Waste Release Lyric Video For New Single ‘Bullet’

Waste BulletStevenage, UK four piece Waste have released their new single, Bullet. today, the 31st July 2017 via Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music. The single is the first new material from the quartet since the release of their 2016 debut self-titled EP.

The anger is palpable in every note of our heaviest and darkest track to date, we’re excited to introduce you to the darker side of the band. With lyrical content of an uneasy nature, the track talks about a guy struggling with the darker side of his mind and insecurities about his physical appearance. Hopefully it’s a good insight to anyone struggling with being a part of an anxious, troubled generation.

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Witterquick Release Video For ‘Lie To Me’

Witterquick FAIWitterquick continue their ascent with the release of their immersing new video single, Lie To Me, that is taken from their forthcoming EP, Fire And Ice, with UK tour dates to follow in support of the release. Over the last year Witterquick have emerged as one of the UK’s hottest new bands following the popular release of their singles, Soldiers, Rise, and Hiding Place, a sold out UK tour with fellow rockers Nothing But Thieves, and piquing with the release of their debut EP, Beneath the Spinning Lights.

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The By Gods To Release New Single ‘Rat In My House’

The By Gods RIMHNashville trio The By Gods have announced that their new album, Move On, is due for release on 20th October 2017, the trio are currently on a lengthy run of US tour dates, with a UK tour to follow. To celebrate the forthcoming release of their new album the band have revealed the video for Rat In My House, the first single to be taken from the new album that will be available via streaming platforms from 31st July 2017.

You can stream Rat In My House here

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Vault 51 Release ‘Wildfire’ Video

Vault 51 KidAlt rock quintet Vault 51 have released a music video for their new single, Wildfire, that is taken from the debut EP, Kid. The colourful aesthetic of the video for the band’s previous single, Magnolia, reoccurs along with trippy camera effects which represent time slipping by.

The Kid EP is now available via Apple Muisc here and Spotify here

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The Young Hearts Sign To Primordial Records

Youn Hearts HIJTKent’s Emo influenced alt-rockers, The Young Hearts, have signed to Primordial Records and the band are to set to release their new EP, Honestly, I’m Just Thinking, on September 29th. The Young Hearts have now released Smoke, the lead single from Honestly, I’m Just Thinking, ahead of the EP’s release and the band will be on tour in the UK in August and October, along with an appearance at Manchester’s Deadbolt Festival in September.

You can stream Smoke, the lead single from the EP, here

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Saint Apache WM

Saint Apache

Wolf Machine

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Saint Apache are a high octane alt rock quartet that hail from the coastal town of Eastbourne, UK. Their sound is informed by an array of influences, ranging from the venom of Every Time I Die, to the drive of Buckcherry, and the political potency of Rage Against The Machine, that is all served up with a healthy dose of punk abrasiveness and a rock sensibility to creature a turbo charged hybrid. The south-coasters churn out compelling full tilt guitar riffs, distorted driving basslines, hard-hitting drums, and an aggressive gritty edge, served up with a super charged vocal delivery.

Saint Apache are the kind of hard hitting alt rock band that you rarely encounter anymore, from the opening You’re Not A Slave it’s clear that this is a dirty distorted and angry version of alt rock that carries the spirit and defiance of punk, but it’s all delivered in a heavier and hard hitting style that has rock’s self assured swagger in spades. Every single cut on the four track Wolf Machine EP is delivered at full tilt with a hard aggressive approach and energy, this is grass roots alt rock that is a world away from the corporate side of a genre that has been increasingly heading to radio friendly territory. 

Whilst Saint Apache are not radio friendly the EP does have clean versions of the tracks You’re Not A Slave and Wolf Machine included, these make minor edits to the more explicit elements of the songs but you can’t mask their fury and I can’t really blame them for wanting to stand a chance of being heard by a wider audience. Wolf Machine is an EP of alt rock delivered exactly as it oughta be, there are no introspective moments, this is a full throttle adrenaline charged assault that contains all the fury and defiance of Rage Against The Machine in their prime.

Saint Apache‘s Facebook page can be found here

Vault 51 Kid

Vault 51


Self Released

Rating: 3/5



Atlanta’s alternative rock quintet, Vault 51, were previously signed to Roadrunner Records but now the group has taken matters into their own hands with the release of their brand new six track EP, Kid, that is due to be released today, July 20th 2017. Over the years the band have faced many obstacles that would have forced many to disband and move on, instead Vault 51 chose to persevere and press on with what they set out to accomplish, with the Kid EP being the first step in achieving their goals.
Thirty Six builds up your expectations with a muted introduction that builds into some crunching atmospheric melodic alt rock, the massive hooks you’d expect are juxtaposed against a melodic undertone, and this marks an impressive beginning to the Kid EP. Sadly from this point Vault 51 slip into more familiar alt rock territory with We Don’t Care, Magnolia and Wildfire, until we get to Mourning View, a dark brooding number that stops the Kid EP becoming a repetitive and predictable exercise, and finally things are brought to a close with an anthemic radio friendly rocker in the shape of Sincerely Me.
The majority of the Kid EP doesn’t bring anything new to the table, for me it’s when they deviate from the alt rock standards that things become more interesting, the songs that offer a more atmospheric feel or play different styles off against each other are where Vault 51‘s strengths lie, and they seem to be under utilised on this EP. Vault 51 are a band who have ridden with the punches the music industry have dealt them, and they have come back all the stronger for it, but to truly deal a knockout punch they need to ensure they avoid being another predictable heavyweight that ends up claiming that they could have been a contender.
The Kid EP can be ordered via all major digital retailers including Spotify and Apple Music
Vault 51‘s website can be found here 

False Advertising Announce Extensive UK Tour

False Advertising IWBSMH Tour 17Manchester’s False Advertising, have announced the I Would Be So Much Happier… UK Tour with extensive headline dates running throughout September and October. The band have also revealed a new EP, I Would Be So Much Happier If I Just Stopped Caring, which will be available exclusively at their forthcoming live dates on ltd edition cassette. The new EP is a collection of the standalone releases from 2017 and includes the track It’s Been A While (So Sick), whose lyrics were contributed by anonymous young people as part of Three Minute Heroes project.
The Three Minute Heroes compilation can be downloaded for free here
You can view the video for Honest, and False Advertising‘s tour dates, below

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Scout Killers Release ‘Keep Telling Me Lies’ Video

Scout Killers UK Tour Aug 17Rising alt rockers Scout Killers have revealed the video for Keep Telling Me Lies and have announced a UK tour in support of their new EP, Deception. Scout Killers have been burrowing away for the past five years shaping and honing their hugely captivating sound resulting in the alluring flow and melodic brilliance of their new video single, Keep Telling Me Lies, that just underlines their emerging supremacy, and with UK shows now announced for this August Scout Killers are primed to rise this year.
You can order the Deception EP here
You can view the video for Keep Telling Me Lies, and Scout Killers UK tour dates, below

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Orestea Reveal Video For ‘Elements’

Orestea ElementsHighly regarded UK alt rockers Orestea have announced plans to release their new album, Elements, on 22nd September, after the gains of This Is An Overture the band decided to take some time out in order to create a new record that would be expansive, diverse and engulfing, but would still adhere to their trademark sound, and now Orestea have revealed a taster for the latest album with a new video for the album’s title track.

You can pre-order Elements from Orestea‘s website here

The video for the album’s title track can be viewed below Read More…


Saint Apache Release Video For ‘ The Story Doesn’t End Here’

Saint Apache WMSaint Apache are a heavyweight alternative quartet that pull from an array of influences, ranging from the venom of Every Time I Die, to the attitude of Gallows, and the political potency of Rage Against The Machine. Saint Apache will release their new EP, Wolf Machine, on the 21st July and they have now unleashed the video for the track The Story Doesn’t End Here.

Saint Apache‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can view the video for The Story Doesn’t End Here below Read More…

Tranquility Release Video For ‘Rain In May’

Tranquility SPTranquility have released the new animated music video for Rain In May, the track is taken from their debut EP entitled Sonic Propensity. Their penchant for laid back 90’s alt rock mixed with modern day pop punk shines through on this stellar debut, and it will be released on July 14th on CD and digital formats via Take This To Heart Records.
Sonic Propensity can be ordered via Take This To Heart Records here
The video for Rain In May can be viewed below

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Bellevue Days Rosehill

Bellevue Days


Kobalt Music

Rating: 3.5/5




Croydon based alt rock quartet, Bellevue Days, have today released their new EP, Rosehill, via Kobalt Music, the EP is the follow up to their critically acclaimed Sad Boy EP that was released just over twelve months ago. In the Rosehill EP Bellevue Days have released a record built from the defining moments in their young lives, their latest release is simultaneously a nostalgic backwards glance, and a wry sideways look at the departure of youth and the ever increasing complexities of modern adult life.

Black Sheep Baby opens with the melancholy tones of a dark lullaby before the drum beat kicks in on the atmospheric opener, Jack And I lulls you into a false sense of security that it’s a continuation of the attitude of the initial track, that is until you get hit with an almighty guitar riff that spikes the track with a hit a adrenaline. Secret Love marks the half way point with the feel of the more introspective moments from The Libertines, before Bellevue Days deliver the stunning Faith, for me this is easily the highpoint of the EP where the quartet strike a perfect balance between the delicate and the brutal, and then finally Dead Summer eases you out of Rosehill.

There are distinct elements from the post punk and post hardcore genre’s on Rosehill, along with a hefty influence from the darker and moodier sides of indie and alt rock that informs a troubled and sometimes intense EP. Despite their tender years the Rosehill EP displays a level of maturity in their songwriting that marks this out as their finest release to date. Bellevue Days seem set to build on their fanbase, as along with this impressive EP they have a number of high profile festival appearances over the summer, followed by tours with Patrons and Young Hearts, and if you get the chance I’d catch them live, or at least investigate this EP.

The Rosehill EP is now available via iTunes here

Amplifier TWDF


Trippin' With Dr Faustus


Rating: 2.5/5




Amplifier have returned with their sixth album, Trippin’ With Dr Faustus, that is due for release via Rockosmos tomorrow, June 30th 2017. Amplifier‘s last release, Dystopia, came out three long years ago, since then the band have spent much of the last three years recording their latest opus in the studio in their native Manchester. What they promise on Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus is an exploration of Faustian coincidences of power, success, fame and money, one that blurs fact with fiction and reality with fantasy, this is not an album that is for the casual listener, it’s an eccentric exploration of a weighty concept.

Rainbow Machine kicks things off in suitably dramatic style for an album that’s exploring such complex subject matter, Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus has something of a prog feel to it, but with a more distorted edge and immediacy, the opening track then appropriately bleeds into the epic Freakzone. Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus is an album that veers between elements of alt rock, psychedelia, prog and rock in a somewhat self indulgent fashion, the years spent making this epic album have not been wasted, but it should be noted that this is not an album that will appeal to those who want an immediate adrenaline hit from their music.

Trippin’ With Dr Faustus is a diverse sonic landscape that reflects how the trends of greed, ego, dominance, fear and seduction have defined society, but apart from the somewhat extravagant premise of the album, and the suggestion of a suspicious hazy pact with the devil, this is an overblown album that is not without it’s charms. The hour long trip with Amplifier and Dr. Faustus is not something that will be for everyone, but for those who like a journey into the dark side of the psyche this is an album that is well worth an hour of your time.

Trippin’ With Dr Faustus will be available from the 30th June 2017 on double clear vinyl album, CD, on mediabook and jewelcase variants, and digital formats via Rockosmos. Trippin’ With Dr Faustus can pre-ordered on all formats via Bandcamp here

A Promise To Forget To Release Debut Album ‘Dying To Live’

A Promise To Forget DTLA Promise To Forget have announced that their debut album, Dying To Live, is now set to be self released on August 11th 2017 on CD and digital download. From start to finish Dying To Live is an album that is packed full of soaring atmospheric choruses from frontman Tim Castle, whose unique and powerful voice is a real jewel in the crown for A Promise To Forget. Lyrically Dying To Live is very personal release that relates to the battles that many young people have to fight today to keep pushing on through life.

You can view the video for the lead single, Sylvia, below Read More…

donnie Willow Tour June 17

Donnie Willow / Rory Indiana / Tirade

Alma Inn, Bolton, UK

17th June 2016

Rating: 3.5/5



Donnie Willow Alma Rory Indiana 2Bolton is one of many satellite towns that are scattered across the edges of Greater Manchester, despite being away from the bright lights of the city centre there is a no less a thriving music scene with the added bonus of many venues offering free shows from up and coming bands, and tonight is one of those nights where you can see two promising acts from the other side of the UK. Scotland’s Donnie Willow and Brighton’s Rory Indiana are coming towards the end of a brief UK tour showcasing their heavyweight alt rock sounds on a co-headlining tour, with Donnie Willow touring in support of the Exhibition EP that was released earlier this month.
Donnie Willow Alma Tirade 1The Alma Inn is a compact venue, to put it mildly, with the bands playing in a small space which is weirdly lower than the bar area offering some unique vantage points, weirdly for a warm summers evening the small outdoor stage isn’t utilised meaning we’re packed into the tiny room ensuring the bar staff are kept busy. Tirade are opening the evening, they are the local addition to tonight’s line up and they bring a touch of northern spirit to the evening. There is a sparse turnout early in the evening despite the offer of free music, presumably due to the temptation of beer gardens and barbecues, and this leads to a delayed start to tonight’s show and it’s late in the evening when Tirade finally take to the stage to play a brief muscular set of pop punk infused alt rock.
Donnie Willow Alma Tirade 2One thing that immediately strikes you is that this is a refreshingly loud venue compared to many I encounter where noise regulations mean you can hear everyone else’s conversation, that is not an issue tonight as any kind of vocal communication is impossible whilst the bands are playing. The upbeat feel of the songs is underpinned by pulverising bass lines and beats and the their songs veer between the heavier end of pop punk and head into hardcore intensity, all of which is underpinned by a solid spine of alt rock. Tonight’s set gives me the feeling that Tirade are a band to watch, and with a new EP in the works they are a band who have youth and talent on their side, and I have the distinct feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the coming years.
Donnie Willow Alma Rory IndianaAs the sun goes down on Bolton the venue starts to become a little busier indicating my suspicions about the beer garden and barbecues were well founded and this brings the first of the co-headliners, Rory Indiana, who deliver a set of crunching straight up melodic alt rock. Rory Indiana bring a different element to the line up as they offer a more anthemic feel than Tirade‘s opening salvo and you feel that their brand of intense alt rock is one that deserves to be heard in grander venues, and to bigger crowds. New material is showcased, including the impressive Pink Cloud, and my personal highlight, the wonderfully titled Brexism, that indicates that the UK’s grass roots alt rock scene is thriving and their new single, Tough Love, brings things to a heartfelt and intense finale.
Donnie Willow 1As we approach the witching hour Donnie Willow take to the stage, the Glaswegian trio bring a more stripped down intense and raw approach than their co-headliners and as good as their recently releases Exhibition EP was they are a band that should be experienced live. Such is the depth of influences in their sound they are hard to pin down, punk attitudes, alt rock intensity, post hardcore breakdowns and even Beatlesque melodies are present in their set, although the latter of these elements is delivered in a way that is far removed from their origins, and are hammered home in a pulverising and intense set that, like every band on tonight’s bill, demonstrates the diversity of the bands in the UK’s music scene.
Donnie Willow 2For me Tirade edged it s my favourite act tonight, their mix of influences and youthful energy and enthusiasm provided something unique in tonight’s line up, but that’s no disrespect to the co-headliners who both provided full blooded sets of alt rock to a sparsely attended venue, and that to me is where the problem lies, if people don’t attend local shows, especially when free, then we are in danger of losing these kinds of venues. For me spaces like The Alma Inn need to be supported as they provide a valuable opportunity for bands to showcase their material and gain exposure, venues such as these are in many ways the backbone of the grass roots alternative music scenes, it’s up to us to use them or we face losing them, and when they’re gone it’s doubtful anything will replace them.
Donnie Willow Alma end shotDonnie Willow‘s website is here 
You can read The Punk Site review of Donnie Willow‘s Exhibition EP here
Rory Indiana‘s website can be found here
Tirade‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here
Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here
You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images
Alpha Male Tea Party Health

Alpha Male Tea Party


Big Scary Monsters Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Alpha Male Tea Party are a self confessed “fucking loud instrumental band” from Liverpool who have released their sophomore album, Health, today, the 23rd June 2017, via Big Scary Monsters Records. Their latest full length follows on from their 2014 debut album, Droids, and in the three years between their studio releases Alpha Male Tea Party have been steadily touring the UK and Europe, all the while steadily building an ever increasing following for the their unique sonic delivery.

Have You Ever Seen Milk? kicks things off with a surprisingly mellow start with complex structures and timing changes, but this really is the calm before Alpha Male Tea Party unleash a storm, and the storm duly arrives in the shape of the pulverising Ballerina. Health carries obvious influences from the likes of Everything Everything and Deftones, along with a distinct math rock influence, but with no vocals to interrupt, or be fitted into, the flow Alpha Male Tea Party can focus purely on the musical structure, and as complex as they can be, and it might sound weird for an instrumental math rock album, but this doesn’t come across as the self indulgent exercise that you would expect.

The lack of vocals will be offputting for some, but as they are an instrumental band this can’t really be used a criticism, although for me you do feel like there are stages when the vocals would naturally flow into a song, and their absence does leave you with the unsettling feeling that something is missing, but that’s more due to what I’m used to rather than any fault on the part of Alpha Male Tea Party. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea by the very nature of the album, but if you want a unique approach to math rock that is delivered with the heaviness and attitude of alt rock then Alpha Male Tea Party do bring something unique to the genre.

Health can be ordered via Big Scary Monsters Records here

We Are The Catalyst Release ‘One More Day’ Video

We Are Catalyst ElevationWe Are The Catalyst released their sophomore album, Elevation, last September, the album marked a darker, heavier and more emotional direction while maintaining their trademark melodically modern sound. We Are The Catalyst just surpassed one million plays on Spotify, have a new album in the works and have released a brand new video single, One More Day.

Elevation can be ordered via We Are The Catalyst‘s webstore here

You can view the video for One More Day below Read More…

Bellevue Days Release ‘Faith’ Video

Bellevue Days RosehillCroydon based alt rock quartet Bellevue Days have revealed the video for their new single, Faith, that is taken from their forthcoming EP, Rosehill. Faith marks the vocal debut of band member Dan Lukes, who takes over singing duties this time around from band mate Alan Smith, the band’s long term frontman whose vocals took the spotlight on all of Bellevue Days previous singles. The Rosehill EP is set to be released on the 4th July 2017,

Faith can now be streamed via Spotify here

The video for Faith, and Bellevue Days tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Maplerun Release ‘Keep On Staring’ Video

Maplerun PartykrasherGreek alt rockers Maplerun released their third album, Partykrasher, earlier this year and now they have released a new video single for the track, Keep On Staring. Maplerun are already firmly established in their homeland and Europe, but now the band have turned their attention to stretching their reach into the UK.
Partykrasher can be ordered and streamed via Bandcamp here
You can view the video for Keep On Staring below

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Moscow QOS


Queen Of Sin

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Elizaveta Tursunova struck out on her own from her native Russia at the age of sixteen taking in Cambridge, London, Paris and New York before settling in Los Angeles, where she has seemed to find her spiritual home, with it’s hedonistic history that is steeped in rock ‘n roll folklore. Now recording under the nom de guerre of Moscow she has released her debut EP, Queen Of Sin, that comes across as a modern slice of alt rock that seems to embrace the past of Los Angeles, whilst simultaneously bringing her own worldview into the mix.

Queen Of Sin kicks straight in with the title track that embraces alt rock, but with a more melodic quality to the vocals than I’ve been used to hearing, although it must be said that Moscow can also unleash a hellbound scream when required. The distorted fuzzed out lead guitar dominates the tracks along with the powerhouse drums and soaring vocals, Nowhere To Hide and Black Widow continue in the driving hard hitting vein of the title track before Watch Me Burn brings the tempo down, after all you can’t really have an alt rock EP without an anthemic slow burner, and finally Heartbeat brings us to a pummelling finale.

The result is a debut EP that, along with the likes of Mohawk Radio and Freeze The Atlantic, is bringing something fresh to what was becoming an increasingly stagnant alt rock scene. Queen Of Sin embraces the hedonistic accessibility of the rock scene in it’s eighties prime and the harder distorted edge of alt rock to produce an EP that has the sound of a singer in the early stages of her ascendancy. The Queen Of Sin could be a prophetic title for this EP as on the basis of this impressive debut I have the feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from Moscow.

You can order the Queen Of Sin EP via iTunes here

Air Drawn Dagger Release Free Single ‘Gods Vs. Peasants’

Air Drawn Dagger GVPUnstoppable UK alternative crew Air Drawn Dagger have just released their spanking new single, Gods Vs. Peasants, as a free download via Alya Records. Sparking glowing comparisons to everyone from Foo Fighters and Paramore to Donnas, Air Drawn Dagger hit you with engaging vocals, powerful guitars and earnest emotion.

Gods Vs. Peasants can be downloaded for free via Alya Records here

The video for Gods Vs. Peasants, and Air Drawn Dagger‘s tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Vault 51 Release New Single And Video ‘Magnolia’

Vault 51 Promo June 17Atlanta quintet Vault 51 have released their new single, Magnolia, which follows up on their recent debut single, Thirty Six. The new release continues with the outfit’s colourful vibe with melodic driven riffs and clean harmonious singing, giving a glimpse on what’s to come from Vault 51. Along with the new single, comes the announcement of the group’s debut EP, Kid, that is set to be released on July 20th.

You can purchase Magnolia via iTunes here and watch the video below Read More…

Soul Asylum Announce US Tour Dates With Cracker

Soul Asylum Cracker July 17 TourMinneapolis rockers Soul Asylum have announced new US tour dates with Cracker that kick off on July 14. Soul Asylum spent most of 2016 crisscrossing the US in support of Change of Fortune, the band’s eleventh studio album that was released in mid 2016. Their set embodies the band’s balance of rocking abandon, infectious melodic craft and raw-nerved emotional depth that has become their trademark. Cracker have been described as a lot of things over the years, alt rock, Americana, insurgent-country and have even had the terms punk and classic rock thrown at them, but more than anything Cracker are survivors.

The tour dates can be viewed below and tickets are available here from June 9th

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Donnie Willow Exhibition

Donnie Willow


Sunbird Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Scotland’s Donnie Willow will be releasing their latest EP, Exhibition, on the 9th June via Sunbird Records, their latest release follows on from their critically acclaimed 2016 mini album, Inhale Exhale. Donnie Willow have been building a reputation through relentless touring and explosive live shows and have been steadily attracting an increasing level of exposure on national radio and in print, the release of their latest EP, and the accompanying UK tour, can only build on the buzz around this Glaswegian trio.

Exhibition is an impressive, heartfelt and varied four tracks of alt rock that boasts intricate guitar lines and interwoven vocal harmonies that crash into expansive choruses. The EP kicks off with a squall of feedback that becomes the heavyweight riff of Stuck, this is a track that carries a hefty level of alt rock grunt and is the perfect opener before the darker and heavier Blessed Company kicks in. Toys continues with the darker feel of the EP before the more melodic closing track, I Still Remember, eases you out of the Exhibition with the most radio friendly moment on the EP.

This is a heavyweight EP of alt rock that largely avoids the clichés of many of their peers, and you get the impression that Donnie Willow are a band that forge their own path, Exhibition is an original EP that combines post hardcore rage with a slick alt rock delivery to produce an impressive and hard hitting four track EP. Donnie Willow cite the likes of Reuben, Glassjaw, Deftones, Arcane Roots, Basement and Tubelord as influences, and if you’re in anyway a fan of those bands then you’ll need become acquainted with Donnie Willow as the Exhibition EP indicates that the Glaswegian trio are on course to exceed the achievements of the bands that inspired them.

You can order the Exhibition EP from the 9th June via Sunbird Records here

Donnie Willow‘s website can be found here and their Bandcamp is here

Moscow Release ‘Queen Of Sin’ EP

Moscow QOS

Call her Tsaritsa (queen) like the Russian rockers all do, or call her Moscow, her nom de guerre in the international music scene, but this talented rocker who embodies the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n roll and the class of royalty is destined to grab your attention. The hard rocking muscovite has now self released the Queen Of Sin EP, along with a stunning video for the EP’s title track.

You can order the Queen Of Sin EP via iTunes here

The video for Queen Of Sin can be viewed below Read More…

Gang Of Youths May 2017

Gang Of Youths / Demob Happy

Sound Control, Manchester, UK

25th May 2017

Rating: 4/5




Gang Of Youths May 26 Demob Happy 1Manchester has been hit by an unexpected heatwave meaning that all the beer gardens are packed and Sound Control, a place that normally has a reputation for sweaty intimate shows, is like a furnace. The venue is sparsely populated prior to Demob Happy taking the stage, it’s hard to tell whether this is the allure of the beer garden or whether people are deterred by the attack on the Manchester Arena, that occurred less than a week ago. Regardless Demob Happy take the stage and hit us with a wall of fuzzed up indie noise that to my ears owes a significant debt to the MC5, their anthemic blend of fuzzed up indie rock, harmonic vocals and garage and psyche overtones is a welcome return to live music after what has been an emotional week.

Gang Of Youths May 26 Demob Happy 2The crowd slowly grows throughout their set, indicating that the rare appearance of summer in Manchester is more responsible for the initial sparse attendance rather than any sense of fear or trepidation regarding attending live shows. Demob Happy have given it their all tonight in an overheated venue, and I note that not one single person is in the bar area, everyone is up to the front for their set. Their mix of indie rock, garage fuzz and proto punk roots is one that is impressive, to put it mildly. Their set veers into alt rock occasionally, recalling elements of early Muse, but thankfully without the self indulgence and prog influences that seems to populate their shows these days. Trying to pin down exactly where Demob Happy are coming from is like herding cats as they skip between influences and styles without batting an eyelid.

Gang Of Youths May 26 Demob Happy 3At times Demob Happy border on hardcore intensity, others they’re channeling late 60s psyche and fuzzy proto punk, all of this is wrapped in a sheen of indie cool with a raw alt rock veneer, that makes Demob Happy a unique act that I would encourage anyone with a love for the idiosyncratic side of alternative music to go and see live. Their final number is introduced by “we’re Demob Happy, thank you for coming, we think it’s important that you did” and I couldn’t agree more. Tonight Demob Happy played the kind of accomplished genre spanning set that few can deliver, tonight this Brighton based trio of displaced Geordies played an eclectic set that ups the anticipation for their forthcoming EP.

Gang Of Youths May 26 1Gang Of Youths are a very different prospect from Demob Happy, they are darker and richer in sound but with the same tendency to incorporate different styles and influences into their set. Tonight they are showcasing new material from their forthcoming sophomore album, Go Farther In Lightness, to the appreciative crowd, and between songs they release their rhetoric and world view. The first exposure to their new material comes across as Gaslight Anthem viewed through a dark and intense lens that is tinged with the distinctly blue collar feel of heartland rock that is distorted through their unique worldview. Glittering guitar riffs sit alongside the driving rhythms and passionate vocals to create a hypnotic and heartfelt sound that is the kind of uplifting soundtrack that Manchester needs this week.

Gang Of Youths May 26 2Gang Of Youths displayed a level of openness, honesty and personal disclosure that you rarely encounter, and it was one that you can’t help but be moved by. Towards the end of their all too brief set Gang Of Youths encourage the crowd into an anthemic refrain of “I’m not afraid” during the track Poison Drum, this is a song that has the perfect feel for tonight’s show, a defiant and danceable number that makes me think that this really is a song that should be owned by Manchester, and it’s one that will always remind me of tonight whenever it rotates itself back into my playlist. On this hot mancunian night I can’t think of a better show to have attended since the events of Monday, simultaneously defiant and heartfelt, and in places heartbreaking,

Gang Of Youths May 26 3During their final number vocalist David Le’aupepe leaves the stage and enters the crowd and they finish the set as though they’re closing a show to the usual packed crowds they play to in their native Australia, to see a band of this stature in a small grass roots venue is a privilege that you don’t get very often. Tonight was a wonderful mix of styles from the alternative music of the past, present and possibly the future, both Gang Of Youths and Demob Happy delivered near perfect sets tonight and for that I can only thank them, this was my first concert after the events of 22nd May and it reaffirms exactly why music matters and underlines Manchester’s defiance.

Gang Of Youths May 26 4On the way to Sound Control we passed the Arena, the site of attack on the 22nd May, the floral tributes and ongoing Police presence are a sobering reminder of the price 22 people paid who just went out to watch live music. The Punk Site‘s response to the Manchester attack can be read here

Gang Of Youths website can be found here

Demob Happy‘s website is located here

Live photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

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Foreverandnever Promises



Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Mississippi born and Nashville based alt-rockers Foreverandnever have unleashed the latest EP, Promises, today, the 2nd June 2017, their latest release follows on from a relentless tour schedule and 2016’s All We Know EP. The EP follows in the footsteps of it’s predecessors, but when compared to their previous EP, and their self titled debut album, this release seems positively polished and refined. The raw edge their previous recordings carried has been replaced with a smoother and less urgent style than their earlier material, this may be related to the deft hand of the Saves The Day guitarist, Arun Bali, firmly on the helm.

The opening title track kicks things off with steady downbeat quality, but it crashes into life on the chorus and builds to an intense finale that then gently fades away, this a pattern that follows with EP’s second offering, Like Wolves, yearning vocals inhabit the verses before a forceful chorus brings waves of distortion and a more impassioned vocal style to bear. One with The Night rounds out the three track EP from the Nashville quintet, it boasts a more forceful style on the verse and maintains the energy levels over the course of the track, for me the more aggressive style, and the fact this didn’t follow the same template as the previous two songs, marks this out as the stand out track.

Foreverandnever are a fine alt rock band but I feel there is now little to distinguish them from the massed ranks, maybe it’s hard to judge a band on the basis of three tracks, but there is a somewhat repetitive feel at the core of the Promises EP. If you’re a fan of the likes of Deftones, Foo Fighters and Brand New, and for me I get a hint of New Found Glory in there as well, then Foreverandnever will be worth checking out, whilst this wasn’t exactly to my tastes I’d expect them to continue building their already sizeable fanbase on the basis of the Promises EP.

Foreverandnever‘s Bandcamp can be found here and their Facebook page is here

Tricot Reveal ‘Tokyo Vampire Hotel’ Video

Tricot 3Japanese alt rock band Tricot have revealed a performance video for their track Tokyo Vampire Hotel. The song is the official soundtrack for the brand new Amazon Prime series of the same name which is released on June 16th 2017, and the latest to be taken from their 3 LP that is out now on Big Scary Monsters Records (UK), Topshelf Records (US) and Bakuretsu Records (JP).

3 can be ordered via Big Scary Monsters Records here (UK) and Top Shelf Records here (USA)

The video for Tokyo Vampire Hotel, and Tricot‘s UK tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Tranquility To Release ‘Sonic Propensity’ EP On July 14th

Tranquility SPTake This To Heart Records have signed Michigan’s Tranquility, to celebrate they have released a Bukowski inspired music video for Tamarack which was directed by Citizen‘s Mat Kerekes. The song is taken from their debut EP, Sonic Propensity, that will be released July 14th on CD and digital formats via Take This To Heart Records.

Sonic Propensity can be pre ordered from Take This To Heart Records here

You can view the video for Tamarack below Read More…

Taller Than Stories Release Video For New Single ‘Little Johnny’

Taller Than Stories LJTaller Than Stories are a bunch of exuberant misfits with a passion for stout dark riffs, tall tales and gory horror. Only born last year, the duo released their debut EP, Memoirs of the Forgotten, collecting a surge of support from the underground. Spawned from the band’s EP, their new video single, Little Johnny, is a short harrowing story, telling the grim fate of a young boy. Backed by pounding and heavily distorted rhythms, it’s an engulfing slab of twisted alt-rock that will send a shiver down your spine and consume you whole.

You can stream and purchase Memoirs of the Forgotten here

You can view the video for Little Johnny below Read More…