Bones Shake Release ‘Funbox’ EP

Bones Shake FunboxBones Shake are a scuzzy fuzzy blues three piece from Manchester, UK that have released their brand new EP, Funbox, today, the 22nd December 2017, via Abattoir Blues Records. Bones Shake will also be playing a release show at Manchester’s Castle Hotel later today with support from label mates GUTS and The Dee Vees.

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

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Bones Shake Funbox

Bones Shake


Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4.5/5




Bones Shake are a scuzzy fuzzy bastard blues three piece that formed in 2011, the band have developed a well deserved reputation for delivering adrenaline driven sweat drenched live shows, and their recorded output almost inevitably captures the spirit of their live shows, from the guttural vocal howls of front man David Brennan to the savage and twisted soundtrack, in a way that few bands manage, and now we are on the cusp of Bones Shake unleashing their latest four track EP, Funbox.

The Funbox EP immediately kicks in with the sirens that precede the arrival of the dark and twisted overdriven fuzz of Cops, and it seems that Bones Shake have somehow managed to become even more primitive and raw since their last release. The EP’s title track continues the assault with a grinding Stooges riff and a bucketful of attitude, whilst Liars delivers a heartfelt anger driven tirade, the nature of the rants that characterise the track make me feel that is directed squarely and deservedly at those in power, sadly given the current nature of global politics this could apply to almost anywhere. Funbox finally bows out with Devils, the sole slow burning track on the EP that veers back into their sinister blues roots.

The Funbox EP boasts primal drumbeats and the dirtiest riffs that the North West has to offer, this combination is accompanied by the anguished growling howl of the vocals that makes Funbox the finest release by Bones Shake to date. The whole package feels more focused and driven than their previous releases, all the while maintaining all the signature elements that have made them such a force of nature. Bones Shake have continually gone from strength to strength since their formation, and the release of Funbox is confirmation that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

Funbox will be available from tomorrow, December 22nd 2017, via Abattoir Blues Records, you will also be able to pick up physical copies of the EP as Bones Shake will be playing a free entry release day show for the Funbox EP at Manchester’s Castle Hotel with support from label mates GUTS and The Dee Vees.

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

Bones Shake Release ‘Cops’ Video From Forthcoming ‘Funbox’ EP

Bones Shake Release Show Dec 17Bones Shake are a scuzzy fuzzy blues three piece from Manchester, UK that are set to release their brand new EP, Funbox. The EP will be available on December 22nd 2017 via Abattoir Blues Records, ahead of the EP’s release the band have released a video for the track Cops. Bones Shake will also be playing a release show at Manchester’s Castle Hotel on the 22nd December with support from label mates GUTS and The Dee Vees.

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

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Get Fucked 2017

Get Fucked Festival

The Peer Hat, Manchester, UK

29th April 2017

Rating: 5/5




Get Fucked is an all day, and well into the following morning, event bought to us by Atomic Catfight and Abattoir Blues Records, a combination that promises a full day of primitive rock & roll that features nine acts from the primal swamp of the UK’s underground blues, garage and punk scenes that appropriately is taking place in the basement venue that is The Peer Hat, that is located on the edges of Manchester’s fashionable Northern Quarter. The bands appearing at the inaugural Get Fucked festival are diverse to say the least, but all with one common goal, to deliver dirty distorted rock ‘n roll that is in no way designed to save anyone’s soul.

Get Fucked has put together a line up of punked up blues, garage, psych and punk rock that is irresistible to those of us that grew up on a diet of punks adrenaline fuelled charge, the hallucinatory elements of the garage revival scene and whatever other strange creatures emerged from the underground and promised the illicit pleasures that the original hell bound spirit of rock ‘n roll offered. Tonight’s line up includes The Hipshakes, Uncle Jane, Tensheds, The 99 Degree, The Maitlands, The Jungfraus, GUTS, Death Vignettes, Hopper Propelled Electric and music provided by the esteemed Wet Dreams DJ’s.


Get Fucked has nine bands playing each getting a half hour slot, the perfect way to organise a festival with no pretensions, just nine slots of punked up garage, psyche and blues with DJ sets playing the best tunes from the last six decades of rock ‘n roll’s dark underbelly. First up are The Hipshakes and after a brief tune up they launch into their opening slot of adrenaline fuelled garage. The energy levels are already off the chart on their first number, and then stay there. They deliver raw distorted garage that is born of the MC5 and The Stooges with a raw amphetamine fused punk edge that on occasion borders on hardcore intensity, The Hipshakes show exactly how to start a festival.

20170503_212521After a another short DJ set from Wet Dreams, that includes the legendary purveyors of fucked up rock n roll, The Cramps, The Maitlands take to the stage, they bring a cross between raw punked up rock ‘n roll and 60s beat that is tinged with the spirit of 77. The Maitlands have brought their sparkling self penned fucked up pop songs to Get Fucked and they build on the foundations laid by The Hipshakes by maintaining the adrenaline charged rush and combining this with a distinctly Mancunian sensibility, and already at this early stage of the day I can’t help thinking that the inaugural Get Fucked Festival is shaping up to be something very special.

20170505_230630The intriguingly named Uncle Jane are next, and they deliver a set of fucked up rock ‘n roll than channels The Sonics, The Mummies and the bands that populated the legendary Pebbles albums. This a rawer more primitive sound than the previous bands, and they are a welcome addition to Get Fucked and capture the spirit of the evening perfectly with bass heavy set that’s laced with lysergic guitar riffs. Tensheds follow and take Get Fucked down a different path with their intense drum and keyboard combination, but despite the lack of any stringed instruments they continue to channel the spirit of Get Fucked in a manner that makes me think of the Dresden Dolls having a head on collision with Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

GIG-110Next up is the bastard blues of GUTS, a band that I made a promise to that I would catch them again when I briefly saw them supporting The Bellrays last year, it might take me a while but I keep my promises. GUTS play a set that is the epitome of what Abattoir Blues Records are about, the heart and soul of blues with the attitude and spirit of punk rock, to me they sound even rawer than when I first encountered them. They cross the experimental side of Captain Beefheart with the grunt of blues, and the cocktail is completed by a punk attitude and delivery that makes their dark intense serial killer blues the perfect soundtrack to the midway point of Get Fucked.

20170503_222428Hopper Propelled Electric deliver a charged alt rock set that recalls Queens Of The Stone Age, in their substance fuelled prime, combined with the primal hedonistic spirit of rock ‘n roll. Their charged set brings yet another facet to tonight’s event and as with every other act tonight you can’t help but be impressed with the DIY spirit that is ever present today. Tonight has been a credit to Manchester’s alternative music scene, the bands playing Get Fucked avoid the clichéd Mancunian references and they all choose their own influences, despite all the bands playing tonight having their own sound and style there is a common unifying theme of the hedonistic qualities of rock ‘n roll.

20170503_221812The 99 Degree bring a set of fucked up spaghetti western influenced garage and this is the last set they’ll play before the release of their eagerly awaited Boot Hill Surf Club EP. Ominous echo heavy tones precede The 99 Degree launching a energetic set that channels the spirit of the old West combined with the reverb and echo heavy trashy garage that makes them one of Manchester’s most idiosyncratic bands. No one else does anything even remotely close to what The 99 Degree are doing, they deliver a mutant hybrid of everything that’s worth a damn in rock ‘n roll, and for me they are the closest thing you’ll get to the untamed spirit of the garage punk origins of The Cramps.

20170503_213200The penultimate act is Death Vignettes who have reformed for a one off performance for the inaugral Get Fucked, they channel everything that Abattoir Blues Records are about, dirty nasty punked up blues played exactly as it oughta be. Death Vignettes make as much noise as it’s possible to extract from one guitar and drums, and they produce a sound that makes other two pieces outfits, such as The White Stripes, sound like an unplugged performance. Death Vignettes come across as nothing less than the personification of the primal howl that signified the birth of rock ‘n roll.

20170503_213542The final act is The Jungfraus, their set is largely culled from the impressive KRAAK album that is now available as a pay what you want download. They bring a heady element to the final set of Get Fucked, they channel sixties garage, psyche, alt rock and alternative influence to create an impressive mind altering combination that makes for a fitting finale to the live acts that have graced the first Get Fucked festival. Tonight has been perfect, everything from the venue, the friendly and good natured crowd, along with every single band that played tonight and with the faultless DJ set from Wet Dreams that was the perfect accompaniment to the tonight’s nine triumphant live sets.

20170503_211307There is a sequel to Get Fucked planned and I can’t wait for this to happen, as tonight has been a perfect combination of the music and attitudes that informed and shaped punk rock. For me today has possessed more attitude and rebellion than the established punk festivals, it channels the roots and captures the attitude of what made us fall in love with music in the first place. If you didn’t attend this then you should make a point of being at the next Get Fucked if you can as this will probably be amongst my favourite shows of the year. We came, we saw, we got fucked, and I can’t wait for the next time

20170503_213308The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

The Atomic Catfight Facebook page is here

Death Vignettes Facebook page is here and their Soundcloud is here

GUTS Facebook presence is here and their Soundcloud is here

The Hipshakes Bandcamp is here and their Facebook presence is here

Hopper Propelled Electric can be found on Facebook here and their Bandcamp is here

The Jungfraus Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

The Maitlands Facebook presence is here and their Soundcloud is here

Tensheds website can be found here

Uncle Jane‘s Facebook page is here and their Soundcloud is here

The 99 Degree‘s Facebook page is here and their Bandcamp is here

Live photography by Michael Maffia, you can click on any of Mike’s photos to view a slide show of the images

The Glass Phantoms Release Video For ‘Call My Name’

Glass Phantomes FSCMNThe Glass Phantoms have released a  video for Call My Name, the track is taken from their new single that was released via Abattoir Blues Records, the single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Punk Site review of Call My Name / Funeral Song can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

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Glass Phantomes FSCMN

The Glass Phantoms

Funeral Song / Call My Name

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4.5/5




The Glass Phantoms have released a new double a side single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and live favourite Call My Name, the single has been released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single, artwork that it must be said captures the spirit of the single perfectly.

Funeral Song boasts a dark twisted hypnotic hammering rhythm, overlaid with vocalist Jimi Wade‘s rasping blues howl and some impressively twisted guitar work, Call My Name takes a step further into the shadows, this song has been an established feature of their live sets, and it’s transferred perfectly to the studio. Unlike most songs with a title like that, this is no love song, it contains the lyric “I’ll Put Your Screams Upon My Mantlepiece” that inspired the dark artwork by God’s Teeth. On this track they up the ante from the opener, Funeral Song, to deliver a deliciously dark and twisted number that personifies everything that I love about this band.

This is a move forward from last years impressive debut single, I Am The Dark, that demonstrates The Glass Phantoms are spreading their wings, with two perfect singles under their belt, and a reputation for heartfelt blistering live performances, The Glass Phantoms are building a reputation for being a band that are delivering their own blend of blues, stoner rock and alt rock which is delivered with their own dark twist, and as a result it’s hard not to fall under their spell. Now that they have Abattoir Blues Records behind them the future is somewhat perversely looking very bright for The Glass Phantoms.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here

The Abattoir Blues Records website can be found here

The Glass Phantoms Release New Single

Glass Phantoms Feb 17The Glass Phantoms have released a new single featuring two new songs, Funeral Song and Call My Name, the single will be released via Abattoir Blues Records and follows on from The Glass Phantoms 2016 self released debut, I Am The Dark. The single also features stunning artwork by God’s Teeth based on the lyrics from the single.

The Glass Phantoms Facebook page can be found here

The Glass Phantoms new single can be downloaded and streamed here



Blunt Force Trauma

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4/5




Earlier this year I reviewed the Trauma EP by Manchester’s dirty blues merchants GUTS, it was the final instalment in their Blunt Force Trauma trilogy of EP’s, now they have finally collated the three EP’s, Blunt, Force and Trauma, to form this album. Blunt Force Trauma is released on the independent Manchester based label, Abattoir Blues Records, this is a label that has the stated intention of the curating the finest contemporary blues based music, and on the strength of this debut full length release from GUTS you get the feeling that they are as good as their word.

Blunt Force Trauma opens with the slow grinding menace of 666, this shifts into the mutant hellbilly of one of the album’s highlights, the macabre Jeffrey Dahmer’s Eyes, a track that possesses a gloriously primitive rock ‘n roll feel, that is followed by the fine swamp grind of Cemi and Be Had. As I noted on the review of the Trauma EP, their reworking of Be My Baby is something to behold, this is not a cover version as the soft and sweet sixties standard has been completely reworked, it now carries a sinister menace that hints at unhealthy obsession and mental illness. This is followed by a quartet of songs, James Brown, Fucked On Your Fuck, Get In The Car and Dirty Mouth, that encompass stripped down dirty rock ‘n roll and raw primitive blues before you get to the fine closing duo. Mean Old Queen is another highpoint that brings a slice of upbeat garage dementia to Blunt Force Trauma, and drags another primal element into the chaotic fray, before Blow brings the album to a dark and stormy close.

Blunt Force Trauma is an impressive collection of eleven tracks that combines the spirit of primitive rock ‘n roll and the slow sinister grind of blues, and injects it with punk attitude and garage psychosis to create a heady turbulent album that has been worth the long wait for it’s arrival. Throughout Blunt Force Trauma vocalist Liam O’Neill delivers an anguished blues howl that sounds like it’s possessed by his personal demons, this is accompanied by a primitive grind that recalls the darker side of rock ‘n roll and hints at mental anguish, obsession, drug use and primal urges, in short everything about rock ‘n roll that your parents warned you about, and in my book that always has to be a good thing.

Blunt Force Trauma can be ordered via Abattoir Blues Records here

Bones Shake CL

Bones Shake

Cracked Lips

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4/5




Bones Shake are a scuzzy fuzzy blues trio from Manchester, England, however, this is not your traditional blues. Bones Shake, and their Abattoir Blues Records labelmates, have dragged this genre kicking and screaming into the modern age, they play a distorted pounding reverb drenched variety that is an assault on the senses. Cracked Lips is their latest release and it follows hot on the heels of their debut album, Junk, that was launched earlier this year

The title track, Cracked Lips, opens the EP, and it opens proceedings in fine style, it sounds like a stripped down version of The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster that’s crashed headlong into a bootleg by The Cramps, it has a raw primitive beat and an astonishingly dirty guitar riff that ends with a garage born howl and a squall of feedback. The Cracked Lips EP is worth your pennies for this track alone, but given what follows you should certainly investigate this trio further. I Got Worry brings the pace down slightly, but only slightly, it boasts a demonic fuzzed out blues riff that combines with some deliciously sleazy slide guitar, all the while a hypnotic beat pounds away with their trademark dark incantations completing a dark swirling gumbo. The dark tone of the EP continues on Long After I’m Gone, this brings the tempo down another notch, it features a more laid back guitar style, closer to their blues origins, but this is overlaid with an anguished menacing vocal howl that promises revenge after death, after numerous listens to the Cracked Lips EP I think this dark song is probably my favourite moment on this EP. King Dick brings things to a close with some triumphant filthy reverb drenched blues, it carries the ghost of Louisiana swamps and a dark dark voodoo tone that is the perfect finale to this EP

This is an accomplished EP from this prolific Manchester trio, the tracks contained are a perfectly sequenced snapshot of what Bones Shake have to offer, they carry the spirit of the blues but take it and shake it up with punk rock and garage, the spawn of this union is an EP of bastard blues that defies and exceeds your expectations.

 You can investigate Bones Shake further via Soundcloud here

The Cracked Lips EP, and the rest of their extensive back catalogue, can be ordered from Abattoir Blues Records here

Bones Shake Release Cracked Lips EP

Bones Shake CLManchester’s Bones Shake release their latest EP, Cracked Lips, today, June 21st 2016. This is the prolific Mancunians tenth release and follows up on the Junk album that was released in March 2016. Bones Shake play the kind of primal garage that recalls The Cramps in their heyday, the opening title track is a perfect slice of primitive garage rock, then they slowly bring the pace down with some of their trademark dirty distorted bastard blues. If you aren’t familiar with Bones Shake then now is the perfect time to rectify that

The Cracked Lips EP can be streamed, downloaded or ordered on limited edition CD here

Guts Trauma


Trauma EP

Abattoir Blues Records

Rating: 4/5




I sadly missed the chance to see GUTS supporting The Bellrays earlier this year, after hearing the Trauma EP I’m going to give the broken parking meter that delayed me getting to the concert a hefty kick. They Hail from Manchester, England and make a glorious dirty sleazy blues influenced noise. Trauma is the third EP in the Blunt Force Trauma series, I’ll let you guess what this first two EP’s were called, and all three will be released later this year in one handy package on Abattoir Blues Records.

GUTS sound lies somewhere between Nick Cave, The Cramps and The Jim Jones Revue and if you think that sounds impressive, well it’s because it is. The songs 666 and Blow have a mean low down guitar that brings to mind Link Wray in a bad mood, combine this with a gruff guttural vocal delivery and you’ve got the kind of songs that sound like they’d steal your bourbon and kick your arse just for the fun of it. But for me the highlight of this EP is the cover of The Ronettes classic Be My Baby, they have taken this well known sixties standard and imbued it with menace and a sinister blues grind that alters the whole tone of the song.

GUTS wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack of one of Quentin Tarantino‘s better movies, after hearing this I’m really looking forward to hearing the entire Blunt Force Trauma collection in all its glory later this year.