Tigercub EOD


Evolve Or Die

Alcopop! Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Brighton trio Tigercub will release their new EP, Evolve or Die, on the 29th September via Alcopop! Records, and the EP will be available on limited edition red vinyl and through all good digital platforms. The EP is the first new material from Tigercub since the release their debut album, Abstract Figures In The Dark, and the evocative title of Evolve or Die is a mantra for a band who are constantly transitioning into something entirely different, and who want their fans to expect the unexpected on each and every release.

The Divided States Of Us starts with a almost haunting introduction that kicks into an intense drum beat, this track embraces the nature of the Chemical Brothers but delivers the intense dance beats through conventional instruments, and it’s clear that Tigercub have evolved since I saw them live just a few brief months ago. Into the Ashes brings a dark element of alt rock into the EP that recalls the desert rock of Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, It’s Only Love continues this influence but takes the pace right down and brings the EP’s most blissed out moment. Evolve Or Die Closes with Faking Laughter, a melancholy slice of hazy indie rock that contains a treble laced guitar riff that haunts the track.

Evolve Or Die is an EP from a band who refuse to stay still long enough to be pigeonholed, this EP embraces dance, alternative, alt rock and indie and their influences and style shift effortlessly on each track. With the Evolve Or Die EP it’s clear that Tigercub are going to keep us guessing as to what direction their next release will take, and as I noted when I caught them live earlier this year at Manchester’s Sound Control, even when you think you’ve got a handle on Tigercub another card is dealt from the bottom of the pack to keep you off balance.

Evolve Or Die can be pre-ordered via Alcopop! Records here