toyGuitar - In This Mess


In This Mess

Fat Wreck Chords

Rating: 3/5/5




toyGuitar and their early 2015 release In This Mess is surfy and youthful, at times even nostalgic. The unlaced skates on the album cover tells you all you need to know about the band made up of west coast vets. Fun with a taste for retro rummaging through personal piles of refuse. Summer’s in the dust, but the need to keep living…or something…comes through clear as day.

Swingin’ Utters own Jack Dalrymple and Mike Peck are joined by Paul Oxborrow and Rosie Gonce to create another side project from the west coast. It mixes a garage rock sound with bubblegum aesthetics that is 20-years stale. It has an edge in its vintage on tracks like “Static Attraction” and “In My Head.” “Let’s Talk In The Shower” sounds like The Hellacopters or The Hives. It hits you like an old man with a cane. Damn kids. Surfer rock exposed with “Sliver of Sun” and would go great on a surf compilation. Gonce compliments the vocals of Dalrymple and is probably my favorite part of the album. 

With its grit and energy, In This Mess should be a solid fourth liner in my record collection, yet it feels like a fling. A mid-season call up for a vet from the minors. It feels like a date you where you are unsure if you wanna leave halfway through or just bang in the bathroom before the apps arrive. Either way, you know you had some good company for a fleeting moment.