Mobina Galore Announce US Tour

Mobina Galore US Tour June 17Winnipeg punk powerhouse duo, Mobina Galore, have already had a big 2017 with the release of their explosive new full length, Feeling Disconnected, on New Damage Records, plus nearly non stop touring across North America and Europe. Now Mobina Galore has announced yet another massive run of North American tour dates for the summer

The Punk Site Review of Feeling Disconnected is here and the LP can purchased and streamed here

Mobina Galore‘s tour dates can be viewed below Read More…

Manchester Punk Festival Volume 14 Released Via Bandcamp

MPF 17 Feb 17The Manchester Punk Festival is almost upon us, the event takes place between 20th and 22nd April across a number of venues in Manchester, UK’s City Centre. This is the final volume of the compilations that precede this years festival. The Manchester Punk Festival Volume 14 features  Throwing Stuff, After The Fall, Martha, Dirty Twisters, Clowns, Jakal, Inner Terrestrials, Riggots, Fair Do’s, BONO!, Foetal Juice, Kollapse, Wadeye, Billy Liar, The Kirkz, Doe, The Burnt Tapes, Helen Chambers and Matlida’s Scoundrels. The previous 13 volumes of the Manchester Punk Festival compilations, that cover the 2015 to 2017 line ups, are also still available as name your price downloads.

The final 200 tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale here

You can download Manchester Punk Festival Volume 14 as a name your price download here

Manchester Punk Festival Confirms Final Additions To Line Up

MPF 17 Feb 17The final additions to the line up for the Manchester Punk Festival 2017 has made Inner Terrestrials, After The Fall, Foetal Juice, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Shit Present, BolshyQueen Zee & The Sasstones,  Crocodile God, Muncie Girls, Bear Trade, Jakal, Kollapse, Strange Bones, Efa Supertramp, Helen Chambers, Denim & Leather, Epic Problem, Wadeye and Riggots have all been added to the line up. The Manchester Punk Festival is happening between the 20th and 22 April 2017 across a number of venues in Manchester City Centre, individual day line ups will be announced over the coming weeks.

Tickets for the Manchester Punk Festival are on sale now for £30 and are available here

Paper + Plastick Records Release Compilation For This Year’s Fest

paper-plastickPaper + Plastick Records has released a free downloadable compilation in the form of this year’s Road To The Fest 15.  The compilation includes tracks from Blacklist RoyalsAspigaThe SlackersAfter The FallProtagonistA Wilhelm Scream, and many more.

Download the comp from the label here.

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After The Fall Announce Greatest Hits Album

After The Fall - "Recollection"Hardcore punks from Albany, N.Y., After The Fall announced their upcoming greatest hits album titled Recollection available on Oct. 28, 2016 through Bird Attack Records. The LP features the band’s and fans’ favorite songs from records released between 2000 to 2010 such as Eradication, Fort Orange, Everything, Collar City and FETD.

Pre-order for Recollection is available via Bandcamp for the 12-inch vinyl, CD and digital release, along with the stream of three tracks.

After The Fall will embark on a short tour starting next week. Check out the dates below.

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After The Fall Announce ‘Recollection’ Album

after-the-fall-recollectionAfter The Fall have announced they’ll be releasing Recollection through Bird Attack Records on October 28th, this is New York’s After The Fall‘s greatest hits album or better put, a “Recollection” of the bands and fans favourite songs off their albums Eradication, Fort Orange, Everything, Collar City and FETD, which were released between 2000 and 2010. Recollection is a culmination of songs that have catapulted the band to where there are today. Recollection will mark their sixth release, and all the tracks have been re-mastered for a fresh take on 17 of their in your face classics.

You can pre-order Recollection on vinyl, CD and digital formats here

After The Fall – Dedication

Bridge Nine RecordsHardcore act After The Fall has launched pre-orders for their upcoming new 7″ vinyl release.  The celebrate the band is streaming the brand new song, “Dedication,” which will be available upon release on April 7, 2015 via Bridge Nine Records.   The album is dedicated to their original bassist Brian J. Peters, who passed away in 2013. 

Listen to the song here courtesy Punktastic and be sure to check out tour dates below.

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Tours: After The Fall / This Is Your Life

AfterTheFallAfter The Fall has announced that the hardcore punk act will be heading out on a record release tour with This Is Your Life in support of the band’s newest full-length record, Unkind, released back in March via Paper + Plastick Records (US) and Disconnect Disconnect Records (EU).

Tour dates can be found below.

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Tours: After The Fall / Brutal Youth

AfterTheFallAfter The Fall has announced that the hardcore punk act will be heading out on a record release tour with Brutal Youth in support of the band’s brand new full-length record, Unkind, released back in March via Paper + Plastick Records (US) and Disconnect Disconnect Records (EU).

Tour dates can be found below.

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After The Fall Full Album Stream

AfterTheFallAfter The Fall has launched a full albums stream of their brand new full length, Unkind, which drops today, March 19, 2013 via Paper + Plastick Records, with Disconnect Disconnect Records releasing an exclusive CD version in Europe.  The album follow’s 2010’s Eradication LP, which came out in 2010.

Give it a listen here courtesy Punknews.  Order the LP here.

After The Fall – Back And Forth

AfterTheFallAlbany, NY’s After The Fall has debuted a brand new song.  The track is titled “Back And Forth” and will appear on their upcoming full length, Unkind, due out March 19, 2013 via Paper + Plastick Records.  The album follow’s 2010’s Eradication LP, which came out in 2010.

Listen to the song here courtesy DyingScene.

Video: After The Fall – Decade

Albany, NY’s After The Fall has released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Decade” and includes live footage of the band.  The album will be titled Unkind and is due out May 2013 via Paper + Plastick Records.  The album follow’s 2010’s Eradication LP, which came out in 2010.

The music video as well as current tour dates can be found below.

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After The Fall Announce New Album; Stream New Track

Albany, NY’s After The Fall has announced that they will be releasing their fourth full length this spring.  The album will be titled Unkind and is due out May 2013 via Paper + Plastick Records.  The album follow’s 2010’s Eradication LP, which came out in 2010.

The first song from the album, “Decade” can be heard below.

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After The Fall - Fort Orange

After The Fall

Fort Orange

Rise Your First Records / Ass Card Records

Rating: 4/5




Sometimes its the oddest thing that grabs your attention. For After The Fall‘s new CD, Fort Orange, is was one lyric from the second track – Thomas Philbrick – that stopped me in my tracks. The line was simple, nothing extravagant but grabbed my attention. It said, Do you remember that Millencolin record? It’s an odd, seemingly random lyric but one that instantly jumped out from the song and at that moment, I reached for the lyrics sheet and immediately fell in love with Fort Orange.

There are two distinctively different elements of Fort Orange which make it so completely enjoyable and it’s the way they work together that makes the record unforgettable.

The first and most obvious of the two is simply the music. Fast, pounding and unrelenting, After The Fall is a furious mass of melodic hardcore played at break neck speed from start to finish. My initial comparison was Lifetime as vocalist Mike Moak displays a clear Ari Katz influence in his vocal style but there’s others in there. Strike Anywhere and Propaghandi are easy comparisons with A Wilhelm Scream coming close behind. The minute-long pro-choice anthem It’s Her Choice rattles with intense hardcore like In The Face of War or, slightly, Black Flag.

The music brings you back to the times of sweaty clubs and skate parks and comes as a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stagnant scene. However, the real selling poking is the lyrics that Moak yells overtop of the thundering drums and incendiary guitar riffs.The lyrics are straight-forward, not laced with metaphors or hidden meanings, but instead impossible to misinterpret. The lyrics are sincere and powerful, telling songs of police shootings (Fort Orange), suicide (Thomas Philbrick) and love (Armpit) without any faults. Being instantly relatable, check out Routine which sees Moak attempting to break free from a nine-to-five job- something that I struggle wish and hope for everyday – the record becomes that must be personal for the listener.

They do take more a more political stance on many of the tracks, be it taking the left-wing punk ideologies of pro-choice in It’s Her Choice, rallying against racial stereotypes in Not Today, or complaining about the judicial system in Escape, but the other half are more personal. Reliving tales of drug abuse (Bummer) and demonizing rape (Poor Excuse) are good but the real gems are when they dissect the underground punk scene in Macho Bullshit and 1994; songs who’s lyrics will make any punk fan smile in agreement with.

The combination of intelligent, passionate and sincere lyrics with energizing, angst-filled melodic hardcore music makes After The Fall a band to keep an eye on in the future and Fort Orange a record to check out.

After The Fall - Eradication

After The Fall


Mightier Than Sword Records

Rating: 2.5/5




With EradicationAfter The Fall have delivered a truly puzzling album – in both a positive and negative way.

You see, on Fort Orange, the Albany, New York trio blasted onto my radar and blew me away. There was passion and sincerity in their straight forward and oddly compelling lyrics. There was excitement and energy in their balls to the wall onslaught of fast paced, technical punk; and there was something noteworthy about the album that kept me coming back for more. Fast forward a year later and I’m eagerly awaiting the follow-up, Eradication.

Sadly, my reaction to it was less than enthusiastic.  There’s still passion, there’s still sincerity, there’s still breakneck tempos and skatepunk that somehow crosses Strung Out with Strike Anywhere butEradication fails to captivate my imagination as much as it’s predecessor.

It’s too bad too, because there are some damn good tunes on here – that’s something I can’t deny. The middle chunk of the album is – upon further reflection – pure freaking gold. Starting with Stagnation that somehow reminds me of Raised FistAfter The Fall showcases the best of their best in the next few tracks. Throg’s Neck is slightly poppier, pulling in A Wilhelm Scream vibe circa Mute Print and has by far the best chorus of the album. Lifer is a drum led punk rock anthem and Authoritarian displays that technical Strung Out proficiency. Skip a few tracks and you get a sweet cover of I-SPY’s You Don’t Talk No Shit.

All of these songs are great, the problem is – the rest are somewhat forgettable. Soldiers kicks off the album on a sour note with a weak scream/drum intro. Power Trip is a venomous eighties hardcore track that has a strong chorus but indecipherable verses. Coward and Autonomy are both forgettable and the other tracks leave little impression either.

It’s all still there – fast, politically pointed, skate punk ala Propagandhi but half the album fails to capture me. Then again, I’ve still managed to listen to the album close to thirty times since I’ve gotten it- so it can’t be that bad. It’s just not that memorable either; and that makes it truly puzzling.

Animal Style Records Free Digital Sampler

Animal Style Records is giving away a Free 10-track digital sampler, which includes songs from all 10 of the labels bands that are playing this year’s Fest 11 in Gainesville, FL. Stream and download the digital sampler here.  

 Label owner Matt Medina says,

“Last year I went to The Fest for the first time after missing it for too many years. I am excited to return to Gainesville again this year joining 10 bands I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. To both celebrate the event and introduce folks to some new tunes I decided to put together a free digital compilation of these 10 bands making the trek to this year’s Fest. There are some newer faces and some familiar ones that have become my extended family. Each track I picked, selecting my favorite from each release and hopefully displaying the diversity that’s found on the label. I hope you enjoy and get acquainted with some tunes you haven’t heard before. As a thank you for the support we have also included a 10% off coupon in the download good for any non pre-order item in the webstore valid till 11/2.”

 Below is the tracklisting for the digital sampler.

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Tour: After the Fall, Anchors, Stereo State / Antillectual

AntillectualAfter the Fall, Anchors, Stereo State and Antillectual have announced an East Coast tour, which will start in Montreal, QC and end at The Fest in Gainesville, FL.

 The tour will mark Anchors‘ first appearances in the United States, as well as the return of Holland’s three piece punk group Antillectual.

The dates are below.

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Tours: After The Fall / Anchors / The Stereo State / Antillectual

After The Fall, Anchors, The Stereo State, and Antillectual have announced that they will be heading on tour together.  The tour will kick off in Montreal, QC and conclude at FEST 11 in Gainesville, FL.

Full tour dates can be found below.

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After The Fall and Caleb Lionheart Split Seven Inch

After the FallAfter the Fall and Caleb Lionheart will be teaming up with Better Day Records to release a split seven inch together in early 2012.

Both bands have unveiled a song from the split and put them online for streaming. You can listen to After the Fall’s “Forgive and Forget” at their facebook page while Caleb Lionheart’s “Dutch Guts” can be played at their bandcamp page.

Tours: After The Fall

After the FallAlbany, NY’s After The Fall have announced a string of upcoming tour dates. They will first be heading to Canada next Saturday (April 16th) for six shows across Quebec and Ontario. After that, they will return to Montreal to take part Pouzza Fest on May 21st.

Then at the beginning of June, the band will travel to Europe for a two week tour with Massachusetts’ Smartbomb. Shows are being booked but a tentative routing is below.

After The Fall‘s latest full-length, Eradication, was released by Mightier Than Sword Records at the end of 2010. Recorded by Jay Maas ( Title Fight, Soul Control, Verse, Transit ) and mastered by Jason Livermore ( Good Riddance, Less Than Jake, Rise Against, All, MXPX ), the record features guest vocals from the likes of No Trigger‘s Tom Rheault and James Carroll of Make Do And Mend.

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Three Songs from After The Fall

After the FallAlbany, New York’s After The Fall have teamed up with Amp to stream three new songs from their latest album Eradication. The tracks – Throgs Neck, Lifer and Power Trip – can be streamed here while you read an interview with the band.

The album was released last week on October 12th through Mightier Than The Sword Records.

Two New Songs from After The Fall

Albany, NY’s After the Fall have released two new songs from their upcoming album, Eradication. The record is due out on October 12th through Mightier Than Sword Records.

The tracks, “Eradication” and “Throgs Neck” (featuring Tom Rheault from No Trigger), can be heard at their MySpace page.

After The Fall Posts Two New Songs

Melodic hardcore act After The Fall have posted two songs, Lifer and Ruins, from their upcoming full length album, Eradiction.  The songs can be heard on theirMySpace page.  Lifer features James Carroll of Make Do And Mend.

Eradiction will be released on October 12th and follows Collar City, which came out in January of this year on Mightier Than The Sword.