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Skank Agenda

Fresh Hell

One Step Outside Records

Rating: 4/5




Skank Agenda returned from their three year hiatus last month with Reggae Christmas, and now they have announced that they will be releasing the Fresh Hell EP, that features five brand new tracks, on February 16th via the Leeds, UK based DIY label One Step Outside Records. The Fresh Hell EP will be available on lathe cut ten inch vinyl, CD and digital formats, as well as a variety of bundles. 

It’s hard to argue with an opening mission statement like Richard B Spencer Is A Prick on any level, the frantic discordant rant against the white supremacist marks a fine return to recording by Skank Agenda. O’Hara’s Treachery is laid back in comparison, but it hits all the right notes and a tale of treachery that borders on pop punk unfolds, this midway point of the Fresh Hell EP is marked by A Brief And Pensive Interlude, this does exactly what it says on the tin and delivers and skittering sinister instrumental. Uncle Buck returns to their more anarchic side and it veers violently between the ska heavy chorus and the frantic verses, finally we get Onlyyougivealittlerespecttoagainstme!, a punk tribute and covers mash up that encompasses Erasure, Yazoo and of course Against Me!

As you’d expect from the name this is a frantic and anarchic ska punk EP that is delivered with a DIY spirit, Skank Agenda have delivered a varied and consistent comeback EP and my only complaint about the Fresh Hell EP is that their spirited take on Yazoo‘s Only You only made a cameo appearance in the final track. One Step Outside Records have always been a fiercely independent label that promotes the DIY punk scene, and with the release of the Fresh Hell EP you can’t help but be glad that someone is out there making sure that releases like this exist.

Skank Agenda‘s Facebook page can be found here

You can pre-order the Fresh Hell EP via the One Step Outside Records Bandcamp here