pleasing finale to their set before the sweaty crowd spill out into the chilly Manchester night

wonderstuff-ritz-211216-4What came across at this show was that every band appeared to be loving the tour, the energy and enthusiasm that these bands displayed three decades ago is still present, and this was confirmed with snatched conversations with various band members and people involved with the tour, who all mixed happily with the crowd. Tonight’s show was a near perfect way to mark the end of this years live shows, and my first year of writing for The Punk Site, so I’d like to say a big thank you to all the bands, promotors and venues that have made my 2016 so memorable, and hopefully I’ll be back down the front in 2017.

Happy Christmas from The Punk Site

fuzzbox-ritz-dec-211216-6The Lottery Winners website can be found here

Let’s Go Supernova is available via iTunes and the Fuzzbox Pledge Music campaign is here

The Fuzzbox Official Facebook page can be located here

Bentley Rhythm Ace‘s Facebook page can be found here

The Wonder Stuff‘s official website can be found here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

Chaos 8 Release Video For ‘What Have You Become’

chaos-8-cause-and-effectChaos 8 released their sophomore album, Cause And Effect, earlier this year, the album can still be purchased direct from Chaos 8, via their Facebook page, and is also available digitally via iTunes. Chaos 8 saw the year out with a final show at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on December 1st and they have released a third video, this time for the track What Have You Become, using footage filmed at their final concert of 2016

The Punk Site review of Cause And Effect is here and Chaos 8‘s Facebook page is here

Cause and Effect can be ordered from iTunes here 

The video for What Have You Become can be viewed below Read More…


Late Night Flights


Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Minneapolis rockers Late Night Fights are a trio featuring Ryan ‘Guanz’ Guanzon, guitar and vocals, Shane ‘Train’ Peckham, bass, and Daniel ‘Sledgehammer’ Johnson, obviously the drummer, who self released their debut album, JoustHouse, earlier this month. This is a band that unashamedly draws heavily on it’s influences, these range from grunge and alternative to alt rock and post hardcore, which if nothing else guarantees that this will be a discordant and distorted debut. Jousthouse, delivers angst and melody that is more than a touch reminiscent of the Seattle grunge era, but it is delivered with a contemporary feel that keeps Late Night Flights from sounding like a complete anachronism.

Jousthouse kicks straight in with Nothing To Lose, this is a Queens Of The Stone Age influenced slice of alt rock that delivers a serious punch, it follows this up with three more heavy duty slabs of grunge infused guitar heavy rock, it’s not until you get to The Only One that they start to move away from the past, and stamp their own identity onto the album. The Only One heralded a change of direction, and after this the album moves into a somewhat a more melodic frame of mind with Ode To Owed, which acts a breakwater before the full tilt alt rock kicks back in for one last time with Break The Chains. This track signified the last rallying call as the album eases into a mellower, at least by Late Night Flights standards, end to the album that demonstrates they are by no means a one trick pony with a distortion pedal.

Jousthouse is an album that owes a hefty debt to nineties alt rock, it’s distorted riffs and gruff vocals vary across the album from the fist pumping and anthemic, to the dark and disaffected, at times the album veers so heavily into the territory of what came before it that it almost takes you back two decades. This is clearly an album that wears it’s influences on it’s sleeves, so much so that it verges on becoming somewhat derivative of the bands that inspired them, in particular Queens Of The Stone Age’s influence isn’t so much worn on the sleeve as tattooed into a sleeve. They manage to stay a step away from being a band that’s living in the past, but being only a step removed does mean that Late Night Flights stands in the shadow of grunge and alt rock, but if that’s an era that you treasure, then you may just have found your new favourite band.

Jousthouse can be pre-ordered via iTunes here and Amazon here


Altar Flowers


Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Since their formation in 2013 Manchester’s Altar Flowers have released 2 EP’s, 2013’s 2 For Joy and 2015’s Teenager EP, the latter of which caught the attention of BBC Radio 6. they have toured across the UK and they released their debut album, I.D.S.T., earlier this year. The band has undergone numerous line up changes since their inception but the current line up seems to be one that’s settled, and more importantly it is one that has produced their strongest material to date.

I.D.S.T. contains eleven tracks that carry all the hallmarks from the gothic side of the late eighties alternative scene. The album boasts an emotive and atmospheric sound and every track features guitar riffs that build to huge choruses, whilst the post punk and alternative influences are to the fore, Altar Flowers have a poppier element that steers them away from being just another downbeat goth band. The band have created a multi layered soundtrack that has one foot in the past, there’s a strong influence from the likes of The Chameleons, The Psychedelic Furs and The Cure that is present throughout the album, but this isn’t just a recreation of the past, Altar Flowers have their own interpretation on the soundtrack that influenced a generation of bands.

This is the kind of gothic tinged rock music that in another era may well have seen Altar Flowers filling much bigger venues, echo heavy guitars compliment the swirling keyboards along with the subtle vocal delivery and anthemic choruses. If I had to fault this release, my only quibble would be that there is nothing that raises the tempo, personally I feel that it just needs that uptempo rockier number to lift the album, but this a minor complaint in what is a fine slice of gothic influenced stadium rock. 

I.D.S.T. can be purchased from Amazon and iTunes as well as being available for streaming via Spotify.

I.D.S.T. can be purchased directly from Altar Flowers via their Bandcamp here

The Altar Flowers website can be found here

Chaos 8 Release Video For ‘Make Me Believe’

chaos-8-cause-and-effectChaos 8 released their sophomore album, Cause And Effect, earlier this year, the album can still be purchased direct from Chaos 8, via their Facebook page, and is also available digitally via iTunes. Chaos 8 saw the year out with a final show at Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle on December 1st and they have released a second video, this time for the track Make Me Believe, using footage filmed at their final concert of 2016

The Punk Site review of Cause And Effect is here and Chaos 8‘s Facebook page is here

You can order Cause and Effect from iTunes here and view the video for Make Me Believe below Read More…

Fuzzbox Release Let’s Go Supernova Video

fuzzbox-lgsFuzzbox have released the video for Let’s Go Supernova, the single, their first new recording since 2010, can be ordered via Pledge Music and there are still some very special limited edition signed goodies and merch up for grabs.

The Punk Site review of Let’s Go Supernova can be found here

Let’s Go Supernova is available via iTunes and the Fuzzbox Pledge Music campaign here

The video for Let’s Go Supernova, and the tour dates with The Wonderstuff, can be viewed below Read More…