All Them Witches Sound Control Oct 17

All Them Witches / The Ghost Wolves

Sound Control, Manchester, UK

1st October 2017

Rating: 4/5




It’s almost a year to the day since All Them Witches last appeared in Manchester, since their last appearance they’ve unleashed their finest full length to date, Sleeping Through The War, and are currently touring in support of the album, and they’ve bought The Ghost Wolves along for the ride on their latest European tour. It’s always a good sign to walk into a venue to hear The Cramps being played, standing at the bar you realise they’re playing a good chunk from the Off The Bone album, this is followed by a selection of dark and twisted psyche and alternative which sets the tone nicely for tonight’s opening act. The Ghost Wolves hail from the capital of the most unhinged elements of American garage and psyche, Austin Texas, and they are a worthy successor to the illustrious list of bands from that city, one that includes The 13th Floor Elevators, Butthole Surfers and The Black Angels.

I’ve not encountered The Ghost Wolves before, which is not that surprising given that this is their first UK tour, but knowing Austin’s pedigree for producing some of the best and original alternative bands makes them an intriguing prospect. The Ghost Wolves are a duo comprising drummer Jonathan Wolf, who hammers out the primitive rhythms, and the other element is the primal guitar and vocals of Carley Wolf, their music is borne of The Cramps, Link Wray and delta blues, to create a sound that is the bastard offspring of the dark and dirty elements of rock n rolls history. “Do you like to be good or do you like to be bad” asks Carley Wolf and the answer is obvious, The Ghost Wolves deliver the perfect start to the evening with a set of distorted blues haunted garage punk that is stripped to the bone, and judging by the crowd that are held captivated by The Ghost Wolves set they’ve converted more than a few Mancunians to their cause tonight.
Prior to All Them Witches the soundtrack switches to a more eclectic mix, and as befits a band from Nashville there’s an element of unhinged country thrown into the mix. Sound Control is absolutely packed on this Sunday night, and there is evidence that more than a few of those present are throwing caution to the wind ahead of the working week starting over in a few short hours. Prior to their appearance the Black Sabbath classic War Pigs gets an outing and receives a raucous singalong from a good section of the crowd, which only adds to the atmosphere that is building up in Sound Control, and is starting to make it feel like a Saturday night rather than the end of the weekend, this gives way to an atmospheric and headier introduction that signifies the arrival of All Them Witches.
All Them Witches kick things off in signature style with a hypnotic riff that steadily builds before they launch into the signature southern psyche. Compared to The Ghost Wolves their stage presence is one that is more restrained and reflects that nature of the haunting soundscapes that populate their set. All Them Witches sound lies somewhere between Hawkwind, when they were in their prime, and The Doors. All Them Witches represent part of the resurgence in psyche, who along with bands such as Evil Blizzard And The Great Machine are rescuing the scene from self indulgence. All Them Witches might deliver a set of extended psychedelia but there’s something captivating about their southern psyche. All Them Witches last played in Manchester almost a year ago to the day, and there’s something about their sound that makes them the perfect soundtrack to a season when the nights start drawing in and Halloween is on the horizon.
All Them Witches are not the kind of band I’d normally take to, but there’s something about them that draws me back, and there’s a reason they’re now an annual fixture on my schedule, as I don’t think there’s anyone else delivering this kind of authentic psychedelia out there. I’ll admit It takes me a few songs to tune in what is a very different kind of live set to those that usually attend, but once you slip into their hypnotic grooves you find yourself in a trance and then you’re just along for the ride. Tonight’s show has featured two very different sides of the garage and psyche scene, between Austin’s brash unhinged primitive garage duo The Ghost Wolves and the heady psyche of All Them Witches, but it’s a welcome contrast and one that has made this corner of Manchester the only place to be tonight.
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All Them Witches Release Video For ‘Bulls’

All Them Witches STTWAll Them Witches latest album, Sleeping Through The War, was released via New West Records to critical acclaim earlier this year, now Nashville’s psychedelic force have released a new video for lead track, Bulls, along with news of a return to the UK. The Punk Site review of Sleeping Through The War can be read here
Sleeping Through The War is available via Bandcamp here 
You can view the video for Bulls, and All Them Witches UK tour dates, below

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All Them Witches Announce Headline UK Tour

all-them-witches-sttwNashville’s All Them Witches have released their new album, Sleeping Through the War, via New West Records and announced UK headline tour dates. Following appearances confirmed at the Secret Garden Party and Truck Festivals, All Them Witches will return to the UK in September and October for their biggest UK headline tour yet.

The Punk Site review of Sleeping Through The War can be found here

You can stream and purchase Sleeping Through The War here 

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All Them Witches

Sleeping Through The War

New West Records

Rating: 4/5




Nashville based psych rock quartet All Them Witches have returned with their latest album, Sleeping Through The War, that will be released released via New West Records on February 24th, 2017. All Them Witches have never a band to settle on a style or formula, despite the success of their 2015 album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, their latest album heads off down another path, one that feels like a further progression down their idiosyncratic highway. Sleeping Through The War is a timely album, it’s title reflects the current turbulent situation in the world and how many people are reacting to these events, but whilst it challenges the lethargy, this is also an album that provides a welcome escape.

The epic track Bulls opens Sleeping Through The War, a dreamy slice of mellow psyche that’s edged with vintage fuzz that slowly builds up the pace and then eases you back down again, Don’t Bring Me Coffee is a more strident number, more akin to experimental post psychedelic bands of the early 1970’s, the era before rock monsters stalked the earth. The lead single from the album, Bruce Lee, brings a charged slice of garage fuelled psyche, this kind of number is what I’ve always felt was the missing element from an All Them Witches set, and it’s good to hear the kind of track I always hoped they’d produced introduced into their repertoire, in contrast 3.5.7 and Am I Going Up? are a duo of heady floating psyche influenced number that maintains the suspicious haze that is a trademark of an All Them Witches album. The final three numbers are lysergic tinged epic trips, their multi layered echo and reverb drenched soundscapes resonate with the authentic feel of west coast psychedelia, in particular the nine minute closing number, Guess I’ll Go Live On The Internet, is the prefect soundtrack for a journey to the centre of the mind.

All Them Witches are clearly considering the heavy times in which we all live, but they also encompassing influences and styles from the past. Sleeping Through The War feels very much like the natural successor to their 2015 album, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, but at the same time it also surpasses their previous recordings. I was lucky enough to catch All Them Witches on one of last years three European tours, live they stand out alone amongst modern psyche as they capture of the original essence of psychedelia without sounding like an anachronism, and their albums are a reflection of what the manage to convey live. Every album has improved and broadened their sound, Sleeping Through The War is a fine slice of psyche, but their constant forward momentum has already made me start looking forward to their next album.

Sleeping Through The War will be available on all formats and can be pre-ordered here.

All Them Witches Release Music Video for ‘3-5-7’

all-them-witches-sttwNashville based psych rock quartet All Them Witches have shared a new music video for the track 3-5-7, the second track to be revealed from their forthcoming album, Sleeping Through The War, that is due for release via New West Records on February 24th. The video for 3-5-7 was directed by Robby Staebler, drummer of All Them Witches and artist and photographer in his own right.

Sleeping Through The War can be pre-ordered on CD, LP and download here.

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All Them Witches Announce New Album, Tour And Video

all-them-witches-sttwNashville based psych rock quartet All Them Witches will return with their new album Sleeping Through The War via New West Records on February 24th, 2017. Lead single Bruce Lee is a perfect distillation of their aesthetic, whirlwind guitars, way out vocals and propulsive rhythms that recall Springsteen’s late night power drives as much as they do Kyuss riding into the blood red sunset. All Them Witches have also announced US tour dates in support of Sleeping Through The War. The tour kicks off in Nashville on February 24th and tickets go on sale November 18th

Sleeping Through The War can be pre-ordered here 

You can view the video for Bruce Lee below and the tour dates can be found here Read More…


All Them Witches

Live In Brussels

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




Ahead of their October tour of the UK, Nashville’s All Them Witches released Live In Brussels, a new live album recorded at Belgium’s Ancienne Belgique whilst on their first European tour in March 2016. Live In Brussels continues All Them Witches tradition of releasing live recordings off their own back, direct to their fans, who are as loyal as they come. On their recent summer tour across North America the band were robbed of $4500’s worth of their venue checks and merchandise sales, and faced little other option than to set up an online donation page to try and recoup lost funds in the middle of the tour, their fans impressively topped the goal in under 24 hours. So what has caused this level of dedication amongst their fan base?

The first observation is that for an album release that All Them Witches are giving away the quality is stunning, every note and instrument is crystal clear. The opening number, The Death Of Coyote Woman, has elements of The Doors at their peak along with some fine blues stylings. Funeral For a Great Dying Bird eases into When God Comes Back and the tempo increases and this incorporates some excellent fuzz drenched guitar work. All Them Witches build up and bring down the pace throughout Live In Brussels building up to the triumphant final track My Last Name Is The Blues. This is an accomplished fourteen track live album of laid back psychedelia, blues and stoner rock, and if you have any love for the bands of the mid to late 1960’s that pioneered this style then you should really be adding this to your collection.

All Them Witches first two studio albums, 2012’s Our Mother Electricity and 2014’s Lightning at the Door, laid the groundwork for where we find ourselves today, their latest LP Dying Surfer Meets His Maker has seem them evolve into a sophisticated psych-rock outfit that remains faithful to the bands that paved the way for them. Live In Brussels follows on from their critically acclaimed new album Dying Surfer Meets His Maker and it is a live album as it oughta be, a complete and uncut live performance without overdubs. As Live In Brussels is available as a ‘name your price’ download you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking this band out

Dying Surfer Meets His Maker can be purchased here

Live In Brussels can be downloaded as a ‘name your price’ download here

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All Them Witches / The Great Machine

Deaf Institute, Manchester, UK

3rd October 2016

Rating: 4/5




Tonight is a return to the Deaf Institute, it seems that this venue, that is nestled on a side street in the heart of Manchester’s student district, is having a renaissance with the live acts that are visiting the city, and it’s easy the see why. The venue is a friendly intimate space on the third floor above the venues bar and club spaces, whilst it probably isn’t that popular with the roadies due to having to carry equipment up three flights of stairs, it is a unique venue that incorporates a seated area, balcony and decent sized dancefloor, and crucially for me a smoking area that doesn’t require the long walk downstairs. The sound is always spot on at this venue and it seems to foster a enthusiastic atmosphere amongst the crowd.

the-great-machine-deaf-institute-oct-16-1Tonight Nashville’s All Them Witches are making their second foray into the UK, but first up is Israel’s The Great Machine, they announce themselves in a distinctive Israeli accent “Good evening ladies and gentlemen… we are The Great Machine” and they burst into some seriously heavy and distorted garage, their sound can best be described if you try to imagine if Lemmy hadn’t forsaken acid prior to the formation of Motorhead. They deliver an intense and unique blend of garage, psychedelia and rock ‘n roll, there are few breaks in their set, heavy improvised jams link the songs and meld the set into an epic mind expanding dose of heavy psyche.

the-great-machine-deaf-institute-oct-16-2The Great Machine play everything at full tilt for maximum effect, it’s difficult to review a band like this with mentioning Hawkwind, there are definite parallels between The Great Machine‘s bass led compositions with their effects drenched guitar riffs and pounding drums and the Space Ritual album, the bass lines are hypnotic rumbles and you get the impression that there is an element of improvisation to their performance, I doubt that two of their performances are alike. The Great Machine are a relentless hard edged psychedelic jam and as such they make the perfect support for tonight’s concert, this is their first tour of the UK and judging by the crowd’s response I doubt it it’ll be their last.

the-great-machine-deaf-institute-oct-16-3The Great Machine are one of the friendliest and most down to earth bands I’ve met, they smoke and drink with the audience and it seems they would be willing to talk for hours about music, their experiences of the music scene in their native Israel and their brushes with the law. Their singer is insistent that he wants the t-shirt I’m wearing tonight and I end up swapping shirts with him, something that I’ve never done before at a concert. During All Them Witches set they are down the front with the crowd, they have boundless levels of energy and a genuine love of music that shone through in their set, their conversation and their love of the headlining act who requested The Great Machine as their support act.

all-them-witches-deaf-institute-oct-16-1Tonight the Deaf Institute is as packed as I’ve seen it and there is a distinct buzz amongst the crowd prior to the arrival of All Them Witches, they have developed a reputation as a live act and expectations amongst the crowd are running high. All Them Witches take the stage in understated fashion, sadly the start of the set is plagued by technical issues, the initial smokey bourbon drenched number is subject to a number of false starts, but happily the problems are eventually resolved and their set can begin in earnest, albeit with a stripped down guitar sound that has been thrust onto them for the evening. Where The Great Machine were an assault on your senses All Them Witches are in contrast a much subtler beast with a laid back southern character, but one which has no less of an impact.

all-them-witches-deaf-institute-oct-16-2This is not the first time All Them Witches have played Manchester, judging by the crowds reaction to them they have well and truly established themselves in the North West of the UK, they may be a long way from Tennessee but they appear relaxed and at home. Their blues influenced psyche is played with an intensity that belies the laid back nature of their music, requests are yelled from the crowd, including a request to have sex on the stage, which are all met with an easy going southern charm, this is a band that seems to encourage a strange level of devotion amongst their more committed fans. Their material ebbs and flows throughout the set, building in intensity and then easing back into mellower bluesy strains.

all-them-witches-deaf-institute-oct-16-3All Them Witches set is one that defies categorisation, they play a career spanning set, that is just shy of two hours long, that veers between psyche, blues and southern rock, this is far from the usual kind of band I see but they are certainly impressive live. All Them Witches roots may lie back in the past, but what they bring to the stage is a contemporary mix of psyche and blues that is played with a relaxed and easy going charm that just pulls you into their sound. If you have any love for garage, blues and pyschedelia then tonight’s two bands would be a near perfect package for you.

Photography is by Dean Unsworth and his Instagram account is located here, you can click on any of Dean’s photos to view a slide show of the images

The Great Machine‘s Bandcamp is here and there Facebook account is here

All Them Witches website is here, their Bandcamp is here and their Facebook page is here

All Them Witches Release Free Live LP And UK Tour Details

all-them-witches-lib-promoAhead of their forthcoming UK October tour, Nashville’s All Them Witches have released Live In Brussels, a new live album recorded at Belgium’s Ancienne Belgique whilst on their first tour through Europe in March 2016, is available for download now direct from Bandcamp. Live In Brussels follows on  from their critically acclaimed new album Dying Surfer Meets His Maker, out now through New West Records.

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