Puppet Kings VCAG

Puppet Kings

Very Cool And Groovy

Self Released

Rating: 3/5




Puppet Kings are the latest band to emerge from the UK coastal town of Brighton, and once more I find myself wondering is there anyone in Brighton who isn’t in a band. Puppet Kings have now been around for five years, touring relentlessly across the UK pausing only to release sporadic studio recordings, including their 2012 self titled debut full length. Their latest release, Very Cool And Groovy, follows on from their 2015 Timebomb EP and was preceded by the lead single, Rich And White, earlier this year.

Wanderlust is a fine if not somewhat familiar slab of heavyweight alt rock and the subsequent number Taurus carries the same mix of traditional rock that’s infused with a touch of energy from their alternative influences that is the sole defining line between something being traditional rock and alt rock, but it’s when you get to Rich And White that Puppet Kings get into their stride. The track opens with a sample from Donald Trump before launching into a satirical tirade against Trump and his ilk, this track carries more venom and attitude than those that preceded it and this lifts the EP, the closing track Other Side also possesses more energy and leaves me with the distinct impression that Very Cool And Groovy is an EP of two distinct halves.

Puppet Kings carry all of the the amped up rock credentials and influences that inform the Very Cool And Groovy EP , there are more traces from the traditional rock dinosaurs that lumbered across the 70’s and 80’s in their DNA than I usually care for, but when you realise they are capable of baring their fangs and snapping at events and individuals they find disagreeable then that’s something that makes you sit up and take notice, the mantra of my enemies enemy is my friend is one that seems apt for this Brighton trio’s latest release.

Very Cool And Groovy is now available on all major digital platforms and Puppet Kings website is here