Homeless Gospel Choir Normal

The Homeless Gospel Choir


A-F Records

Rating: 4/5




Derek Zanetti, also known as The Homeless Gospel Choir, is a protest singer, author and artist from Pennsylvania, The Homeless Gospel Choir released their new single, Normal, on June 9th via Anti-Flag‘s label, A-F Records, the single is a taster of what’s to come on the band’s new full length, that will be coming out in the fall and will include guest appearances from Frank Turner and Frank Iero.

Normal is a good old fashioned two track single, and it’s one that displays two very different sides to The Homeless Gospel Choir. The singles title track is recorded with a full band and it’s a defiant three and half minutes of punk rock that is an anthem for all the punks who’ve ever felt like outsiders, and let’s face it if you’re reading this then that probably includes you. The flip side of Normal is Why?, a stripped down live acoustic track that possesses a frantic and unbalanced feel and is delivered with good natured politically sussed humour.

Normal is a single that has an immediate appeal, the title track is something of an autobiographical song with an infectious chorus, when you consider that it is coupled with it’s manic acoustic b-side you have a winning combination that hints at what’s to come. Based on the two tracks on display on this single I’m already looking forward to hearing The Homeless Gospel Choir‘s full length album later this year, but for now I’m happy enough to add Normal to my playlist and to carry on embracing being an outsider, it’s good to know we’re not alone.

Normal can be ordered via A-F Records here

The Homeless Gospel Choir Release Stream Of ‘Why?’

Homeless Gospel Choir NormalThe Homeless Gospel Choir are set to release their new 7″ single, Normal, on June 9th via A-F Records, ahead of the singles release the band have released a stream of the b-side, Why?, that was recorded live in front of a small studio audience to capture the feeling of a live show. The single comes in advance of the band’s new album that is due out in the Fall of 2017.

Pre-orders for Normal are now available via A-F Records here

You can stream Why? here and view The Homeless Gospel Choir‘s tour dates below Read More…

The Homeless Gospel Choir Release Video For ‘Normal’

Homeless Gospel Choir NormalThe Homeless Gospel Choir have just premiered their new music video for Normal, the new video is a shot by shot remake of Alanis Morissette‘s video for Ironic. Normal is the A-Side off the new single of the same name that is due out on June 9th via A-F Records, the band’s new LP is set to follow in the fall of 2017.

Pre-orders for Normal are available via A-F Records here

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The Homeless Gospel Choir To Release ‘Normal’ Single

Homeless Gospel Choir NormalDerek Zanetti, also known as The Homeless Gospel Choir, is a protest singer, author and artist based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The Homeless Gospel Choir have now announced the release of their new 7″ single, Normal, that is due out on June 9th via A-F Records. The single comes in advance of the band’s new album that is due out in the fall of 2017.

Pre-orders for Normal are available now via A-F Records here

You can view The Homeless Gospel Choir‘s tour dates below Read More…

Anti-Flag Announce Two New Live LPs

Anti Flag 2015Little Rocket Records has teamed up with A-F Records for the release of two new live LPs.  The first volume, Live Vol. 1, was recorded over the course of 3 evenings at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA and is due out on January  20, 2017.  The second album will follow later in the year.

Upcoming tour dates are below.

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Anti Flag LAAIV


LIve And Acoustic In Vienna

A-F Records

Rating: 4/5




Do Anti-Flag really need an introduction? well just in case there’s a few latecomers to the party, they formed in Pennsylvania back in 1988, they are a fiercely independent and political punk band who have released nine full length albums, as well as numerous EP’s, singles, splits and compilation appearances. They are politically left wing and they don’t just talk the talk, they are politically active and support good causes and oppose injustice and inequality, so they also walk the walk. They also established A-F records, which remains an independent outlet for politically motivated bands to gain wider coverage

Live And Acoustic In Vienna does what it says on the sleeve, this is Anti-Flag stripped to the bone, no drums, amps or effects pedals, just two guitars and two voices. I don’t think you can really tame Anti-Flag, their message comes across as well acoustically as it does with a full band, albeit with a massive drop in their usual decibel level. The Press Corpse, which originally appeared on 2006’s from Blood and Empire, and Set Yourself On Fire, from 2015’s American Spring, both stand up well to the minimalist approach on display on this album. The throw a cover of the Ramones The KKK Took My Baby Away, a bonus for me as that’s one of my favourite songs by da brudders, into the six track set and they do this punk classic justice. I found that some of the songs, especially Brandenburg Gate, played in this style almost become rebel country tunes, whilst others, such as Turncoat, retain their punk character and won’t be tamed by being played acoustically. Closing track, This is The End, really benefits from the acoustic interpretation, this gives the song a melancholy feel instead of the defiant style of the original.

This is a fine recording of an intimate and unique recording session and it’s good to hear the songs played completely shorn of distortion, it won’t be a surprise that as a fan of Anti-Flag I prefer the original versions but this album gives you the opportunity to hear them played in a different style. It also has the effect that you appreciate just how well written their songs are, the subtleties that are on display on Live And Acoustic In Vienna are sometimes lost with their full on punk assault. Apart from the fact that this will appeal to anyone who is a fan of Anti-Flag, it’s also an benefit release for Amnesty International so everyone benefits if you buy this, what are you waiting for?

Live And Acoustic In Vienna can be purchased here

Video: Antiellectual – Appetite For Construction

AntillectualNijmegen, the Netherlands’ Antillectual has premiered a new music video from their next full length.  The song is titled “Appetite For Construction” from the upcoming, Engage, which is set to drop on June 29, 2016 in Europe through Redfield Records, in Asia through Waterslide Records, and in South America through Fusa Records.  The disc follows their 2013 LP, Perspectives And Objectives, available now on A-F Records.

Watch the video below.

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A Lovely Crisis

Where Do You Stand?

A-F Records

Rating: 4/5




Where Do You Stand? is the second full length release by Pennsylvanian Quartet A Lovely Crisis, this is their follow up to 2013’s When Pigs Fly EP. This is the soundtrack of a band who have come of age during a time of conflict and financial crisis, and you can hear this on almost every track on Where Do You Stand? and it’s an album that asks that question of those willing to listen. To add to the political clout of  the album it’s produced by none other than Anti-Flag‘s Chris Barker.

In an age of recession, privatisation and austerity this is a timely album. Where Do You Stand? is influenced heavily by the political rage of old school punk rock, the majority of the songs are as you’d expect, they are fiery punchy three minute blasts of defiance against the system. Anyone who’s been alienated from society by the seemingly endless parade of increasingly reactionary politicians should identify with the messages on ths album. In particular listen to the tracks When All Else Fails and People Or Profit and tell me you don’t feel like you could bring down the government. Although for all the raised middle finger punk rock contained in Where Do You Stand? it’s a strange twist that weirdly the most effective rant against the system is the least punk rock song on the album, the excellent mid paced country tinged protest song, Fire In The Sky, takes that honour.

A Lovely Crisis are no one trick pony though, it’s not all concentrated counter cultural rage. Golden Mini-Van throws some humour into the mix, it’s easily the poppiest track on the album, it even has some playful xylophone unexpectedly tinkling along with it. If you are a fan of authentic punk fury then this is an album that you need in your collection. Where Do You Stand? is due out on June 3rd on A-F Records with extensive East Coast and Midwest touring to follow.

swiss army

Swiss Army

Swiss Army EP

A-F Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Swiss Army is the brainchild of Brandon Lehman, who is also the guitarist and vocalist for Mace Ballard, it started out as a solo outlet for compositions about his personal experiences, including his childhood, adoption and mental illness. Since then Swiss Army have expanded into a quartet and have been picked up by A-F Records. This is a project that has quickly gained pace from it’s humble origins, like an alpine avalanche they seem to be gaining momentum.

Once you get past the thirty second throwaway instrumental introduction, which to me seems to be a bit of a pointless inclusion, the six proper tracks contained on Swiss Army are heartfelt and melodic compositions. Swiss Army build impetus over the course of the EP, it seems that each track surpasses the one which preceded it until you get to the final track Due North. For me this is the strongest track of the seven. It catalogues the move away from a dull hometown in search of something bigger and better in a new environment, something that I, and I’m sure many others, can personally identify with. As this has impressed me more with each track I can’t help wishing that this was few tracks longer as it didn’t quite hit the heights I feel they are capable of.

Their are touches of punk, indie and straight up rock that makes this a intriguing and diverse EP, the end result is a solid debut which is worthy of investigation. Swiss Army’s self-titled EP was produced by Eric Downs, who also drums on this eponymous EP, and Chris Barker, of Anti-Flag. It is due out on A-F Records on June 3rd in both digital and CD format. The EP can be pre-ordered here.

worship this mint

Worship This!


A-F Records

Rating: 4/5




Ohio quartet Worship This! have released the follow up to their 2013 debut Tomorrow I’ll Miss You, Mint is the their first album for A-F Records and I can’t help thinking that they have already repaid the record label’s faith in them… with interest. This is full tilt melodic punk rock with raucous vocals, from the opening chords of first track Decisions, Decisions I have a good feeling about this release.

The ten cuts contained on Mint are all glorious hard edged melodic punk rock, and by the fourth track I’m completely hooked on this sophomore album. This feels like an updated take on 70’s punk rock, that isn’t in anyway a put down, there is an authentic attitude to this album that few bands manage to capture. Worship This! manage to condense many of the finer elements of modern punk rock and combines them with the character of the some of original bands from the first wave of punk.

Worship This! keep the energy levels up throughout Mint, they manage to combine all the right ingredients for a contemporary punk album without seeming to make any contrived attempt to do so. Melodic guitar hooks combine with powerhouse drumming and build to sign-a-long choruses that should keep moshpits deliriously frantic. To say I like this album is an understatement, Worship This! are a band worthy of your attention and if, like I was, your are unfamiliar with them then this is something you need to rectify.

Mint is available on limited edition vinyl from A-F Records, including a rather glorious mint, white and black splatter vinyl (mint chocolate chip anyone?) The download can be purchased here.



Stream: Endless Mike & The Beagle Club – ‘Winter in Westmont’

Endless MikeEndless Mike & The Beagle Club have posted a stream for Winter in Westmont. The track will feature on their upcoming LP Saint Paul and is set to drop on March 4, 2016 via A-F Records. Pre-orders are available.

Check out the stream of Winter in Westmont here and details of their upcoming shows below.

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Endless Mike & The Beagle Club Announce New Full Length

Endless Mike & The Beagle ClubEndless Mike & The Beagle Club have announced detaisl for their next LP.  The album will be titled new Saint Paul and is set to drop on March 4, 2016 via A-F Records. Pre-orders are available.

The band is streaming the first song from the album, “Intro To Philosophy.” Listen to the track here courtesy New Noise Magazine.

Anti-Flag – The New Jim Crow

Anti FlagPittsburgh politico-punks Anti-Flag have premiered a new song.  The song is titled “THe New Jim Crow” and is taken from their latest LP, a compilation of re-recorded tracks from their previously subscription-only 20 years of Hell 7″ series. The record will also feature two previously unreleased songs and is due for release on December 18, 2015 via their own label A-F Records.

Listen to the song here.

Anti-Flag – Coward In My Veins

Anti FlagPittsburgh politico-punks Anti-Flag have premiered a new song.  The song is titled “Coward In My Veins” and is taken from their latest LP, a compilation of re-recorded tracks from their previously subscription-only 20 years of Hell 7″ series. The record will also feature two previously unreleased songs and is due for release on December 18, 2015 via their own label A-F Records.

Stream the song here.


Anti-Flag Detail ‘Cease Fires’ Compilation LP

Anti FlagPittsburgh politico-punks Anti-Flag have detailed their latest LP, a compilation of re-recorded tracks from their previously subscription-only 20 years of Hell 7″ series. The record will also feature two previously unreleased songs and is due for release on December 18th via their own label A-F Records.

Check out the cover art and track list for Cease Fires below.

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Anti-Flag Announce Rarities And B-Sides Compilation

Anti Flag 2015Anti-Flag have announce that they will be releasing a b-sides and rarities compilation before the end of the year.  The album will be titled Cease Fires and will be released on A-F Records December 18, 2016. Pre-orders for the picture disc LP are available here

The material on Cease Fires comes from the 20 Years Of Hell 7″ subscription series released in 2013.  The compilation also includes the two unreleased b-sides from the series, “Coward In My Veins” and “The New Jim Crow.”

Tours: Edhochuli

EdhochuliEdhochuli has announced that they will be heading on tour in support of their upcoming full length, Dream Warriors, which is set to drop on October 30, 2015 through A-F Records.  Listen the full album here.

Tour dates can be found below.

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Edhochuli Full Album Stream

EdhochuliEdhochuli has premiered a full stream of their upcoming full length, Dream Warriors, which is set to drop on October 30, 2015 through A-F Records.

Listen the full album here.

Edhochuli – Four Nice Haircuts, Then We End It

Edhochuli has premiered a new track.  The song is titled “Four Nice Haircuts, Then We End It” and will appear on their upcoming full length, Dream Warriors, which is set to drop on October 30, 2015 through A-F Records.

Listen here courtesy Substream Magazine.

Edhochuli – Useless Muse

Edhochuli has premiered a new track.  The song is titled “Useless Muse” and will appear on their upcoming full length, Dream Warriors, which is set to drop on October 30, 2015 through A-F Records.

Listen here courtesy The AV Club.

Edhochuli Announce New Album On A-F Records

EdhochuliEdhochuli has announced details for their new record.  The disc will be titled Dream Warriors and will be aiming for an October 30, 2015 release through A-F Records.  Chris Stowe of the label comments:

“Edhochuli is an epic band filled with some of the greatest human beings I’ve ever known.  Ideologically, they represent everything that every punk band should aspire to be.  They make their own rules and have been forging fresh new musical ground in a genre that, for years, has been an ouroboros at best.  Their sound can’t be boxed in to any one (or five) specific genres, but if I was going to attempt it, I’d say they sound like accidentally taking the wrong drugs at a Thin Lizzy concert.” 

Listen to the first new tune from the disc, “Erase The Past,” here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.

Ma Jolie

Ma Jolie

Jetpack Mailman

A-F Records

Rating: 3/5




Philadelphia punk act Ma Jolie isn’t exactly what you’d call the most original band out there.  Drawing influence from the gruff end of the spectrum, listeners will easily hear elements of Hot Water Music, The Holy Mess, The Brokedowns, and various other vocalists that ingest gravel as a regular part of their daily diet.  Their latest EP, Jetpack Mailman, follows a slow growing body of work that has earned Ma Jolie the deserving attention of the punk press.  While not exactly a huge step in any new direction, Jetpack Mailman offers up four more reasons to pursue this budding trio.

Opening with the near-hardcore bark and knee-jerk pacing of abrasively driven riffs, “Tired Life” presents Ma Jolie in their harshest of light.  With a tempo that lurches and intensifies at varying intervals, listeners will feel as though gaining a glimpse into some sort of Red Scare Industries rough cut, and certainly come to understand Ma Jolie as fitting of their home on A-F Records.  “Ego Tourism” follows up by emphasizing the lead role of bassist “Franky Fuzz.”  Grumbling open with a groaning thump-crunch-thump beat soon to be mirrored in percussion, the track draws distinction between each chorus’ belted vocal heights and more gradually rumbling verse.  Later, “Canyon” employs the same bass-heavy disposition for something of a hard-rock groove that punches through the foreground during various verses.  The band saves their most melodic disposition for “Pittsburgh.”  Resounding gang vocals smooth out vocalist Kirk Malosh’s throaty groans for a chorus worth rallying around, even if it doesn’t quite bore to memory like that of genre heavyweights.

On the whole, Ma Jolie offers up four enjoyable – albeit predictable – gruff punk tunes.  Largely approachable for those with a hankering for rough-cut punk, Jetpack Mailman is a safe and easy investment.  While Ma Jolie doesn’t push themselves or challenge boundaries in any major way, once again they get the job done.  As far as EP’s between full lengths go, Jetpack Mailman is worth the attention in the interim.

Holy Mess to Release Self-Titled Album on Vinyl

Holy MessPittsburgh’s A-F Records has announced plans to release the self-titled debut album from The Holy Mess on vinyl on July 7th. Originally released in 2011 on Red Scare Industries, the record has been re-mastered for vinyl by Clinton Lisboa with updated gatefold artwork by the original artist Brunofsky.  

The release is limited to 1000 copies. 100 on doublemint (A-F Records record club exclusive), 200 on Baby Pink vinyl and then 700 on heavy doublemint and baby pink splatter on bone vinyl.

It is available for pre-order here.

Ma Jolie – Jetpack Mailman

Ma JoliePhiladelphia punk act Ma Jolie is streaming their new EP Jetpack Mailman.  The EP is due out June 16, 2015 via A-F Records.  

Listen to the disc here courtesy Brooklyn Vegan.

Ma Jolie Announce New EP; Premiere New Song

Ma JoliePhiladelphia punk act Ma Jolie has announced details for their next EP.  The disc will be titled Jetpack Mailman and is due out June 16, 2015 via A-F Records.  

To celebrate, the band is streaming the song “Pittsburgh,” which can be heard below.

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Video: Chris Stowe – Blood Drinkers

A-F RecordsChris Stowe (White Wives) has released a brand new music video.  The video features the song “Blood Drinkers” from Stowe’s solo debut, Hollow, released earlier this year on A-F Records back in July.

Watch the video below.

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Various Artists

This Concerns Everyone

A-F Records

Rating: 4/5




This Concerns Everyone is a compilation of protest songs, including covers and originals performed by members of the punk rock community, put together by the good folks at A-F Records, home of Pittsburgh protest punks, Anti–Flag.

The songs are a mix of studio recordings, live takes and in the case of Rise Againsts’ Tim McIlrath, iPhone recordings. A portion of the proceeds from the record are being donated to the Right To Heal Campaign, a collaboration between the Iraq Veterans Against The War, Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq and the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq. The idea behind the record is that each artist is only allowed a single voice, a single instrument and a single take. There are some cases where this works really well, generally where the original song structure fits the bill, like Chris Farren of Fake Problems covers Establishment Blues by Rodriguez, a cynical view on modern society that is as relevant today as it was back in the early 1970s when it was first released.

This isn’t to say that the original tracks being performed here are overshadowed  in the slightest as in many cases they stand up to the classics of the genre very well, case in point is Tom Morello’s version of House Gone Up In Flames, a track by his band The Night Watchmen, an absolutely stunning rant highlighting the plight of as many marginalised and persecuted group in society possible in 3 and half minutes. Chris Wollard (of Hot Water Music) & The Ship Thieves’ Selected Scenes is another that stands up, and adds in distorted plugged in guitar for a decidedly grunge sound which makes a welcome change after the deluge (in a good way) on offer here.

Two other examples of excellent song choices are where Chris Conley (Saves The Day) and Chris #2 of Anti-Flag opt for Sam Cooke’s A Change is Gonna Come and Pete Seeger’s What Did You Learn in School Today? respectively. The former’s stripped down production sits perfectly alongside the original, and despite Chris not having the same vocal strength or range as Cooke (sorry dude!) retains its power here whereas the latter adds an edge to the original making lyrics like I learned our government must be strong, It’s always right and never wrong. Our leaders are the finest men and we elect them again and again are arguably even more poignant at this point in our existence then when Seeger originally wrote it back in the mid 60’s.

The highlight for me is Tim McIlrath of Rise Against covering Guns n’ Roses’ Civil War. Axl Rose may not immediately spring to mind as a protest songwriter in the way that Pete Seeger or Woody Guthrie do, but the song itself cannot be questioned and McIlrath’s stripped down version removes all the rock and roll excess and just leaves a beautiful and tragic story that he tells with a simple elegance.

As with all compilations not every song will work for everyone, but A-F Records have succeeded in putting together a mix of songs with a strong social conscience that will hopefully resonate with listeners long after the album has stopped playing.


Stream: This Concerns Everyone – A-F Records

This Concerns Everyone Cover ArtThis Concerns Everyone, a compilation due for release on Nov 18th via A-F Records is streaming in its entirety via Brookln Vegan. The record features a collection of protest songs performed in one take, with a single instrument by a veritable who’s who of the punk rock community; Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Tom Morello (RATM), Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music), Chris #2 (Anti-Flag) amongst others.

A portion of the proceeds from the record will be donated to the Right To Heal campaign, a collaboration between 3 groups: The Iraq Veterans Against The War, Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq and The Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq. 

The album can be pre-ordered digitally and on limited edition vinyl here.

A-F Records & Commonwealth Press Free Sampler

AF Records samplerPittsburgh based independent punk label A-F Records have joined forces with DIY fueled screen printing operation Commonwealth Press to release a free sampler CD. The compilation will be available digitally and on limited edition screen printed CD and features previously unreleased from many bands on the A-F Records roster. Currently it is available when any other record is purchased from the A-F Storeand at the merch table at Fest 13 (while supplies last). 

It is also being streamed in full at the A-F Records bandcamp page, and you can check out the full track list below.

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Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) – Civil Wars (Guns N’ Roses)

A-F RecordsRise Against frontman Tim McIlrath recently sat down for a cover of the Guns N’ Roses classic, “Civil Wars.”  The song was recorded acoustically and is available to stream here courtesy AltPress. 

The track will appear on the upcoming A-F Records compilation of protest songs, This Concerns Everyone, due out on November 18, 2014.

Homeless Gospel Choir - I Used To Be So Young

The Homeless Gospel Choir

I Used To Be So Young

A-F Records

Rating: 4/5




There seems to be a trend emerging with albums produced by Anti-Flag’s Chris#2.  For a guy that built his reputation on rebellious punk rock, he sure loves wiry indie-tinted folk punk.  First, Dandelion Snow, then White Wives, and now Pittsburgh, PA one man band The Homeless Gospel Choir.  Born of the love and labour of sole member Derek Zanetti, the band’s prolific output in a short five years has yielded quite a discography.

Zanetti’s latest output, I Used To Be So Young, marks his most ambitious, full band backed album to date.  While distinct in overall style, the album will inevitably garner Knife Man-era Andrew Jackson Jihad comparisons (particularly “Holiday Song”).  By now Zanetti has likely exhausted most of his one-man-playing-his-acoustic-guitar-furiously-in-protest stage, and moved on to more creative fields.  For newcomers that stumble upon The Homeless Gospel Choir because of the new A-F Records affiliation, this is good news.  Prospective fans stand to discover the most confident and creative iteration of The Homeless Gospel Choir to date.  

As Zanetti makes clear on his website, every song under The Homeless Gospel Choir banner is a protest song, even if it is just Zanetti protesting against himself.  I Used To Be So Young continues this trend.  “Jesus Christ didn’t die so that you could be an asshole” becomes a recurring theme and passage that emerges early in “Untitled” and arises in various wiry acoustic songs that explode into gang-backed choruses (“Don’t Give Up” and “Black Friday”).  The general album message questions how society’s self-identified morally righteous simply pick and choose what suits them best, turning a blind eye to the cycles of hate and war (on “Holiday Song” Zanetti explicitly sings “please don’t think that Jesus wants you to kill other people because they’re Muslim”).  As Zinetti makes clear, there are other ways to live outside of America’s mold, you just have to be strong enough to pursue them.

Instrumentally I Used To Be So Young gets busy and takes advantage to a host of styles and effects.  Zanetti’s vocals move between strained and muffled (“Armagedon”) to a clean and burdened (“Slow Down The Time”).  Tracks like “Some People” combine both styles, creating an incredibly personal fusion of full band, vocally backed choruses that thrive every bit as much in their peppy, undulating bass and sing-along melodies as they do in their stripped down acoustic, down-in-the-dumps moments.  Zanetti really enjoys extending outros into a “song within a song” format.  A track latter on “Slow Down The Time,” Zannetti follows up with more of the latter, slowing down to a vocally burdened, lighter-waving tempo much in the vein of indie troupe I Said Stop!.  Based on the quality of tracks like “When The War Is Over,” The Homeless Gospel Choir deserves a shout out for their willingness to marry such a visible breadth of production and styles.  Zanetti is more than just some resentful dude with a six string and a belly full of anger.

“Don’t Give up, don’t give up… you are loved” wails Zanetti in the aptly titled “Don’t Give Up” – the song’s mid-album placement serving as a metaphor for The Homeless Gospel Choir’s search for hope amidst societal and personal demons.  With such a powerful resolve driving the album’s instrumental shifts, Zanetti makes each moment count.  Even when the final notes cease, the album’s many themes will resonate with listeners.  For all of the above reasons, I Used To Be So Young stands to mark The Homeless Gospel Choir as an underground staple from here on out.