Ramones First Three Albums Remastered And Reissued On Vinyl

Ramones RTRFollowing the Ramones 40th anniversary reissues campaign, the first three albums by the band, Ramones, Leave Home and Rocket To Russia, will be reissued on vinyl with the re-mastered audio from the 40th anniversary releases. The albums can either be ordered individually or as a bundle from Pledge Music.

You can pre-order the Ramones 40th anniversary reissues via Pledge Music here

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Ramones ‘Rocket To Russia’ LP Gets 40th Anniversary Reissue

Ramones RTRThe Ramones released their second album of the calendar year, and third overall, on November 4th 1977, capping off one of the biggest years in the history of punk with Rocket To Russia. Among the band’s best-loved albums, it features classics like Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and Rockaway Beach along with their signature covers of Do You Wanna Dance? and Surfin’ Bird. It’s also the last album ever recorded by all four founding members, as drummer Tommy Ramone left soon after to focus on writing and producing. The Rocket To Russia 40th Anniversary Reissue can be pre-ordered here

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Fundraising Campaign For Poly Styrene Documentary Launched

Poly Styrene I Am A ClicheTo coincide with the 40th anniversary of the seminal X-Ray Spex album, Germfree Adolescents, a new film titled Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché is in the works. Fund-raising has begun via Indiegogo, with a cinema release set for November 2018. Bi-racial, female, working class and possessing one of the most satirical perspectives in punk, X-Ray Spex founder Poly Styrene was one of the least conventional front persons in rock history, she was also responsible for some of the most original, intelligent and exciting music of the punk era, but away from the songs, the look and that warrior-cry voice, her fascinating and sometimes frightening story, incorporating struggles with misogyny, racism and mental health issues, has remained largely untold.

Details of the Indiegogo fundraising campaign for Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché can be found here

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The Damned Release Deluxe Reissue Of Classic Debut Album

Damned Damned DamnedThe Damned were the first British punk band to release a single, swiftly followed by the release of the first British punk album, their classic debut Damned Damned Damned, on 18th February 1977. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the bands dramatic breakthrough, a very special Art Of The Album deluxe edition has been released 40 years after its original issue. Featuring fully re-mastered audio & new sleevenotes within both the CD and LP formats that recall the story of the bands conception and the albums creation.                               

The deluxe reissue of Damned Damned Damned can be ordered on CD here and LP here

The Damned‘s official website can be found here

Buzzcocks Announce 40th Anniversary Box Set And Reissues

Buzzcocks Box Set Jan 17Forty years after the release of the Spiral Scratch EP, the legendary Manchester punk band, Buzzcocks, have announced the release of the Buzzcocks Mk.1 Box Set, that is due for release on Friday 10th March via the Domino Recording Company. Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies, you’ll find Spiral Scratch and Time’s Up re-pressed on vinyl and CD alongside a raft of rare ephemera, posters, photos, flyers and badges. The Spiral Scratch EP and Time’s Up album will also both be available to order individually.

Spiral Scratch, Times Up and the Buzzcocks Mk.1 Box Set are available for pre-order here

The Damned To Release 40th Anniversary Edition Of Debut Album

Damned Damned DamnedThe Damned have announced a Pledge Music campaign for the 40th Anniversary re-issue of their legendary debut album, Damned Damned Damned, on both CD and LP, available both signed and unsigned on each format. The album features fully re-mastered audio & new sleevenotes within both the CD & LP formats recalling the story of the band’s conception and the album’s creation. Comprehensively researched and written by legendary punk writer John Ingham, these new sleevenotes cover the story of the album & the period in which it was written & recorded, the key players in its creation, the craft and instrumentation, the impact upon release and its legacy 40 years later.

You can pre-order the 40th Anniversary reissue of Damned Damned Damned here

The Skids To Release Comeback Album ‘Burning Cities’

skids-bcPunk legends The Skids are preparing to release their long awaited comeback album, Burning Cities, their first album in thirty five years. You can pre-order the album on Pledge Music on download, CD and vinyl, alongside merchandise including signed prints,  t-shirts, and your chance to meet the band at a 40th anniversary tour meet & greet. There’s also a Pledge Music exclusive chance to own a copy of Richard Jobson‘s autobiography, Into The Valley, signed, and with your name in the credits.

You can pre-order Burning Cities here

The Damned Announce Pledge Campaign For New Live Album

damned-margateWatch out, because punk legends The Damned are coming to Margate Winter Gardens on Friday 9th December where they will perform their debut album, Damned Damned Damned, in its entirety, followed by a career spanning retrospective.

The whole concert is being recorded by the Live Here Now team for release as The 40th Anniversary Live In Margate on double CD, triple coloured vinyl LP and download formats, all physical formats will include a free postcard from The Damned.

The Pledge Music campaign for The 40th Anniversary Live In Margate can be found here


The Damned / Penetration

Academy, Leeds, UK

17th November 2016

Rating: 5/5




It’s been a long time since I ventured over the Pennines to see a band in Leeds, but the double bill of The Damned and Penetration at the Academy is something that’s worth making the journey for, especially when you consider that both of these bands were amongst my personal highlights from the Rebellion Festival earlier this year. 2016 is the fortieth anniversary of punk rock, fittingly both of tonight’s bands were formed in punk’s year zero and have come together for a few dates on this tour, the support seems to be constantly changing across The Damned‘s sprawling fortieth anniversary tour but for me Penetration are the pick of the bunch.

The crowd for tonight’s show at the Leeds Academy is one that’s as varied as The Damned‘s back catalogue, it seems to cover everything from young converts in their teens up to those in advancing years who have been amongst the faithful since the early days, rockers sporting pristine quiff’s mingle with punks and goths, all of whom have one unifying reason to be here, to see two of the last bands standing from the first wave of punk. The music that precedes the appearance of Penetration is an odd choice, some authentic growled blues from straight outta the delta, which seems somewhat at odds with the bands playing tonight

Penetration arrive on the stage with no fanfare, they saunter onstage, plug in, and after a brief tune up they launch into Just Drifting, they sound even better than they did when I saw them earlier this year at the Rebellion Festival, in particular Pauline Murray‘s unique and striking vocal style sounds better than ever. Aguila, Betrayed! and Beat Goes On build on the promising start, the tracks all feature soaring choruses and build up the intensity of the set nicely. It’s a tribute to the strength of the material on their 2015 comeback album, Resolution, that so far their set hasn’t featured a single track from either of their classic Moving Targets or Coming Up For Air albums.

Of course you couldn’t have a 40th anniversary of punk tour without Penetration revisiting their glory days, Pauline Murray announces that they’re now going to play the “old stuff” and what this signifies is a run through some of the bands best know material, the Buzzcocks classic Nostalgia is faithfully delivered, which is a song that Manchester’s finest often neglect from their set list and is one that Penetration have made their own, this is followed by Come Into The Open and, what is largely regarded as their classic single, Don’t Dictate. This perfect three minutes from the dawn of punk is their best known track, and it’s defiant refrain seems to defrost the Leeds crowd.

Penetration close their set with another of their best loved singles, Danger Signs, tonight their set was markedly split between their new material and that which is drawn from their original early albums. Their comeback album was such a strong return to form that I’d bet that if you were unfamiliar with the band I doubt you’d have been unable to tell where the join between the two elements of the set were. I’d have quite happily paid to see Penetration on their own, and they deservedly received a genuinely warm reception from The Damned‘s faithful, and their set marked a perfect start to an evening that is celebrating punk hitting it’s 40th anniversary

As good as Penetration were let’s make no mistake why the majority of people are here tonight, The Damned were the first of the punk bands to do just about everything, first to release a single and album, tour the USA, split up and reform, and it seems ironic that the band who did everything first are now the last men standing. Prior to The Damned taking the stage the prog rock strains of Emerson, Lake and Palmer‘s Fanfare For The Common Man belt’s out of the PA for a few minutes, the reason for this becomes clear as Captain Sensible takes to the stage and bellows “turn that shit off” and promptly goes into a lengthy diatribe against the self indulgent rock bands of the 1970’s, and in particular against Phil Collins.

Tonight’s show opens with their second single, Neat Neat Neat, and The Damned are kicking things off tonight’s with a faithful run through of the majority of tracks from their debut album, Damned Damned Damned. As much as the well known tracks and singles from the album sound as good as the day they were recorded, including the very first punk single, New Rose, it’s the lesser known and often neglected tracks that are the highlight for me. Songs such as Born To Kill, Feel The Pain, Fish and So Messed Up all get a welcome and rare outing, although Stab Your Back is sadly neglected, and it’s hearing these tracks that makes the run though of this classic album so welcome.

The Damned‘s keyboard player, Monty Oxymoron, has little to do during the opening full throttle run through of their debut album, instead he contents himself with acting out the songs and bouncing around behind his keyboards. The Damned have never had a unified or co-ordinated image, as many of their peers did, and tonight is no exception, you have the dual lunacy of the aforementioned keyboardist and Captain Sensible, the restrained cool of bassist Stu West, the Vegas chic of drummer Pinch and tonight Dave Vanian is exuding preacher cool. The run through of the opening set ends with a truly bezerk rendition of The Stooges proto punk classic I Feel Alright.

The Damned don’t leave the stage as many band’s do in shows of this type, Dave Vanian announces that they’re now going to be “peeling back the pages of the diary” and they launch into Street Of Dreams from 1985’s Phantasmagoria, from this point on we’re in for a somewhat haphazard retrospective run through their extensive back catalogue. Nasty, the song that introduced me to the band when they appeared on the anarachic sitcom The Young Ones, gets a welcome airing as does Amen, from the much underrated 2001 album Grave Disorder, this marks the end of the later material as we head back into a riotous sprint of some of their best loved material.

After some entertaining exchanges about now infamous celebrities of the 1970’s they launch into a frantic rendition of the lead track from 1981’s Friday 13th EP, Disco Man, which is followed by their sole top ten single, 1986’s Eloise. They dip into 1982’s Strawberries album with a raucous Ignite which is complimented by two of the more introspective tracks from that release, Under The Floor Again and Life Goes On, the latter of which won a vote amongst the audience as to which track featuring Captain Sensible on vocals should be played. I’m just grateful we didn’t end up with his 1982 novelty hit, Happy Talk, which he happily admits he did for the money “I was a toilet cleaner from Croyden, what do you expect me to do if someone offers me forty grand”

You get the impression The Damned are enjoying themselves immensely tonight, this, and the fact there’s finally a new album in the pipeline, indicates they are entering into something of a renaissance. Their psychedelic punk masterpiece, 1980’s The Black Album, is only briefly touched upon with Wait For The Blackout before we hit the material from the legendary Machine Gun Etiquette album, Love Song, Anti Pope, I Just Can’t Be Happy Today, which was dedicated to the people of the USA in light of recent events, the superb Plan 9 Channel 7 and finally, and inevitably, Smash It Up signals the end of the set and sets the mosh pit alight.

They return for a further encore, although we don’t get the expected delivery of the majestic Curtain Call, that has been the encore for the majority of the shows this year, and was written on the set list. Instead we get their unique rendition of Jefferson Airplane‘s White Rabbit, a one off single from 1980. The set list has now gone out of the window and we get rousing versions of Melody Lee and Noise Noise Noise, both from Machine Gun Etiquette, to finally close what has been a triumphant set that has spanned four decades in a little over two hours, the venue’s curfew was ignored and it seems that The Damned are well and truly back in business.

Tonight was a fine retrospective of the bands career, a few of their albums were overlooked, 1977’s Music For Pleasure, 1986’s Anything, 1995’s Not Of This Earth and 2008’s So, Who’s Paranoid, but the quality of material on display from their classic albums more than makes up for the absences, the only thing missing was some new material, but with a new album in the pipeline it would appear that The Damned have no intention of going quietly into the night just yet, on the basis of tonight’s show you really should try and catch this flashback from one of the most creative and consistent bands born of punk’s first wave.

The Damned‘s tour dates for the UK, Spain and the USA can be found here

You can pre-order The Damned’s new album via Pledge Music here

Penetration‘s Facebook page can be found here

Photography by Steve White and you visit his Flickr site here

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Stiff Little Fingers Announce 40th Anniversary Tour

slf-2017-tourStiff Little Fingers have announced that they’re gearing up for 2017, they will kick off the band’s 40th anniversary celebrations with their annual tour of the UK in March, they will be accompanied on all UK dates by Theatre Of Hate. They have also alluded to a celebration in Belfast, the city where they formed back in 1977, and further details of this event will follow. 

Stiff Little Fingers are currently on their biggest ever tour of Canada, tickets for the 40th anniversary UK tour, and all the remaining Canadian shows, except the sold out show in Toronto, are on sale and can be viewed and purchased here

You can read The Punk Site Review Of Stiff Little Fingers live at the Picturedrome in July 2016 here

You can still order the forthcoming live album, Best Served Loud, via Pledge Music here

Brian James To Play 40th Anniversary Gig At The 100 Club

Brian James TAWBrian James, the original guitarist with The Damned, has announced a one off show at London’s legendary 100 Club to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Damned‘s first concert, supporting the Sex Pistols, at the very same venue back in 1976. The show has been called The Anniversary Waltz and will take place today, the 6th of July. Brian James is also releasing a new EP, also called The Anniversary Waltz, and the concert will also serve as a launch party for his new EP.

The Anniversary Waltz EP can be ordered here

Tickets for the show at the 100 Club can be ordered here