Aim Higher

Homemade EP

Rise Records

Rating: 4/5




Kevin Seconds really doesn’t need any introduction, he formed the legendary punk band 7 Seconds at the tail end of the late 1970’s, and although they have always remained a going concern he has always taken on new projects, whether that is solo releases, collaborations or new bands, all of which are always accompanied by a relentless touring schedule. Now he has launched his latest outfit, Aim Higher, this is his home recording DIY hardcore project and they released their debut single, the four song Homemade EP, on Rise Records in mid December.

Stain On Your Generation opens the Homemade EP, this is a straight up blast of melodic hardcore that has a distinctly DIY authenticity, a quality that is maintained across all four tracks, about it, For A Reason keeps the tempo up but with a stronger nod to the melodic element of his songwriting. The title track of the Homemade EP is another short hardcore blast that hits the spot before you get to the EP’s final track, Mouth Of A Stranger. This track is the highlight of the EP, it encompasses everything that we’ve loved about the best releases Kevin Seconds has put out over the last four decades, it is a perfect amalgamation of punk and hardcore and proves that Kevin Seconds has lost none of his fire. This track alone would make this release an essential purchase, but combine it with the three tracks that preceded it and this should make the Homemade EP your first purchase of 2017.

The Homemade EP is a lo-fi take on melodic hardcore, it is a little on the short side as all four tracks are done and dusted in under five minutes, but this is Kevin Seconds doing what he does best, and doing it with the punk DIY ethos that is the hallmark of some of the best records I heard in 2016. This is an authentic EP that combines punk, hardcore and melodic hardcore in the space of less than five minutes and as you’d expect it’s done with integrity and embodies the original punk attitude. The Homemade EP is available for download via iTunes, and there is also as a limited edition monochrome splatter vinyl version, that is limited to only 500 copies.

The download of the Homemade EP can be ordered here

You can stream the Homemade EP, and order the limited edition vinyl, here

Kevin Seconds Returns with ‘Aim Higher’

aim-higher-homemadeAim Higher, the home recording hardcore project of punk legend Kevin Seconds, has released its debut four song EP on Rise Records. The Homemade EP is available for download via iTunes, and also as a limited edition monochrome splatter vinyl version, that is limited to only 500 copies.

The download of the Homemade EP can be ordered here

You can stream the Homemade EP, and order the limited edition vinyl, here

Live Concert Review

7 Seconds / Bishops Green / The Briggs / Success

Live in Vancouver (06/15/15)

Fortune Sound Club - Vancouver, BC




Fortune Sound Club rarely puts on punk shows and focuses more on the dance scene, but it’s always a blast when they do and, generally, leans more to the hardcore persuasion. Fucked Up and OFF! both previously played there and now last night was the legendary 7 Seconds with three unbelievably solid openers.

In fact, it was the openers that initially attracted me to the show – particularly Seattle’s Success and LA’s The Briggs. Kicking off the evening was the former – ripping through numerous tracks from their impeccable Radio Recovery album on Red Scare Industries. A perfect Fest band, their brand of gravelly punk follows in the vein of suburban exploration and questioning that has made the careers of bands like The Menzingers. Despite being relatively unknown to the crowd, the band served as a an appropriate warm up playing songs such as Believe In, Nowhere Kids, Flowers, Lives That We Deserve, a Stiff Little Fingers cover with Joey Briggs on vocals and finally Revolution Schmevolution to cap the set off.

After Success, The Briggs came on and there`s no way in hell they felt like the second band on a four band bill. No. These guys put on a headlining performance – and one of the strongest sets I`ve seen in ages. Coming back after a lengthy hiatus –  discounting their new EP, their last album came out back in 2008 – and it was clear that the break rejuvenated them.

They were wild, passionate and venomously strong. For most of the songs, they brought up a guitar tech so Joey Briggs could run wild with the microphone but honestly every member was running wildly. No one stayed behind the mic stands, they pulled as close to the crowd as possible – from the opening chords of Third World War to the closing chant of This Is LA. It was frenetic, chaotic and passionate  as they played through Madmen, Charge Into The Sun, My Own Enemy, Blacklist, One Shot Down and a handful of newer cuts – Broken Bones and Seriously How Old Are You? if I remember correctly. For an old fan, the set was pure perfection and even those who had never listened to them before were severally pleased with the result.  As I said, a headlining set from a 2nd band slot – the night was already rocking.

Local favourites Bishops Green were next. Fresh from a European tour, the band brought the Oi! fans out in full force. Fronted by the charismatic Greg Huff, the band rekindled the sound of the dying UK Street Punk scene (despite being Canadian).  With a steady stream of sing-along anthems built on a working class ethos, Bishops Green had the crowd climbing over one another to sing into the microphone with Huff.  Tough without being tough guy, Cockney Rejects and Sham 69 would be proud.

Finally, it was time for the real headliner of the evening with 7 Seconds.  After a somewhat less than positive experience at another punk staple show on Saturday (Screeching Weasel), we weren’t quite sure what to expect from  Kevin Seconds and his hardcore group; but what we got was better than I could imagine.

In a stark contrast from Saturday’s aging punk show, Kevin Seconds was alive. He was energetic, gracious, enthusiastic and smiling. After 35 years, it remains clear that Seconds still loves every minute he’s on stage and he – and the band – sounded spot on. He thanked the women in the crowd instead of condoning them – playing Not Just Boys Fun and encouraging as much participation as possible.

With thirty five years under their belts and ten albums (five of which were released before I was even born), 7 Seconds has not only a wealth of songs to choose from but also a wealth of experience to build on. Both of them were evident – playing new tracks like this year’s Exceptional followed by 1984’s The Crew without hesitation.  Greg Huff came on to sing If The Kids Are United and the crowd went wild for their cover of 99 Red Balloons but the set was tied together by the hardcore staples’ originals such as Walk Together Rock Together, Your Hate Mentality, Sooner or Later, We’re Gonna Fight, Slogans on A Shirt and New Wind.  

At the end of the night, no one could deny that all four bands on the bill were incredibly solid – and there’s really no better way to spend a Monday night than at a hardcore show. 

Tours: The Briggs / 7 Seconds

The BriggsLA punk act The Briggs has announced that they will be hittring the road with punk legends 7 Seconds for a brief tour this June.  The Briggs will be supporting their upcoming self titled EP, due out May 5, 2015, while 7 Seconds continue to pound the pavement for their latest full length, Leave A Light On.

Tour dates can be found below.

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7 Seconds – I Have Faith In Yout

7 seconds 20147 Seconds has premiered a new music video.  The video features the song “I Have Faith In You” from their first new full length album in nine years, Leave A Light On.  The album dropped earlier this year via Rise Records.

Watch the video below.  Be sure to check out our album review.

7 Seconds Full Album Stream

7Seconds7 Seconds is streaming their first new full length album in nine years, Leave A Light On.  The album drops today via Rise Records).

Listen to the full disc here.

Be sure to check out our album review.


7 Seconds

Leave A Light On

Rise Records

Rating: 3/5




As gets referenced frequently, 7 Seconds influenced a generation of melodic hardcore punk – mostly the generation I grew up idolizing at the tail end of the 90’s before I had connected the dots.  But while many bands with this kind of legacy have gone the way of the dodo, 7 Seconds has stuck around, intermittently releasing albums on an increasingly less frequent schedule.  It’s been almost nine years since the band’s last significant release, and fans will be happy to learn that 7 Seconds’ Rise Records debut, Leave A Light On, sticks to the same tried and true formula fans have come to expect from Kevin Seconds and his crew.

The album kicks off with two abrasive examples of the classic 7 Seconds sound.  “Exceptional” clamors open full speed ahead with Kevin spouting out social issues of societal apathy and “hardcore poverty.”  “Upgrade Everything” powers ahead with a bare bones hardcore charger that challenges citizens to check their “misplaced anger “ and “use it for the better.”  Neither song will break any records or turn many heads, but they will undoubtedly appeal to fans looking for a throwback to life from the days of Dag Nasty or modern revivalists like OFF!.

When “Slogan On A Shirt” hits, the album branches out into less hurried, poppier territory.  Melodic undertones lead quickly to a sing song chorus made all the more catchy by a background of borderline anthemic “wo-oahs.”  Similar instances include “My Aim Is You,” “Rage Quit” and “Heads Are Bound To Roll” in which the former will have listeners referencing mid-career Bouncing Souls and H2O.  “Leave A Light On” and “Standing By Yourself” even make for some vocally ambitious (albeit slightly out of place), well-rounded punk rock that sounds miles ahead of Kevin Seconds’ latest solo output on Off Stockton.  And of course there are the semi-melodic instances of shouty, hard-hitting political hardcore punk in “Empty Spots” and “I Have Faith In You.”  These takes will most likely win over purists looking for quick tempos and memorable riffs.  Only “Some Day, Some Way” and “Your Hate Mentality” sound slightly out of place amidst all of the mid-album melody, but as stand-alone tracks they get the job done. 

Leave A Light On serves as a fine reminder as to 7 Seconds’ lasting influence on the melodic hardcore-punk community.  Kevin and the crew offer a modest musical update with a don’t-break-what’s-not-broken approach.  While the back half of the album gets a little soft, I doubt even the hardcore fans will call foul considering that Kevin Seconds still has so much energy even in his mid-50’s.  After all, 7 Seconds core political and social beliefs remain true and in tact, and isn’t that what punk rock is all about? 

7 Seconds – Your Hate Mentality

7 seconds 2014Ahead of the release of their new album, Leave A Light On (due to drop on May 27th via Rise Records), legendary punk band 7 Seconds are streaming the track, “Your Hate Mentality.”

Check out the stream of the song below.

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Stream: 7 Seconds (feat Ian Mackeye) – ‘Leave A Light On’

7 seconds 2014Ahead of the release of their new album, Leave A Light On (due to drop on May 27th via Rise Records), legendary punk band 7 Seconds are streaming the title track, which features a guest vocal from former Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman Ian Mackeye. 

Check out the stream of Leave A Light On below:

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7 Seconds Announces New Album

7SecondsThe legendary 7 Seconds has announced plans for a brand new full length.  The album will be titled Leave A Light On and is due out May 27, 2014 via Rise Records.  The album follows their 2013 7″, My Aim Is You.

Track listing is available below.

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Pouzza Fest IV Announces Final Wave of Bands

Pouzza Fest IVMontreal’s premier punk party Pouzza Fest IV  has announced the final wave of bands joining the bill for the May festival. Adding to the already eclectic mix will be 7 Seconds, Morning Glory, CJ Ramone, The Brains, Mustard Plug, Creepoid as well as some old school emo with Christie Front Drive.

Check out for full lineup and ticket information.

Tour: Kevin Seconds & Kepi Ghoulie

Kevin SecondsKevin Seconds, of legendary Nevada punk band 7 Seconds, is hitting the road for a solo tour across the US this summer. His band recently released their first new material in over 8 years (we reported it here) and recently took to facebook to respond to the negative reception some fans have had to it. The full post can be read here.

Full tour dates for Kevin Seconds and Kepi Ghoulie (Groovie Ghoulies):

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Hank3 To Release 2 New Records / Tour

Hank Williams III (aka Hank3) is planning two big releases this autumn. Brothers of the 4×4, a double album of country songs and  Fiendish Threat, a straight up punk record in the vein of Minor Threat, 7 Seconds & The Misfits are scheduled for release on October 1st via his own Hank3 label (with the help of Megaforce Records). 

Punk rock played an equally large part in Hank’s musical upbringing as country music did and these albums really are a labour of love for the Nashville native; he sang, played guitar and drums on all songs, as well as fulfilling engineering, mixing and mastering duties. Fans will get to experience these songs live when he hits the road later this year. 

Full tour dates:

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7 Seconds – My Aim Is You

7SecondsThe legendary 7 Seconds has released their first new song in over eight years.

The track, My Aim Is You, can be heard below. It will be released as  as a 7″ and digital EP on October 1st, 2013.  The 2 song EP can be pre-ordered now through Rise Records here.


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7Seconds - Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!

7 Seconds

Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!

SideOneDummy Records

Rating: 3/5




I don’t know any of 7Seconds older material. I’ve heard the name lots, how could you not, and have heard them on the occasional compilation CD; but nothing too outstanding. So I really don’t have any knowledge on their former releases, which makes some sense since their last album, Scream Real Loud, was released well over half a decade ago. But in early 2005, Kevin Seconds and the rest of the7Seconds crew are releasing their new album, Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!. And after listening to the seventeen track rock ride, I’m thinking I should pick up their older material.

The seventeen tracks fly by in less then half an hour, with only 4 of the tracks lasting over two minutes. They come one after another, with hardly any pause in between to stop the flow of the music. 7Secondsplay track after track of melodic hardcore punk ala DescendentsA Wilhelm ScreamStrung Out and many many more. Of course, 7Seconds is probably the band that influenced most of those guys. The songs are intense and powerful, that get you energized. Quick, three chord choruses, guitar breaks, battering drum rolls, and solid melodic vocals from Kevin Seconds backed by “wo-ahhhss” from the rest of the band (including drummer Troy Mowat). The downside of the songs being so short is that sometimes it’s hard to tell when one song ends and the other begins. But every couple songs, they have a major standout that gets you singing along with the chorus immediately. Like Y.P.H. (Your Parent’s Hardcore), Big Hardcore MysteryMy Band, Our Crew, and Still On It, all of which just beg to be played.

7Seconds is one of the pioneers of melodic hardcore punk, and even after all these years they still can make albums which will get you excited. Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! is one of those albums. Right from 58 second opener All Came Undone to the minute twenty-five close Rules To Follow, they don’t miss a beat and never slow down at all from making music that you not only want to sing along with, but that you want to shout along with. And cramming seventeen songs onto the disc, you definitely get your money’s worth.

New 7 Seconds Album On The Horizon

In a lengthy interview with Change The Record, Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds) recently discussed the likelihood of the now dormant band working on a follow up to 2005’s Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! The band discusses some of their considerations before entering the studio:

“Yeah, we have a lot of new songs, we’re trying to come up with a creative way to put out new music without being like, “Here’s another CD!”, because if we do that with the label we’ve been with, SideOneDummy, and rightly-so, they’ll want us to tour a lot and we can’t really tour as much as we like to.”

Be sure to check out the full interview here.