Don Blake BD

Don Blake

Blake District

Round Dog Records

Rating: 4/5




Bolton, UK’s power pop punk quartet Don Blake have recently released their latest EP, Blake District, and the bands latest offering follows on from their 2015 debut album, Pocket Universe. Blake District features five new songs from the band that build on their previous releases and keep all the harmonies, catchy hooks and punk energy that populated their debut album, but with an added maturity that has been developed over the last two years that has brought a new element to the style that dominated their earlier EP’s, and their impressive debut album.

Their debut album was a blast of high tempo punk rock, and from the opening chords of Broken Baritone it’s clear that this is still the case as they open with a slice of melodic pop punk, but any fears that they might have softened their approach are dismissed by the frantic punk rock blast of Lurking. Blake District continues to tread the line between pop punk, punk rock and power pop perfectly, The Road Home and No Stops return to the poppier side of their style, whilst On The Line revisits their punk rock roots. Whilst there is a distinct influence from the heyday of pop punk on Blake District, this is not a recreation and the emphasis is firmly on the punk and power pop rather than the poppy elements.

Having a band of this quality that are literally right on my doorstep is something that is a rare thing, but for those of you who live further afield I’d recommend getting your hands on the Blake District EP until they make their way to your neck of the woods. Don Blake are a band that will appeal to fans of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Lillingtons, The Riverdales and The Methadones, but this is not a band who have copied a style from across the pond, they have firmly stamped their own identity onto the sound, and more importantly they’ve done it with style.

The Blake District EP can be streamed and purchased here as well as their back catalogue, which is available as pay what you want downloads. Blake District is also available on transparent splatter vinyl via Round Dog Records here