Evertim YHHMW


Your Heaven Held Me Well

Fox Records

Rating: 3/5




Brighton’s Evertim are a band that have no interest in hopping onto passing bandwagons, at their heart they are unashamedly a pop punk band but they also embrace the melodic tendencies of the emo scene and the rage of post hardcore on their latest four track EP, Your Heaven Held Me Well, that follows up to their 2016 debut release, Learn To Swim. Evertim will be releasing Your Heaven Held Me Well on 19th January 2018 via Fox Records

The abrasive introduction to Your Heaven Held Me Well‘s opening track, Let Me Go, encapsulates Evertim‘s style, it has a style and structure that is the very essence of pop punk, but the delivery it much more discordant and in your face than the majority of band’s that attach themselves to the genre. This is followed up by Tuesday, the closest the band come to pure pop punk on this four track EP, that is reminiscent of Bowling For Soup‘s easy style. The second half of Your Heaven Held Me Well showcases a different side to Evertim with the steady building and brooding intensity of The Road We Claim Our Own, and the intense closing track, Clouds.

Evertim are definitely born of the pop punk scene, but this is not pop punk as we know it, the bouncy singalong style is an almost ever present across the Your Heaven Held Me Well EP, but the addition of some muscle, that leans more into post hardcore territory, is more than welcome and stops Evertim being just another pop punk band. Evertim are a welcome addition to the UK’s burgeoning pop punk scene, and if you are a fan of The Early November, Have Mercy or Pentimento, or of label mates Better Than Never, Coast To Coast and Layover, then I would recommend you check out Your Heaven Held Me Well.

Your Heaven Held Me Well can be pre-ordered here