The Decayed EP

The Decayed

The Decayed EP

Self Released

Rating: 3.5/5




The five members that make up the Chicago hardcore outfit The Decayed have been performing in punk bands throughout Chicago and Seattle for over two decades in bands such as Failed Resistance, Vile Display of Humanity, and Last False Hope. The Decayed formed earlier this year with the intent of bringing back a vintage hardcore punk sound, while making it their own by combining influences of metal and hardcore that brings an intense style that’s made possible by the The Decayed‘s diverse backgrounds and collective experience.

From the opening track, Beaten And Battered, it’s obvious that The Decayed are delivering a blast of intense crossover hardcore, this is not an EP where there are subtleties just a refreshingly relentless blast of old school hardcore. Amongst the blistering punk assault there a few touches from the extreme end of metal that surface in breakdowns and the guitar work, but this is delivered with the same intensity and it’s blended into the furious delivery. The six tracks that make up The Decayed EP make up a pulverising eighteen minutes where there is no escape from the relentless assault until the final chords of Better Way fade out.

The Decayed EP is a release that will appeal to fans of the intense side of punk, from The Exploited to Pears, and if you are a fan of hardcore punk then this will be an EP that won’t disappoint on any level, The Decayed EP is six tracks that, as the album cover indicates, is designed to rip your face off. Personally I found that The Decayed EP becomes somewhat one dimensional after a few tracks, but this is brutal hardcore and it’s delivered in such an authentic and intense manner that you can’t help but get a buzz from the fury and adrenaline that surges through this EP.

The Decayed EP can be downloaded and streamed here and their Facebook page is here