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No Trigger

Adult Braces

Bird Attack Records

Rating: 4.5/5




No Trigger have now been with us since the year 2000, they have been steadily pumping out melodic punk and hardcore songs slowly but surely every four or five years, now that five long years have passed since their last LP, Tycoon, came out, No Trigger have re-emerged and have released their brand new EP, Adult Braces. Bird Attack Records have already released the Adult Braces EP digitally, and the label will also be releasing Adult Braces on a special limited edition one sided screen printed twelve inch vinyl on August 11th.

The crashing opening chords of Sleeping Bag precede an impressive headlong blast of melodic hardcore, Holy Punks follows this up with an infectious slab of solid punk rock that brings another dimension to the EP. Dogs On Acid brings a heavier anthemic element to Adult Braces and finally Hyperaware brings the EP to a close with it’s finest moment. Somehow No Trigger have released an EP where each song exceeds the one that preceded it, and when you consider just how good the initial track is this is an impressive feat, and one that marks the long awaited Adult Braces EP out as a worthy successor to the Tycoon album.

With the Adult Braces EP No Trigger have released a short but sweet collection of four songs that borders on perfection, there might be lengthy gaps between No Trigger‘s releases but when they’re this good you don’t mind waiting, although it would nice to see a follow up before 2022, Adult Braces is a release that shows that their long hibernation has not dulled any of No Trigger‘s edge. On their latest release they have perfected their blend of punk rock and hardcore, and the result is an EP that is sure to be amongst my favourite release from 2017. 

Adult Braces can be streamed and downloaded, and the vinyl edition is available for pre-order, here