Pissed On

The Hanged Man

Advocate Records

Rating: 2/5




Advocate Records unleashed The Hanged Man EP on the 3rd March, this is the latest release by Kentucky grindcore merchants, Pissed On, this quintet of tracks, that was recorded at Bricktop Recordings in Chicago, follows on from their debut release last year, a split EP with Street Rat. Whilst they only formed in 2015, Pissed On are quickly developing a reputation as a band that take no prisoners, both for their uncompromising studio recordings, and as an incendiary live act. The five tracks contained on the EP follow the mental anguish of a man in his final days, and the lyrics tell of his desperation as he awaits his execution.

The Hanged Man opens in brutal fashion with Reader, an intense sub one minute opener that recalls Extreme Noise Terror in full flow, this opener segues straight into Enter The Void which continues the relentless aural pounding. Zoetic Disgrace marks the halfway mark in the EP, this is the third in the series of short sharp shocks that have populated the first half of the EP, these tracks between them are done and dusted in less than four minutes. Shrivelled Minds is epic in comparison to the initial tracks, weighing in at over two minutes, this carries the same brutality but contains an extended pounding breakdown that acts a prequel to the EP’s title track, this is a somewhat slower affair that contains four minutes of slower sludgier grind that brings The Hanged Man to a confrontational close, and the tale to it’s inevitable end.

The Hanged Man is ten minutes of old school grindcore that is delivered without any compromise, as with any release from the various cores that punk has spawned, I will always feel that music of this nature is best experienced live, I find that the intensity of bands like Pissed On is lost in the recording studio, but having said that if your tastes are towards the extreme end of hardcore, or if you like to dabble in the world of extreme metal, then this is a band you need to take notice of, as I doubt there are many bands delivering the kind of extreme dark grind that Pissed On deliver on The Hanged Man.

Pissed On‘s Bandcamp can be found here

Pissed On Stream ‘Zoetic Disgrace’ From Forthcoming EP

pissed-on-thmKentucky grinders Pissed On have teamed up with Invisible Oranges to reveal Zoetic Disgrace, a new track from their forthcoming EP, The Hanged Man.

The Hanged Man will be released on Friday March 3rd via Advocate Records.

Pissed On‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can stream Zoetic Disgrace via Invisible Oranges here

Pissed On Announce New EP ‘The Hanged Man’ And US Tour

pissed-on-thmAdvocate records have announced that they will  release The Hanged Man EP by Kentucky Grinders Pissed On on March 17 2017. Forming in 2015, Pissed On hit the ground running as fast as they could, going on multiple tours and releasing a split with the Louisville band, Street Rat. The Hanged Man promises to be a primal five song release that will punish the listener with its piercing vocals and incredibly harsh instrumentation.

Pissed On have announced the initial set of US tour dates in advance of the release of The Hanged Man, the tour dates, that take place in November and December 2016, can be viewed below Read More…