tHrOnE Release New Single And Video ‘Burn, Baby’

tHrOnE bbAfter an extended hiatus tHrOnE are back with a new single, burn,baby, their latest release is a taste of what fans can expect from the band’s forthcoming album that is due out in 2018, tHrOnE feel this is their strongest effort yet, and are excited to see where the future can take them. Although tHrOnE have played alongside many pop punk acts, the band have a heavier rock tone that is accompanied by a pop sensibility.

Burn, Baby can be streamed and downloaded here

You can view the lyric video for Burn, Baby below Read More…

Nadine Shah BOTW Oct 17

Nadine Shah / Life

Band On The Wall, Manchester, UK

16th October 2017

Rating: 5/5



Nadine Shah BOTW Oct 17 2The Band On The Wall is one of Manchester’s longest running venues, the building has undergone extensive refurbishment in recent years and as it’s set to expand further it thankfully looks like a live venue that is here to stay. Tonight the Band On The Wall is playing host to Nadine Shah who is touring in support of her stunning new album, Holiday Destination, which for me is easily her finest full length to date, and one that marks a distinct change in style from her 2015 album, Fast Food. Nadine Shah has bought up and coming Hull quartet Life along as support on her UK tour, who are touring in support of their impressive debut album, Popular Music, that was released earlier this year.
Nadine Shah BOTW Oct 17 3 LifeLife nonchalantly take the stage before launching into their set, one that is heavily inspired by the post punk bands of the late seventies and early eighties such as The Fall and The Au Pairs , but it’s not one that’s embedded in the past as it also carries elements from the heavier end of indie, such as early Maximo Park and The Vines, as well as their own unique sound and style and as their frontman Mez is a permanently hyperactive presence, both on and off the stage, the result is that they are a mesmerising live act. The sound in the refurbished Band On The Wall is absolutely spot on and their album’s hyperactive and eccentric title track makes me decide to pick up a copy of their album after the show. Their appearance on Nadine Shah‘s tour makes for a perfect introduction to a band I haven’t previously encountered, they declare their band name is taken from the phrase ‘choose life’, and on the basis of tonight’s performance I’d recommend you do just that.
Nadine Shah BOTW Oct 17 4Nadine Shah is unique, for me no one is doing anything remotely close to her material, and even when you think you’ve pigeonholed her she will shift, a tactic that has seen her deliver three radically different albums that are unified by her haunting vocals and personal song writing, a combination that has seen the Band On The Wall sold out well in advance of tonight’s show. Nadine Shah‘s latest album displayed more of a post punk attitude than her two previous albums, Love Your Dum And Mad and Fast Food, something that reflects the stark political subject matter of much of her new album and as her band is now augmented by a sax player this only adds to the post punk direction that her new material carries. Her five piece band add muscle to her material live and frees Nadine Shah up to strut the stage, the first tour I’ve attended when she’s not been playing guitar and this seems to add a degree of freedom to her performance as she seems more expressive and animated than the previous tours I’ve caught.
Nadine Shah BOTW Oct 17 5The title track from Holiday Destination seizes the audience and the muscular dark post punk of her set is only punctuated by her observations and interactions with the crowd, which are delivered in her broad Tyneside accent. Whilst there are some comparisons to elements of late era Siouxsie And The Banshees and Public Image Ltd one her new album, Nadine Shah is very much her own person. The haunting Yes Men, one of highlights from her new album, is preceeded by a political statement of intent, that is delivered in her own down to earth manner. The nature of the venue means that at capacity its hard to actually get a decent view of the stage, but despite this minor inconvinience I’ve never heard Nadine Shah sound better than she has tonight. She deviates away from the Holiday Destination to include material from her first two albums, which have also benefited from having her expanded backing band behind her, as her earlier material sounds more muscular than when I’ve encountered her previously, and tonight Nadine Shah seems more self assured and confident than ever and delivers a spellbinding set.
Nadine Shah BOTW Oct 17 6Nadine Shah gives a heartfelt and venomous few words against the far right and declares herself a proud second generation immigrant, prior to delivering a Full blooded rendition of the barbed single Out The Way. She closes the night with superb three song encore that includes Runaway, the song that introduced me to Nadine Shah, and she reiterates her ambition for her new album to humanise the dehumanised and support those who need it most, and finally Mother Fighter brings a faultless set to an end. What direction she’ll head off in on her next album is anyone’s guess, but wherever she goes I’ll be following as tonight has proved that there really is no one quite like Nadine Shah, she has outgrown each venue I’ve seen her play in, and judging by tonight’s show and the crowd reaction this is something that will remain true for the foreseeable future. Nadine Shah is one of the most original and politically focused acts in the UK at the moment, and if you are going to see one act that is an exception to the punk shows that we all know and love then you really should catch Nadine Shah live.
Nadine Shah BOTW Oct 17 7Nadine Shah‘s website can be found here
The Punk Site review of Holiday Destination can be read here
Life‘s website is located here
Band On The Wall‘s website is here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

corporationpop Release Debut Single ‘Vintage Lingerie’

Corporation Pop Oct 17corporationpop is the new venture by acclaimed poet Elise Hadgraft, sick of being artistically ripped off and relegated to the role of ‘feminist poet girlfriend’ she started up a new project armed only with Yamaha synths and Korg Volca beats. With corporationpop Elise has taken a unique direction with a distinctly DIY attitude, and the first track, Vintage Lingerie, is the genesis of a project that will be taken on the road to support the resurgence of female fronted music. corporationpop‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can stream Vintage Lingerie here

Tropidelic To Release ‘Heavy Is The Head’ Via Law Records

Tropidelic HITHTropidelic may be far from any tropical islands but that doesn’t stop them from dishing out a unique mix of reggae, hip-hop, funk, ska and alternative influences for audiences across the country, including appearing on the Warped Tour. The band has now signed with Law Records for their forthcoming release, Heavy is The Head, which will be released on November 10th. 

Heavy Is the Head can be pre-ordered here

The video’s for Dollar Saved and Hey Now, and Tropidelic‘s tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

False Advertising Release New Single And Video ‘Hey You’

False Advertising HYManchester-based trio, False Advertising, have revealed another 100% DIY video for their latest single, Hey You, that can be streamed and purchased here. You can catch the band live on the I Would Be So Much Happier… UK Tour with headline dates running throughout October and November 2017, where their new EP, I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring, will be available exclusively on limited edition cassette ahead of the digital release on 27th October. The EP is a collection of the standalone releases which the band have so far dropped throughout 2017 and builds on their caustic, fuzz-drenched approach to alternative rock.

You can view the video for Hey You, and False Advertising‘s tour dates, below Read More…

By Gods Move On

The By Gods

Move On

Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5



Nashville’s The By Gods were born from a potent blend of musings on small town religion, depression, terrorist attacks, celebrity deaths, global politics and the social media reaction to all those events, Move On is the sound of a band trying to come to terms with their own ever-changing and strange reality, the album was written during the last presedential election which acted as a backdrop for Move On. The disturbing political events of last year that inform the album are paired with an impressive hybrid soundtrack that encompasses grunge, alt rock and the noisier side of the indie spectrum, with a faint touch of The Velvet Underground in the album’s low key finale.
The post grunge influences are evident from the first chords of the album’ title track, the rumbling bass line gives way to a crunching overdriven guitar riff, every track on Move On recalls the sonic assault that characterised the best bands from the grunge and alternative scenes of the late eighties and early nineties. The By Gods are a band whose influences are worn proudly on their sleeves, the haunting elements that characterised some of the Pixies finest recordings are present along with dissonance and energy of Nirvana and the hooks of the Foo Fighters early recordings, but whilst the album’s inspiration is obvious The By Gods have taken this soundtrack and produced something that is very much their own.
It could be argued that Move On is something of a throwback, but when an album is this accomplished I don’t care in the slightest, I haven’t encountered a band that delivers this kind of energising high energy slacker soundtrack in a long long time. With their third album The By Gods have undoubtedly produced their finest release to date, with Move On they seem to have perfected the sound that they have been developing over their first two albums. Dark and tumultuous political times are often said to inspire some of the best music, The By Gods are living proof of this as Move On is an album that sits amongst the best releases I’ve heard this year.
Move On is set for release on the 20th October and can be pre-ordered here
Muskets Chew



No Sleep Records

Rating: 4/5




Muskets found their birth in Brighton, UK where they quickly engaged in the city’s always growing music scene and connected with like minded peers who held a shared DIY ethos and influence of grunge, punk and emo sounds, Muskets will release their debut LP Chew via No Sleep Records on October 20th 2017. Their unique blend of grunge tinged hardcore made a distinct impression on me when I caught them live supporting Culture Abuse and Tiger’s Jaw earlier this year, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing whether Muskets can harness the spirit of their impressive ‘slacker punk’ in the studio.

Pond Drop eases you gently into the album before the drums and overdrive kick in, and from this point there’s no looking back. There’s a hefty debt to grunge in the band’s sound, but this is no pale shadow of that scene, Muskets are a band that have developed their own fuzzy and intense hybrid of punk rock and grunge. Whilst there isn’t any filler on Chew, the tracks Chewing Gum and You’re So Cool, both of which were released as singles, stand out as a intense blasts of punk rock amongst the album’s hazier grunge heavy tracks. The end result is that Chew is an impressive debut album by a band who are very much doing things on their own terms.

Chew is an album that blends punk, grunge and alternative to impressive effect, bands such as Fugazi and early recordings by the likes of Pixies, Nirvana and At The Drive In can clearly be heard in the album’s DNA. Chew proves that Muskets are a band that deliver both live and in the studio and their debut full length is a serious statement of intent from this Brighton quartet. Chew is an album that will appeal to those with a love of the bands that informed their sound, and for those of us who just like a good blast of adrenaline fuelled fucked up noise.

Chew can be pre-ordered here via No Sleep Records on physical formats here and digitally via Bandcamp here

Muskets Facebook page can be found here

Jetty Bones OW

Jetty Bones

Old Women

Take This To Heart Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Ohio’s Jetty Bones is the result of the musical endeavours of Kelc Galluzzo, who utilizes a core group of friends that help bring the project to life on stage. Whilst Jetty Bones is technically a solo project, it’s one that carries a full band mentality that means this project is anything but the efforts of one person. The Old Women EP is the story of progress, growth, and the development of human connection, something that is often overlooked in today’s society. In a world so focused on outward appearances, Old Women takes you on a journey through one girl’s mental and emotional attempts to attach to something in a more genuine way.

The opening track Clear Honey boasts a driving riff that is highlighted by the clear and strident vocals, that can carry an aggressive growl or be sweet as the song’s title, Innocent Party changes the pace of the EP with an acoustic led number that brings the pace down. No Lover swiftly returns to the EP’s strengths of blending indie and some alternative touches that mean that the Jetty Bones carry more muscle than many of their contemporaries, whilst the final two tracks, Morning Clothes and Strokes, ease you out of the EP with two tracks that contain Jetty Bones signature soaring vocals and delicate musicianship.

The songs on the Old Women EP boast a distinct indie vibe, but they also carry some of the strength of alt rock that backs up some heartfelt lyrics. Whilst Jetty Bones mellower moments aren’t quite to my taste the tracks Clear Honey and No Lover stand out on the Old Women EP, and if you’re a fan of the other bands on their recent US tour, The Wonder Years, The Obsessives and Laura Stevenson, then you need to investigate Jetty Bones, and if you were on that tour I’d imagine you’re already converted to their cause.

The Old Women EP was released on the 6th October and is now available to order via Take This To Heart Records here

Jetty Bones Facebook page can be found here

Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons Announce UK Tour And New LP

Pussyvar ANP Tour Oct 17Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons have announced that their third album, Ain’t No Pussy, is now available for pre-order on vinyl and CD, and the first 50 vinyl orders will receive a free fully signed poster. The band are also heading out on a UK tour that will coincide with the release of the CD, a digital release will follow and the vinyl will be available in December.

You can pre-order Ain’t No Pussy on CD and vinyl here

Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Decent Criminal Bloom

Decent Criminal


Dodgeball Records

Rating: 4/5



California’s Decent Criminal have signed with the newly founded Dodgeball Records and are set to release Bloom, the band’s label debut that will be released October 13th. Decent Criminal blend elements of 90’s alternative, garage rock, surf punk, power-pop and good old fashioned punk rock to deliver catchy, upbeat songs that collide with abrasive and often melancholy undertones, the end result is an album that is a more than worthy successor to their 2016 self titled debut album.
Cold leads you into the album with a vibrant slab of power pop before Bloom heads into the laid back strains of Still, the acoustic strains of Tender make you think that Decent Criminal are in danger of flatlining, that is until the guitars kick in for an overdriven and anthemic lovelorn chorus. Melt kicks back into the full tilt powerpop before the album’s most heartfelt number, Expectations, marks the halfway point of Bloom. Both Void and Iron are stripped down slice of heady garage rock, Neurotic delivers a gloriously deranged glam punk stomp before Waver returns to the garage infused power pop, finally Bloom ends in style, with the hedonostic lead single, Deviant.
The ten monosyllabically titled tracks that make up Bloom is an unexpected package of wistful songs whose  tones are carried along in a strangely upbeat style given the melancholy feel of the album. Decent Criminal‘s sophomore album contains many elements that remind me of some of my favourite bands both past and present, including These Animal Men and Culture Abuse, and the soaring guitars and treble led solo’s that permeate the album mix with hooks and melodies to create an irresistible and heady combination. Bloom indicates that Decent Criminal are another impressive addition to the ever growing and impressive roster that Dodgeball Records has amassed in it’s short lifespan.
Decent Criminal will release Bloom on October 13th 2017 via Dodgeball Records.
Bloom can be pre-ordered here

Rain To Release ‘Abstract Vision’ EP Via Venn Records

Rain AVVenn Records has been at the forefront of modern punk, hardcore, emo and everything in between in the UK since its inception five years ago, their newest signing, Rain, have spent the past year and a half writing and recording a follow up record to the debut release, Symphony Pains. Rain are now set to release their new EP, Abstract Vision, on November 24th via Venn Records, and they will be on tour with New Moon at the end of October
You can pre-order Abstract Vision on red and black vinyl from Venn Records here
You can view the video for Petrichor, and Venn‘s your dates, below

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Circa Survive TA

Circa Survive

The Amulet

Hopeless Records

Rating: 2.5/5




From the release of their 2005 debut, Juturna, to their 2010 major label release, Blue Sky Noise, to today with their latest release, The Amulet Circa Survive has made a career of turning all of the things that make them difficult to categorize into their greatest strengths. Circa Survive continues this legacy, but on The Amulet this is filtered through the unique lens of their punk and alternative roots and drawing on the raw power of post-hardcore to create a modern hybrid of styles. After thirteen years together Circa Survive have released another album that see’s them move forward, but crucially this has been achieved this whilst remaining true to their roots.

Lustration offers a melodic introduction to The Amulet that steadily builds up in intensity, whilst Never Tell A Soul and Stay bring an upbeat element to Circa Survive‘s latest release. Premonition Of The Hex, Tunnel Vision, The Hex, At Night It Gets Worse and the album’s title track offer a more atmospheric alternative to the driven alt rock that lies at the band’s core, and the album’s penultimate track, Flesh And Bone, brings the pace of the album right down. But for me it’s when they return to a more strident breed of alt rock, one that carries a distinctly more discordant style, where Circa Survive shine brightest, and as a result the track Rites Of Investiture is my personal highlights from The Amulet.

The Amulet is a flawlessly produced slab of melodic alt rock that has touches from the bands roots in it’s DNA, whilst their particular brand of slick and atmospheric alt rock isn’t exactly to my tastes there is no denying that Circa Survive have delivered a radio friendly and polished ten track album. Circa Survive are a band that continue to evolve and The Amulet represents a transition point in Circa Survive‘s history, and I can’t help feeling that it’s one that is likely to gain them a new generation of fans.

The Amulet can be pre-ordered here and details of a Record Store Day exclusive vinyl release can be found here

Tigercub Release ‘Evolve Or Die’ EP

Tigercub EODBrighton trio Tigercub have released their latest EP, Evolve or Die, today via Alcopop! Records. Tigercub will be heading out on a UK headline tour in support of Evolve Or Die throughout October 2017, and they have announced their first dates of 2018 at The Scala in London and a hometown show at The Concorde 2 in Brighton.
Evolve or Die can be purchased and streamed here
You can view Tigercub‘s tour dates below

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TV Smith Dulcimer Flyer Sept 17

TV Smith / Harvey's Rabbit

Dulcimer, Manchester, UK

15th September 2017

Rating: 5/5



TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 6I’ve caught TV Smith many times over the years, notably at the Rebellion Festival where he is an annual fixture playing multiple sets, but it’s been a while since he appeared on my home turf, so when tonight’s show at the Dulcimer in the South of the city was announced our attendance was a given as TV Smith is one of the originals from the first wave of punk, and ever since he launched onto the scene with The Adverts back in 1976 he has ploughed a unique path. TV Smith arrives late to the show but still kindly spares 15 minutes to talk to The Punk Site and we discuss punk, touring and what the future holds for TV Smith, the interview will appear on The Punk Site shortly. Tonight’s show is in the intimate setting of upstairs at Dulcimer which is absolutely packed out for tonight’s show.
TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 Blazing SnowmenThroughout tonight’s show I bump into faces old and new, it’s always heartening that when I attend small provincial shows I always encounter people who I’ve met at festivals and shows over the years, showing that there is a dedication to the punk scene that goes beyond a superficial commitment, but onto tonight’s show. The Blazing Snowmen were a late addition to the bill, they are a trio that recall laidback strains of county and possess the spirit of The Pogues more melancholy compositions which is offset by a peculiarly Mancunian disposition. The double bass, and who doesn’t love a double bass, adds weight to their laid back style, this might be an unexpected addition to the bill but it’s one that’s strangely welcome. 
TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 Harveys RabbitHarvey’s Rabbit are second on the bill and they bring a different element to tonight’s show, their discordant and stripped down post punk set of indie influenced punk is something that recalls The Fall and The Chameleons, but it retains a distinctly unique perspective. Eighties indie influences clash with abrasive punk rock style that makes puts me in mind of the transatlantic cousins of the likes of The Thermals, driving punk is melded with an indie sensibility to create an impressive soundtrack, and the perfect act to precede the appearance of TV Smith. The Dulcimer seems ill equipped for tonight’s show, the tiny venue could have been filled twice over for tonight’s show by TV Smith, but for the cramped and intimate setting only adds to the atmosphere for tonight’s show.
TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 1Tonight’s stripped down acoustic show starts with an unreleased song that will presumably appear on his new album, and is preceded by a heartfelt “what the fuck is going in the world” that indicates that TV Smith has lost none of his anger towards the state of global politics, and this makes his new album something to look forward to in 2018. TV Smith remains an iconic figure in the punk world, just look at those reference his work as being influential, everyone from Henry Rollins to German stadium punks Die Toten Hosen, with whom he has co-written tracks on their albums, cite him as an influence, and you can see why, even in his stripped down acoustic sets the anger at the powers that be looms large, and this is no champagne socialism as you sense that the ire at social injustice is bone deep in TV Smith.
TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 2His set veers between his solo work and the classic The Adverts songs, but the line between these is indivisible as the social satire and fury is a trademark that had been an ever present for over forty years, and shows no sign of diminishing anytime soon. There’s something about TV Smith, whilst many of his contemporaries are playing money spinning reunion tours, that often fall somewhat flat, he is delivering earnest, heartfelt sets that are the bedrock of punk attitude. If you haven’t encountered TV Smith live then you should as the iconic singer is still playing 130 plus shows each year and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Tonight’s show at Dulcimer is as good a set as I’ve seen by him over the years, it spans the adverts early punk recordings, through his various incarnations over the years in a decades spanning set that defies the passing of the years.
TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 3The Lion And The Lamb, from 1992’s March Of The Giants, provides a more reflective moment in the set, and as ever he stamps out his own percussive beat to his songs on the stage. If you want to see the spirit of 76 it won’t be at an elaborately packaged reunion tour, it will be TV Smith playing to packed intimate venues on his own terms. New material is peppered throughout the set and unlike many of his peers this is equally well received as the material from the dawn of punk, and think seriously, how many bands can you say that about, the number is likely to be low or zero and that is what is magical about TV Smith, his solo material has lost none of the impact of his classic punk material, and that is a truly rare thing in an age of reunion tours and manufactured outrage
TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 4Of course The Adverts best known songs encourage a raucous singalong, but the songs from his forthcoming album indicate that the flame burns as strongly as it did over 40 years ago. My personal favourite One Day My String Will Snap is aired towards the end of this set, alongside new material and the inevitable encores from The Adverts back catalogue, that whilst are welcome they are not essential to his set and I doubt many of the artists from the first wave of punk can claim that. The density of the crowd at the Dulcimer means that TV Smith cannot leave the stage and has no option but to give in to their demands for a further encore, and we get Tomahawk Cruise and a spirited The Good Times Are Back before Runaway Train Driver ensures tonight’s show goes on way beyond curfew and is brought to a triumphant  finale to end a perfect set by one of punks true originals.
TV Smith Dulcimer Sept 17 5TV Smith‘s website can be found here and his online store is here 
TV Smith‘s Bandcamp can be found here
You can order the Harvey’s Rabbit back catalogue via Rotator Records here and Harvey’s Rabbit can be found on Facebook here
Dulcimer‘s website is here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images
Tigercub EOD


Evolve Or Die

Alcopop! Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Brighton trio Tigercub will release their new EP, Evolve or Die, on the 29th September via Alcopop! Records, and the EP will be available on limited edition red vinyl and through all good digital platforms. The EP is the first new material from Tigercub since the release their debut album, Abstract Figures In The Dark, and the evocative title of Evolve or Die is a mantra for a band who are constantly transitioning into something entirely different, and who want their fans to expect the unexpected on each and every release.

The Divided States Of Us starts with a almost haunting introduction that kicks into an intense drum beat, this track embraces the nature of the Chemical Brothers but delivers the intense dance beats through conventional instruments, and it’s clear that Tigercub have evolved since I saw them live just a few brief months ago. Into the Ashes brings a dark element of alt rock into the EP that recalls the desert rock of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, It’s Only Love continues this influence but takes the pace right down and brings the EP’s most blissed out moment. Evolve Or Die Closes with Faking Laughter, a melancholy slice of hazy indie rock that contains a treble laced guitar riff that haunts the track.

Evolve Or Die is an EP from a band who refuse to stay still long enough to be pigeonholed, this EP embraces dance, alternative, alt rock and indie and their influences and style shift effortlessly on each track. With the Evolve Or Die EP it’s clear that Tigercub are going to keep us guessing as to what direction their next release will take, and as I noted when I caught them live earlier this year at Manchester’s Sound Control, even when you think you’ve got a handle on Tigercub another card is dealt from the bottom of the pack to keep you off balance.

Evolve Or Die can be pre-ordered via Alcopop! Records here

Deadbolt Festival Hits Manchester This Weekend

Deadbolt Festival 2017The Deadbolt Festival hits Manchester, UK this weekend, the UK’s number one alternative festival takes place across some of the city’s finest venues, including Gorilla, The Bread Shed, Factory, Underdog and Zombie Shack, the festival features over fifty bands across three stages and takes place this weekend, 30th September to 1st October. The Deadbolt Festival boasts an impressive line up that includes some of the UK’s best alternative band’s, including WSTRKamikaze Girls, Martyr Defiled, Shields, Junior and Carbine.

Further details of the Deadbolt Festival can be found here

Tickets for the Deadbolt Festival can still be purchased here and the full line up can be viewed below Read More…

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Tigercub Reveal New Single ‘Into The Ashes’

Tigercub ITABrighton trio Tigercub have revealed their latest single, Into The Ashes, and have been added to the BBC Radio One Rock Show‘s Rocktober live session line up, Tigercub‘s session will air on Sunday 15th October 2017. Their brand new EP, Evolve or Die, is set for release on 29th September via Alcopop! Records and the band will hit the road for a run of UK headline tour dates throughout October, along with a January 2018 date at The Scala in London. 
Evolve Or Die can be pre-ordered via Alcopop! Records here
The video for Into The Ashes, and Tigercub‘s tour dates, can be viewed below

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Girobabies Reissue First Two Albums

Girobabies SNW BSABefore the Girobabies released their 2015 album, Who Took Utopia?, there was this… for the first time the Social Not Working and Bus Stop Apocalypse albums have been mashed together onto one CD with additional bonus tracks. This is the first time either of these releases have been available as a physical purchase for at least 5 years.

You can pre order the Social Not Working and Bus Stop Apocalypse CD here

You can view the video for What Could Go Wrong? that is taken from Social Not Working below Read More…

Washer Release New Album ‘All Aboard’

Washer All AboardAll Aboard is Washer‘s sophomore album, it is built on a blend of aggressive pop music, off-kilter structures, earnest lyrics, and minimalist garage rock. They’ve described their sound as “trying to do a lot with a little,” contorting simple pop formulas into fuzzy punk hits. Built around themes of personal doubt, self-reflection, and being stuck in place, All Aboard is a dark record, but Washer continue to fight toward brighter days. With a never ending onslaught of ramshackle hooks, sing-a-long anthems, and unexpected shifts, Washer have made an album where every moment counts and every song is a single.

All Aboard is now available via Exploding In Sound Records here

Culture Abuse

Culture Abuse

David Kelling

By on 23rd August 2017 at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK



Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse Aug 17

I meet with Culture Abuse in the downstairs bar area of The Deaf Institute where the band are gathered ahead of their debut appearance in Manchester, as we end up conducting the interview outside the venue at the band’s request so they can enjoy a smoke it’s impossible to tell who’s answering the question when other members of the band chip in due to traffic and background noise, but the majority of the responses were from vocalist David Kelling, so in the inauspicious surroundings of the alley at the back of The Deaf Institute I find myself interviewing Culture Abuse

Thanks for taking time out to talk to The Punk Site, how’s the tour going so far?

we’ve been gone for almost three months now, it’s been good, it’s been rough, it’s been fun, there have been ups and downs you know, but it’s been good

You’ve been on the road for a while now, where have you been before you hit the UK?

We went to Hawaii and started with a couple of shows there then we flew to New York and did an East Coast tour then it was over the UK to play Hyde Park with Green Day, then we headed over to Italy and stayed there for a couple of weeks and played music before we went to Amsterdam and stayed there for three weeks. Now we’re back here after doing a few festivals such as Lowlands and Pukkelpop, finally it’s this tour with Tigers Jaw and it ends at Reading and Leeds, then we’re going to chill for a few days before heading back home

How do you feel about playing the Reading and Leeds Festivals?

We’re on about 5.30 and … (at this point we’re politely ushered away from the venue by security as Culture Abuse’s smoke cloud was creeping into the venue)

I can take that out if you want

No man, leave it in, fuck it

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 2 Aug 17Right now we’ve moved away from the venue, where are you all from and how did Culture Abuse come together?

We’re a west coast band, California from Bay Area, we’ve all been in other bands in the Bay Area music scene. We’re all kinda like the underdogs and outcasts so we all just grouped together and started this band

How long has it been since Culture Abuse got together?

it’s been going three or four years, when we first started the drummer that we had didn’t want to tour and I just wanted to play music, so I didn’t care, I mean like of course I want to be touring, this is what I want to be doing, but for the first couple of years we could barely even play outside of the Bay Area as our drummer just didn’t want to, and then we basically just had to get a new drummer and start hitting the road

Peach came out last year, which for me was one of the best album’s of 2016

Yeah, we were told we had to make that record, we didn’t even have a drummer at the time, so we got our friend in to do it, practiced four times and went into the studio to do it

I think that really comes across as Peach has a real live feel, what were the influences on the writing of the album?

Ramones, The Clash big time, Weezer, The Beatles, I mean we wanted to make a record that you could just put on regardless of the mood you were in, if you were like really happy or if you were fucking pissed, or if you were anything, we just wanted to make one of those records that you could you just put on in any situation

And now you’ve signed to Epitaph, which is a big deal

Yeah, Brett face timed me today just to talk about mixes of some songs we’re doing, it’s just crazy that the people we get to collaborate with and the people that are around us now are all so talented and insane in their own way, it’s so cool to think about where the future’s going to go. The person that we have to talk to about mixes, even when it’s oh fuck I’ve got to make a phone call, is Brett from Epitaph and Bad Religion, who also owns the fucking label, and he’s helped write, produce and engineer some of my all time favourite records, so yeah Epitaph, yeah it’s cool

Is there a new album or EP in the future?Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 3 Aug 17

We’re going into the studio at the end of September, we get back from this and we’re home for like ten days, then we fly to Riot Fest to play on the Jawbreaker day, we’re home for a little bit and then we go to LA and we start making the new record

Will you be coming back to the UK to play to tour or play any other festivals?

Yeah, We’ll be coming back to play Glastonbury for sure, if it doesn’t happen next year it’ll be happening the year after, maybe Rebellion next year then Glastonbury and then we’d like to come back and do Leeds and Reading again on the mainstage, then maybe Wimbledon and Wembley, yeah we’re playing Winbledon (chorus of laughter from the band)

Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Punk Site

Yeah, punk rock forever

Culture AbuseYou can read the live review of Culture Abuse at The Deaf Institute here

The Punk Site‘s review of Peach can be read here

Culture Abuse‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Live photography from The Deaf Institute by Dean Unsworth

Dean’s Instagram account is located here

The Sandells Release ‘Forwards!’ Album

Sandells Forwards!The Sandells were formed in Manchester in 2006 by Tim Lyons, a mainstay of the Manchester scene in The Things, Harvey’s Rabbit and Red Turns To, the band have comprised a number of musicians over the years before settling on the current line up featuring Brian Benson on drums and Johann Kloos on guitar. It is this line up that has evolved to take up the challenge posed by a near vacuum that was once the Manchester music scene. Three guys who are old enough to remember those days… but with the will to create something new and different, in their own way.

Forwards! can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp here

She Makes War Announce December UK Tour

She Makes War Dec 17 TourShe Makes War have announced three very special shows in December, that will be the only UK headline gigs of 2017. These will be intimate affairs with a solo performance plus a full band set that will be previewing songs from She Makes War‘s forthcoming album that is due out next spring. A signed ltd edition art print of the tour poster, that features artwork by Phie Hackett, is now available for pre-order here

She Makes War‘s website is here and her Bandcamp is here

You can view She Makes War‘s UK tour dates below. Read More…

False Advertising Release New Single And Announce UK Tour

False Advertising IWBSMH Tour 17Manchester based DIY trio False Advertising have released their new single, Hey You, which is now available via digital retailers. The band are set to release their forthcoming EP I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring on limited edition cassette, that will be available exclusively on the band’s forthcoming UK tour that runs over 19 headline dates across September and October, before going on general release on October 27th. 

I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring can be pre-ordered here

You can view False Advertising‘s UK tour dates below Read More…

Fuzzbox Launch New Pledge Campaign

Fuzzbox WGAFFuzzbox have launched a Pledge Music campaign for their latest single, WGAF…. AWGUI!, that translates as We’ve Got A Fuzzbox… And We’re Gonna Use It!, the original rallying cry when Fuzzbox started out in the 80’s. WGAF…. AWGUI! is a fuzzy nostalgia trip back to the 80s and to underline this the band are reuniting with Andy Richards, who produced their hit album Big Bang. As usual with any Pledge Music campaign there are unique opportunities, including the chance to appear in the video or have Fuzzbox perform at your house, as well as WGAF…. AWGUI! being available on CD, download and vinyl.

You can pledge to WGAF…. AWGUI! here

Culture Abuse Aug UK Tour

Tigers Jaw / Culture Abuse / Muskets

Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK

23rd August 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Tigers Jaw DI Mic Shot Aug 17It’s back to the Deaf Institute for tonight’s show, a venue that sits in the redeveloped area that surrounds the University area of the city centre, an early arrival is required ahead of the gig as The Punk Site intends to catch a few words with Culture Abuse ahead of their Manchester debut supporting Tigers Jaw. This is a tour that has seen Culture Abuse on the road for the last few months across the USA and Europe, and it follows on from their impressive debut album, Peach, that was released last year and led to their signing to the legendary punk imprint, Epitaph Records. After a brief interview with Culture Abuse, which will appear on The Punk Site shortly, it’s onto tonight’s opening act Muskets, and it’s time the ascend the Deaf Institute stairs. 

Tigers Jaw DI - Muskets Aug 17First up at tonight’s sold out show is Muskets, a band borne of Brighton’s ever growing music scene, they connected with like minded peers who held a shared DIY ethos and influence of grunge, punk and emo sounds, the Brighton based quartet open with a hammering introduction that builds into an impressive driving blast of grunge influenced punk. I’ve not encountered Muskets live before but this won’t be the last, their intense bass heavy slacker punk marks the perfect opening to tonight’s bill, and their set is an unrelenting barrage that combines of punk, grunge and post hardcore that sets the stall out nicely for Culture Abuse to bring their West Coast punk to Manchester. 

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse Aug 17Prior to their set Culture Abuse file out through the crowd to the smoking area, and return shortly afterwards in a suspicious haze and make their way onstage, the start of their set is delayed only by a malfunctioning bass amp before they launch into Chinatown, that precedes Culture Abuse diving headlong into a full tilt set of their own unique laid back intensity to a by now packed Deaf Institute. Live Culture Abuse are stripped of any polish the studio imposed and they are a hypnotic high speed dose of heady punk rock, it’s interrupted by a broken hi hat that results in a rambling and unselfconscious interaction with the crowd with a frank admission that they’re “stoned as fuck” something I picked up might be the case in the earlier interview. 

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 2 Aug 17Their summer feel good single So Busted makes an appearance and hints at what may be to come on their Epitaph Records debut, but it’s when Dream On, one of the highlights from their debut album, is played that the crowd explode into life, a call for light illuminates the venue, a rare thing in the Deaf Institute, they announce “we’ve got two more as we smoked a joint before” and they kick back in with a stunning Turn It Off, and I’m wondering how a band this baked can play a set this intense and, equipment failures aside, relentless. They make a further rambling declaration of their love for the venue, touring and what they do, that was enforced by a broken string, before ending an all too brief set, with another of their debut album’s highlights, Jealous. I’m left hoping Culture Abuse return to our city for a longer less problem strewn set, as there is no one else out there even remotely like Culture Abuse. As they leave the stage the bass hits the floor and the mic lead is thrown into the roof, where it stays, and they exit in a squall of feedback. 

Tigers Jaw DI Aug 17Tigers Jaw are pretty much an unknown quantity to me, and they have tough act ahead of them following Muskets, and especially the excellent dose of channelled chaos that was Culture Abuse‘s all too brief set. Unlike the bands that preceded them Tigers Jaw offer a more restrained and melodic alternative to the other band’s on this tour, and tonight is one of the occasions when the support act has well and truly stolen the limelight. As much as Tigers Jaw deliver a coherent set of energetic indie rock I can’t help but miss the hazy chaos that was Culture Abuse, but the reception they receive from am enthusiastic throng at the front indicates they have own solid following who know every word of their songs and who are crammed into the Deaf Instutute, but for me tonight belonged to Culture Abuse.

Tigers Jaw DI - Culture Abuse 3 Aug 17The Tigers Jaw website can be found here

The new album by Tigers Jaw, Spin, can be ordered here

Culture Abuse‘s Bandcamp is here and their website is here

The Punk Site review of Culture Abuse‘s debut album, Peach, can be read here

Muskets Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images



Milk Teeth Release Choatic Live Video ‘Fight Skirt’

Milk Teeth Be NiceMilk Teeth’s first Roadrunner Records EP, Be Nice, received a unanimously brilliant reaction with many tipping the quartet to be the next breaking band from the UK alternative scene. The band continue to build on this momentum with the news that they’ll support Good Charlotte this autumn. To coincide with the announcement, Milk Teeth have shared an incendiary live video of Fight Skirt, that features footage from a variety of recent shows, the video perfectly encapsulates the mayhem of their live set with the band’s full-throttled sonic attack.

The Punk Site review of Be Nice can be read here

You can view the video for Fight Skirt, and Milk Teeth‘s tour dates, below Read More…

Nadine Shah HD

Nadine Shah

Holiday Destination

1965 Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Nadine Shah has released her eagerly awaited third full length, Holiday Destination, that follows on from her critically acclaimed 2015 sophomore album, Fast Food, her latest full length contains an eclectic mix of brooding alternative and post punk rhythms, that somehow manages to simultaneously be darker and more accessible than her previous albums. Nadine Shah has never been one to shy away from confronting important issues, and Holiday Destination is no exception as this is an album that is a informed by the refugee crisis as well as by the political upheaval and the worrying shift to the right of recent times. With Holiday Destination Nadine Shah has released a stark, defiant and brutally honest album that is easily her strongest work to date and it is now available on CD, vinyl and digital formats via 1965 Records.

Place Like This opens Holiday Destination with a mix of dark post punk that is backed by a curiously danceable rhythm, the stark post punk feel comes to the fore for the album’s title track that addresses the refugee crisis, a song that underpins it’s point with the haunting refrain of ‘how you going to sleep tonight’. 2016 looks back at the tumultuous year that cost us much in so many ways, and in case you were wondering which side of the fence Nadine Shah is on it contains the lyric ‘what is there left to inspire us with a fascist in the white house’. The album’s lead single, Out The Way, is a furious response to the refugee crisis that rattles along on an unsettling military rhythm, and is followed up by the stunning duo of Yes Men and Evil. Ordinary raises the pace of Holiday Destination and showcases Nadine Shah‘s evocative and yearning vocals, whilst Relief returns to the dark danceablilty before you get the track you feel Holiday Destination has building up to, the stunning Mother Fighter, before Jolly Sailor closes the album with a stripped down finale.

For me there’s a distinct influence from the best elements of Siouxsie And The Banshees and Public Image Limited‘s darker works about Holiday Destination, but it’s all delivered with Nadine Shah‘s personal conviction and unique style, and let’s make no mistake this is an album that is fuelled by her personal beliefs and she hasn’t held back in the slightest as Holiday Destination is as defiant as anything created by any politically motivated hardcore or punk band, but it’s delivery is far more subtle and controlled, but not less barbed. I’ll confess that I’ve been a fan of Nadine Shah ever since I heard the stunning track Runaway, from her debut album Love Your Dum And Mad, a good few years ago, but I can say with hand on heart that with Holiday Destination she has raised her game and produced an album that quite simply borders on perfection, and it’s one that will sit amongst my favourite albums of 2017

Holiday Destination is available on all formats here and Nadine Shah‘s website is here

Nadine Shah Releases ‘Holiday Destination’ Album

Nadine Shah HDNadine Shah has released her third album, Holiday Destination, the album’s mix of danceable dark alternative and post punk rhythms follow on from her critically acclaimed 2015 sophomore album, Fast Food. Holiday Destination is an album that is a informed by the political upheaval and the worrying shift to the right of recent times, with Holiday Destination Nadine Shah has released a stark, defiant and brutally honest album that is easily her strongest work to date. Holiday Destination is now available on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Holiday Destination is available on all formats here and Nadine Shah‘s website is here

The video for the lead single, Out The Way, can be viewed below Read More…

She Makes War Announce European Tour

She Makes War Euro Tour Aug 17She Makes War is the solo project of multi instrumentalist and visual artist Laura Kidd, after a lengthy break from touring She Makes War are returning to live shows, initially with an appearance at Moose Fest in London, UK which is followed by twelve European shows across Switzerland, Germany and Belgium, with UK dates set to follow. 

The She Makes War website can be found here

She Makes War‘s European tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Calling All Astronauts LTD

Calling All Astronauts

Living The Dream

Supersonic Media

Rating: 4/5




Calling All Astronauts are a London based politically charged trio that mix electro, rock, punk and post-punk into their sound, this eclectic range of influences has earned them an established fanbase in the alternative underground, this is all the more impressive when you consider that everything is done on their own terms via their own Supersonic Media imprint. Living The Dream is the band’s latest single, and the final release to be taken from their critically acclaimed 2016 album, Anti-Social Network, and the single is due for release on the 25th August 2017.

Living The Dream is dark political single that to me is what Johnny Cash would have sounded like had he been born into a different era, it has a dark electro punk delivery that encompasses the worlds of dance, industrial and punk, along with a slightly retro alternative feel from the early days of the gothic and alternative scenes of the late eighties, and unusually for a release that spreads it reach across so many disparate genres I can see Living The Dream appealing equally to fans of all of them.

The sprawling nature of Calling All Astronauts sound could be partially owed to the fact that their line up contains former members of punk and goth bands, Caffeine and Marionettes respectively, but for me Calling All Astronauts are a band that are far greater than the sum of their parts. Living The Dream is another example of just how strong an album Anti Social Network is, Calling All Astronauts latest single can be pre-ordered from iTunes, but my advice would be to invest a few more of your hard earned pennies and download the whole album instead. 

Living The Dream can be pre-ordered via iTunes here

Anti Social Network can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp here

Black Beach Release Stream Of ‘No Place For Me’

Black Beach PLD2Boston garage punks Black Beach are set to release Play Loud Die, Vol. II in September, an EP that they recorded as the follow up to the band’s recent split with Nice Guys. The trio have pulled back from their “always at 10” approach to blown out fuzz, opting for more dynamics while making their sound all the more visceral in the process. One of the Boston underground’s best and most explosive new bands have added nuance to their menace, and they are only getting better in doing so.
You can stream the track No Place For Me here
Black Beach‘s tour dates can be viewed below

Read More…