Lightblue PL


Paradise Lost

Shipwreck Records

Rating: 3/5




Lightblue, originally known as Sioux Falls, have only been around for a few short years, after bedding themselves into their local scene they have toured extensively and become a regular fixture on the festival circuit. Now the pop punk quintet are set to take their next step into establishing themselves as their debut EP, Paradise Lost, will be released on Friday 8th December, via Shipwreck Records.

The first of the EP’s trio of tracks, In The Back Of My Room, is a bouncy dose of pop punk with a killer hook, in comparison the second intsalment of Paradise Lost veers much closer to straight up punk rock, and as a result it’s somewhat unsurprisingly my favourite track off the EP. The final track on Paradise Lost, Mast, brings another dimension to the EP as it’s is an emotive slow burner that brings things to a dramatic close. The Paradise Lost EP act as a sampler for Lightblue, the EP covers three very different styles across it’s three tracks, and their debut release indicates that Lightblue aren’t just another cookie cutter pop punk band

Paradise Lost is an EP that doesn’t contain any surprises, the emo tinged pop punk contained on the EP puts them firmly in the pack of bands that have emerged from the resurgent pop punk scene, but on the other hand Lightblue‘s debut release doesn’t contain anything to disappointment either. Paradise Lost is a solid and varied three tracks of emotive pop punk that indicates that Lightblue are a band with a positive future ahead of them, and if the likes of Boston Manor, Brand New, and The Front Bottoms lie amongst your collection then Lightblue are a band that will be well worth checking out.

Lightblue‘s Facebook page is here and their online shop can be found here

The Shipwreck Records website can be found here