The Lillingtons

The Lillingtons

Project 313

Red Scare Industries

Rating: 4/5




The Lillingtons are one of pop-punk’s most beloved projects.  Existing most prolifically between 1996 and 2006, the band garnered a well-earned reputation for television themed concept albums in Death by Television and The Too Late Show, which followed them into a seemingly endless ten year hiatus that has only just ended with the surprisingly release of a satisfying four song comeback EP.  Entitled Project 313, The Lillingtons’ return with four energetic tracks that don’t just reignite the flame, but stoke the fire back to the full bodied heat of a roaring hearth.  

Project 313 re-launches The Lillingtons’ career with a familiar sound and subject matter that doesn’t limit itself to that of past themes.  The EP avoids continuing the exclusive television focus, but ensures the inclusion of science fiction and fairly “out there” concepts.  Fans will feel blissfully at ease with the title track, which takes a nod from the tradition of three chord pop-punk and “wooo-oaah” vocal supports.  “On a rocket they sent me, and I’ve been gone now far too long, I’ve been out here all alone, no TV shows, no telephone, I got so bored I wrote this tune, wish they would have sent me to the moon,” sings front man Kody Templeman, in a fun little exposition about the lonely psychology of deep space expeditions.  “Until The Sun Shines” and “Rubber Room” are equally catchy little pop-punk numbers that speak to the challenges of living with mental illness and looking to clinical insanity as escape respectively.  Meanwhile “It’s On” battens down the hatches and resurrects The Lillingtons’ habit of infusing some heavier, metal inspired riffs.  Simply put, time has done little to dull The Lillingtons edge.

Project 313 is so true to The Lillington’ tendency for concise runtimes that like each of their past albums, it’s practically over as soon as it gets started.  Had these four tracks been the only sign of The Lillingtons on the horizon, concluding this review may have led to shedding some serious man tears.  But at the time of writing, The Lillingtons have since announced that they are taking part in the tradition of defecting from Red Scare Industries and joining the Fat Wreck Chords army (a seeming tradition); and that they already have a brand spankin’ new full length set to storm the airwaves.  If Project 313 is any indication, that moment can’t come soon enough.