Jetty Bones OW

Jetty Bones

Old Women

Take This To Heart Records

Rating: 2.5/5




Ohio’s Jetty Bones is the result of the musical endeavours of Kelc Galluzzo, who utilizes a core group of friends that help bring the project to life on stage. Whilst Jetty Bones is technically a solo project, it’s one that carries a full band mentality that means this project is anything but the efforts of one person. The Old Women EP is the story of progress, growth, and the development of human connection, something that is often overlooked in today’s society. In a world so focused on outward appearances, Old Women takes you on a journey through one girl’s mental and emotional attempts to attach to something in a more genuine way.

The opening track Clear Honey boasts a driving riff that is highlighted by the clear and strident vocals, that can carry an aggressive growl or be sweet as the song’s title, Innocent Party changes the pace of the EP with an acoustic led number that brings the pace down. No Lover swiftly returns to the EP’s strengths of blending indie and some alternative touches that mean that the Jetty Bones carry more muscle than many of their contemporaries, whilst the final two tracks, Morning Clothes and Strokes, ease you out of the EP with two tracks that contain Jetty Bones signature soaring vocals and delicate musicianship.

The songs on the Old Women EP boast a distinct indie vibe, but they also carry some of the strength of alt rock that backs up some heartfelt lyrics. Whilst Jetty Bones mellower moments aren’t quite to my taste the tracks Clear Honey and No Lover stand out on the Old Women EP, and if you’re a fan of the other bands on their recent US tour, The Wonder Years, The Obsessives and Laura Stevenson, then you need to investigate Jetty Bones, and if you were on that tour I’d imagine you’re already converted to their cause.

The Old Women EP was released on the 6th October and is now available to order via Take This To Heart Records here

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