Latewaves PO


Partied Out

Panic State Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Jersey’s Latewaves signed with Panic State Records earlier this year, and they released the band’s debut EP, Partied Out, back in September. The band draw off influences from the quirky minor and 7th chords that were the hallmark of nineties alt rock, this is combined with the angst and aggression of the early 2000’s post hardcore and emo scenes, whilst Latewaves might have found their sound in the echoes of the past, they bring a distinctly modern twist to the soundtrack that influenced their sound.

If It’s Over kicks things off with an anthemic opener that carries a killer hook, and to confirm that this wasn’t a one off Jezebel and Bailin’ Out follow it up and brings a poppier, but no less bouncy, element to the EP. There’s a distinct change of pace at the midway point as Year Ago Today (Peanut Butter Coffee) brings a distinctly melancholy element into the mix before Partied Out builds itself back up with It’ll Be Fine and Face Down, which round out an impressive six track EP from this New Jersey Trio.

Whilst we were late to party on this one, it’s a case of better late than never as this is an EP that’s anything but Partied Out. The EP never quite manages to hit the heights of the impressive opening track, but that’s more of a reflection on just how good a song If It’s Over is rather than casting any negative light on the rest of the EP. The Partied Out EP is a solid six track debut from Latewaves, and it’s one that indicates that there is a bright future for this New Jersey trio.

Partied Out can be ordered via Panic State Records here

You can download Partied Out via iTunes here and stream the EP via Spotify here