Bellevue Days Release Video For ‘Secret Love’

Bellevue DaysThe Croydon based sludge pop alt rockers, Bellevue Days, have announced the release of their new EP, Rosehill, on 4th July 2017. To celebrate the news, the band have revealed the video for Secret Love, the first single to be taken from the new record. The band have also announced tour dates across the Summer and into Autmun, including tours with Patrons and The Young Hearts. Further details of the release of Rosehill will be revealed over the coming weeks.

You can view the video for Secret Love, And Bellevue Days tour dates, below Read More…

Born Without Bones Young At The Bend

Born Without Bones

Young At The Bend

Devil You Know Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Massachusetts trio Born Without Bones released their third full length to date, Young At The Bend, a few days ago via Devil You Know Records. Their latest album has a much more personal and heartfelt approach than their previous releases, and lyrically this seems to be a much darker album as Young At The Bend was informed by a personal loss that vocalist and guitarist Scott Ayotte suffered shortly before the recording of the album. This event has fuelled the songwriting and makes Young At The Bend feel like a personal act of catharthis.

Musically Born Without Bones have always had their roots in DIY punk scene, but they’ve adopted other influences over the years, in particular the hooks of 90s alternative rock and the blue collar soul of heartland rock are present in the mix along with a distinctly pop sensibility. After a brief initial blast of white noise Young At The Bend starts in earnest with the charged opener, Takes Time, and across the whole of Young At The Bend the album remains a cathartic heartfelt blast the veers through gentler indie and emo elements that are delivered with a punk attitude, and the whole package is carried on a back bone of 90’s alt rock, this combination certainly makes Young At The Bend an unpredictable listen if nothing else.

The only time I felt That Born Without Bones truly bared their fangs on Young At The Bend was on I Am A Ruin, a track that takes the lead from the punk roots, but for the most part this is an album that has a distinct sheen of polished 90’s alternative rock influences. Born Without Bones have delivered a deeply personal album that exposes the emotional scars of personal loss, but it does this without being maudlin or self indulgent, the end product is a emotionally charged and diverse album that has managed to channel personal loss into the creation of a something positive.

Young At The Bend can be purchased on coloured vinyl and download formats here

Donnie Willow Reveal ‘Toys’ Video And UK Tour Dates

Donnie Willow ExhibitionGlaswegian alt-rockers Donnie Willow have today revealed the stop motion video for Toys, the track is taken from Donnie Willow‘s forthcoming EP, Exhibition, that is set for release on 9th June 2017 via Sunbird Records, the EP will be released digitally and on limited edition 10″ vinyl, and is now available for pre-order.

You can pre-order the Exhibition EP here

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1958 Dark Blue

Nineteen Fifty Eight

Dark Blue

Transcend Music

Rating: 4/5




Nineteen Fifty Eight have been steadily building a loyal following since they formed back in 2013, both through their live shows and their two self released EP’s, 2013’s Rapture and 2015’s When Will I Get To You. Although they remain fiercely loyal to the South Wales music scene that spawned them, the Swansea based alternative rock band will hopefully be looking to move beyond the confines of their local scene, as they have released their impressive new EP, Dark Blue, today, the 19th May 2017, via Transcend Music.

The title track starts with a laid back alt rock feel before it eases into dark bass led power pop, this is a style that is revisted on the penultimate track, God Forbid. The atmospheric and powerful track, Under My Skin, weaves a hypnotic spell whereas Optimistic brings their darker side to the fore, the fuzz and pace are both upped, and when this is married to an addictive guitar riff you have a winning combination. Temporary Feelings almost brings Dark Blue to a dead stop before it builds to an anthemic finale, and the EP ends in memorable fashion with the rocky closer Watch Me Burn.

Dark Blue should appeal to fans of bands such as The Duke Spirit, Brand New and Editors, both the past and present of this kind of melodic alt rock are absorbed to create an impressive EP, one that it must be said has a distinctly radio friendly quality about it, but it’s all done without any apparent sacrifices being made to achieve this. Dark Blue is an EP that embraces influences from the world’s of indie and rock to create an anthemic and impressive six track EP that should see them reaching a wider audience.

The Dark Blue EP can be purchased on CD here and downloaded via iTunes here

Nineteen Fifty Eight‘s website can be found here

Tricot To Release ‘3’ Album On The 19th May

Tricot 3Japanese alternative-rock band Tricot signed to Big Scary Monsters Records earlier this year and they will release their new album, 3 ,on the 19th May 2017. Tricot will also appear at ArcTanGent Festival 2017 and the band have confirmed that they will be announcing further UK live dates over the coming months.

You can stream the tracks DeDeDe here and Melon Soda here

The album can be pre-ordered here

Nineteen Fifty Eight To Release ‘Dark Blue’ EP on 19th May

1958 Dark BlueSwansea based alternative rock band Nineteen Fifty Eight are set to reveal their latest release, the Dark Blue EP, via Transcend Music on the 19th May 2017. The band are also taking to the road throughout the UK this month, the band will be touring with As December Falls in support of the new EP.

The Dark Blue EP can be pre-ordered via iTunes here

You can view the video for Under My Skin, and Nineteen Fifty Eight‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Silent Rival Release ‘The Kindness Of Strangers’ LP

Silent Rival TKOSLA’s Silent Rival have released their debut album, The Kindness Of Strangers, today. Examining the past and using it as a starting point for new beginnings is a common theme throughout The Kindness Of Strangers, musically the album focuses on reinvention, and it puts a modern twist on glam, synth-pop and classic alternative rock.

The Kindness Of Strangers is available via Spotify here and iTunes here

You can view the video for the lead single Die A Little, and Silent Rival‘s US tour dates, below Read More…

Nineteen Fifty Eight Reveal New Video And Confirm UK Tour

1958 Dark BlueSwansea based alternative rock band Nineteen Fifty Eight have revealed the video for Under My Skin, the second single from their forthcoming new EP, Dark Blue, that is set for release on 19th May 2017 via Transcend Music. The band will also take to the road, throughout the UK, with As December Falls in support of the EP.

The Dark Blue EP can be pre-ordered via iTunes here

You can view the video for Under My Skin, and Nineteen Fifty Eight‘s UK tour dates, below Read More…

Proletariat Jimmys May 17

Proletariat (UK) / Arcades / Shadow Palace

Jimmy's, Manchester, UK

5th May 2017

Rating: 4.5/5




Proleriat Jimmys May 17 1This Feeling is developing a well earned reputation for running some of the UK’s best rock ‘n roll nights and promoting the best upcoming bands, and tonight the party has come to one of Manchester’s latest venues. Jimmy’s is tucked away on the edge of the Northern Quarter and tonight promises to be something special as Manchester’s Proletariat are launching their debut EP, Always The Same, with a sold out show at this intimate venue with support from Shadow Palace and Arcades. An eclectic mix of tunes precedes the first act, everything from ’77 punkers to psych and proto punk classics is played in the steadily filling basement of Jimmy’s to warm the crowd up nicely.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 2 Shadow PalaceFirst up are local act Shadow Palace, they channel a distinctly mancunian take on a garage and indie influenced set that eases us into the evening, this is a band that couldn’t have come from any other city, their mancunian swagger is an ever present in their hedonistic mix of influences. Elements of their set hint at a darker element in their DNA before they end their brief opening set with an upbeat indie fuelled number that is followed by their new single, Speak My Mind, that returns to their psyche influences and boasts an anthemic chorus. By the end of their set Jimmy’s is approaching capacity, the temperature is rising and it’s a struggle to get to the bar.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 3 ArcadesBy the end of shadow Palace‘s set whatever I’m drinking is being sweated straight back out again, Leicester’s Arcades are up next and are making their debut appearances in Manchester, their home turf is another part of the UK that seems to have a production line for talented young bands. Arcades sound like their origins lie somewhere between early Rolling Stones and Smashing Pumpkins and this impressive quintet deliver an impeccable set that straddles every genre since the mid sixties and its delivered with confidence and an effortless swagger and indie bounce, coupled with a touch of rock n roll excess, and I’m left wanting to hear more by Arcades, hopefully it won’t be too long before they return.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 4Jimmy’s continues to fill up, word has clearly spread about Manchester’s Proletariat in their brief existence, as Jimmy’s is packed to capacity tonight and Proletariat kick things up a gear with their mancunian influenced punk rock. From the first chords you can see why the venue is stuffed to the gills, as good as they were a few months ago when I first encountered them they now seem sharper and more focused than the fledgling show I caught them at. There’s an obvious comparison to The Fall in the vocal delivery, but that doesn’t mean to say they are in anyway a copy of that esteemed band, but they are coming at things from a similar direction with the dirty garage riffs effortlessly combined with a punk attitude.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 5The twisted riffs and the mancunian bark of the vocals are backed by a pounding razor sharp rhythm section that keeps the set hammering along at full tilt. Two new songs are debuted tonight that indicates that despite their debut release coming out today they aren’t going to rest on their laurels, the first, Kiss Of Death, sounds heavier and carries more menace than their early material whilst Nervous Energy edges towards a twisted incarnation of alt rock. Delirium from their early days sounds reborn and by popular demand they revisit The Stooges classic I Wanna Be You Dog, whilst often covered this was as good a version as you’re likely to hear outside of an Iggy Pop show.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 7The Proletariat‘s set is sadly cut short due to time limits, upon getting the indication that they have one song left they ease into their version of Bang Bang before they finish in style as they segue the twisted version of the sixties classic into Mr Brown, the lead single from their new EP, which brings things to a suitably frantic end. On the strength of tonight’s show Manchester’s Proletariat are heading places, as judging by the crowds reaction, and the strength of the new material on display, Manchester may have just have found its very own saviours for the next generation of punk rock.

Proleriat Jimmys May 17 6Proletariat‘s Facebook page can be found here

The Always The Same EP can be streamed via Spotify here

Arcades Facebook presence is located here

Shadow Palace‘s Facebook page can be found here

Jimmy’s website can be found here

This Feeling‘s website is here

Photography is by Dean Unsworth, his Instagram account is located here,

You can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

The Lotus Release Stunning Video For ‘Mars-X’

The Lotus Promo May 17With a rich vein of progressive, modern and alt-rock stamped into their DNA, The Lotus cite Depeche Mode, Radiohead and System Of A Down as major influences in fashioning their expansive sound. Their music may be difficult to categorise, but it is easy to embrace and adore. The Lotus are sure to turn heads with their new video single, Mars-X.

You can view the video for Mars-X below Read More…

Those Who Knew NP

Those Who Knew

New Perspective

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Those Who Knew formed two short years ago, since that time they have been industriously playing the local circuits and building up an ever growing fanbase, now the Nottingham based alternative quintet are looking to spread their wings beyond their local scene as they are set to self release their debut four track EP, New Perspective, on Friday 28th April. Prior to the EP’s launch the lead single from EP, Losing Touch, has already racked up airplay on BBC Radio as well as becoming a fan favourite at their live shows.

Losing Touch kicks things off with a slice of new wave inspired power pop that breaks down into a satisfying post hardcore inspired finale, Shadow In The Sea builds on impression of the initial track, carrying the sensibility of new wave and power pop but blending this with contemporary influences to create a dark and emotional hybrid that works on every level. Seventeen brings the pace up with a track that channels the darker side of alternative and indie and Nothing Left To Lose brings the EP to an impressive and impassioned close with a number that leaves you wanting to hear more from Those Who Knew.

Those Who Knew have released an impressive debut EP that manages to embrace numerous influences, the energy of new wave and power pop combined with the intensity of post hardcore and emo, that’s all topped off with a shining veneer of alt rock. This is an energetic and melodic debut that walks the line between the underground and commercial side of alt rock perfectly, melodic and poppy enough for the mainstream, yet they’ve kept enough of an edge to keep their fanbase and the DIY scene interested, not an easy trick to pull off on your debut but maybe there’s a reason for their chosen moniker.

New Perspective can be pre-ordered via all the main digital streaming services and retailers

Those Who Knew‘s website can be found here

Northbound Flaws


The Flaws In Everything

Animal Style Records

Rating: 4/5




From their humble beginnings as an acoustic solo project back in 2012 Northbound have steadily evolved into a fully fleshed-out band. Jonathon Fraser remains at the creative heart of Northbound, his songwriting sits at the core of the band and his style seems at home here, whether he’s armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and his voice, or with the full band fleshing out his songs with some muscle. Northbound have now bought us their latest EP, The Flaws In Everything, that was released on the 21st April 2017 via Animal Style Records, and it is now available on two different vinyl variants, white and blue and black and blue, as well as on CD and digital formats.

The Flaws In Everything introduces itself with the strong pop punk opening of Fade To Black, the classic pop punk combination of harmonised vocals and strong catchy guitar hooks is well in evidence, on the basis of this you might think you know what you’re in for, but you’d be wrong, Suitor Type still contains the pop punk element, but this time it’s darker with a touch of post hardcore. The opening duo of tracks is then followed by the crunching distorted riff of Well Water, a song that drifts into alt-rock territory, The Flaws In Everything continues to keep you guessing as Lonely Squid boasts a stripped down acoustic quality until finally Tell Me Something Good, with it’s impassioned chorus, brings things to a reflective thoughtful close.

The Flaws In Everything is a varied genre spanning EP that hits the spot nicely, for me Fade To Black and Well Water are the two stand out tracks, both bring a distorted energy to the EP, but that’s not to put down the remainder of this release, but with such a varied blend of styles on display you’re going to gravitate to the ones that appeal to your sensibilities, in my case it’s the noisier contingent of tracks. Whether every track on this EP will be to your taste is debatable, but I can guarantee there’s a good chance that you’ll find something to your taste on The Flaws In Everything.

The Flaws In Everything can be pre-ordered on physical formats here and digitally here

Soldiers Of A Wrong War Countdowns

Soldiers Of A Wrong War


Self Released

Rating: 4.5/5




Italian alternative quartet Soldiers Of A Wrong War released their second studio album, Countdowns, on April the 18th, the album follows on from their 2011 debut full length, Lights And Karma, and Countdowns is now available digitally from most major digital retailers, and also on a limited edition signed digipack CD. As with their previous releases Countdowns is self released and self financed, something that demonstrates the level of commitment to their music, and after listening to Countdowns you can see exactly why they have such a sense of self belief as this is a very impressive sophomore album.

Deep Impact is the first track on Countdowns and it does exactly what it says on the sleeve, an immense relentless crunching guitar riff that marks a promising start to the album, tracks such as Hit Me and We Will Never Fall channel Green Day‘s later releases and bring a more urgent tone to the album. Through This Wall maintains the pounding assault until Clocks marks the midway point with a the album’s mellowest moment, before Broken Bones kick starts things back into life. Countdowns continues to plough an anthemic and driving feel, from the atmospheric In Our Skin Again to the lead single from the album, Yeah! A track that is another example of what Soldiers Of A Wrong War do best, as it provides a hit of infectious adrenaline fuelled rock ‘n roll, before the closing duo of Milestone and Out Of Time bring the album to a triumphant conclusion.

Countdowns is the first time I’ve encountered Soldiers Of A Wrong War, like their fellow countrymen Guida, they deliver a European spin on alternative rock that brings something new to the table, whilst there is a clear influence from established acts, including later Green Day and early Oasis, they bring their own character to an album of dynamic and anthemic punk and indie influenced alternative rock that I can only imagine will sound even better live. I can only hope they will be making their way over to the UK in the coming months, on the basis of Countdowns this is a band that deserve to be recognised outside of the native Italy.

Countdowns can be ordered digitally and on signed CD here

Soldiers Of A Wrong War‘s website is here and their Facebook presence is here

Super 73 Monkey See Monkey Do


Monkey See Monkey Do

Self Released

Rating: 4/5




Alternative combo Super 73 have returned to the fold with their new single, Monkey See Monkey Do, that is due out on the 14th April. The Midlands based quartet have previously received glowing comparisons to everyone from acts as diverse as Coheed & Cambria to Biffy Clyro to Taking Back Sunday. Super73 come armed with a barrage of powerful riffs, melodic vocals and unique angular phrasing that would set them apart from the pack, if there was a pack to run with, as this is as unique a release as I’ve heard this year, and they’re pretty much out there on their own.

Monkey See Monkey Do kicks off in a laid back almost jazzy style that slowly builds up, and just at the point you start to get worried, the song kicks off in earnest with a strident drum beat that is accompanied by a hypnotic spiky riff. Super 73 are a hard band to pin down, one moment is mellow and jazzy with harmonic vocals, the next it’s bouncing with intense energy levels that build up to an almost hardcore intensity, before gently fading away again. This is a single that leaves you thinking “what the fuck just happened?”, then you find yourself playing it again… and again.

Super73 combine alt rock with post punk, the result of this unlikely marriage is an impressive and unique hybrid that makes me wish that there was more to hear of Monkey See Monkey Do than the radio edit version I received for review. This is an idiosyncratic and addictive release, and if this is what Super73 can cram into a three and half minute single then I can’t wait to see what they can do with a full album.

Super73’s website can be found here

All Ears Avow Release Video For New Single ‘Hurricane’

All Ears Avow Edge Of ThisAscending UK Alt-rockers All Ears Avow are set to climb even higher, as they release their new EP, Edge Of This, on the 28th April. ahead of the EP’s release the band have revealed the video for their new single, Hurricane. Their previous single, Just For Me, captured people’s imagination with its infectious groove and monstrous refrain and their new single is also destined to ignite with its flowing edgy guitar lines served with an infectious chorus.

All Ears Avow‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can view the video for Hurricane below Read More…

Leave Earth APD


A Perfect Disarray

InVogue Records

Rating: 3/5




Leav/e/arth deliver the kind of melodramatic polished alt rock that is destined to end up on regular rotation on the playlist of rock stations, they possess enough of an edge to court the alternative crowd whilst possessing the kind of sweeping choruses that have led many bands before them to filling enormous concert halls. The Ohio based quintet released their debut full length album, A Perfect Disarray, on April 7th 2017 and the album can now be ordered via the InVogue Records web store on CD and digital formats. 

Leav/e/arth deliver a very slick version of alt rock, one that definitely leans more to the rock side rather than the alternative influences, what’s immediately clear is that this album boasts a stunning vocal delivery from singer Leah Stenger, this is backed up by an accomplished quartet that provide a slick and driving rock soundtrack that accompanies the powerful vocal delivery perfectly.  A Perfect Disarray an album of anthemic alt rock that that sounds as though it’s designed to be played to a delirious horde of fans in an arena setting, the twelve tracks contained on the album, along with the bonus piano version of the single The Other Side, all dwell firmly at the more mainstream rock end of the alt rock spectrum

If you are a fan of the likes of Evanescence or Mohawk Radio then Leav/e/arth are a band that really should be on your radar, I hear albums occasionally that make you think that this is a band that is destined for bigger things, and whilst Leav/e/arth aren’t exactly my cup of tea this is such an album. Everything about A Perfect Disarray, from the stunning production on the album, the anthemic soaring choruses and the slick driving melodies leaves me thinking that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Leav/e/arth in the coming years.

A Perfect Disarray can be pre-ordered digitally and on CD via InVogue Records here

Leav/e/arth‘s Facebook page can be found here and their website is here

Tigerwine Die


Die With Your Tongue Out

Blood And Ink Records

Rating: 3/5




Colorado Spring’s Tigerwine are a band that have taken the sound of progressive post hardcore and melded it with the gloomy low end of new-wave grunge, along with a few metallic influences, to create a hybrid of styles that sets them apart from the majority of the pack of post hardcore bands. The band have now released their debut full-length, Die With Your Tongue Out, which was unleashed yesterday, April 14th 2017, through Blood & Ink Records. Die With Your Tongue Out is now available to order on CD, vinyl, on black and red variants, and digital formats along with an array of bundles 

Die With Your Tongue Out opens with Kiku, an ominous introduction that sounds as though it’s from the soundtrack of a dark spaghetti western, this fades into Spit, a noisy intense blast of metallic post hardcore, a style that is revisited on the blistering 110. The album breaks things down with brooding numbers such as Rainier, Nosebleed and Sign, that maintain their full tilt assault but are possessed by a more sinister undercurrent, there are also moments on Die With Your Tongue Out that offer shelter from the assault, Sharp Elbows Part 2, a scathing attack on religion, brings the intensity down a couple of notches whilst Soot offers a melancholy oasis of calm. The penultimate track, Heritage, returns to the ominous sound of the opening number and the album closes with the atmospheric number, High Roof, that offers an anthemic finale that brings proceedings to an end with an chaotic wall of feedback

On Die With Your Tongue Out it would seem that Tigerwine have delivered a darker slicker take on post hardcore, one that embraces influences from the parallel worlds of metal and alt rock to create a noisy and atmospheric hybrid. What’s most surprising about Tigerwine is that their intense wall of noise is created by only three people, I’ve heard bands and albums that try, and fail, to achieve a sound of this intensity with twice the personnel. Whilst for me it’s gloomy low end style wasn’t exactly the soundtrack I, or my neighbours, were looking for on a sunny Spring morning, but this is an accomplished and intense debut album that will delight fans of the darker angst ridden side of post hardcore and alt rock.

Tigerwine‘s Facebook page can be found here and Blood And Ink Records website is located here

Die With Your Tongue Out can be ordered physically here and digitally here

Freeze The Atlantic TPAR

Freeze The Atlantic

The People Are Revolting

Alcopop! Records

Rating: 3.5/5




UK alt-rock band Freeze The Atlantic are releasing their third album, The People Are Revolting, tomorrow, the 14th April 2017, via Alcopop! Records. The album follows on from their 2014 sophomore album, this time around the album was recorded in a hectic week in a studio with the aim of capturing their live sound for the new album. The People Are Revolting is an album that indicates that Freeze The Atlantic have a growing social conscience, something that’s unsurprising given the times we live in, and the album touches on political and social issues across it’s eleven tracks.

The album opens with the instrumental El Nitro, this gentle introduction eases you into the album before Annotate My Fate kicks in giving you the first taste of their full blooded alt rock. The title track of the album follows on with fuzzy driven riff before slows things down with rocky Altogether Not Together, with the album’s finest moment coming in the form of Gunnar Hansen, a track the channels Queens Of The Stone Age‘s glory years. The album carries on in this vein, veering between a rock sensibility and the darker underlying alt-rock tones, never seeming to quite know which side of the fence they land on.

If there is a problem with Freeze The Atlantic it’s that they don’t seem to be sure where their loyalties lie, the album veers between a darker alt rock sound and some straight up rock, they are equally proficient at both but you can’t help getting the feeling that there are at least two distinct songwriters within the band, as the difference between the styles is as clear as night and day. Singer Liv Puente delivers as good a vocal performance as you’ll hear on an album of this type, and The People Are Revolting is a flawlessly produced and slick album that walks the line that divides the co-existing worlds of rock and alternative.

Freeze The Atlantic‘s website can be found here and the Alcopop! Records site is here

Nineteen Fifty Eight Reveal Video For ‘Dark Blue’

1958 Dark BlueSwansea based alt rockers Nineteen Fifty Eight have revealed the video for the title track from their forthcoming new EP, Dark Blue, that is set for release on 19th May 2017 via Transcend Music. The video is a restrained slice of tasteful, pastel-coloured cinematography that focuses on the band’s matter of fact and honest performance, deliberately at odds with the high octane videos that are released so regularly and often don’t match up to the weight of reality.

The Dark Blue EP can be ordered via iTunes here

You can view the video for Dark Blue below

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Glaswegian Alt Rockers ‘Donnie Willow’ Announce New EP

Donnie Willow ExhibitionAfter recently supporting their hotly-tipped Scots comrades Vukovi on tour, Glaswegian alt-rockers Donnie Willow have announced that their new EP, Exhibition, will be released on the 9th June 2017 via Sunbird Records, the band have also released a stream of the first single from the EP, Blessed Company. Citing the likes of Reuben, Glassjaw, Deftones, Arcane Roots, Basement, Tubelord and TTNG as influences, it’s immediately clear from their new material that Donnie Willow have every intention of being every bit as vital as the bands they idolise.

Donnie Willow‘s website is here and you can stream Blessed Company here

Woodhawk Beyond The Sun


Beyond The Sun

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Slathered in rock and roll riffs and dealing with a case of wanderlust, Calgary’s stoner rock heroes Woodhawk have released their debut self released full length, Beyond The Sun, this nine track album follows on from their self titled debut EP that was released back in 2014. All the elements you’d expect to encounter on an album of this type are present and correct and it’s no surprise that Beyond The Sun contains a hefty science fiction influence, including A New Hope, a track dedicated to the rapidly expanding Star Wars franchise,

From the off Beyond The Sun is an album that sounds like the bastard offspring of Queens Of The Stone Age and Hawkwind, the title track kicks things off with a suitably hazy vibe before the album’s stand out track, The High Priest, moves things up a gear and with the exception of the brief instrumental, Foresee The Future, it pretty much stays there and steadily builds to the album’s epic finale, ChrononautBeyond The Sun is an album that veers between proto metal influences and alt rock, all the while delivered with the authentic feel of a band that exist primarily in an altered state.

Beyond The Sun is an album that contains equal parts proto metal, stoner rock and alt rock to an impressive effect, at it’s core this album is something of a throwback, although it’s one that has embraced contemporary influences that stop it from being a complete anachronism. Beyond The Sun is an album that will appeal to fans of stoner rock from across the decades, from the distant influences of seventies bands that pioneered the bass driven grooves of the genre, through to the more recent pioneers of intoxication such as Kyuss.

Beyond The Sun can be pre-ordered here and Woodhawk‘s Facebook page is here

Leav/e/arth Release Debut Album ‘A Perfect Disarray’

Leave Earth APDLeav/e/arth are a five piece alt rock outfit from Cleveland, Ohio, they have hit the ground running with their debut full-length album, A Perfect Disarray, that  was released on April 7th, 2017 via InVogue Records. The album can now be ordered via the InVogue Records web store.

A Perfect Disarray can be pre-ordered digitally and on CD here

Leav/e/arth‘s Facebook page can be found here

The bands US tour dates, and the video for the track The Other Side, can be viewed below Read More…

Youger Then Sign To Standby Records

Younger Then Apr 17Buffalo, NY alternative rockers Younger Then have signed with Standby Records and have announced they will release their self-titled debut EP on April 21, the band has also released a video of the lead single, Ghost, ahead of the EP’s release. You can pre-order Younger Then‘s debut EP digitally via iTunes and on physical formats here

You can view the video for Ghost below Read More…

Black Oxygen Release ‘ A Step Away’ Single And Video

Black Oxygen A Step AwayThe band Black Oxygen is comprised of brothers David and Nick Lyle, the Kansas City-born and Los Angeles-based duo channel an undeniable chemistry into an unpredictable hybrid of alternative-pop and rock punctuated by the perfect amount of swagger. During 2016, they hit the studio with producer Brett Hestla and have been busy cooking up their next musical evolution. To give their hungry friends and fans a taste of what’s to come the brothers decided to release a couple of songs, the first, A Step Away, combines shimmering keys and robust guitars with an anthemic arena-size sound and was released last Friday via all digital outlets. 

You can view the video for A Step Away below Read More…

Freeze The Atlantic Release Video For ‘Altogether Not Together’

Freeze The Atlantic TPARUK alt-rock band, Freeze The Atlantic, have revealed a beautiful animated video for a brand new track titled Altogether Not Together, the latest song to be taken from The People Are Revolting, their third album, that is set for release on 14th April 2017 via Alcopop! Records.

You can pre-order The People Are Revolting via Alcopop! Records here

You can view the video for Altogether Not Together below Read More…

Creeper Reveal Video For ‘Misery’ And Confirm EU Tour Dates

Creeper March 2017 TourReleased last Friday, Creeper’s debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, has been met with widespread critical acclaim, with many praising their unique combination of potent punk rock fury, flamboyant theatrics and ambitious storytelling. Now the band present the conclusion of their Eternity, In Your Arms video trilogy by unveiling its final chapter with a new film for the key album track Misery.

Eternity, In Your Arms can be ordered via Creeper‘s website here

The video for Eternity, and Creeper‘s tour dates, can be viewed below Read More…

Tricot Sign To Big Scary Monsters And Announce New Album ‘3’

Tricot 3Japanese alternative-rock band Tricot have signed to Big Scary Monsters Records and have announced that they will release their new album, 3 ,on the 19th May 2017. Tricot will also appear at ArcTanGent Festival 2017 and will be announcing further UK live dates over the coming months, and to celebrate the news the band are streaming a new track, DeDeDe, in full.

You can stream the track DeDeDe here

The album is now available to pre-order here

False Advertising Release Video For ‘Not My Fault’

False Adverstising have revealed the video for their new single, Not My Fault, that is due to be released on the 31st March 2017. Following a triumphant week at SXSW Festival in Texas the band are now looking ahead to a run of festival appearances over the coming months. The track is the first in a run of standalone releases that the band plan to drop throughout the first half of this year, building on their caustic, fuzz-drenched approach to alternative rock carrying echoes of underground ’90s champions Cave In, Hundred Reasons, Idlewild and Garbage.
The video for Not My Fault, and the False Advertising‘s festival dates, can be viewed below

Palisades To Play ‘A Voice For The Innocent’ Benfit Show

Palisades STOn Sunday, April 2 Palisades will headline a special benefit concert at William Patterson University. The event is a fundraiser for the non-profit organization, A Voice For The Innocent, which is a community of support for victims of rape and sexual abuse, admission is free but donations to the organization are highly encouraged. The New Jersey rockers have also released a new music video for the track Let Down,

Details of the A Voice For The Innocent concert can be found here

Palisades self titled LP can be purchased here and the new video can be viewed below Read More…

Hearts Like Lions Release Video For ‘It’s Not Gonna Be This Way’

Hearts Like LIons IINSALong Beach, California alt-rockers, Hearts Like Lions, have premiered their new music video for It’s Not Gonna Be This Way, the track comes from their debut full length, If I Never Speak Again, out now on Tooth And Nail Records. Hearts Like Lions have a knack for capturing the often intense challenges of growing up in massively anthemic emo tinged alt rock songs, all without taking themselves too seriously. This careful balance is on full display with the band’s Stranger Things themed music video for It’s Not Gonna Be This Way.

You can order If I Never Speak Again on physical formats here and digitally via iTunes

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Super American Release Video For ‘Congratulations’

Super American DisposableSuper American have released a video for their latest single, Congratulations, that is taken from their upcoming album Disposable, which will be released April 7th on CD and Digital formats via Take This To Heart Records. Anyone who is into early to mid 90’s alt rock with a modern twist should really give this band a spin.

Disposable can be pre-ordered via Take This To Heart Records here

You can view the video for Congratulations below Read More…