Hang Tight Grind

Hang Tight


Standby Records

Rating: 3.5/5




New Jersey’s Hang Tight are set to release their debut EP, Grind, in a week’s time via Standby Records, as this is a band called Hang Tight with an EP called Grind you might expect there to be a strong skate punk influence on this five track release, well you’d be wrong,  as this is an infectious summery blast of pop punk. The decision to release this as the night’s start drawing in is a somewhat baffling one, but there’ll always be another summer so maybe they’re just planning ahead.

The Grind EP kicks things off with The Rents that boasts an hook laden riff that gives way to glorious harmony vocals, a combination that is reminiscent of a heavyweight Weezer. Forget About It continues the upbeat blast of the EP whilst Pretty In True Blue takes the EP in a poppier and distinctly lovelorn direction. Digital Age is easily the EP’s finest moment, a short sharp blast of punk rock that adds a shot of adrenaline to the EP, whilst Be Mine closes the EP with a return to the melodic pop punk that is the overriding influence and style that dominates Grind.

With their first EP Hang Tight have released an EP that is a mass of contradictions, the heavyweight riffs and driving bass lines are overlaid with poppy vocals, they are part pop punk, part grunge and part indie punk with a sound that sits somewhere between OK Go and The Wannadies and Weezer and Sum 41. The combination of driving guitars, sparkling keyboards, upbeat rhythms and the ever present harmony vocals are a pleasant mix, but I do find myself having a sense of deja vu throughout the record, there are so many elements mixed into Grind that I find it reminds me of a varied list of bands that populate the lighter end my playlist.

You can pre-order the Grind EP via Standby Records here

Hang Tight‘s Facebook page can be found here