Gun Shy The Long Dance

Gun Shy

The Long Dance

Wrong Way Round Records

Rating: 3.5/5




Southampton’s Gun Shy are an odd, to put it mildly, crew who claim to have been “forged in the depths of the outermost reaches of existence” but they now seem to have settled on earth as their latest release, The Long Dance, follows on from the 2016 release of their debut five track offering, First Transmission, that was released via Failure By Design Records. The Long Dance is now available to order on cassette, via Wrong Way Round Records, and digital formats, from the usual array of digital retailers and streaming services.

Refine Like Silver kicks things off with ominous guitar and spoken vocals that recalls an imminent confrontation until it does exactly that and the track breaks out into an impressively heady noise rock wall of sound, Test You Like Gold continues in this style, and indicates an ongoing obsession with precious metals, before Whilst You Execute takes things into a full blooded hardcore thrash. The EP continues to veer across styles and genres with complete abandon, spoken and mellow spacey interludes are punctuated with abrasive and suspiciously hazy moments leaving you never quite knowing where The Long Dance is going to take you, and the final track, Waiting For, takes things into interstellar overdrive and leaves you wondering what you just heard.

Gun Shy boast a heady blend of styles and influences, everything from post-punk, doom and post rock to indie, alternative and noise rock, with a detour taking in garage and psych, are blended together on The Long Dance to create something that is not altogether of this earth. To say this is a unique and unusual release would be an understatement, for those who like their soundtrack to be unpredictable and original, especially fans of the likes of Butthole Surfers and Baked, then I’d recommend joining in with The Long Dance.

You can order the limited edition cassette of The Long Dance from Wrong Way Round Records here