Mest’s Tony Lovato Releases Acoustic Album ‘Broken Down II’

MEST BD2Tony Lovato, frontman of beloved Illinois pop-punk act MEST, has just released a new acoustic record, the second in his Broken Down series. The fan-funded project features Tony Lovato performing new versions of fan favourites from the MEST back catalogue. MEST will also be playing a series of shows in the US this December, including dates with the likes of Mr. T Experience, MXPX, Goldfinger and Slick Shoes.

You can stream Broken Down II via Spotify here and Apple Music here

You can view the track listing for Broken Down II below Read More…


Chase Huglin

You Deserve An Island

InVogue Records

Rating: 2/5




Chase Huglin is a singer songwriter based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, You Deserve An Island is his debut album, which was released at the end of last month, whilst this is his first full length it his second release for InVogue Records, and it follows on from the Glow EP that was released last year. Fort Wayne is by all accounts a sleepy sprawling clone town, but importantly it is one that has spawned it’s own unique DIY scene amongst the coffee shops and chain stores, Chase Huglin is a product of this scene and his sound is a million miles away from the DIY scene I’m used to here in the UK, which is a somewhat noisier affair.

Opening track Wind Chimes is almost whispered, as I was at a concert last night I had to check my speakers are switched on, this sets the tone for what is a seriously laid back acoustic album. Every track is a soundtrack to quiet moments and dubious smokes enjoyed over coffee and late nights, You Deserve An Island is an album that doesn’t even put the key in the ignition, let alone get out of first gear. This is the kind of album that I would have to be in the right mood for, when I needed something that suited winding down in the transitional stage of the night that lies between late at night and early in the morning.

There is no doubting Chase Huglin‘s songwriting ability, however, You Deserve An Island is all delivered in a quiet acoustic style, and this is such a consistently mellow album that I found that it just drifted over me, and I had to start it again as I found I hadn’t noticed it’s passing, and exactly the same thing happened again. Personally I felt it needed something to wake things up, even for just one track, just so the album reminded you it was there, but if you are in the mood for some well crafted easy going acoustic tracks then You Deserve An Island could well be the album you need.

You can download You Deserve An Island here or purchase the album on physical formats here

Various Artists – Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen Tribute)

Toronto’s Anxiety Attack Recordings recently gathered together some of Canada’s best folk-punk bands including the likes of Jesse Lebourdais, The Matchup, Worst Days Down and James Renton of Fire Next Time to cover nine Bruce Springsteen tracks. The nine track compilation, entitled Thunder Road, sees the Canadians tackle songs such as The Wrestler, Atlantic City, and Born In The USA.

The label has posted the compilation online as a free download saying:

This tribute is a free download, No money is being made through the distribution of this compilation. All artists featured on this compilation are showing respect and paying tribute to one of our favorite musicians. If you like what you hear we highly encourage you to check out the original versions by Bruce Springsteen, as well as check out original material from the contributing artists featured here.

Various Artists – Thunder Road

Thunder Road

Download from Bandcamp

Casey Lee (Fake Problems) – Comroms

Fake Problems‘ own, Casey Lee, has released a solo EP full of acoustic folksy goodness. As described by the man himself:

the songs are in no particular order since this was never recorded or meant to be any kind of record. The recordings of these songs are how they sounded exactly then. It was never meant to be a single piece of art and most certainly was never meant to be finalized or set in stone in any sense. these songs will change along with everything else. i put them all together because it seemed easier to be able to download them all at once (duh). everything was played and recorded by me in my bedroom in naples florida and my big brothers apartment in los angeles california during march and april of 2011. enjoy!

Casey LeeComroms

Casey Lee - Comroms
Download at

Why I Hate/Why I Hope – The Symbol I’m Known To be

Here’s something new, two bands that seem to be one and the same: Why I Hate and Why I Hope.  In any case, heed little attention to my curiosity, because when it comes to their recently released two song single released on Kiss Of Death Records, these songs basically speak for themselves.  The first being a good old punk rock tune, and the second being the same track, taking the guise of an acoustic number.  If you don’t listen for the lyrics you’d think they were completely different tunes!

Their upcoming four track will be of a similar nature and has me pretty excited for this, listen to the description: “The upcoming CD for Why I Hate has 4 bonus Why I Hope versions of the songs on it, and the limited LP version will be a double vinyl, with 10 Why I Hate versions of the songs, and 8 Why I Hope versions. The album just has a WIH on the cover”

But this isn’t supposed to be a news post, so do download! (and the cover looks like Keith’s style, which is always a treat!)

Why I Hate/Why I HopeThe Symbol I’m Known To be

Download the Album From Death To False Hope Records

Dandelion Snow – It’s Just A Bad Dream

I recently reviewed and loved Dandelion Snow’s latest album, The Grand Scheme of Things.  It’s a real gem and listeners would be advised to check it out.  But he has another release out there as well.  It’s called It’s Just A Bad Dream, and it came out in late 2009.  It too is gold.  Granted, Roger Harvey doesn’t have as much experience behind his older offering, but it’s just as passionate and well written.  The label has it up over on their website and released it as a free download at the time of release.  It’s still up, so get grabbing!

Dandelion Snow It’s Just A Bad Dream

Download The Album From The Label’s Website

Sam Reynolds – I

This guy is a fantastic acoustic song writer. Not punk in any way, but undeniably listenable and easily appreciable. I have a soft spot for this kind of stuff when it’s this good.

Sam Reynolds – I

Download the Album from Sam Reynold’s Bandcamp

Josh Woodward – Discography

When we last saw Josh Woodward he was posting in the comment section of this very blog. Well, I rooted around his website recently and came to appreciate the vast array of free album Mr. Woodward has up for download. So if you liked his 2008 double disc, The Simple Life, the I highly recommend giving his back catalogue a spin. Each one has a wonderful balance of acoustic, indie, and folk influences.

Download ALL Josh Woodward’s Albums from

Mike Hale – Lives Like These

Mike Hale was and is part of now defunct punk rock band Gunmoll as well as the alive and well rock band In The Red. All of his work in various genres is always up to an extremely high quality, making Mike Hale one of the most well rounded musicians I can think of. But not only is he an amazing musician in a band, but he’s also one of the best solo acoustic artists in recent memory.Lives Like These is his second solo outing, and damn, is it ever great. Thankfully, with a little persuasion from Suburban Home Records management, Hale agreed to release his new album for free, with the hopes that those who love the album will donate through the website.

edit: I wrote that all last year, I think I my have been a tad overly enthusiastic, but it’s still a good release none the less

Mike HaleLives Like These

Download the Album from Suburban Home Records

The Lives of Famous Men – Sunshine EP

Another free EP offered exclusively at finally surfaces, and this time the band has a sophisticatedly funny name and isn’t just another faceless emo group. Sure, the songs all have a similar acoustic feel, but they’re stripped down in such a way that makes them oddly enjoyable. Don’t be discouraged by the squeaky clean album art, with Sunshine, The Lives of Famous Men have a rough and unpolished edge that makes them stand out from the pack.

The Lives of Famous MenSunshine EP

Josh Woodward – The Simple Life

Ok, change of pace guys, here’s something really nice and mellow. If you like Matt Pryor then you’ll also love this. There are lots of acoustic tracks with little flourishes like accordions and banjos, and a bunch of almost folk-like songs. Sure the album is waaaaay too long (it’s actually two discs), but taken in small doses it provides some really calming background music, or a nice addition to a playlist.
Josh WoodwardThe Simple Life